by Wes Penre

Extracted from "In Wait for Things to Come!"

February 01, 2013
from WesPenre Website

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We have discussed channeling before, both in Level I and Level II, but we are going to take this subject quite a step further here in Level III, because some of these channeled entities play a major role in the Sirian Agenda.


So I am not implying that all channeled material is bad, or the entities evil.

Much depends on the energies and vibration of the channeler; it's actually crucial! You receive information in direct relation to what you are prepared to receive; no more, no less.


Also, the quality of the information from a specific channeler from a specific source may fluctuate in accordance with the channeler's mood or vibration at a certain occasion. So, even if we feel that a channeled source may be trustworthy one day, the next the quality of the information may not be so great.


Therefore, we need to use discernment even with a source we normally trust.

This is not because the source is intentionally willing to give you disinformation or bend the truth; it's because when the channeler is not "with it" and tuned in, other entities who correspond with those vibrations may come in and interfere, pretending to be the original source.


When we feel that the source is giving us correct information, we say that the channel is "clear". The opposite, when a channeled source is taken over by negative entities, is called "not clear" in the world of channeling.


Many make the mistake of abandoning a channeler when they notice dis- or misinformation embedded in the messages, when in fact the channeler may just have had a "bad day".


But it's also the channeler's job to be critical towards the messages he/she receives, or they will lose their credibility, and eventually their audience.

I have spent a lot of time listening to channelers lately, and read channeled material from different sources; both those who are considered trustworthy and those who are not.


Then I have compared what I got to see differences and similarities between the sources in order to find some kind of pattern.


For example,

  • What do these channeled sources really want?

  • Why are they here?

  • Are they as benevolent and helpful as they say they are, or are they just faking it?

The ones I have listened to are not hoaxes, by the way.


All of them are genuine channels and not something the channeler is "making up". Although there are such fake mediums as well out there, they have a tendency not to be long-lived these days when people are spoiled with the genuine stuff.


It's easy to distinguish between a human fabrication and a true channel, because the information we receive from a true source is way beyond the scope of knowledge of any human being, normally, and the questions are answered instantly, without any lags, which would be difficult, if not impossible, to fabricate by a human.


However, there are also channels that are not originating in the metaphysical universe, but are transmitted via satellites by Intelligence Agencies, in order to mislead people. Those, I believe, are also relatively easy to distinguish from the real stuff, because the quality is not as high.


Still, it's harder to distinguish between the military/intelligence sources and the real material than it is between a human who is faking it and a real source. But the messages transmitted from the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) [def] is usually of such that sooner or later one will see through it, especially if we are used to listening to channeled material in general.

Many sources come in all of a sudden in a person's life, sometimes as thoughts that the person feels is not their own.


Then they can start communicating with that source back and forth, and a channeled communication can take place. It's important already in the early stage for the person to set limits and boundaries, and for example letting the source know that the channeler is only allowing uplifting communication that is for the benefit of him/her and/or the whole planet.


It's more common that whole collective of star beings are acting as sources in a common effort, than that the source is just one entity, from what I have noticed.


The energies of such non-physicals can be pretty intense, so it's crucial that the channeler is in good mental and physical shape, or the intense energies will eventually break down the body, like it has done with so many channelers who have been too open.


Carla Rueckert is only one example, during the period she channeled RA.


Others, in pure excitement, take on more than one source - they may be channeling 5-10 different sources - and that can be very dangerous to the body, first of all, and secondly, the channeler is so wide open that they let any entity in, and it's very easy to be deceived.


So if you're going to channel, my advice is to feel out the source, say no to it if it doesn't meet the guidelines, and wait for the right source to come then. Then stick to one source.

Normally, when we ask the source a question, they look in the memory bank of the vehicles (the channeler), which often go back thousands and thousands of years due to the genetic memories from previous life, and they look in the Akashic Records for an answer, in case they don't know it already.


Bashar (one of these sources) explains it pretty well when he says that the Akashic Records are not, like many think, some sort of "library in the sky" where you have to go to find the answer. The Records are all around us in the ether; it's there to immediately pick up and use.

Then apparently, according to some sources (something I was not aware of), such as Harone (who is a Gray whom Lyssa Royale channels), these entities are using computer systems to gather their thoughts so that they become transmittable.


Harone says:

"Emotions on my end are not necessary to channel, though I am working with physical facilitators on my end [Bashar and Sasha] and the three of us are linked into a computer device that will synthesize our thoughts.


They provide a balance for my thoughts so that the biological vehicle can receive them. Thus they are translated." [*]



Bashar is of a Gray species as well, while Sasha is supposedly a Pleiadian.


In the above case the computer was apparently used in order to combine the thoughts of these three very different species (is that really necessary?) and make sense of it to humans, but if this is true, it makes me wonder how often channeled sources (called only "sources" from here on) use computers when answering questions that humans.


Also, I said earlier in this paper that it is fairly easy to recognize sources that come from the Military Industrial Complex, MIC, [def] but if the MIC is using extremely advanced computer systems, built or given to them during TTPs, [def] and connected to special satellites using ET technology, how easy isn't it to copycat even advanced real sources? [def]


I haven't had any trouble spotting MIC sources when I have plowed through these kinds of material, but who knows, maybe there is more sophisticated programs that can fool any of us and the lower quality MIC transmitters are only there to make us believe that this is the best they can do.


If this is the case, we can only go on intuition and connect the dots to our best abilities.