by Jim Euclid

15 March 2012

from Regolish Website

Spanish version


The world will be watching the 2012 Olympics in London. It is, in all likelihood, the coming of age for humanity in a global consciousness.

The artist, Rik Clay, committed suicide under suspicious circumstances in 2008 just weeks after releasing credible information on a possible false flag operation during the 2012 Olympics.


He predicted that Project Bluebeam will be used to initiate the New World Order's final program to enact world dominion over earth's people.


Hidden in plain sight was the Zion symbol encrypted in the dubious Olympic branding seen below:


Werner von Braun predicted this scenario half a century ago, when he first remarked that there would be a cold war between the USA and Russia, followed by a war on terrorism, concluding with a war against malevolent aliens.


In all likelihood, this final chapter of his prediction is difficult to instigate, knowing the large numbers of people aware of the possible contingency, plus the conclusion that it would reveal the New World Order's obvious flagrant presence.


Could the general populace be duped to another 9/11 scenario? It seems unlikely given the social fatigue associated with the constant negativity evident in mainstream social media.

Project Bluebeam is based on four directives:

  1. Conditioning the populous to fear through use of man-made disasters, e.g. East Asian and Japanese tsunamis, contagion, HAARP-induced hurricanes

  2. The use of holographic projections of god-like images projected from satellites, speaking about the second coming.

  3. Use of mind-control ELF, VLF and LF electronic waves to induce a trance-like telepathy, in order to induce people to believe in a supernatural force behind the holograms

  4. Use of alien ships (actually black-budget anti-gravity craft) to emulate flying saucer invasions

Once these four steps are completed, the global acquisition of worldwide media and internet will relinquish all conscious control over to the Illuminati; legislation, banking, security.


In fear of an apparent interstellar invasion, the general population would then submit to the solutions offered by the Illuminati, who would take the necessary steps to bring 'security' to a world apparently under threat by alien ETs.


Thus, we would have relinquished global control to a external force, thus enacting a new global control of humanity.


Such a cycle of ultimate suppression can no longer be effected, thanks mainly to that unstoppable force, human liberty. Forget about sheep, this force is like a sleeping lion, that once awoken, is relentless.

Resistance to the shift into ascension is futile. People have experienced too much pain to live another year or century in such fear.


The FEMA camps may eventually be filled, but not by the common man but the 1% who attempt to enslave us through their ignorance of arrogance.