Being in a state of non-duality is a new reality


As we evolve to higher levels of consciousness we let go of more denseness; we release limiting beliefs, we shift old paradigms, and we transcend duality. We no longer see the world through the filters of this or that - we now see how this and that coexist within wholeness.


For centuries and beyond we've been looking at ourselves, others, and life through the dual perspective of the mind.


Our analyzers love to categorize everything into tidy little boxes based on the programming and conditioning of the time.

"This goes into the good box, that goes into the bad box. This is right which makes that wrong," says the mind to every thought, feeling and experience.

We miss out on the bigger picture and the freedom that goes with this.


A few sages and spiritual teachers were able to rise above this limited view and see the interconnectedness of life. They saw the ‘isness' of everything without judgment.


But now, the planet and cosmos are shifting into a much higher level of consciousness which supports all of us to take a leap into higher awareness, into a new reality.


This leap involves transcending duality - rising above the dichotomies we tend to get caught on. Each of us has our favorites we slip back into when we go unconscious.


For some it is the need to be right, even when we're trying to convince someone of spiritual truths. For others it's the typical good versus bad scenario where we judge peoples' behaviors - we're unable to see how their actions are in perfect alignment for their and others' spiritual growth. And then there is the lovely polarity of nice versus mean; if I don't bend over to be of service to you, I'm an uncaring, mean person.


And on the list goes...


To be in a state of non-duality requires transcending all dual perspectives. And the more we evolve, the more uncomfortable it becomes when we get caught on a polarity.


We cling to one side to avoid the other, but over time we slip and find ourselves on the other side.


Simply bringing conscious awareness to the dichotomy and then choosing to touch into a new reality raises us up to a higher perspective. Any time you notice resistance or judgment within, is a time to play with transcending duality.


Here are a few of the dichotomies I've played with over the years.


See if any resonate with you:

  • Success vs. failure

    This takes place in many areas of life from diet and exercise, to relationship and marriage, to business and finance. We define ourselves according to a set societal rules or standards and if we don't match up, we're failing in some way.


  • Good enough vs. not good enough

    A core belief in not being good enough can lead one to a life of scarcity or to an endless pursuit of the carrot at the end of the stick just to prove we are good enough.


  • Over responsible vs. irresponsible

    Caretaking, codependency and over-functioning all stem from this fear that if I don't take responsibility for everything and everyone, I'm being irresponsible and the consequences are my fault.


  • Controlling vs. controlled

    In order to feel safe and secure in the world we try to control ourselves and others. When we're not doing this, we often feel controlled by the world or others.

While we may try to find a balance, a middle way in between the extremes, we often slide from one side to the other when viewing life from duality.


The only freedom from this is to move into a state of non-duality - a place where wholeness exists, where we see the interconnectedness of all life, where the yin and yang merge into one.


From this vantage point, we laugh at the notion of duality. From this new reality, there is no such thing as success or failure, just various experiences and life choices. There is no good enough, because everything just is what it is.


Responsibility is simply being true to oneself. And there is nothing to control; life just happens and it flows perfectly no matter where it goes.



Note: There is a short guided that helps to  transcend duality and move into a state of non-duality at the end of the article on Transcending Duality.