by Aetopus
January 29, 2011

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Credit for this beautiful Emperor Penguin film goes to Ruedi & Priska Abbühl.


Mike Rowland: Composer & Music Practitioner, New Age, Ambient Classical

Mike is currently compiling a book about the power of healing through music. Mike invites you to contribute by sending details of your experiences when you listen to his healing music.


The details will aid in creating important research that goes into proving that music and healing are related.

Thank you Mike for your music and research and Ruedi & Priska Abbühl for the use of your film. I wish all continued success and good Karma!

I have the impression that to penguins, man is a different kind of penguin, unpredictable, occasionally violent, but tolerable company when he sits still and admires Nature and leaves it as he found it.




Penguins do not live in the Arctic.


They live on the shores of Antarctica and they also live in,

  • the south of Australia

  • New Zealand

  • America

  • Africa

The most northerly place that penguins live is on the Galapagos Islands which is near Ecuador in South America. Even though there is ice in Canada and the Arctic, penguins don't live there or in the northern half of the world.

The Arctic land is mainly tundra and covered with hearty plants like moss and lichen which caribou and muskox feed on.


A wide range of marine mammals and fish live in the Arctic ocean. Whales, dolphins, walruses, arctic fox and seals all make their homes there. The great polar bear depends on these marine mammals and fish for survival.

No other animal other than penguins can draw attention to the environmental damaged caused by oil and gas drilling, fracking and mountaintop removal, etc...


That is why I end this video with a message "NO TO ARCTIC DRILLING!"








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