by Greg Calise
December 21, 2015

from RiverbankOfTruth Website

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We have all experienced it; try to expose a truth to someone, and they freak out.


Many get angry and call you names. The names the media has told them, such as conspiracy nut, or worse. Notice how they belittle you as if you are stupid and naive. It's disheartening, in the least.


Why even bother?

So many people cannot see even the obvious. How many people still believe that the atrocities of 9-11 were perpetrated by 19 muslims with box cutters? Never mind that thousands of architects, engineers, scientists and pilots have proven that the official story is false.


I guess these people have also forgotten how the banks ripped everyone off for trillions of dollars, making millions of people homeless, lost their pensions or their life savings, and then had the taxpayers foot the bill, while the banks are still doing the same criminal activities.

They will tell you they are just contrails from jets.


I ask them,

"So where are these planes flying to?" crisscrossed patterns in the sky that leave a haze.

How many people still believe that fluoride is good for you, or any of the toxic food additives?


The list is lengthy, and so many things are so blatantly obvious, yet the masses remain ignorant.


There are so many very obvious deceptions, yet they refuse to see them.

  • So who is stupid now? It is quite ridiculous when you think about it.

  • So why do they refuse to even accept the obvious deceptions?

We must first consider the fact that everyone is programmed since birth, by,

  • parents

  • family

  • culture

  • religion

  • nationality

  • school,

...and more.


The majority of people are getting programs rebooted constantly through the media, the preachers and the government. Everyone is brainwashed to believe whatever their accepted authorities tell them.


Hence they develop their belief systems accordingly. These programs have protection software, so the deluded person will react negatively to any information that confronts these false beliefs.


Their automatic response is to get angry and attack the new information, and the messenger that gives it.

These programs have been acting upon each individual for a long time. Therefore each person has created his comfort zone, where he feels safe. Never mind that the comfort zone is based upon lies and deceptions. Those that are deluded by them cannot see this.


They honestly believe that these programs, and their comfort zone, are the truth.


For someone who has awakened, these programs seem patently absurd.


It is quite disconcerting to watch grown adults completely hypnotized by these programs, especially since many of them can be destroyed by a little analytical and logical reasoning, along with some independent research.


Yet those that are hypnotized will refuse to do either of these. People with PHDs that are bereft of any logical thinking, yet they claim to be intelligent.


This is the world today. I witnessed this in the medical industry, where respected doctors were incapable of independent thought, with closed doors to any information that conflicts what the pharmaceutical cabals have taught them.

The controllers of the programs also control the narrative, so if anyone confronts or opposes the narrative, they are shamed, slandered, marginalized or worse. They can lose their job, social standings, friends or even their freedom.


Yes, people are imprisoned for confronting the narrative.


Whenever you hear that,

"the science has been settled" you can count on it being a lie.

Science is never settled, because there are always new findings.


The narrative tells you what you can and cannot say, and what you must believe. They instill fear in people to never step out of the boxes they have been imprisoned within. This is prevalent in politics, religion, society, culture, science etc.


Political 'correctness' rules...


So people are very afraid to even consider that there is something very wrong.


If they begin questioning the narrative, there will be repercussions. Once you pull on one thread of the deceptive narrative, the whole thing collapses. Other strings become visible, and each string that is pulled destroys each narrative.


The programs unravel...


Such forbidden activities not only destroy the programs, but they take the person out of their comfort zone; and people are very attached to their comfort zones, whether it be political, religious, social or others. Fear of stepping out of one's comfort zone is a powerful defense against hearing the truth.

All of a sudden, the newly awakened individual finds himself in a topsy turvy world where he sees the deceptions everywhere.


Now he feels alienated from from his family, friends, society, religion and the world. If he speaks to others about what he has awakened to, they will react with anger, fear, aggression and contempt. They will express their programmed reactions, and the person will be slandered, ridiculed, belittled and shunned.


Friends and family soon avoid the person, leaving him/her marginalized at best. No more comfort zone. Too many people become frightened when they begin questioning their false beliefs, and therefore rush back into their comfort zone, unwilling to proceed further.

But what is more important,

living in a comfort zone of lies and deceptions, or knowing the truth?

The awakening process is not an easy proposition. It destroys the non-truth, which means the entire world paradigm.


It means the destruction of all of the programs that have been installed since birth and continuing to the present. This can be achieved one step at a time, or in one giant jump. Either way, it is the only way to actually experience what truth actually is. You cannot hold on to the lies and expect to perceive the truth.


The lies must be relinquished; and that means almost everything you have learned and believe.

But the majority of people will never even question their reality. They are too attached to their comfort zones. And even if their comfort zones collapse, instead of questioning the consensus reality, they will try to rebuild their comfort zone, or find a new one.


There isn't much one can do to change this situation.


The majority of people have no interest in the truth or awakening. Instead of wasting your energy trying to convince them that their lives are a lie, your energy is better directed towards those that have begun questioning their reality.


Perhaps this is a better way to approach the chaos...