by Jim Euclid

04 April, 2012
from Regolish Website


We can all be saints in an instant, but there is no end to the pursuit of wisdom.


Wisdom is infinite, upwardly mobile and nonlocal. We cannot be everywhere, or know the whole truth yet there is truth to the saying 'as above, so below'. What is true in the atom, applies to the galaxy (within reason).


If we overcome jealousy within ourselves, we know how to fight jealousy anywhere. Liberation in one place triggers liberation elsewhere. Few people are truly wise, truly omniscient; perhaps the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed.


Few stand upon the apex of the mountain and purvey the view all-knowingly. Most of us are just trying to be the best we can.


But as Martin Luther King remarked,

'nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.'

The ways of folly are paved with the good intentions of the ignorant and stupid, people who do not learn the deep ways of knowledge that cannot be perceived in an afternoon or drinking from one fountain.


We must first learn how to think, to then think for ourselves, and then learn what to think.


Thinking is highly underrated. For every one person that thinks, there are ten who don't, who just meander the river Styx sight-seeing on the way to the waterfalls of death, never daring to dive into life.


As a long-term proponent of martial arts, I have met many brave men, but few of them have the courage to tackle the difficult aspects of life, the ones that lead down the road of cognitive dissonance and end at the cul-de-sac of hard questions,

Who am I? Who am I not? What am I here for? Who, what and why do I worship?

The ultimate questions are unanswerable, like trying to define the smell of a rose to a deep sea cod.


For most people, it is easier to follow social norms, do as is done by parents, school, workplace, media, peers. We only live once, so lets make the most of it. Pleasure, wealth, fame, then retire to contemplate what we have gained or lost or both. Forget about sidetracking ourselves with volunteer work, or becoming a monk, or doing a PhD on UFOlogy, or opting out to be a vegie farmer at Byron Bay.


The image has replaced reality.


The man in the mirror has become the real man. We are at risk of becoming just reflections of ourselves. Thankfully, there are limitations and statutes that regulate evolution at the spiritual level. Karma, as they say, is like a rubber band - it can only be stretched so far before it snaps back.

On a clear-blue day, and with a keen eye, most truths are self-revelatory. Take for example the attractive model pictured above. She portrays an affection for a Baphomet image (the horned goat), a masonic symbol, a subliminal image to foster adherence to Masonic mind control.


We see the image and digest its vacuous content like a Big Mac, without questioning the image in any deep way.


Pornography is the greatest example - it titillates, creates a desired outcome, then becomes trash. However, we carry the porn for years, its effects lasting long after those first tastes of adrenalin have subsided. The seeds of future stimuli later emerge, and only through luck, maturity or hard work do we let go of such childish things.


But the Illuminati, the wolves amongst us, make the treadmills for us to exercise our libidos. They stimulate our appetites, make them easily available and easily satiated in order to feed off our money, compliance, loyalty.


They rewrite history, to include UFOs being a intimate part of our biological history, that we wouldn't be here in this advanced society without their help. We are made to look up for assistance both economically, geologically and spiritually.


God and ETs will save us, but if God hasn't, why would ETs? This leave us with the sobering notion that perhaps we have to save ourselves.


Only then could we find ourselves becoming at-one with God or ETs or whatever else is 'out there'. However, that hard inner journey is neglect and we have become dependent upon, and developed a co-dependent relationship with Big Brother and Big Other. Little wonder that the ascetics (the doubting debt-free dubious) are looked upon as pariahs by the Illuminati.


We must try to avoid the 'Rockefeller Syndrome.'

Cowans is a derogatory Masonic term for non-Masons.


Illuminati originally meant “the enlightened ones” in Latin, and it refers to those who control the political, economic and social infrastructures of the planet. By their reasoning, they believe they are the (self) designated rulers of Planet Earth.


The brave ones of this earth are the ones who can look at the magic and beauty of deception and just yawn, roll their eyes or reach in and tear the image asunder. The true cowards are not the sheep, but the wolves who kill for their own gratification.


Fortunately, there exist divine spiritual laws which over-ride any man-made or dark-energy inspired aspirations.


These spiritual laws dictate:

  • Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to physical and spiritual abundance

  • Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to Ascension

  • Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to merge with other beings in proportion with his/her position in the Soul Family

  • Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to all information

  • Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to freedom