by Angelika Sareighn

Spanish version

November 24, 2007

from ExopoliticsYahooGroup Website

Many of us have been awaiting you dearest to shine and ignite
For the paths are in order and the positions are set.
By destiny humankind on Earth sheds its sequestered mortal coil
To become once again complete & eternal, divinely made & crafted;
And divinely unleashed, with full knowingness restored,
Onto our world of form, energy, spirit and ascending vibration.

Now has come that passage to completion, to triumph and victory –
Over those great tides of deception that fill minds
With mock misery and hungers. The great illusionist, sharp mistress
Maya, has nearly drowned Man in her turbulent waters,
But now must become still or be mercilessly undone.
Universal forms and forces are in splendid, transformative motion,
As Maya’s cycle completes with the new birth of another.

Beacon of blueness, saturate and emanate as the cosmic connector,
Supporting shunned truth and banishing false witness to life, love & purpose.
Bestow now upon all new vibrations pure and keen,
While amplifying those celestial songs of our nature that refine away norms,
As the commencement has come and history beckons new forms.

All will eventually awaken, who stay, to become the new vanguard
Of truth, justice and equality. Let once again brotherhood reign upon Earth
With sovereignty henceforth restored to its peoples. Unobvious shackles,
Distaining expressions of excellence must tremble and break
As new feelings of strength, invite rightly, integrity home.

Christ consciousness is restored as the summit to govern,
Whereby, all live and prosper by a new set of values that are spiritual -
Which replace human sorrows with heartfelt knowledge of connections.

Such scale and scope of this passage is not measurable, nor meaningful,
To elitists who condescend and against people pervert power.
But fear not and worry never that such as these can prevail
With technologies of corruption so weak and feeble by comparison,
To those who lovingly send artifact comets to enliven mass consciousness,
Restoring freedom and balance as the penetrating numbness just fades.

All will blossom with health as diverse forms of communications mature
And humans seek inter-species dialogue that lead to great harmony.

Cosmic integration is enhanced and ensured by the passing ‘blue sun’,
Thus assisted are our deepest aspirations that stem from soul self.

Gentle hand of divine tiding is inviting all home to perfect,
As spiritual self-knowledge ushers in joyous planetary expression,
And a new galactic day employs all graduates gainfully and with honors.




This ‘Soul Poem’ about Comet Holmes is meant to activate subtle energy connections for people to their galactic and cosmic nature. Overseeing this process is the Christ vibration, which is realigning everything on our planet, including each of us to become more honest and authentic expressions of our souls.


Please take the time to feel and contemplate the message. It is written in poetic verse form because more information and energy can be conveyed in this type of layered style than ordinary prose.

Dr. Michael Salla, Director of the Exopolitics Institute and Founder of the “Prepare for Contact” Yahoo Forum, has initiated a global meditation (open to anyone to participate from their own home) on Sunday, Dec. 2, at 8:00 p.m., to focus group consciousness upon Comet Holmes and to connect with its energy and information. For those who decide to participate, I would invite reading, “Tidings of the Blue Celestial” before commencing meditation.


It will strengthen and energize all positive connections to Comet Holmes and its transformative frequencies.



The integration of our multidimensional selves is at hand. Many are asking what this means in practical terms. First clarity and understanding of what is taking place, and its scope, is necessary to best strengthen people and prepare them for the choices ahead.

The Hopi Elders talk of two worlds, two Earths, the old one that is our current home and the new one that appears at the proper time (the Comet Holmes connection). The new world is an evolutionary step, a home for those who are called to it because it represents the manifestation of a world that embodies peace, love and harmony (Christ-Self awareness).


But the new world must be chosen within each of us first. We must shed the old ‘other’ choices bravely and without wavering in order to transform ourselves. This is how we first chose the new Earth if this is indeed our goal, and then the process continues to anchor us deeper and deeper into our choice until it is realized.

Contradictions are everywhere at this juncture for most people and across the globe. This discordance comes from within and creates the world that is experienced.

  • How many times have you chosen to be ‘who you are not’?

  • How many times have you ignored your heart and spirit for the comfort of the known or because of other’s expectations of you?

  • Who do you still blame for messing up your life or for victimizing you?

  • How much do you take responsibility for the fact that you are the creator of your own experience?

  • Your soul has a destiny for you, are you connected to it?

Most people turn from destiny and chose the lesser, fate, out of fear, apathy, sorrow and a lack of belief in themselves. The old world is set up seemingly to make people fail, and has traditionally extinguished those bright and shining souls who remained connected to a greater truth of all expression. People following the spiritual paths have known for some time that self-healing is important and that self-integration is necessary. But most have not known when the buzzer would go off and the intensity of everything would increase without measure.


That arrival has come!

For those who have been working steadily for years to take responsibility for their own lives, delving fearlessly into inner dark corners and understanding co-creation and the connectedness of all life, this time is probably only somewhat challenging.


These people only have to complete those internal rebalancing projects left on the back self. Yet consider the public masses that have stayed asleep right up until the end and are only now awakening because of the rising energies that promote expanded consciousness.

Many people who are gentle spirits who never quite fit into the brutal world and who retreated into self-exploration to understand why they felt different to start with are now needed to step forward and visibly be themselves. Everyone in fact is being called to be themselves, but their honest and true selves, not just what the personality has become accustomed to and controls. A good indication of the true self being pushed aside is those dreams still held in the heart that has been abandoned.


Now the energies are making it impossible for us to stay disconnected from those pieces inside that are meant to come out.

  • When did you stop believing in yourself enough to abandon a heartfelt desire or dream?

  • When did you allow the collective thought form that life is a struggle to prevail instead of believing, as you did as a child, that anything is possible?

Even that you can fly, especially when you believe in yourself in any undertaking. This is what stands before most people now, nose to nose, to be acknowledged, understood and chosen instead of cast aside. It is never too late and the belief that it is does not belong to the soul self, only the easily intimidated little self.

So the shadow selves, representing all those things we really are not at all, can no longer be re-chosen in the rising frequencies without much discomfort and chaos.


Why? Because we are entering into a new energy plane that is representative of the union between the conscious and subconscious minds. This new frequency bandwidth completely supports an integrated self and not a self at odds with itself.


This is the gift – UNIFICATION & HARMONY. It is the beginning of the end of discord!

And the good news is that because of the galactic and cosmic energies, this will happen to everyone on the planet that stays (but at very different rates of speed). What will be easy for a few will be a difficult and labored birth for many others. People who paid attention and initiated their integration early will most likely become the first teachers to help others deal with the path ahead. Those who refuse this new plane of existence (free will prevails) and chose to continue on a course that maintains the old known world of sorrows will find that their actions and thoughts will anchor them deeper and deeper into the chosen until it is realized.


Two worlds are indeed fully created in the end.

Suggested Exercise:

If you find your life difficult and you do not feel that you are creating what your heart really desires, or if you feel that you have worked hard and made little progress, then it is time to reset. You probably are very adept at choosing what you do NOT want and this is the problem – you are literally using your strength against yourself.

Like a bad habit, you need to break from this routine. Gratitude is the best tool to end the old pattern and to empower a new way of creating.

Every day spend 30 minutes thinking of those things you are most grateful for in your life and as you think of them, close your eyes and ‘feel’ the gratitude you have in your heart. This exercise will work well IF you work through any obstacles that pull your attention away from feeling within yourself.


Feelings and emotions are how we communicate with our souls, and the more you feel this positive connection, the more you attract and strengthen it.


(Only chose those things you genuinely are grateful for because you cannot fool your own heart.)


Please understand that just because Comet Holmes is broadcasting helping and healing frequencies that reconnect humanity back to its divine nature and Christed expressions, does NOT mean that everyone becomes Ascended Masters just by being present.

"Consciousness cannot evolve unconsciously."

G.I. Gurdjieff

What it does mean is that Comet Holmes is setting up a field for our success: the energy signatures of Christ consciousness are guiding the new world being created and humanity’s integrative process.


In other words, by frequencies which are the actual expression of harmony, balance, love and connectedness. The more a person integrates these energies in her/his life as a creator of them, the more they anchor in the fourth dimension and new world. Rich levels of integration of the conscious and subconscious minds take place in these energies because everyone is forced to face their shadow side to a large degree.

Full integration of the conscious and subconscious minds, mastery (non-technological) as a creator over energy and matter and the spiritual realization and self-identification with divine nature represent the hallmarks of Christ consciousness realized by an individual. Only a very few will at first achieve this upon our world in this cycle, but some will, and they become the new foundation for all of the new reality. Enlightened leaders will rise who represent the very best of humankind, and leaders will come to be chosen by popular consent for their wisdom and compassion as well as intellectual excellence.

Not everyone will choose the lofty goal of embodying Christ consciousness. The new world can maintain a Christ vibration (be a world of literal peace, harmony, balance and love) without all of its citizens obtaining Christhood themselves. Yet all upon the new world will have chosen these qualities as sovereign in their lives and would therefore reflect these qualities themselves to different degrees of refinement.

This process does not happen overnight, it is gradual and will take years.


Yet relatively speaking, a revolution in evolution is happening seemingly overnight.


This section is written especially for those people who are starseeds or wanderers.


These will inevitably be people who have never felt the Earth to be their real home, and who often have highly developed intuitive gifts, a strong aversion to violence, a love of nature and animals, and visions, dreams or remembrances of worlds of great achievement, harmony and beauty.

Sometime wonderful is happening now with great acceleration for those who are ready to embrace it – the full integration of our earthly, galactic and cosmic selves. This is perfection in the making. For those who know that the Earth is not their home and have felt the pangs of separation, the wound is easily healed now. It is not yet time to go elsewhere, but integration of the multidimensional self does mean that the awful sense of separation that brings painful and sometimes numbing longing can be washed right away.

And once the false separation is cleansed, the sense of being in many places at once can be refreshingly grounding for a star-seed or wanderer.


The yearning is to know (not merely intellectually) and to feel that what was once yours is always yours and within the power of your consciousness to hold. Time - and the length a lifetime - no longer press in on the heart as too long. Your mission here can blossom to become lighter and more of an incredible gift and adventure; where being yourself becomes your greatest skill and achievement.

Multidimensional Integration Exercise:

One way to do this is to meditate on Comet Holmes. The energy that is being emitted is made to order for this precise process of reconnection for all starseeds or wanderers (in fact for anyone, but this group will put these energies to work first).


Visualize being in the center of the blue energy of the comet and feel its frequencies interact with you. Take your time with this step to experience other densities that feel familiar and gladden your heart. Then ask your higher self to realign your galactic and cosmic awareness to optimize your multidimensional expression on Earth.

Comet Holmes on 5 December 2007


Ask to be shown your galactic nature and to experience it in body.


Ask to be shown your cosmic abilities and to experience these in everyday life.

I recommend that people trust what feels right and leave behind the rest. And the more you trust yourself, the better you get at being trustworthy. Thank you for taking the time to read this information.

– Angelika Sareighn Whitecliff