by freefall
November 7, 2014
from ZenGardner Website

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It's taken me a long time to get here.


The religious indoctrination during my childhood was stifling. I'm not exactly sure what pulled me out of it. Maybe it was the recurrent, false-front narratives leading to nowhere. Maybe it was learning that these same stories have been told throughout the centuries and the only thing that ever really changes are the names of the mythical characters.

Maybe it was all the blood...

It starts with rebellion, but in and of itself, rebellion doesn't lead to anything of value. It's not just about being against anything. Sooner or later, one must strive towards something in order to find meaning. At all costs, we must seek the truth.

Which brings us to the symbiotic relationship so intertwined that I still can't always tell the parasite from the host. Come to think of it, it appears to me that both are parasites and we are the hosts.

No doubt about it - government is religion. But it's a hodgepodge of religions with a particular sort of god. The one that this nation is under. The one causing this nation to go under.

The similarities between government and religion are so seamless that for most of my life I hardly even noticed it.


But nothing completes the merger more than this:


The jealous and vengeful god threatens us with eternal damnation for committing these same transgressions.


As for government, we are told to be diligent in turning in anyone not obeying the laws except for those within the government itself. The whistleblower is deemed a traitor for exposing government corruption but that same whistleblower is expected (possibly soon to be required) to turn in his neighbor for the violation of any law under the sun.

Sorry, but I'm not much for serving any entity with such a severe lack of integrity.

There's a hard reality to face. With few exceptions, God's Chosen People are an abomination. But then again, what else could they be for perfectly serving the dictates of an imposter whose Biblical behavior and lack of impulse control resembles that of a juvenile delinquent on a rampage.

But in order to take this charade to a whole new level, the Christian theology was tossed into the mix perpetuating the most recent rendition of the "sacrificed Savior" meme in order to justify every form of bloodletting.

  • After all, if Yahweh can allow for sacrificing his only begotten son (done in by his chosen people no less), what other form of sacrifice cannot be justified?

  • And we're all going to burn in hell for not believing this shoddy patchwork of perception so poorly choreographed by these two religions? It's so badly scripted that even most of those affiliated with Judaism don't believe the entire story!


  • Christians fighting endless wars on behalf of Christ killers? You can't make this stuff up.

But Israel's perennial butchery of Palestinians is far from fictitious.


Even the Zionist-controlled mainstream media can't keep it all under wraps. They're having a problem trying to hide all the bodies.

It's ironic watching the media in America depicting non-existent dead children at places like Sandy Hook with absolutely no verifiable evidence other than the sickly-sweet smiles of crisis actors playing parents on the morning after while not saying much of anything regarding the numerous photographs of dead Palestinian children splashed across the internet.


But this is the way of things when cast into the sensory deprivation tank of truth concealment while simultaneously being fed a sensory overload of lies. That's what the Matrix is all about.

So how do we break through?


First of all, I don't worship two-faced, tinhorn tyrants. I'll leave that to the religious.

I'm convinced that the true Source through which all meaning can be found provides us with unconditional love. This means that there is no one to judge us, only that which reveals to us where we have gone wrong. But only if we are open to it.

This non-judgment makes rebellion against Source unnecessary, even foolish. Once we understand this, the reactions resulting in our previous destructive behavior patterns begin to dissipate.

And at some point, we begin to realize that everything on the outside telling us what it is all about whether it be found in a name of god, a book, a religion or a government - is nothing more than an imposter...