by Elva Thompson
October 13, 2014

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When I tell the truth,

it is not for the sake of convincing

those who do not know it,

but for the sake

of defending those that do.
- William Blake



The Lonely Road

Waking up to the truth about our manipulated reality, the human farm, the 'loosh rote' and the nature of the fractal world, is an overwhelming toxic shock, and as revelation upon revelation rocks our psyche, and the rug of normality is pulled out from underneath our feet… we are irrevocably changed.

Our preconceived ideas about reality disintegrate, and the walls of comfortability we've built around ourselves fall like dominoes and are swept away.


Our personal wants and desires pale into insignificance in the face of our new awareness.


We no longer gel with family and friends, have no time for small talk, or shallow and meaningless conversations, and when we try to express our new found understanding, even to those closest to us, we are often met with apathy and ridicule.

We are changelings walking a lonely road, not knowing who to trust or where to look for answers… but search we must… there is no choice for us.

For a while, we are in no man's land struggling with doubt and questioning our sanity… but one thing's for sure, we can never go back to 'normal.'


The dark smoke of spiritual agenda

Because of the trauma of losing normal, we can easily fall prey to the dark smoke of negative spiritual programs in our search for truth.


We have to learn to recognize the carefully crafted alien agenda of organized religions, spiritual misinformation, charismatic 'teachers', misleading theories, esoteric cults, delusional thinking and spiritual dead-ends.

There is a ton of information on the Web, in book stores and libraries about enlightenment and it appears that these days anything can be passed off as 'spiritual'.


We see ridiculous displays of religious zeal by football players after scoring, and organized religion is awash with benign looking priests that bugger little boys, gossiping do-gooders with their narrow dogma, and the spiritual blood crusades of our god versus theirs.



Spirituality is big business

The occult/religious world is a 'pseudo spiritual' business, a money making scheme that preys upon the fearful and confused… run by satanists, egoists, proselytizers, charlatans and spiritual predators, all pedaling their personal 'spirit given' formula for enlightenment, and toting their wares of duplicity, delusion and control.



Most purveyors of the dark smoke are very convincing and charismatic, they have the rehearsed bedside manner of the doctor and mealy mouthed politician, coupled with the fiery enthusiasm of 'the messiah and world savior' complex.


They are spiritual snake oil salesmen pursuing money, sex and power.

Having been involved in the 'esoteric' business for forty five years, I am amazed at the amount of 'sensible' people who get sucked into bull shit, hand over their money, give their minds and bodies away to liars, sex offenders and pedophiles, bullying self-styled gurus and teachers who wouldn't know a spiritual truth if it hit them in the face and, in my experience, it doesn't pay to warn the flock that the object of their devotion is a wolf masquerading as a sheep.



Sorting the spiritual wheat from the chaff

How can we sort the wheat from the chaff, the purveyors of the dark smoke from the light of truth?

The old adage:

'Handsome is as handsome does' will serve us well enough.


If we take the time to observe any spiritual salesman that crosses our path, we will soon see who is loving and humble, and who is a predator looking for an 'opportunity'.

'By their fruits ye shall know them'.



Spirituality and vegetarianism

'I have always found it difficult not to consider the trade of a butcher on par with that of an executioner.'

'Les Confidences'

Alphonse de le Lamartine

'It is probably safe to assume that the reader will agree that murder is wrong, and that cannibalism is reprehensible, but those who admit that it is wrong to kill people often believe that man has a right to kill the animals.


This belief is based on the idea that man alone possesses a soul that is potentially immortal.


But we have seen that it is only man's conceit which makes him think that he alone is endowed with a soul, and those who are best able to judge tell us that the creatures do possess souls. The belief that they are without souls and personality is a vain invention of the human brain to justify man's desire to use the creatures as he likes.


The more one dares to think of the implications of flesh eating and the welter of cruelty and suffering it involves, the harder it becomes to believe that religious teachers ever succeeded in foisting upon their followers the astounding belief that it was a divinely appointed means of sustenance.


It is easy to expose the horrors of the meat trade, and yet it is amazing to reflect that 'Christian' men and women could consciously eat the flesh of creatures who had been pole-axed to death under the most appalling conditions.'

The Rev V.Holmes-Gore

These We have Not Loved


The slow frequency of cruelty, suffering and death

All is frequency and the aspiring seeker after truth will realize, that resonation with faster moving vibrations, the ascension frequency, cannot be achieved if the body and spirit are saturated with the fear fields of misery… and the rotting flesh of the soul imbued creatures we so ruthlessly persecute, murder and feed on.

It's all about resonance, how fast we vibrate is equal to the amount of love and compassion we carry…

Of course there will be the 'spiritual' naysayers shouting their excuses from the roof tops in an effort to justify their 'holy cow'… the eating of dead things! And that's okay for them…

But I've never met a spiritual ghoul!




No going back

The awakening is upon us, and as ugly as the truth of our reality may be, we have been given a gift… a gift of vision.

We must trust our hearts and intuition to guide us safely through the tempestuous sea of life… And as we join with others on the road to Truth, may our thoughts be tempered by wisdom and our hearts powered by love.







Hark ye , O man, and list to my Voice, open thy mind space and drink of my wisdom.


Dark is the pathway of LIFE that ye travel, many the pitfalls that lie in thy way. Seek ye, ever, to gain greater wisdom, attain and it shall be light on thy way.

Open thy SOUL, O man to the Cosmic, and let it flow in as one with thy SOUL. LIGHT is eternal, and darkness is fleeting, seek ye ever, O man, for the LIGHT.


Knowing ye, that ever as light fills thy being, darkness for thee shall soon disappear.

The Emerald tablets of Thoth The Atlantean

by Doreal