by freefall
September 29, 2015

from ZenGardner Website

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The cruelty we inflict upon each other should come as no surprise.


A ruthless form of competition is what you get when worshipping a god of conditional love. After all, there's just not enough love to go around. Fellow competitors must be destroyed if you are to gain his affection. And the Jews are winning...

The money supply has long been taken over by them, thereby creating a world of wage slaves with starvation assured for many due to their usury and the mathematical impossibility of creating enough money to ever cover the debt.


After all, their money is debt...

Orchestrating 9/11 and blaming it on the Muslims was a stroke of genius. Deception and manipulation are best used when you don't have the numbers on your side. The overt unrelenting brutality which they continue to heap upon the Palestinians reveals what happens when you do.

I must assume that out of the three Abrahamic religions, the Muslims are probably the closest to being good people. That's why they're losing in the competition.

On the other hand, with the horrors of Sharia law and how easily the Sunnis and Shiites can be turned against each other reveals that they too bow to this god of limited love.

As for the Zionist Christians, I'll let you in on a little secret. Although they appear to be allies of the Jews, they too have no real love for any of these other competitors. The truth is that they see them as little more than stage props for their own particular vision of Armageddon.


After all, there's just not enough room in "Big Daddy's" heart for the both of them.

Enter the middle-man scam of the Savior meme to keep the dissension going. The human sacrifice committed by the "Christ killers" makes for an unstable alliance at best.


This along with the ritual cannibalism of the Eucharist reveals where this god really comes from.

For those of us who have been given the Grace to see through this deception, we know that there are no limitations to the Creator's love. The harm we cause to ourselves and others is the only thing that would make us believe otherwise.

Religion causes a hardness of the heart in which others are seen as competitors, especially when vying for the attention of the same heartless god. When the core of one's belief-system is fear of punishment for non-compliance, you eventually end up with the world we have today.

God, please free us from the confines of religion...