by Gemma Gadd
15 September 2008

from LouthLeader Website


MORE responses to sightings of 'orange lights' UFOs near Louth have been pouring into the Leader with some wondering if recent UFO activity is connected to the Large Hadron Collider experiment in Geneva.

A man called Anthony from Wales emailed a similar account of what he saw:

"I was having a cigarette outside my front door on Saturday at around 9pm and I looked over the roof tops and saw two orange-red glowing lights coming from over the hill where I live.

"I called my wife and daughter to come and have a look, then a third light followed the other two. My wife phoned her father who lives not far away and he saw them too. I then went to get my camera but by the time I got it out the lights just vanished. Not knowing what they were I decided to search the net to see if any one has seen the same as us and I came across your picture which is exactly what we saw.

"We live in a little village in Swansea and after 47 years of looking up at night this is the first UFO I have ever seen."

He added:

"Could it be something to do with that experiment they are doing under ground in Geneva letting out pockets of energy or something?"

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world's largest and most powerful particle accelerator, intended to smash protons together in the hope of learning more about the Big Bang theory. It was turned on to much international press interest last week despite some scientists calling for the experiment to be stopped, in fear it could lead to the formation of mini black holes, which could expand and swallow the Earth.

Rachel Rijsdijk emailing from The Netherlands said she also saw similar orange lights last Saturday:

"On Saturday night a week ago I was driving on the highway, past a city called Eindhoven, and I saw three orange round lights high in the sky. They were not moving, but hanging in a triangle form."

Reg Lambert from Rugby emailed to tell us about his own recent experience:

"I and three others saw an orange light travelling south-west to north-east over Rugby at about 8pm.


"It was travelling quite fast and was above the height of a few clouds around at an estimated height of 5000ft. A few minutes after disappearing from view it reappeared travelling in the opposite direction."

He added:

"There was no flicker or variation, or color change, and it was in a straight line."

David Hinde from North Yorkshire is adamant such sightings are not sky lanterns after witnessing some strange lights in the sky near his home:

"I have seen the orange/red spheres in the skies above Speeton, moving in ways no conventional aircraft move - diagonal, vertical and horizontal movements, with no sound and no vapor trails - definitely not sky lanterns."

Theorizing on where the UFOs came from, he concluded:

"I am personally of the opinion that these objects are not of this world and believe that there is a continued cover up."