from Joe Mason

December 1997

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The first remote viewer received impressions that the object was a "Machine/device that interacts with DNA and is a calibration mechanism," and "the target object concerns a "DNA exchange, ionization, grids, lattices, and thought balls."

I first read of the idea of a DNA communication in The Book Of Knowledge: The Keys Of Enoch.


The author, Dr. James J. Hurtak, said that he was visited by the Light Being, Enoch, in 1973, and was informed that a world transformation was coming within decades. In part of the book he speaks of DNA, and explains many new concepts about it. It is part of the Tetragrammaton, the four letters of the Divine Name, YHWH, through which The Word becomes flesh. The four DNA bases and the four chambers of the heart indicate this.


The Divine Names are used as codes in the creation of man. It is also related to the Four Livings Creatures of Ezekiel and Revelation, also called the Merkabah. Dr. Hurtak also wrote of a connection to a Parent Mind through proton precession at the same frequency. In addition, he spoke of grids and grid shifts. Grids were mentioned several times by the remote viewers.

The Mayan Daykeeper, Hunbatz Men, has been teaching that a very great change is coming. He says that there will be a "DNA repair" in the process.

The "DNA formation", East field, Alton Barnes, Wilts, UK. 17/6/96. C. 1996

Crop circle researcher, John Haddington, has written several articles over the past few years, showing how certain crop formations seem to be symbolizing DNA. It is related to the snail formations, which have the spirals on the shells, representing the double helix.


The so-called Insectograms, which appeared in pairs, also are suggestive of DNA in a number of ways. The ratchet spiral, or Mercury spiral, of the Barbury Castle crop formation, is also thought to have a DNA symbolism.

This year (1996), a 648 foot double helix pattern appeared, which almost everyone is calling the "DNA" crop formation. There were 93 circles, if the overlapping ones are counted.


Human beings are said to have 93 genes. [this was a misstatement, yet the number 93 proved significant as the number of the New Aeon.]


The Dream Connection

In January, this year, a co-worker told me a dream where he was on a spiral staircase with other mechanics with their toolboxes.


There was a mechanic and toolbox on each rung. The person had not heard of the above material, so I was convinced that the DNA repair concept was valid. It was further affirmed when the DNA crop formation appeared some six months later. I was not surprised when I read the reports from the remote viewers. Indeed, I was quite impressed by their accuracy.

In 1992 my son had a dream of incredible events happening in the sky. People were startled and afraid. This was being controlled by some fantastic computer, and only his brother, Thomas, knew how to operate it. Some years later I learned that Thomas means "twin," and that the twin theme is a major message in the changes ahead. It seems to concern the duality, which in many mythologies is said to be in a divided state. The great change is apparently about a re-union of the duality across scales, an incredible cosmic event of some kind, that cannot be fathomed yet.

About two years later, I read a report by Paul Bara of the Sussex branch of the Center For Crop Circle Studies. Paul receives communications through dreams and a type of channeling.


He said that there was going to be events in the sky that will startle millions.


More Dreams about Spirals

In 1995, The Dream Network Journal published a series of issues called, "Dreaming Humanity's Path."


The dreams clearly were indicating great changes ahead. A number of the dreams were about constellations, such as Orion and the Pleiades, and events in the sky.

In volume 14, Numbers 1 & 2 (combined), on page 50, is a dream that starts with an earthquake. Burning KKK crosses fall on people and pieces of buildings fall. Pieces of the street are thrust up. Then it is night time and everyone is looking up at the sky. They see a strange thing, like a comet, coming slowly toward them. It is glowing and pulsating. Everyone is afraid, but the dreamer is told mentally that it is extraterrestrials who are coming to help, and save them. The dreamer knows that this is a worldwide destruction going on and that nothing will ever be the same again. But he and his companions are being saved and protected.

In volume 14, number 3, on page 19, two dreams were printed side-by-side, titled "Signs in the Sky," and "More Signs in the Sky." The two dreams were submitted independently, yet they were almost identical. One dreamer saw a giant wheel turning in the sky with constellations going round and round. It was like time was turning, yet she and her friends were in a place of no time.


Not everyone could see what was happening. She knew the identity of the constellations by name, old and new, and by "connected" names. She asked her friend, "Do you see THAT?" and described a sign in the sky. It was like the stars were making connections.

The second dreamer was with a friend and looked in the sky with total awe. She asked, "Do you see THAT?" and described a sign in the sky. It was like the stars were making connections. She had a special name she described it by. Watching the sky signs was awesome, vivid, colorful, mesmerizing and felt prophetic. Some people saw what she saw, and others saw nothing. The wheel turned in the sky showing all the seasons and cycles. It was like looking through time, seeing past, present and portents to come.


The dreamer talked to her friend a few days later. Her friend said she also had a similar vision, involving signs in the sky.

There was another dream reported in the journal, which I am unable to find at the moment. I remember it quite well, so I will tell my memory of it. The dreamer was awestruck by a huge sphere with many facets in the sky. It had once been a woman in the very distant past, but had turned into this thing. It still had maternal feelings.


Sometimes it came close to the earth, like near mountains inhabited by humans, and felt connections. The sphere then exploded, filling the sky with stars. (or something like that). Then, the dreamer was by a tree, and the message was communicated to her that the object/woman communicated to us through our amino acids.

Since amino acids are molecules that make up DNA, this seemed to be the very same message as the other sources.




Well, not all that much happened with the Hale-Bopp thing, so it seems the Farsight Remote viewers got it all wrong. Or did they?


Perhaps the changes are more slow and internal than the communicated messages might suggest. Perhaps Hale-Bopp and its companion were like a sign in the sky, a symbolism for something.

Re-reading this portion of the article just now, I was somewhat struck by the first part -

"The first remote viewer received impressions that the object was a "Machine/device that interacts with DNA and is a calibration mechanism," and "the target object concerns a "DNA exchange, ionization, grids, lattices, and thought balls." "

Thought ball (or thought bubbles) crop formations have often appeared. Some researchers believe these are related to the chakra system.

The 1997 crop circle season had a grid pattern. I wrote a little about this formation in a recent article called, "STRANGE ATTRACTOR CROP FORMATION AND THE END OF TIME."  

Here's part:

In "SC" # 68, Michael Glickman interpreted the 1997 Etchilhampton "Gird" crop formation (11) as a pointer to 2012. The formation was a 30 x 26 checkerboard-like grid, giving a total of 780 squares. This, Michael theorized, could indicate the thirty 26-week periods between 1997 and 2012.

Geoff adds that the 780 squares of the grid are exactly divisible by the TZOLKIN, or Mayan Sacred Calendar, which is a grid of 260 squares with sides of 13 x 20. Three Tzolkins fit into the crop grid pattern. Two fit straight in and the third after bisection.

The grid seems related to a "map" called "Psi Bank Warp and Holonomic Wool" mentioned in a book called "Earth Ascending," by Jose Arguelles (page 121). The "map" consists of eight Tzolkins joined together showing relationships between the Mayan calendar, the "I Ching" and the 64 DNA codons. (12)


Arguelles researched the Mayan calendar, physics, philosophy, geomancy and the "I Ching," and concluded that mankind is creating a "noosphere," or mind layer, around the Earth, which is evolving towards the "Omega Point of Planetary Awakening" in 2012, according to Teillard de Chardin. (This may fit with some coincidences I had in 1990, concerning a Saturn-like spiritual ring around the earth).

When "Earth Ascending " was published in 1984, Arguelles was unaware of a book published in 1975 called, "The Invisible Landscape," by the McKenna brothers (See note 2).


The book gives a mathematical analysis of the "I Ching," concluding that the 64 hexagrams of the "I Ching" oracle, or "Book of Changes," was originally used as a calendar portraying 64 timewaves which interact to form a "modular hierarchy" of 26 levels. The modular hierarchy is a Mandelbrot fractal where each of the levels is 64 times greater than the one below.


Mapped against history, the "end-of-time" climax, where the waves all peak together, was found to be in the year 2012. At the time, the McKennas were not aware that this is the end of the Mayan calendar!

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It seems we are on the verge of something really big. Just what it will be is not entirely clear, but I do intend to keep my eyes and ears open.