by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.
September 3, 2011

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Comet Elenin's current position

Sept 3, 2011. JPL

According to an increasing number of astronomers including its discoverer, Comet Elenin (C/2010 X1) has begun disintegrating.


It was hit directly by a coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun on August 19, and soon began loosing visibility - suggesting it was breaking up.


In contrast, respected science author Richard C. Hoagland claims that an unmistakable tetrahedral energy shield was displayed by Elenin during the CME confirming beyond any doubt that it is indeed an artificial structure - a space ship.


Hoagland claims that reports that Elenin has 'disintegrated' are part of a disinformation campaign to distract the public away from Eleninís artificial nature, and the world changing message it has for humanity.


The latest satellite images of Elenin showing its uninterrupted passage from the CME, no breaking apart, and clearly displaying some kind of triangular energy shield appear to support Hoaglandís claims.

On August 30, an Australian astronomer, Michael Mattiazzo, compared photographs from the Stereo HI1-B satellite over a ten day period after the CME hit Elenin on August 19, and wrote:

You can see that comet Elenin was ahead of expectation but suddenly experienced a dramatic fade on August 20.


This type of fading event usually means that the comet is in the process of disintegrating on its way towards perihelion and will no longer be potentially observable with the unaided eye. This happens quite regularly with comets.

He showed a number of images showing Eleninís appearance before and after the CME hit.


Here are two selected by that appear to show significant diminishing of Eleninís light.


On his website, Mattiazzo has displayed a graph (below image) tracking Eleninís luminosity, and what was projected for it during key dates during its passage through the inner solar system.


Various astronomers began a series of articles claiming that Elenin was disintegrating and wouldnít survive perihelion - the closest approach to the sun.


Hereís what a story on said on August 29, 2011:

Astronomers monitoring Comet Elenin have noticed the comet has decreased in brightness the past week, and the coma is now elongating and diffusing. Some astronomers predict the comet will disintegrate and not survive perihelion, its closest approach to the Sun.

Most recently, on September 3, Leonid Elenin, the first to observe the comet and after whom it was named, wrote:

Now it is absolutely clear that the cometís drop in brightness, first noted by Michael Mattiazzo on Aug. 20th, was not coincidental - the decay process had already begun, and over the course of the next several days the comet changed greatly. Its pseudo-nucleus became diffuse and extended, and later vanished completely.


On images from September 1st in the cometís coma there was no condensation visible, and that meant the comet had already broken up into fairly small pieces, with a maximum size of not more than a hundred meters.

Aside from the apparent diminishing of luminosity and alleged break up of Elenin caused by the August 19 CME, something else happened on that date. According to Richard Hoagland, an unmistakable energy shield appeared.


Hoagland writes:

Here is the latest Enterprise Elenin imaging - produced from an original NASA STEREO-B satellite video, the latter recorded during Elenin's recent encounter with a solar CME (coronal mass ejection), August 19th.


The new image-composite (made from THREE "40-second HI-1 camera frames") reveals several additional, startling details about Elenin's now strikingly "tetrahedral shield" (which we discovered only last week) - that is apparently protecting "Elenin the spacecraft" (deep inside this shield) from excess solar radiationÖ


The full dimensions of this extraordinary "geometric force structure" now measures more than ~300,000 miles along each edge - more than 1.5 times the distance of Earth from the Moon! Needless to say, there is NO QUESTION now regarding the artificial nature of this object/structureÖ


Our recent, stunning discovery that Elenin is "a TETRAHEDRAL spaceship"... currently sailing ever closer to the sun; NASA's sudden decision to (temporarily?) "abandon" the International Space Station - beginning in late November - due to "unknown problems" with the Russian Soyuz FB rocket system, ESSENTIAL to sending astronauts and cosmonauts to the Space Station in the wake of the U.S. Space Shuttle program closing down; and, the recent string of bizarre "natural disasters" that have happened from the East to the West Coasts, disasters which have the eerie "signature" of actually being "manmade"...


Hoagland released the above mentioned image composite on the Coast to Coast radio show showing the huge tetrahedral shield around Elenin revealed by the CME.


The original video footage upon which it is based is found here below:




August 19, STEREO-B spacecraft has catched a very interesting event - the interaction of the gas coma of comet Elenin and coronal mass ejections from the Sun.


On the video we can clearly see dynamics of the cometary tail, which squirming under the influence of powerful pressure of solar wind. After a brief increase, the brightness of the comet began to decreasing within a few days and reached a level of brightness that the comet was in early August.

The latest series of Stereo HI1-B images tracking Elenin show that it has not broken up at all, and that a triangular geometric formation did briefly appear during during a CME.


This has been released on a September 2 video just released on Youtube (below) - that tracked Elenin from August 22-30:






The video also appears to confirm that Eleninís luminosity diminished for a period of time, which is contrary to what was projected for it in Mattiazzoís graph, and led to his conclusion that it was breaking up and would not survive perihelion - closest approach to the sun on September 11.


Yet the August 22-30 satellite data shows that claims of Eleninís break up may not be as conclusive as first thought, despite the period of diminishing luminosity recorded by Mattiazzo.


In fact, Elenin appears to have regained luminosity during its passage suggesting that there is some other explanation for what was earlier observed.


Also relevant is a series of You tube videos that claimed Comet Elenin had been hit by some kind of plasma explosion from the direction of Jupiter on August 28, and had split in two. The problem was that apparent plasma explosion was little more than a camera anomaly resulting from Jupiter leaving Stereo HI1 Bís field of view.


The same anomaly has been observed for Venus and other planets earlier, and even explained on the Stereo website.


Also, the reported break-up of Elenin in two witnessed in the video was false. What the footage actually showed was Elenin briefly passing over another stellar object giving the appearance that Elenin was breaking into two.


This might all have been a simple mistake on the part of some overzealous author, or part of a disinformation campaign that Elenin has broken apart.

The recent conflicting conclusions on comet Elenin do appear to be a premature dismissal of it as a weak insignificant comet about to break up, or having already broken up as its discoverer now believes due to a drop in its brightness. In contrast, the tetrahedral geometric structure observed by Hoagland suggests that it is more than just an ordinary comet, and in fact is an artificial object protected by an advanced geometric energy shield - a space ship.


If Elenin is not a comet but an artificial structure, that may explain changes in its brightness. This may be why there appears to be so much disinformation surrounding Comet Elenin trying to deflect public interest from it.


Hoaglandís claims, startlingly as they are, appear to be supported by the most recent satellite images of Elenin showing a unique geometric structure surrounding it.


Indeed, something extraordinary may be about to happen as Elenin approaches its September 11 perihelion, and other key dates during its passage between the Earth and Sun.