by Mona Bhattacharya

20 November 2012
from Wakeup-World Website

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The pineal gland is the center for receiving the rays of sunlight, which once received are shot in different directions of the body.


Also, it is the receiver of crown energy, which holds an incredible amount of information about your past, who you are as a soul, your future, your evolution - and the entire history of the universe. Everything is stored within your higher self in the universal consciousness.


It would be impossible to receive all of this information at all once, so the pineal gland functions like a coordination radio tower, receiving the strongest rays coming through from all light sources - higher self light, sunlight, moon light and star light - and has the ability to decode the information which is stored within these light frequencies.


The influence is a magnetic influence; it is not an electrical light, but gravitational energy. Light and magnetism are one and the same.


The earth is magnetized by the sun; all the local creation on this planet is attuned to the magnetic field of Mother Earth, who is attuned to the magnetic field of the sun, which is attuned to the magnetic field of other star systems within the Milky Way Galaxy, which is attuned to other light networks within the universe, and so it is all one system.


Every cell carries the same code of DNA, and by attuning to the light frequencies and the information within these frequencies, we are able to rewire our DNA.


An example to illustrate this relationship is a large corporation: The people on the floor only have so much information. When they encounter a problem, they will turn to the branch management where the level of information is slightly higher. If the branch management doesn’t know the answer, they will go to the regional managers, and if they don’t know the answer, they will go to the CEO, and so on.


This hierarchical structure illustrates how our local solar system - the sun - is connected with other high vibrational light bodies within the universe.


And it is our closest most tangible and immediate resource for recoding our DNA.

  • The macro level contains our planet, the universe, the galaxies and all the different star systems.

  • On the micro level, the way this structure plays out in you is this: Your pineal is your local receiver of sunlight, and it disperses this light within your body.

  • On a deeper level, each cell within your physical network has its own sun, which is the nucleus.

And similarly, as the sun is magnetizing all beings within its rays, the pineal gland acts like the super sun for the body and magnetizes every cell within the physical system. It coordinates the light within the body.


The system within the body that carries the light looks like a wire that travels through each cell of your body. It is a coil, a spiraling wire that is a conduit for light.


That wire we have known to call our DNA.


By tuning into the pineal gland we enhance its abilities to receive light, and by receiving light we increase its magnetic powers and thus it is activating and magnetizing every nucleus and cell within your entire system. Thus, through pineal focus and sun gazing, you take charge of your own brainpower and make it your best ally.


You gain direct access to the center in your brain that receives cosmic data straight from the source, eliminating all traces of confusion.





Pineal Facts

  • Native Energy: Static Electrical

  • Native Aspects: Intelligence, Intuition, Psychic Powers, Imagination

  • Color: Violet

  • Purpose: To enhance mental clarity and intuition

  • Symptoms of Dysfunction: Frequent headaches, sinus pressure around the eyes, bad eyesight, cataracts, glaucoma, insomnia, paranoia or depression.




Language of a balanced pineal gland


When your pineal gland is balanced, clarity of mind is a regular and natural state for you.


Having a calm, primed mind gives you a powerful presence in this world. You don’t need any external means to stay sharp and clear; in stead, you easily tap into the unlimited resources of your intelligence. Other people respect you for your quick mind and ability to see things clearly.


Your life is a series of synchronicities and you feel the flow of life on a daily basis.





Language of an imbalanced pineal gland


When your pineal gland is imbalanced, you feel a lack of mental clarity, good memory or the ability to handle stress.


You are unable to stay focused and efficient, and unable of relaxing your mind to heal negative thought patterns that cloud your life. You feel confused and often lose sight of the big picture.


You wish could get a bird’s eye view of what is going on in your life.





Natural brainpower


Activating your pineal gland helps you restore the power of mind that is yours by birthright.


It gives you clarity and mental strength, and the ability to see which choices will make you happy, and which won’t. Your intuition is directly related to the pineal gland in the center of your brain.


As with the rest of your body, the things you eat affect the health of this gland. Certain foods improve the health of the gland while others cause it to deteriorate. Fried foods, coffee and fluoride are some of the substances that will calcify and deactivate the pineal gland.


A calcified pineal gland causes you to forget that you are indeed perfect, beautiful, intelligent love.





The psychic ‘gift’


Many believe that being psychic is ‘a gift’.


However, it is ‘nothing more’ than the gift of an active pineal gland. Anyone who has reactivated and decalcified their pineal gland experiences their psychic gift ‘return’ to them. It is as simple as flexing a muscle.


Changing your dietary patterns and gazing at the sun will help you tap into the incredible power of this gland and reactivate your natural physic abilities.