by William F. Hamilton III

from AstroSciences Website


The informing of our Universe by communication and information by design seems a distinct possibility and exciting potentiality and should be explored in theory in greater depth. This essay is one attempt to do so. When the Random Event Generators of the Global Consciousness Project initiated by Princeton University became synchronized to a major event, it brought into question whether there exists a substrate in the universe that allows communication and information to be distributed without respect to limitations of space and time.

Superluminal communication

According to the Theory of Relativity superluminal communication or transit is forbidden by the principle that nothing can travel faster than light. Yet, certain phenomena such as quantum entanglement or the existence of worm holes could nullify that principle. There could be some hidden dimension in our Universe which permits a direct connection between the source and receiver of a communication signal. Such a signal would act as a message carrier with encoding at source and decoding at receiver.

Some theories and experiments include:

According to the currently accepted theory three out of those four phenomena do not produce superluminal communication, although they may give that appearance under some conditions. Only tachyons (which are generally thought to be theoretically impossible) produce truly superluminal communication.

If wormholes are possible, then ordinary subluminal methods of communication could be sent through them to achieve superluminal transmission speeds. Considering the immense energy that current theories suggest would be required to open a wormhole large enough to pass spacecraft through it may be that only atomic-scale wormholes would be practical to build, limiting their use solely to information transmission. Some theories of wormhole formation would prevent them from ever becoming "timeholes", allowing superluminal communication without the additional complication of allowing communication with the past. (1)

It is the concept of atomic-scale wormholes that bears further investigation. Micro wormholes may allow instantaneous communication and may also account, in part, for telepathic communication which operates regardless of intervening distance and without a attenuation of the signal strength through the inverse-square law of radiation across space.

Any point source which spreads its influence equally in all directions without a limit to its range will obey the inverse square law. This comes from strictly geometrical considerations. The intensity of the influence at any given radius r is the source strength divided by the area of the sphere. Being strictly geometric in its origin, the inverse square law applies to diverse phenomena. Point sources of gravitational force, electric field, light, sound or radiation obey the inverse square law

The intensity of radiation will follow as I = S/4pi(R2) where S is equal to the strength of the source.


According to Claude Swanson, who suggests a new theory that particles interact and are coupled across great distances, motions of these particles become synchronized at very small scales.

This idea gives rise to a fundamental frequency for every particle, and explains why in quantum mechanics every particle has a frequency proportional to its mass.(2)

Quantum Superluminal Communication

The following is an excerpt taken from Reference 3 -

“If our quantum model of telepathy is confirmed by the experiments, then it can be naturally used as one new kind of quantum superluminal communication (QSC) means. Compared with the conventional wire and wireless communication, such new kind of communication will undoubtedly have more advantages.

  • First, the transfer delay of QSC is irrelevant to the communication distance, and can be zero in principle, thus QSC is the fastest communication means.

  • Secondly, the carriers of information may not pass the space between the sender and receiver for QSC, thus the communication process is not influenced by the in-between environment, and QSC is one kind of complete anti-jamming communication means.

  • Thirdly, since the carriers of information can be only stored in the sender and receiver for QSC, the third party can't eavesdrop the transferred information, thus QSC is the most secret communication means.

  • Lastly, there is no electro-magnetic radiation for QSC, and it is one kind of green communication means.

Certainly, the realization of QSC will undoubtedly require the close combination of biological technology, quantum technology and communication technology. Looking from long views, we should deeply study the perception process (e.g. the perception process about quantum superposition state) of our human brains, and try to find the perception unit in order to achieve practical QSC. On the basis of this study, we may develop the more advanced perception stimulation technology, and integrate the perception function in a tiny biological chip.


This will help to develop the genuine QSC products. It may be forecasted that QSC will become the main communication means in the near future. Space will no longer be the obstacle of communication, and people can have real-time talks between any faraway distances. At the same time, QSC will be one kind of completely anti-jamming, secret and green communication means. These are not just dreams, and science may take us walk into such miraculous QSC times in twenty or thirty years. Let’s try hard and expect it together! (3)

If we come to realize that we have more than sensory input into our mental processors, that we could eventually enhance such processes, then it is more than possible that we will evolve into a different type of being with an altogether different society, one that may resemble older societies inhabiting other worlds in space.

Synchronized Random Event Generators


Described below and excerpted from a paper published by the Global Consciousness Project are computer graphs of the synchronized REGs that occurred on September 11, 2001 when the World Trade Towers were hit by airplanes.

Studies of these events show that some type of precursor wave informs consciousness that an event is to occur. I have a personal experience with such a precursor during the disaster that occurred to STS 51L, the space shuttle Challenger in January 1986. I had a very strong premonition that the Challenger would go up in smoke before it lifted off.

It is as if a precursor wave of the future event traveled backward in time to impress itself on my consciousness.



Throughout history inventors have received inspiration for novel ideas, scientists have received inspiration that solves scientific problems or suggests new theories, and prophets have received inspiration from Angels or God. Could these be examples of infotons penetrating our consciousness from higher sources?

My contact with a Microbiologist, Dr. Dan B.C. Burisch and other scientists who I have had the pleasure of talking with suggests to me that they have had experiences in a form of Cosmic Communication. I, myself, had such an experience for a period lasting 22 days in 1977 in which I was impressed with concepts of a Universe of Design, an Intelligent Living Universe that embodies a geometric Cosmic Mind that has enformed it.





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