by Globaltransformer
July 20, 2011

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Watch some extracts in Spanish




  • Topics Part 1:

    The path the soul desires. The chakra body is a 4D body. Don't get trapped in the 4D paradigm. Do we need to work on our ascension? How many people will ascend? Where the knowledge comes from. Going within during meditation. Say thanks to mother earth. The forces of darkness will fight to the end.


  • Topics Part 2:

    The future has already happened, We are here taking responsibility..., The message from Mother earth, The cause of the earthquakes, "Elenin" is a dwarf star, The greatest sacrifice, People will perish, People will go to different places, We are the masters.


  • Topics Part 3:

    Breaking through boundaries, The coming of the false Messiah, They don't want to interfere, It's always about balance, No one gets away with anything, How to prepare for disaster, I live away from the city


  • Topics Part 4:

    Three days of darkness, Propagating fear through movies, Elenin is really Nibiru, The world is still full of darkness, They feed of our worship