Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
at the 'Gathering of the Eagles Conference'
Sedona, March-2002

from GreatDreams website

Welcome. We are the Pleiadian energies. On this eve we come forth into your hearts, into this portal, into this light highway and byway that you have all parked your essences upon. We come forth to applaud your light, applaud your perseverance, and applaud your spontaneity as you follow your soul and your heart’s desires.

You all think that you chose to come forth to this arena (Sedona conference), but in fact you were chosen to come forth to this place of magnetic pull. The light and the truth that you wear internally and externally is shifting gears as one who is going up and down many hills. You all on this day have birthed your self into more of who you were destined to become. You have also on this day, birthed the DNA of Light.

Your human nature has many levels of DNA sequences. You wear celestial DNA. You wear a human DNA. And now the light that you are has been initiated into and birthed into its own DNA. You say, "How can light have a DNA?" It does not have a body. It does not have an opinion. But it does have a life force. You are the solidity of light. You are the energy of light that has solidified as ice that once was rain. The DNA within the light form of your essence is they're awaiting your arrival. All of the components of your personal periodic chart are about to change. The essences of air, of earth, and of fire are also coming into their multi-dimensional aspects as they spin a web of confusion around the human understanding.

The entire universe is ready to download, pour and drench you in light. But if you are not receiving, it just falls and puddles around your Achilles' heel. A doorway and a portal of higher knowledge and awareness enters you, as you enter it. In this earthen experience, you are just remembering your divinity, remembering what you came here to do. Remembering what you are capable of accomplishing. Every Avatar, every Master, every Christed Being and Buddhic Being that has walked the earth has told you over and over again about your innate creator abilities. If one person on Earth can achieve anything, the entire flock of Mother Earth is open to that experience as well. If one person can become a millionaire, so can you. If one person can grow another limb, so can you. You are what you believe. It has come time for everything around you to tweak their belief system, to hone it, to sharpen it, to soften it, and to activate it.

You come into this place - Sedona, a land of vortices – to see the trueness of your being. For every face in these red rocks is a face that you once wore, earthly and inter-dimensionally. Every vortex is what you are this minute. You come home to yourself as you enter the region of these red rocks. You come home to each other as you gather with those of like and lighten minds. A new opportunity is given to you. Do not allow the fear that others impart upon your belief system to scratch your lenses so much that you cannot see clearly. You know that all universes are birthed upon a thought. You do not have to play out of the prophecies of doom and gloom. You do not have to receive the negativity, the limitations. In a moment’s glimpse, you can be free of your past. You can be free of prejudices. You can be free of fear if you would just believe it – it is so.

Little by little you are deleted of the negativity. Most of you scream and kick and say, "But I am not finished processing. I have not finished being negative. I have not finished being angry with my spouse, and I am not finished being angry with my parents". But we say to you, give it up for Lent. Give it up for Easter. Take the nails out of your coffin. Take the nails out of your wrist -- and get on with your life. The sadness, the polarity, the duality does not serve you. Those of you that are upon on enlightened path strewn with only a few sticks and stones, will find that you are not allowed to sink into the quagmire of what you once thought. You are not allowed to send out invitations to a pity party, for no one will come forth. You sit alone waiting in your own pool of sorrow as a mammoth that is stuck in a tar pit. Your body screams out in pain each time that you are immobilized in fear and sadness and anger. The pain will increase exponentially until you let it go.

You are all Commander-in-Chief and President of the 'Land of You'. It is time to walk down the aisle and enter into the threshold of 'You' finally. People may say that you are selfish, that you do not honor their whims, their desires, their sadness', their angers, and their gossips – and you should say, "You are correct." Do not place yourself energetically around negative people. Excuse yourself and tell them why. A seed of awareness is then planted. Consider yourselves as Johnny Appleseeds. Planting a thought here, a dream there, and a hope over there. Make your point known that you will not be around negative people. You will not be around those that gossip or belittle one another – because in truth they are belittling you. You are all cells in the flesh of God, in the body of God. The cell of the arm personally knows the cell of the leg and the cell of the nose-hair. When another speaks badly of any one they are doing a dis-service to everyone.

Each of you holds a different position of light. What a boring world it would be if you all were of the same flavor. We ask you to open up to the 31 flavors of Cosmic Light. Each one of you will eventually come into the flavor of the month position willingly, we hope. You are shifting. The sands of time are shifting. It is time to see your light. At this time we will leave you, we are the Pleiadians.