by Jim Euclid
May 25, 2012
from Regolish Website



Winter has come upon the southern states of the land Down Under.


Outside it is still dark, and raining. The sun will soon rise and hopefully shed some warmth onto the earth. While listening today to the Unicus Radio show with R. Stanley doing an interview of the topic of Reptilians, I realized that the seasons still bring cold weather and rain, regardless of what transpires in the astral realm.

When it comes to malevolent forces upon the earth,

  • Do we desire to change others?

  • Do we look upon other's faults with a desire to help them move toward the light?

  • Or do we, in trying to help others, we find ourselves being dragged into the darkness?

Certainly people have very polar opinions on what to do with the diversity of problems we are faced with.


We all fear the Illuminati agenda, yet fail to realize that every human on this planet is already implanted with chips, albeit astral ones. I do not fear microchips, especially the ID-variety that contain merely a 15-digit code of identification. It helps if one gets lost from Alzheimers.


Certainly there are more mind-altering implants used by the shadow-agencies, but fortunately these will be degraded over the next few years.


I fear rather the astral implants that we placed at my birth. The negative extraterrestrials use the implants for many reasons.


One is that the energy from your body can be siphoned off at night while you sleep. The implants serve as a type of energy sucker. Another function of these negative implants is as a tracking and/or monitoring device. Another function is information gathering, and blocking of Light Forces. I am no different to any other reader of this blog.


Until the realization occurs that everyone is implanted will we be able to start eliminating them.

The only power that has any worth is the power of intention. Nothing has ever been achieved without it. It is more powerful that love, only because it precedes true love. The power of intention is a conscious force of the mind that has created reality in its entirety from the micro to the macro. The power of intention cannot overcome another's intention.


This does not make intention powerless in the face of opposition, rather intention acts on the canvas of reality. Others intentions also 'paint' onto that same canvas. Life is really a mural of innumerable intentions both past, present and future.


Only a constant, repeated intention has the power to resonate and be effective on our immediate environment.

When it comes to evoking intention, it is created primarily through love, or, for want of a better word, devotion. Intention creates karmic ripples in the fragment of space-time. We can never predict when or where this intention comes back to reap its effects. But what we can predict is that this intention, like any created anywhere in the universe, never dies or diminishes.


Every desire, every hope, every aspiration has created the universe as we know it.


Some intentions are tiny, feeble and weak, whereas others are like webs of steel. Holistically, they create the matrix of reality. Even our bodies are made of the very intentions we created over eons of past personal history on this and other planets.

A time will soon come when the new earth will arise, and upon that soil, we shall see a new brotherhood and sisterhood, with friends from all nations and planets who will share this planet with us.


The new earth will house so many conscious beings that she will truly glow with radiance as brilliant and bright as her own inner light.


We all await that time anxiously, but patience is the best teacher for learning priorities.