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The goal of this information is to point the public toward vital information that is relevant to the coming disclosure and contact events, for the purpose of preparing as many people as possible for what is sure to be the most mind-enhancing, life-altering experiences of our conventional era.

Whether you are new to or already knowledgeable about this subject matter, you are cordially invited to browse the information contained within these pages

so as to broaden your understanding.

New information continues to be added, clarifying distorted concepts, shedding light into dark corners of falsehoods, synthesizing crucial fields of knowledge that have been deliberately kept disconnected for the callous purpose of generating confusion and division not only amongst people and nations, but also between your own mind and soul.

You will find related information through the helpful links that

we recommend you also investigate.

The Ascended Beings who refer to themselves as members of

the Intergalactic Board of Council (IBOC),

who are imparting their knowledge herein, have emphatically stated

that the time for the great voyage into disclosure and contact

“is about to knock down your doors”.

The time for ascension is also near at-hand.

They are working with a group of Terrans who are developing a public initiative program

of education networks, local and then global,

of which the information herein is but the start of much more to come.

May your soul-journey through these pages be met with a sense of inspiration and motivation toward an unassailable participation in this grand adventure.

Mahalo, for your desire to connect with this most eminent knowledge now available to you.

- Gesanna -








- Members of The Intergalactic Board of Council


- Intergalactic Board of Council's Explanation of Their Title


- Introduction to The Intergalactic Board of Council's Communiqués


- IBOC Communiqué - Session 01 - Ascension as a Real Event


- IBOC Communiqué - Session 02 - Some Clarification


- IBOC Communiqué - Session 03 - Why Our Volunteers Are On Terra


- IBOC Communiqué - Session 04 - Shifting From Stage 1 to Stage 2, Then Stage 3 & 4


- IBOC Communiqué - Session 05 - Being and Living an Integrated Life


- IBOC Communiqué - Session 06 - Take A Benign Approach


- IBOC Communiqué - Session 07 - Advanced Beings View of Disclosure


- IBOC Communiqué - Session 08 - The Grays Futile Attempts to Ascend


- IBOC Communiqué - Session 09 - The Difference Between Disclosure and Contact


- IBOC Communiqué - Session 10 - Understanding Truth-Controllers


- IBOC Communiqué - Session 11 - Launching Stage 4 Phase


- IBOC Communiqué - Session 12 - Clarifying The Two Types of Ascension


- Comunicado IBOC - Sesión 12 - Clarificando los Dos Tipos de Ascensión