If one begins to examine the Earth-side secrecy regarding UFOs that is by now apparent almost on a daily basis, it is appropriate to first focus on exactly what is being kept secret.


If one thereafter progresses beyond the obvious, one soon finds that not only is information being kept secret, but that disinformation Is being supplied from very high levels to disable and cover-up information that can’t be kept secret. Thus, the UFO situation is characterized by secrecy barriers and by cover-up stratagems.

There are two factors about this double situation that are remarkable, but which seldom are commented upon. The first factor has to do with the social dimensions involved. It is quite fair to say that the dimensions are world-wide, or, put another way, planetary. This factor leads into the second one, the fact that an enormous cooperation is required to keep the secrecy and the cover-up in place through the decades in which both have been implemented and maintained. The whole of this, of course, is something of a charade in that UFOs have been seen, photographed and video-taped all along. Thus, as this chapter is being written in 1998, the general public dwelling in most nations thoroughly realize that UFOs exist, and that they are operated by intelligence.

If one meditates on all of the above, it can become somewhat clear that the existence of the UFOs is not what is being covered up - because they ARE seen, photographed and video-taped. Additionally, the idea that the craft are the products of an intelligence can’t be covered up - largely because the idea that they are NOT the product of an intelligence is ludicrous.


After wending one’s way through the mysteries involved, one can be left with the rather stunning question:

WHAT IS IT that is actually being clothed in secrecy and cover-up?

After all, the UFOs are visible planet-wide (and actually on a daily basis if one reads the weekly UFO Update now available via the Internet.) Additionally, the secrecy and the cover-up are trenchantly visible, for they have been adequately exposed in a great number of books. In the light of this, about the only place the secrecy and cover-ups are being effective is among those responsible for both. This is to say, among government, military, scientific and media hierarchies - all of which remain quite mum about whatever it is those authoritarian structures are remaining mum about. And what this IS not clear at all.

To emphasize:

Covering up the obvious is an oxymoronic exercise. But covering up something ABOUT the obvious that is not readily apparent via the obvious evidence could make sense out of what is otherwise only a silly charade.

Every aspiring intelligence analyst proposing to work within secret agencies learns that one way to break a mystery that won’t yield to easy explanation is to look around for mysteries that are somehow similar.

In this case, the secrecy and cover-ups are being maintained, rather Big Time, by government, military, science and media collaboration. Therefore, it is useful to look around for another example which those Big Four entities ALSO collaborated in covering up. One example along these lines comes to mind. This involves an issue that is a little difficult to articulate because it is as energetically suppressed and covered-up as is the issue of ET visitations and intelligence.

A tip of this particular iceberg first surfaced in 1957 when the writer Vance Packard published a book entitled Hidden Persuaders. The original meat for Packard’s book is given as follows. In the early 1950s, the owner of a movie theater in New Jersey had apparently learned something about subliminal suggestion. He contrived to briefly flash the words “Drink Coca-Cola" over Kim Novak’s face. This resulted in a 58 per cent increase in Coca-Cola sales over a six-week period.

Packard’s Hidden Persuaders gave depth and substance to this phenomenon, and described how large groups of human minds could be influenced by words or images flashed so quickly that the intellect could not perceive them, but that the subconscious did. Indeed, the fact of subliminal communication and perception was obvious. Even so, the resulting brouhaha was absolutely enormous, and the Big Four cooperated in establishing negative information packages the purpose of which was to condition public awareness away from the reality of subliminal activities.

If the conditioning steps are examined, it can be seen that they were not entirely unlike those being promulgated regarding the UFO cover-up situation. i.e., to deny, discredit, and decrease confidence. There are several ways to assess the Vance Packard situation. Eldon Taylor examined it in his book Subliminal Communication (1988).


As Taylor wrote:

Packard presented a case for persuasion through the art and science of motivational anal y sis, feedback, and psychological manipulation.

“Hidden Persuaders was the first open attempt to inform the general public of a potentially Orwellian means to enslave the mind and to do so surreptitiously.”

It would have seemed that Packard’s book could have been taken culturally in stride since it was no secret,

(1) that minds could be influenced, and

(2) that they were influenced by art, literature, intellectual suggestions, and educational conditioning.

After all, the major goal of any social grouping is to achieve broad intellectual phase-locking, so as to benefit from melded group-mind responses and thereby maintain the contours and workability of the society. As it was, the Big Four carried on in ways that amounted to a rampage against subliminal perception - and the issue was thereby slowly re-submerged beneath the awareness of public cognizance. Big Four outrage surfaced again in the early 1970s when yet another book appeared entitled Subliminal Seduction, authored by one Wilson Bryan Key. This book quickly underwent several printings by various publishing houses.

So an extra-large dose of negative deconditioning response emerged from the Big Four. The general tenor of the Big Four deconditioning responses verged on apoplexy, which may have induced much the same in the public mind - i.e. sudden diminution or loss of consciousness, sensation, and voluntary brain motion. Even so, the Big Four reactions were so large that many began to suspect that where there was so much cover-up smoke that there must be a goodly fire. And so the book became much in demand.

Key’s book provided substantial evidence that subliminal seduction was being utilized by big-time Madison Avenue advertisers in a conscious effort to influence the public mind in order to increase sales of various products through the integration of hidden messages. For example, it had been learned that embedding subliminal “messages" in ad illustrations by way of very subtle images of naked women or the words FUCK, SUCK, TITS or BALLS, indeed increased sales of what was being advertised. The subtle embeds do not work with regard to conscious perception, but rather stimulate activity in the subconscious level where drives or urges for something originate. This results in perception without awareness.

It was ultimately confirmed that subliminal “messages” could induce activation or deadened public responses to just about any issue. In any event, the so-called “controversy" went bananas. It was summed up in a very hefty and scientifically respectable book entitled Subliminal Perception: The Nature of a Controversy (1971), authored by Norman F. Dixon, then at the University College, London. Dixon’s book was never published in the USA as far as I know. Aside from the elite's obvious efficiency in managing the “public mind” this way or that, the issue of subliminal seduction is clearly attached to the issue of the group-mind. For the “public mind" is, after all a group kind of mind.

The public mind, as a group kind of mind, also is referred to as mass consciousness or mob consciousness. If one then expends the time and effort to troll for information about mass consciousness, one will encounter a very strange factor regarding cover-ups of information packages. This must be preceded by mentioning the obvious desire of public managers to understand “human behavior” and how mass human consciousness functions - in order to better mind^control the public mind this way or that.

It is thus unthinkable that no research along these lines has ever been undertaken. My own research into this area revealed that mass consciousness or mob consciousness research came to an abrupt end in about 1933-1935. This is to say, that it came to an end as far as public access to it is considered. It ended because of a set of discovered conclusions. Among them, that mob consciousness responded collectively NOT to rational intellectual perspectives, but to some kind of emotional empathy that was somehow subconsciously TRANSMITTED. This, however, could not be explained unless the concept of telepathy was brought into consideration.

And THAT was the end of THAT kind of research.

But here is a rather remarkable link of some kind. If the existence of developed telepathy is put down and covered up by elitist Earth-side forces, then if there might be a telepathic Space-side connection, the existence of that particular factoid would need to be covered up. It is worth repeating that psychical and parapsychological research more or less bit the dust BECAUSE it proposed to research telepathy - the one human attribute that many Earth-side power structures prefer NOT to be developed. However, in order to get just a bit deeper into this possible issue, it needs to be approached from a slightly different angle. This involves the matter of consciousness.

There are so very many definitions of CONSCIOUSNESS that they altogether assume the guise of a cognitive sump. But even so, there is an official definition of it, and it is this one that the Big Four (government, military, science, media) more or less cling to. This definition, in its several parts, is found in The Encyclopedia of Philosophy, published in 1967. The definition is not obsolete, however, since it remains more or less in force today.

The definition begins with a reference to John Locke (1632-1704), the renowned English philosopher and founder of British empiricism.

Lock defined CONSCIOUSNESS as,

“the perception of what passes in a man’s own mind... [as the process] of a person’s observing or noticing the internal operations of his mind. It is by means of consciousness that a person acquires the ideas of the various operations or mental states, such as the ideas of perceiving, thinking, doubting, reasoning, knowing, and willing and learns of his own mental states at any given time."

The Encyclopedia then goes on to clarify that although the term CONSCIOUSNESS has many definitions, it,

“has a broad use to designate any mental state or whatever it is about a state which makes it mental... It is consciousness which makes a fact a mental tact.”

Considering the many ambiguous and confusing definitions of CONSCIOUSNESS, the above offers a clinical efficiency that can hardly be doubted. Thus, most would take it at its apparent, and important, face value. But the definition establishes a parameter that is quite interesting, once it is pointed up. For the definition consigns the definition of CONSCIOUS to existing within the mechanisms of the individual. This is to say, that although each person has consciousness, it is none the less individual to that person. For increased clarity, each person has consciousness, and thus each is, so to speak, an island of consciousness among multitudes of other islands of the same.

If, then, information is transferred between the islands, it has to be accomplished by objective means. Nowhere in the Encyclopedia entry is there any hint that consciousness is anything other than individual. Thus, but without saying so, telepathy as the melding of consciousness independent of objective means of transfer is forbidden. There is no entry for TELEPATHY in the Encyclopedia. But there is a rather fair synopsis of ESP PHENOMENA, in which telepathy is referred to as a “species of ESP,” but within which nothing is learned about it - except an admission that it exists.

As it is, telepathy cannot exist, much less be explained, IF the parameters of consciousness are limited to the mental equipment of the biological individual. Since information is “exchanged" or “acguired” between human individuals in the absence of any objective methods to do so, and in that the information so exchanged results in mental perception of it, it is obvious that a format of consciousness exists that is independent of each biological human unit.

The Encyclopedia definition thus seems good as far as it goes, but is nonetheless incomplete. And that definition has deficiencies. For example, it stipulates that consciousness is mental awareness. But long before the Encyclopedia was compiled in 1967, the real existence of the subconscious was confirmed. The principal definition of the SUBCONSCIOUS holds that it is aware of information that the mental awareness is not aware of.

Not only that, but that the subconscious causes the bio-mental organism to RESPOND to information that the mental awareness is not aware of. And indeed, THIS is the working hypothesis that leads to the efficiency of subliminal “messages." Additionally, the early mob consciousness research resulted in the considered estimation that information WAS transferred and exchanged at some emotional sub-mental-awareness level. As a result, some kind of sub-mental union or bonding resulted in what could only be thought of as an unknown kind of telepathy that served to induce behavior of a group-mind force.

One of the concepts that can come out of this is that although each individual may be an island of consciousness, all such islands might be residing in a greater ocean of consciousness which exists independently of each human life unit. In this regard, the Encyclopedic definition establishes that consciousness IS only what the individual becomes mentally aware of. But strictly speaking, the definition is describing a FUNCTION of consciousness, not, so to speak, the “substance” of consciousness itself.

And with this, we could now plunge into the intricacies of mysticism whose chief proponents have always held that consciousness is a universal substance, and that each human is only a small manifestation within it.


But I'll shift direction here, in order to get back to the point of this chapter, and indeed this book. If Space-side extraterrestrials do exist, and there is plenty of Earth-side evidence of them, then one has to wonder about THEIR consciousness. For example, is their consciousness the same universal stuff of human consciousness?

We might also have to wonder if THEIR consciousness is more “technically advanced” - say, something along the lines of their “advanced material technology,” so advanced, indeed, that their craft easily disobey the known laws of Newtonian, atomic and quantum knowledge on Earth-side. We might even be inspired to wonder if, in their advanced consciousness technologies, they would remain as klutzy as Earth-siders regarding ESP and telepathy. We might also have to wonder if their telepathy is a developed version of a telepathic “language” that is universal within universal consciousness.

Others before me have indicated that if consciousness exists, then it must have operative “laws,” and cannot possibly consist only of what a given, individual bio-mind Earth-side entity becomes mentally aware of. If this consideration is given enough extrapolation, however, it could increase the possibility that it might be to someone’s benefit to utilize the laws of advanced consciousness technology to ensure:

(1) that Earth-side entities DO NOT become mentally aware of a lot of things
(2) that Earth-side entities DO become conditioned to be mentally aware only of what someone wants them to be aware of

The above two possibilities are only very speculative, of course. But if such Earth-side mental management was indeed factual, then any ostensible success would depend on DELETING (or at least confusing) certain factors from human mental awareness. There may be many of such needed deletions. If I wanted to accomplish (1) and (2) above, I'd delete concepts of consciousness that extend beyond individual functioning.

I'd also delete, or at least suppress, the Earth-side discovery and efficient applications of subliminal messages and suggestions. After all, their relevant techniques are effective toward group-mind management and group-think parameters - and especially with regard to which information packages should or should not be intellectually phase-locked upon.

It would also be useful to ensure that different groups of Earth-siders intellectually phase-lock on different and contrasting information packages. This would not only keep the groups confused by each other, but might even keep them antagonistic. And so the concept of Divide and Rule would then be a piece of cake. All Earth-side efforts toward discovering and developing ANY kind of telepathy would have to be vigorously stunted from the get go - because if Earth-side telepathy can penetrate Earth-side minds, then there is no reason why Space-side “minds" cannot be penetrated as well.

Having established such goals, I’d then have to figure out how to implement them Earth-side , while at the same time ensuring that the goals being implemented Earth-side remain thickly covered up. Fortunately in this regard, Earth-siders intellectually phase-lock quite easily, often in a massive way. If I were a Space-sider doing this, I would have access to telepathy plus. And so all that would really be needed are a few subtle tele-powered messages that enter subliminally into the rather backward order of undeveloped Earth-side consciousness.

As two additional blessings for Space-siders, Earth-sider elites are usually intellectually phase-locked on the thrill of having secrets, and so they keep everything as secret as they can. This automatically leads to the necessity of covering up their secrets. And so, as a general prophylactic measure, they usually cover up everything they can.

The foregoing is, of course, a foray into gross speculation - and has, as it does, many holes in it. But back in Earth-side realities, there runs one consistent theme throughout. This is the perpetuating disenfranchisement of telepathy and all that its penetrating aspects it might imply.