by Elva Thompson
August 01, 2015
from HeartStarBooks Website

Spanish version


Evil is a moral entity and not a created one, an eternal and not a perishable entity: it existed before the world; it constituted the monstrous, the execrable being who was also to fashion such a hideous world.


It will hence exist after the creatures which people this world.






As the Grand Cosmic Year of twenty six thousand years grinds to a close, the electromagnetic plug is automatically pulled on the energy of the old age.


A period of four years follows when the Matrix program resets for the next cycle of twenty six thousand years: December 21, 2012 - December 21, 2016.

In the re-booting of the program for the 'new age' the frequency fences that block our multidimensional consciousness [our 90% switched off DNA] cannot stop divine cosmic information from entering our conscious minds.


This is what the awakening is… the chance to resonate with the higher frequencies of our divine over soul and transcend the vibration of the third dimension.

The inter-dimensional owners of the farm are trying to block the ascension timeline, and their reptilian fractal consciousness is showing its hand in every aspect of our lives. The hammer of the 'little gods' is coming down and they are putting the 'frighteners' on humanity.


Fear is their name and fear is their game!



Reptilian Fractal Consciousness

What is reptilian fractal consciousness?

It is the imposter consciousness of the 'ego I' that blocks our multi dimensional awareness and chokes our divinity.

Fractal 3D consciousness is a program of instinct and sensual gratification that resonates within the three lower chakras of the human energetic system.





These three 'instinctual' chakras of,

  • food

  • sex

  • shelter,

...resonate with the reptilian consciousness of 'ego survival' in the computer generated Matrix we call reality.

The third dimensional fractal is exclusively self orientated at the expense of all other lifeforms. They are fleshy automatons of the 'dog eat dog mentality'. For most people this is life. They don't question it.


They also believe they have ego entitlement to live out their lives taking whatever they want to satiate their squirming bags of appetites, with total disregard for the feeling/lives of others.


They can show what appears to be love but this is almost always self seeking, and cry crocodile tears at the drop of a hat that many take as true feelings or signs of remorse, but it is a blind, a predatorial aspect of the fractal mind.



The Destruction of Innocence and the rise of Imposter Consciousness

The destruction of divinity and heart based consciousness [fourth dimensional awareness patterns] begins in childhood.


When a child's trust and innocence is destroyed by abuse, their psyche is shattered, and their love vibration is suddenly replaced by terror, fear, confusion and denial.



This oppressive pattern is re-enforced by the brutal education system, as the developing traumatized mind is further blasted into competition… the Matrix game of 'us and them'.

To survive many retreat into the reptile mind:

  • sink into sensation

  • stop thinking for themselves

  • lose their spiritual awareness

They close their hearts and become a fractal of the reptile mind.



Demonic Possession - An aspect of Imposter Consciousness.

When love is replaced by fear, the negative shock wave creates a drop in the spiritual frequency of a child, and the longer the trauma continues, the stronger the negative resonance of the victim grows.


As a result, the child/adult can easily become possessed by negative entities that are attached through traumatic resonance to their chakra system… their computer software.

These demonic attachments are the whisperers of self destructive behavior and suicidal thoughts.


They trigger trauma fields that plunge us into the pain and betrayal of the past… and we fall for it every time until we realize we are being vampirized by an unseen host, a parasite of the mind that seeks to control our consciousness and emotions.

All of us are under attack from negative entities.


How many times have you been happily doing something, and out of the blue a thought is triggered, and you revisit a trauma of the past along with all the painful emotions of the original event. Have you ever wondered where the thought came from?

When the parasite needs to feed, it triggers our pain, the crystallized trauma patterns in our chakras. This is the 'loosh rote', the reason for the human farm.

Demonic possession is the reason why seemingly normal persons commit atrocities under the influence of drugs and alcohol… have you ever heard the remark:

'I don't know what got into him/her.'



PIP Photography

Dr Harry Oldfield has taken photographs of demonic beings using his revolutionary PIP photography.


In his Glastonbury talks he shows photographs of negative entity patterns attacked to the crown [7th] and [2nd] sexual chakra of a meth addict.

These hate-filled beings exist and haunt the sensitive among us. They are the creatures of nightmare that we flee from in our dreams. Native people know they are sharing their space with unseen entities.


They burn sage, cedar, sweet grass and other herbs to purify and protect themselves.


But in today's un-enlightened, ego sanctioned sureness of everything… native people are just superstitious savages. Arrogant modern day experts in psychology, waffle on about hormone imbalances and other intellectual twaddle.


They tell us 'its just human nature' to commit atrocities.

It's not my nature to commit atrocities… is it yours? And do you think a pill can rout a demon?



Trauma based mind control and the Coven

All abuse is trauma based mind control.


Through sympathetic resonance, the terror and pain we experience as children and adults effects every living being on the planet. We exist within a sea of vibrations and just like 'the butterfly effect' our feelings effect the energetic whole; the psyche of our species.

The thirteen satanic families that rule the world know about our planet's energetic set up, and its spiritual connection to collective human consciousness.


The new/old world order aim is once again to sabotage the frequency of an ascending planet and its precious cargo. They do this by creating constant wars that maim, brutalize and genocide whole populations.


But their death cult demands the ultimate terror, and so they practice sorcery, torture and the blood sacrifice of young children at the inter-dimensional power points, and ley line intersections on our planet.



Pedophilia - human sacrifice and the world grid

Pedophilia is rife in all walks of society but especially amongst the so called 'higher classes and elites'.


The halls of political power in every country reek of corruption, pedophilia, murder and depravity, and an estimated eight million children go missing every year… where do they go?

What happens in the war torn countries to the orphaned children?

They are prizes of the aggressor and procurer, and children of all ages are raped, tortured, forced into prostitution, trafficked for pedophiles, and sold to the elite for satanic ritual abuse.


Thousands of young lives end in torment to infuse the grid with fear.


Farm manager rationale

All this suffering and terror is constantly manufactured by the satanic elite to keep humanity in a low state of vibration, a fear field.


They know the score, and are hell bent in keeping us within their Matrix game of 'snakes and ladders' for the next round. They have built their occult geometry into the landscape of their citadels, and placed their halls of control upon the spiritual power points of our planetary grid to manipulate human consciousness.


By using the sacred sites for hellish rituals and child sacrifice, they consistently pump terror into the energetic Matrix… and our collective psyche.


The spell of the serpent

Human beings are under the hypnotic spell of the reptilian mind… and as the train of life hurtles over the cliff to oblivion, there will be a final fall for man.


His divinity will be lost, and the new man will be a reptilian trans-human existing in an electronic world of spiritual death, and physical enslavement.


A hell world

The third dimension is a geometrical construct, it is the Matrix of the Demiurge.


This is the being, the 'creator of this world' that De Sade is referring to when he said that evil:

'constituted the monstrous, the execrable being who was also to fashion such a hideous world.'

Take off the blinders… throw denial in the bin.


Start confronting reality as it is… a vicious predatorial game on every level.


The satanic elite holds humanity in a vice-hold of fear… fear is the hallmark of the reptilian fractal and the champion of the Imposter Consciousness.


Dropping the ball

Every time, we withdraw our energy from their game, their Matrix of control loses power and weakens.


So, drop the ball of 'us versus them.' Drop the rope of constant conflict, and become the observer at the centre of the charge. Only in neutral will our spiritual opportunity be found to transcend this awful world.

Love is all there is….