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Helpers in the astral world would come to the living body together with the entity who wanted to go to Earth, with their special knowledge they
could detach the Silver Cord and connect in its place the Silver Cord of the entity who was the Gardener of the Earth coming to the Earth.

The host would then become the vehicle of the Gardener of the Earth, and the astral body of the host would go away to the astral world just as he would do in the case of a person who had died.
This is called transmigration, the migration of one entity into the body of another.

extracted from pag. 69 of As It Was



“Walk-in” is a phenomenon, which apparently isn't known to all who all who are interested in the reincarnation (transmigration) question.

When a person was clinically dead and often quite unexpectedly woke up to life, a soul exchange can have occurred. This has nothing to do with “possession”. The soul that earlier “inhabited” the body has left and for a moment the body really was dead.


However, as long as the body can still be reanimated, another soul can take it over, almost like a new driver takes over a used car.

  • In the case of possession there would be (at least and also in most cases) two souls present. The one is the soul belonging to the body from the beginning and the other a foreign soul, which tries to live through the body.

  • In the case of a “walk-in”, there is only one soul, but a different one than before.

It seems that the new soul in most cases doesn’t take over the body without agreement by the other soul.


The soul that was there earlier and is now leaving the body, will then say something like:

“You can have it, if you want. I don’t need it anymore.”

It can, of course, not be excluded that the earlier soul is no more there and cannot be asked.

The phenomenon is rare and then usually the person after waking up from being “clinically dead” doesn’t understand himself.

“How could I live like I did before? Now my interests are totally different! I will never live like that again!”

The person after the incident often has spiritual interests and wants to live accordingly.


Health conditions can improve rapidly, because there are no more the same psychosomatic causes for health problems in the unconscious self as there may have been before.

The often striking positive change in the personality could, of course, merely result from having had an out-of-body experience in the near-death state - even though the person has no conscious memory of it - in which he had enlightening insights in another world and about life. A case of a remarkable personality change after being unconscious will not always indicate that the person is a “walk-in”.

The environment will not understand this change. If the person is married, the marriage may break up - since, after all, the souls who once married are no more together, but only the bodies. It could, of course, also happen that the marriage becomes better.

The “walk-in” isn’t conscious about what has happened, since he lives, thinks and remembers from what is stored in the brain, and there all the life before the near-death incident is stored as a memory. What has to do with the soul belongs to the unconscious self, which in this case is a new one. A soul exchange may be discovered in a regression, but such cases are very rare indeed in regression sessions.

It has been claimed that often (but not always) the new soul has a specific task and could use the opportunity for a short-cut. It could save itself from first spending 20 years or more being born and growing up, but it could instead quickly take up its task.


It would, therefore, in such cases be a more developed soul that took over.



Rare cases of children who remember past lives

In the investigations by Ian Stevenson and others there are just a few cases in which it is found that the person - who the child claims to have been - died after the birth of the child.


As far as I know, the child in such cases went through a serious disease condition or had an accident, with a period of unconsciousness, before it began to speak about having been someone else. This has been explained as “possession”.


According to what I have written above, the explanation “walk-in” may, however, be less far fetched! In such a case the child will really have died in the sense that its earlier soul left.


Then another soul took over the body, the one of the “past life”.


So what is “possession”?

Let us return to the case of “possession” in order to clarify some misunderstanding, which may occur.


Since medieval times one makes a difference between “circumsession” (in Latin circumsessio) and true “possession” (in Latin possessio). True possession seems to be very rare. In such a case the other soul wants the body for itself and tries to drive the soul away, which really belongs to it, or a negative entity wants to control and manipulate the person.


However, if a foreign soul is present, it is usually a case of “circumsession”.


That other soul is confused after its death and doesn’t dare to go to what is called the light world. It may in its ignorance fear that it would then become definitely dead, or that it may be sent to a hell (which doesn’t really exist). It, therefore, seeks refuge at another body, which already has its soul, but without intention to take it over. This will have certain influences on the “host”.


In rare cases the “host” may have more than one foreign soul.



Are regression experiences not always influences from other souls?

Some opponents to the reincarnation idea, especially if they adhere to the Church dogma, want to claim that what people experience in regressions would be “whispered” to them by foreign souls or entities.


Since roughly estimated 90 % of those who seek to have a regression experience also really have it (the success rate will, however, depend upon the method used), this would mean that 90 % of the people would be “possessed” or “circumsessed”! (And in that case most probably the critics, too…).


In this way the claim is taken ad absurdum and becomes self-contradictive.



What does this mean for astrology?

An in itself interesting question is, if the birth chart for the body is still valid for a “walk-in”, or should it be recalculated to the moment of waking up from the incident?


I would rather suppose the latter…