The Cloning of Man, Or I Wonder Who's Kissinger Now?
PHOENIX JOURNAL #197 PP. Chap. 14, pp. 89-113

Well, what have we here? I’m sure it is merely the most accidental of “””coincidences”””—don’t you think?

Sometime around Wednesday or Thursday of last week, I made the editorial decision to run, on this week’s Front Page, Calvin Burgin’s excellent tutorial on the REAL state of our world’s genetic engineering technology and applications of same—particularly “political” applications which have been perpetrated right under the noses of we-the-kept-dumb public for well over 20 years now.

Longtime readers of CONTACT and the Phoenix Journals are well aware of this subject. Oh, are they ever. And if they make the “mistake” of trying to explain this particular subject to most of their friends, they are also brutally aware of the generally heated and indignant controversy it generates because, “the Earth is flat, don’t you know!!!!” Well, from some people’s perspective, I guess that’s true. But the subject certainly pushes all kinds of emotional buttons. And rightly so. Only that does not negate the truth of the matter.

So, I made the decision about running Calvin’s piece about the middle of last week. The interesting matter which has just sprung up and which I call to your attention, is what has just been released, starting over the weekend, apparently (from what I’ve been told) all over the various media sources from CNN’s Headline News on television, to the Front Page of the Sunday February 23, 1997 Los Angeles Times, and even to the faxed copy of the Montreal Gazette I have here in front of me, Front Page, for Monday, February 24, 1997:

Door Opens To Human Cloning is the headline. And the article’s bold-type tease line goes on to say: “The successful cloning of a sheep means humans could be copied—but at what cost? ‘The genie is out of the bottle,’ one ethicist says.”

Indeed, the genie is out of the bottle! But such has been the case for quite some time. It’s merely that we-the-people weren’t exactly told about this—probably for our peace of mind or (hear “America, The Beautiful” playing softly in the background:) for National Security reasons!

Right. Anyway, there was obviously a need to push a button somewhere and turn on the “damage control” machinery bigtime, right now—again, purely “””coincidentally””” with our presenting this subject as this week’s Front Page story. Imagine that.

The public is slowly being conditioned to come to grips with this reality. Those of you who monitor the X-Files television program on a regular basis have observed, over the past several years of its existence, probably the most blatant “””fictional””” depictions of the facts which Calvin Burgin has assembled for your reading “enjoyment” on this most important topic of genetic engineering—

the results of which are on almost daily (except when they malfunction) display, especially in the most important and visible of high public positions. After all, why trust to a human what you can more reliably trust to a “machine”!?!

Perceptive readers can pretty much look between the lines of the media blitz versions (dare I say “cloned” versions?) of this subject to discern the inferences of what is already well developed. But, as I said already—for the rest of the story, read Calvin’s outlay following this note.

— Dr. Edwin M. Young,



Calvin Burgin, 404 Gate Tree Lane, Austin, TX 78745-3137 Feb. 12, 1997
by Calvin Burgin 2/12/97

“Man has always wanted to create a being in his own image....We can do it now. We have done it! He was terminated, however, because he couldn’t follow orders; he couldn’t shoot an animal...We now possess techniques in a new type of genetic engineering, certainly more than enough for the J-Type’s in vivo creation....We were taken in, we scientists; we were thinking of underwater work and space exploration; we wanted to believe and we believed. We allowed it to happen...Then, it is only ‘fictional’ [tongue in cheek] that a governmental group has cloned a human.”


Dear Reader, I suggest you withhold judgment until you read this whole document. Then, why make a judgment at all? You KNOW what you KNOW, and you DON’T KNOW what you DON’T KNOW. What you believe has little to do with Truth.

MILITARY PLANE CARRYING PRESIDENTIAL EQUIPMENT CRASHES—NINE KILLED by Rene Sanchez, Washington Post Staff Writer, Monday, August 19, 1996; Page A04, The Washington Post: “A military cargo plane that accompanied President Clinton on his vacation trip to Jackson, Wyo., crashed late Saturday night with nine people on board just after it took off for New

York with presidential vehicles and other gear, military officials said.

“Officials at the crash site, a steep mountainside in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, said late yesterday that there were no survivors. Eight Air Force crew members from Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene, Tex., and a Secret Service employee were on board the C-130 cargo plane, which was headed to New York City, where Clinton attended a 50th birthday celebration in his honor last night.”

Later, the killed were identified as Capt. Kevin N. Earnest, Capt. Kimberly Jo Wielhouwer, 2nd Lt. Benjamin T. Hall, Staff Sgt. Michael J. Smith Jr., Senior Airman Michael R. York, Senior Airman Rick L. Merritt, Senior Airman Billy R. Ogston, Airman Thomas A. Stevens and an unidentified person. Later, the other person was identified as Secret Service agent Aldo E. Frascoia. A rash of other plane crashes, train derailments, a fire at the White House, and numerous other strange events occurred the same month.

Sherman Skolnick of Chicago has a TV program and daily telephone hotline in which he discusses fraud and corruption, drug dealing, etc., involving high level politicians and justice department officials. He has been investigating cover-ups since the Kennedy hit.


After the Jackson Hole crash, Skolnick, on his telephone hotline (773-731-1100), had a recorded message (Aug. 24, 1996) in which he stated:

“And the press liars cannot tell us of several plots, military and civilian, to unseat Clinton because all situations are supposedly by ‘lone assassins’ and no conspiracies are allowed ever to be discussed. For example, they would have to admit a high level oil industry CIA plot to blow away President Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, and others.

“And the press cannot admit what is already known by more well-informed folks, that various dictators, royalty, presidents and such have doubles! Hitler had 12 doubles. Some of them were bumped off by those seeking to stop the Nazi leader. During World War II, Winston Churchill’s double was murdered by a German commando. President Jimmy Carter had two doubles. President Clinton, three doubles, one of whom reportedly died in the crash of a military plane that took off near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, just ahead of the real Clinton’s plane. Military sources, by the way, contend the military plane was hit by a missile and crashed into a mountain.

“Funny thing, one of Clinton’s appearances in Chicago was actually a double, same face and hair, but if you looked closely, he didn’t walk exactly like Sledge Willie. TV network reporters knew the truth about such happenings. For one thing, the secret service issues all credentials for reporters to come to press conferences and to interview important public officials. Telling the truth would cost you your job.

“Will the real Clinton step forward, please, so we can inspect your nose, which has been rotted out by too much cocaine snorting. By the way, sex-accuser Paula Jones would have the real Clinton identified by inspecting him somewhere else, but we are far too polite to go into that. Another story suppressed by the liars and whores of the press.

“In Chicago, see us on Cable TV, Channel 21 Cable, 9 PM most Monday evenings.....Citizens Committee to Clean Up The Courts, 9800 South Oglesby, Chicago, IL 60617.”


What is this talk about clones and doubles? Is there anything to it?

In 1977, I saved an article from a magazine whose name I no longer remember. The notations at the bottom of the pages say “SCI/DI May, 1977”. It was the size of the old Science Digest magazines. On page 76 was the article entitled “A New Ethical Question: Head Transplants?”

The article tells of Dr. Robert J. White and colleagues of the Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital doing successful head transplants on monkeys, removing the head from one monkey and sewing it onto another monkey’s body. White was known as the first man to remove a brain and keep it alive outside the body, the first to succeed in transplanting and storing the brains of experimental subjects. He was professor and co-chairman of neurosurgery at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and director of the Department of neurosurgery.

This was twenty years ago. What has been accomplished since then, and what has been done in secret, that they dare not tell us about? The evidence will astound you!

Wisconsin Report newspaper, August 30, in 1979, had a front page editorial article that said: “Many of our readers/subscribers are sending interesting news items and clippings. For example, ‘Dr. Christian Bernard of So. Africa says: “No to Head Transplant”.’ This was the local news last week. It was first reported in Patriot News in June of 1977. This transplant has already been successful in the U. S. for monkeys, gorillas, horses, cows and mules.


It has been successful for HUMANS in Russia for over 1 year already.

“The next item was ‘Clones are being developed in Siberia.’ There is a compound in Siberia in which human fetuses from a test tube are being transplanted into the wombs of cows and gorillas. The gestation period is 9 months. They now have full grown adult Clones, that look like HUMANS. It only takes from 2 to 3 years for a Clone to become full grown (like a steer or gorilla). In five years, they will have an entire Army, Navy and Marine Corps of Clones.”

The book The Biological Time Bomb, by Gordon Rattray Taylor, copyright 1968, on page 28, says:

“Lord Rothschild, for long a Cambridge physiologist and an international authority on the structure and action of spermatozoa, left his bench and became a businessman, working for one of the largest chemical concerns in the world. In this dual role, he is, one may assume, unlikely to speak wildly or sensationally.


Yet in 1967 he told the scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel that he regarded cloning people as a near possibility. The problem he foresees is whether everyone should be allowed to clone themselves if they wish, and he expects to see a Commission for Genetical Control established to vet applications.”

There in 1967 you have a Rothschild expert, one of the most powerful men in the world, announcing that cloning was a near possibility and that a Commission would be established to oversee the consequences.

In the book In His Image: The Cloning of Man, in 1978, author David Rorvik tells the story of the first known cloning of a human. The book tells of a Rand Corporation report that Russia was experimenting with creating biocybernetic guidance systems for implantation in air-to-air missiles.


It tells of the Burden Neurological Institute in Briston, England, working with hooking brains via electrodes directly to computers, allowing thoughts to control the computers. It tells about using electronic stimulation of the brain (ESB) to cause subjects to see and hear things that did not exist, to have false memories implanted, to create great sexual desire, hatred, fear, etc.


Cal Tech biologist Dr. Robert L. Sinsheimer said in 1968 that it would be possible to clone a human being in ten years. Dr. Kimball Atwood, professor of microbiology at the University of Illinois, said about the same time that with a crash program, human cloning could be achieved almost immediately.


The book has many quotes from prominent doctors and scientists at the time that said human cloning would soon occur, but because of public resistance, the scientists stopped talking about cloning when they started doing it. Rorvik aided in the cloning of a human, who was two years old at the time the book was written.

We KNOW that cloning of humans has taken place, roughly twenty years ago, and the question becomes, how far advanced has this technology become? Human (homo sapiens) clone DNA gene sequences are even currently posted on the Internet!

Oregon Statesman Journal, Jan. 13, 1996: “Gorilla gives birth to Human test-tube baby. ‘Researchers say they’ve achieved an astonishing medical breakthrough: A gorilla surrogate mother has given birth to the first human test tube baby,’ according to a report in the Jan. 16 edition of the Sun.

Chinese scientists say the gorilla carried the baby a full nine months. They also say the day when human mothers will be freed from carrying infants full term is near.

“‘Chinese women will no longer need to put aside their careers to bear children,’ says Dr. Wong Shei, a zoologist connected with the project. The gorilla mother, Bright Joy, and the baby are in good health, he says. ‘This is truly a glorious event.’”

Glorious indeed. Now slave mothers will no longer have to take days off from their slave labor to bear children. Brave New World!

  • October 26, 1995, the Austin American Statesman, “Scientists grow ears of humans on lab mice. Tissue engineering shows promise for replacing damaged skin, cartilage, by Katharine Webster, Associated Press. BOSTON—It sounds like something from a carnival side show: ‘The Mouse With Human Ear On its Back’. But it’s real. It’s alive.

    “That mouse, and others of its kind, are at the leading edge of a science known as tissue engineering, which allows laboratories to grow skin and cartilage for transplant in humans....”

  • The New York Times, March 24, 1981, had an article which began: “Some day there will probably be a library containing all the genetic information needed to create a complete human being. This idea, alarming to some, enticing to others, is no longer entirely a flight of science fantasy. New techniques and automated machines are enormously increasing scientists’ ability to spell out the message of heredity in living cells, to put together their own artificial messages in the universal genetic code, and to analyze in complete detail the proteins on which all life depends. New instruments promise to compress into days or hours painstaking research that used to occupy weeks, months, or years.”

  • March 7, 1996. Researchers in Scotland have developed a technique for cloning unlimited numbers of genetically undistinguishable sheep. Scientists said it could open the door to mass production of gene-altered animals with desirable traits, such as those with “humanized” organs suitable for transplant. The technique could also reportedly be used to clone human beings. In the first round of experiments, only 5 out of 250 embryos survived to birth, and 3 out of 5 of those died within the first 10 days for unknown reasons (from Leading Edge Research Internet site).

  • STAR TRIBUNE (Minnesota) 03/24/91: GENETIC RESEARCHERS HAVE THE ANSWER TO FINEST DAIRY COWS: SEND IN THE CLONES. Since this is a rather long news article, I will leave you with just the headline. The article stated that cattle were being cloned by ABS Specialty Genetics in DeForest, Wisc., and by Granada Biosciences Inc. of Houston. What it does not cover is that the head of Granada was censured by the stock exchange for fraud and he was involved with illegal dealings with Texas A&M and there is probably much more to the story that I don’t know about.

    Cloning has become big business, and in June, 1980, the Supreme Court handed down a decision that proclaimed that new forms of life created by man can be patented. There were already over 100 patents pending on new life forms. (I wonder if anybody has tried to look up the patents on what UFO researchers call “Men In Black”? Just curious.)

  • The Ecologist, Vol. 23, no. 6, November/December 1993, p. 226, article entitled: “The U.S. Library of Human Parts,” said (bolding mine): “U.S. multinationals such as Pfizer, Bristol Myers and Merck now hold several hundred patents on life-forms, many housed in the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) in Rockville, Maryland where there are some 60,000 patented or potentially patentable organisms.... Many of the samples stored in ATCC involve tissue or cell lines scraped from living humans or exhumed bodies. These include World Patent No. WO 9208784, or ‘human t-lymphotropic virus type 2 from Guaymi Indians in Panama.’ This patent is claimed by Ron Brown, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce and joint U.S. negotiator at GATT, where he is demanding global acquiescence to the patenting of life-forms.”

    The World Council of Indigenous Peoples and the Guaymi General Congress are protesting and calling for the banning of such practices. Brown later died in a plane crash; I wonder who owns the patent currently.

    Owners used to tatoo their slaves, I suppose now they will patent them.

In 1953, the double helix format of DNA was discovered, by James Watson, Francis Crick, and Maurice Wilkins, for which they won the Nobel Prize. Soon test tube babies were a reality.


This caused a public outcry so the research was put under cover and many breakthroughs were no longer announced. By the way, AmeriVox now offers telephone cards that are tagged for authentication with a polymerized derivative of your personal DNA pattern in a tracer seal on the card’s back. This type of tagging is planned for your personal identification card, for everybody.


Dr. P. David Beter was a Doctor of Jurisprudence, author of the book Conspiracy Against the Dollar, originator of the term “stagflation”, Intelligence Specialist, practiced law before the U. S. Supreme Court, appointed to the U. S. Export-Import Bank by President John F. Kennedy, etc. He had many intelligence contacts, including some extremely high level (A-6 Classified) contacts.

On May 28, 1979, Dr. Beter made the following statements in his Audio Report




In Russia as well as in the West, research has been under way for many years in biological syntheses—that is, artificial life forms; and according to high intelligence, a stunning break-through took place in Russia some years ago. The Russians refer to this break-through as a “providential discovery”, something they learned almost by accident. They discovered the key to creating what are known as “organic robotoids”.


An organic robotoid is an artificial robot-like creature; it looks and acts exactly like a human being and yet it is not human. A robotoid is alive in the biological sense but it is an artificial life form. Robotoids respond to conventional routine medical tests in the same way as humans do; they eat, they drink, they breathe, they bleed if cut; and they can be killed.


Robotoids can also think, but they think only in the sense that a computer thinks. Like any other computer, the brain of a robotoid has to be programmed for each assignment it is given; but unlike many electronic computers, the biological computer brain of a robotoid possesses an enormous memory. As a result, robotoids can be programmed to communicate and think in such complex patterns that they act human.

Organic robotoids are remarkable creatures, but they have many drawbacks. They don’t grow or reproduce but must be manufactured one by one in the desired form. They also have a very limited life span, measured in months or even weeks, depending upon how they are utilized.


This is due to the fact that their metabolism, while it resembles that of humans, is very inefficient. A robotoid can be manufactured on a very short notice, a matter of hours; but after a few weeks or months it suddenly begins to degenerate physically and mentally. When that takes place, the robotoid has to be removed from service and disposed of. To extend its useful life as much as possible, a robotoid is customarily cooled down to slow its metabolism between assignments.


Organic robotoids are extremely expensive, troublesome creatures to produce and utilize; and robotoid capabilities do not exceed those of human beings. All they can really do is simulate human beings; but, my friends, for Intelligence purposes that’s all they have to do!

To produce an organic robotoid it is necessary to have a pattern to go by. The pattern required is that of genetic coding taken from a few cells from the body of a human being. In this respect the Russian technique sounds like cloning, but the technique itself is totally unrelated to genuine cloning.


A robotoid is produced within a matter of hours, and it simulates the human donor at his current age. Like any man-made copy of anything, a robotoid is never a perfect copy of the human that is to be simulated; there’s always small discrepancies in appearance and behavior, but these are seldom great enough to arouse any suspicion.

When the initial Russian break-through in robotoids took place years ago, the Rockefeller-Soviet alliance was still functioning. The [Orthodox?] Christian group who now rule Russia [in 1979] were already secretly more powerful than the Bolsheviks, but the final overthrow had not yet taken place. When the robotoid break-through took place, they moved quickly to minimize the amount of information obtained about it while those Bolsheviks still retained positions of power.


They also tried to prevent information about it from leaking through Intelligence channels to the CIA, nevertheless partial information did reach the CIA and the late four Rockefeller brothers. By early 1975 the Russians were known to have successfully created at least one organic robotoid in the laboratory. Meanwhile the CIA was coordinating a feverish research effort aimed at accomplishing the same feat.


Up to now, robotoid technology in the United States is far behind that of Russia. The American capability in robotoids is not even close to being operational, whereas the Russians are deploying them right now.

.....Last month I revealed that an Intelligence war of “doubles” had erupted in the United States. President Carter, Vice-President Mondale, and their wives had fallen victim to this war of “doubles” as their Easter breaks away from Washington were ending. Now I’m sorry to report that Amy Carter, Billy Carter, Lillian Carter, and Hugh Carter all died soon after Jimmy and Rosalyn did.


All of them, including Amy, have been replaced by “doubles”; but instead of the Bolshevik “doubles” who had been waiting in the wings, those we are seeing are Russian organic robotoids. The voice of the Jimmy Carter “double” which was reproduced last month in Audio Letter No. 45 is the voice of a robotoid.


That robotoid was the one who was dazzling everyone with his vigorous new image. Only a few months ago Carter had been limping around with what we were told were severe hemorrhoids; but now, out of the blue, here was a Carter who was a powerhouse—hiking, fishing, and jogging ten miles a day....

[Later Beter said:]


The Intelligence war now going on is intense, and the situation is changing daily. Bolshevik strategies have been badly jolted by the Russians using their robotoids, and as a result the Bolsheviks are not sure what propaganda line to feed to the public right now. A major shock to the Bolsheviks in recent days has been their loss of the “ad hoc gang of four”.


First, I can now report that Brezinski was with the Bolshevik “double” for the late Vice-President Mondale last month on April 20. They were aboard Air Force II which crashed in the North Atlantic, as I reported last month. Then on May 13 the other three were eliminated—Blumenthal, Brown, and Schlesinger. All four were promptly replaced with Russian robotoids, as has been done with the Carters and the Mondales.


A number of other top officials have also been removed and replaced by Russian robotoids. Last month Secretary of State Cyrus Vance was replaced; and on the 1st of May, May Day, the American Association of Newspaper Editors were treated to speeches supposedly by Vance and Brezinski.


In the past, Vance and Brezinski have always been noted for being at loggerheads on every issue; but this time, as they spoke of the need for a new diplomacy by America, it was as if they were both thinking with the same mind. Many observers were surprised but no one suspected the truth.

As there begin to be more and more Russian robotoids in key positions of the United States Government, there will be more and more surprises. One key public personality I would urge you to watch very carefully now is Walter Cronkite in his television broadcast on CBS Evening News. During this month of May he left on what was said to be a vacation.


Today, May 28, he resumed broadcasting.


If you are accustomed to watching the Cronkite news program, I suggest that you watch carefully now, look for a change in the slant given the news—it will be subtle, but it will be there....




Beter said that robotoid switch-outs took place in the Russian Embassy in Washington and at Camp David. When a quick, secret trip was needed to Moscow or, say, the Robotoid headquarters at Novosibirsk for instance, the procedure was to take a plane to the Bangor International Airport in Maine.


From there a flight would be made to the Cosmosphere landing site in east central Quebec Province, Canada, on the north edge of Manicouagan Lake. From there, the Cosmosphere, usually flying at an altitude of about 100 miles and a speed of 9,000 miles per hour, would go to the landing site near Moscow or Novosibirsk or wherever.

In previous writings we have talked about when Russian Cosmos Interceptors destroyed America’s spy satellites in 1977. I was working for Control Data Corporation at that time, doing paperwork for the people who programmed those satellites, and billing Lockheed Skunk Works stealth aircraft development people for using CDC computers (such as the Star 100).


Beter revealed that John Paisley, the head of the CIA whose body was supposedly found floating in Chesapeake Bay on October 1, 1978, near the same area when former CIA head William Colby’s body was found floating later, was the one who provided Russia with orbital data and information on which of our satellites were spy satellites. Paisley then was taken to Odessa on the Black Sea for a vacation, and was later living in Leningrad.


From there he went to Jerusalem, Tehran, Riyadh, and Cairo and met with Harold Brown, Jimmy Carter, David Rockefeller, Cyrus Vance and others, all robotoids, resulting in the Iranian Crisis and the run-up in gold prices in 1979-1980. I quit Control Data and became a gold dealer in July, 1979.


No, I am not wealthy, just wiser.


In June 1979, Beter said the following :


The man-made biological machine known as a Robotoid is remarkable from head to foot; but the most astonishing thing about them is their ability to simulate human beings—not just in appearance but in behavior. In other words, the most crucial and most amazing thing about a Russian Organic Robotoid is its biological computer brain.


The developments that were destined to lead to Russia’s breakthrough in robotoid brain research began 32 years ago, in 1947. In that year a Hungarian-born physicist, Dr. Dennis Gabor, conceived of a way to make three-dimensional photographs called “holograms.” It was a revolutionary scientific discovery, and it was destined to lead to the Nobel Prize for Dr. Gabor. He did not receive the Prize until 24 years later, in 1971.


By then, holograms were a reality in numerous laboratories world-wide; and yet most members of the general public still had not heard of holography. And even today, more than three decades after Dr. Gabor’s original discovery, holography is still unfamiliar to the public as a whole. In 1947 Dr. Gabor’s theory pointed the way toward holography, but at that time holograms could not actually be made.


What was needed in order to make them was something called “monochromatic light”—that is, light of just one wave length. No one knew how to create that kind of light in 1947, but in 1960 the situation suddenly changed—that was the year the laser was invented. When lasers are discussed in public, attention is usually focused on just one of their amazing characteristics—that’s the ability of a laser to produce a narrow, intense beam of light.


The beam can travel great distances without spreading out and diffusing. Lasers pointed the way toward energy-beam weapons, among other things; and as I revealed long ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 26, this is what secretly spawned America’s crash program to get to the moon in 1961. But the reason laser beams behave the way they do is that the light they produce is monochromatic, so they are made to order for generating holograms.


Like lasers, holography has led to developments that were totally unexpected, and one of these was the Russian breakthrough in biological computer brains some years ago.


When you hear how they work, you’ll understand why robotoids act so much like the human beings they replace.


A hologram is a very unusual kind of photograph. To make one, the film is exposed using a laser and a set of mirrors and lenses; and to make the holograph image on the film visible later on, laser light must again be used. When you look at a hologram, it is as if you were looking through a window at the real object.


You can move back and forth, up and down, and see it from different angles in three-dimensional detail. By contrast, of course, a conventional photograph is flat and looks the same from all angles. Holograms are also different in another way. If you tear a normal photograph into several pieces, you ruin it. Each piece contains only a disconnected fraction of the total, but not so with a hologram.


If you cut up a holographic film into several pieces, each piece still contains almost the entire image. There is some loss of detail but basically it’s all there. It’s this fact that led years ago to the Russian breakthrough in biological computer brains for their robotoids.

For quite some time, scientists in the Intelligence Community world-wide, studying the human brain, have known one very important fact. That fact is that a portion of a human brain can be removed through accident or surgery and yet the person still retains most of his original memory, so in this respect the memory in a human brain is like a hologram.


Nowadays the relationship between holography and human memory is beginning to be understood in the West. For example, Dr. Karl Pribram, a neuropsychologist at Stanford University, wrote about it recently in the magazine “PSYCHOLOGY TODAY.”


As he pointed out, the implications of holography are enormous, both for brain research and for computers; but this relationship was first recognized not in America but in a research laboratory at Russia’s Siberian Science City, Novosibirsk.

[Beter was speaking in 1979. Since then, there is much more recognition of the importance of holograms to the understanding of the Universe. See for instance the current best-seller, The Holographic Universe, by Michael Talbot.]

The reason the Russians have scooped the West in many recent scientific discoveries is not that they are supermen while we are mental midgets; instead it has to do with the way they organize their efforts in science and technology.


This organization is totally different from that in the West, and it’s turning out to be far more efficient. For one thing, when it comes to research, communications in Russia are far superior to those in the West. There are more than 5,000 research centers and laboratories in Russia doing research and development of all kinds, and they are all linked together by vigorous communications—not only within each scientific field, but between different fields.


There’s also a fundamental difference in what is discussed in Russian technical literature, as compared with the West. In the West, a scientist usually publishes a technical paper only to report a success of some kind. If he carries out a research project that fails, he generally publishes nothing about it; but in Russia, many failures and problems are discussed very openly in the technical literature.


As a result, many areas of research meet a very different fate in Russia than in the West. Here in America an elaborate and expensive scientific project may come very close to success but fall through because of a key missing ingredient. When that happens, very little is published about it; but in Russia, the researchers describe their problems and failures; and among the thousands of other scientists nation-wide, one might have the answer.


So the Russian system, which is built around cooperation, often produces success; but the Western system, especially in America, is built around jealousy and it often leads to failure. It’s happened many times, my friends, and it happened several years ago in robotoid brain development.

Last month I revealed that the Russians can manufacture organic robotoids, which are almost exact carbon copies of real human beings. This is done by a process that simulates the genetic coding of the person to be copied. It sounds a little like cloning, but it’s not. A clone of a human would itself be a human, but an organic robotoid is NOT human. It’s an artificial life form, like an animal in some ways but like a computerized machine in others.


Every Russian robotoid has what is called a “holographic brain”. This brain duplicates essentially the entire memory of a person being copied. The key to doing this is a new technique called an “ultrasonic cerebral hologram”. Using high-frequency sound waves, which are inaudible, a complete three-dimensional picture is made of a person’s brain.


This is a painless, non-destructive process; and under the proper conditions it can be done without the person even being aware of it.

Last month I revealed that the Russians are using Nelson Rockefeller’s “Hit List” to weed out Bolsheviks here in America, and for roughly three years they have been preparing for this day. They have been secretly making cerebral holograms of the people on the list at every opportunity. This has been done to every person on Rockefeller’s list who has visited Russia or Eastern Europe in the past three years.

When an organic robotoid is made to simulate, for example, our late President Jimmy Carter, two major factors are involved. One is the genetic coding required to simulate Carter’s appearance, voice, fingerprints, and so on. The other is a holographic image of Carter’s brain. This image is a complete record of the neuron patterns which existed in Carter’s brain at the moment the hologram was made. Therefore it contains all of the memory and knowledge Carter had up to that moment.

When a Carter robotoid is made, the biological computer in its head is caused to form according to the holographic record of Carter’s brain. However, certain portions of the robotoid computer are caused to deviate from the holographic record. The end result is a biological computer which has to be programmed but which contains essentially all of Carter’s memory, involuntary mannerisms, and the like.


As a result, a Carter robotoid will automatically do certain kinds of things without the need for specific programming. For example, a Carter robotoid will seem to recognize old friends. That’s because the computer memory of the robotoid reproduces Carter’s memory of that friend.


The holographic process puts it there automatically without the Russian programmers even having to know it’s there.

Organic robotoids are such amazing creatures that they are still a subject of questioning and debate. This is true even among the Russian scientists who made them a reality. For example, robotoids seem to have no true instinct for self-preservation. In this regard they act like machines, simply doing as they are told to do.


By contrast, both humans and animals generally have the instinct for self-preservation. Robotoids can be programmed for self-preservation, but they are equally willing (if “willing” is the word) to perform suicide missions, exploratory one-way trips into space. I’ve only one example of this: if a space mission looks too dangerous to risk the life of an experienced cosmonaut, a robotoid can now be used.


The robotoid copy of the cosmonaut is already trained the moment it’s made, thanks to its holographic memory.

Organic robotoids look and act so much like human beings that it’s hard for us to get used to the idea that they are not human; but the Russians decided several months ago that the stakes are too high not to employ them, and so the silent Russian invasion of America by robotoids is now well under way.



In light of the above, think about this quote from Strategic Investment, April 24, 1996, p. 8:

“Clinton is not only gifted at escaping scandals that would overwhelm less nimble men, he is also a formidable campaigner. He has the skills that Nightingale Conant, another purveyor of Personal Development products, promises to buyers of its Mega Memory program...’Imagine meeting 50 individuals and remembering all their names.’


Clinton does that regularly. He has the ‘photographic’ Mega Memory that many people who attend large meetings and wander into stray cocktail parties will pay $69.95 to match.”

Books have been written by White House insiders that tell that Clinton seems to be all things to all people, his stories keep changing day to day, he has an astounding memory for some details and a surprising lack of memory for others, talk show hosts and comedians have made jokes about his hair and appearance changing.


[Another QUOTE from Beter continues:]




Last spring, as I revealed in AUDIO LETTERS Nos. 45 and 46, the Russians began seizing control of the United States Government. Key officials from President Jimmy Carter on down have been replaced by doubles, and these doubles are not human beings in spite of their appearance and behavior.


They are artificial, robot-like living beings called “Organic Robotoids”. When I first revealed these things, I braced myself. I knew that many of my listeners would be unable to absorb them; but my reason for doing it was the one I stated then: Without knowing about the robotoids, events would become impossible to understand. Since that time, robotoids in key positions of power have been causing many surprises in the news these days.


The strangest surprises of all have been caused by the Jimmy Carter robotoids [This is still happening, as you know if you pay attention to the news]. In AUDIO LETTER No. 48 two months ago, I detailed the major instability problems the Russians are having with their Carter robotoids.


The holographic computer brains of the robotoids include instabilities which were present in the real Carter brain in a way that exaggerates those instabilities. As a result, every so often a Carter robotoid does something so unpredictable that it is dangerous to the Russians. An example was the famous so-called “killer-rabbit incident” of a few weeks ago.


A Carter robotoid told the press in all seriousness that he and his family had been attacked by a swamp rabbit while fishing. Can you imagine?

The Russians want to rid themselves of the nerve-racking problem of the unstable Carter robotoids. Earlier this month, on September 15, an attempt was made to do just that. The alleged President Carter was entered in a foot race, of all things, in the Catoctin Mountains near Camp David. It was a strenuous six-mile course which included much uphill running.


Carter robotoid No. 14 was programmed to run at maximum speed and not to let up for any reason. The Russian strategy was simple: Runners who over-exert themselves and who do not stop and rest when danger signs appear can do themselves serious harm. Sudden overheating, dehydration, and heart failure can take place abruptly in extreme cases.


Robotoids, as I have explained in past tapes, embody a crude facsimile of human metabolism, their hearts are relatively weak, and they live for only a few weeks or months, depending on the stress problems. They have no self-preservation instinct, so Carter robotoid No. 14 was programmed to run like the wind. It was expected that suddenly without warning he would suffer complete heart failure, collapse, and die on the spot.


If the robotoid died before aid could reach him, everyone would just accept it as a tragic accident, and the Russians would be rid of the problem of unstable Carter robotoids. But the day of the race dawned cooler than it had been expected by the planners. Carter robotoid No. 14 did collapse, but did not expire instantly. His face turned a deathly greenish-gray, and he was moaning and incoherent; and yet when the Secret Service men picked him up, his legs kept running as programmed.


Finally an ambulance arrived, but Carter robotoid No. 14 did not use it. Instead the robotoid was bundled off in a car to Camp David, and there robotoid No. 14 finally died—too late, and out of public view.

The purpose of the race had been to eliminate the Carter robotoid problem in a way that would leave no questions—that is, sudden death on the spot. But there would have been a storm of questions if Carter’s alleged death had been announced after help arrived and took him away.


So after the race, Carter robotoid No. 15 showed up to reassure everyone. He looked nothing at all like the deathly figure who had collapsed just a short while earlier in the race. He looked like a new man, and in a sense he was. The contrast between the dying robotoid No. 14 and the fresh robotoid No. 15 is something you can see for yourself.


Just get a copy of Sports Illustrated magazine for September 24, 1979. On pages 16 and 17 you will see the pictures of robotoid No. 14—stricken, stumbling, mouth agape. Then look at the fresh, smiling picture of robotoid No. 15 handing out trophies on page 19 only a short while later, and then ask yourself: Is this the same man?




The September 16, 1996, issue of U.S. News & World Report on page 22 has a “before” picture of President Clinton with a tumor on his neck, and an “after” picture of him after it was removed. It you pay attention to the photos, and notice the nose, ears, chin, eyes you can see that these are pictures of two different individuals.


A controversy developed about this time when Bob Dole challenged Clinton to make his medical records public. Clinton is the only President, I am told, who has never made his medical records public. According to a filmed statement by Clinton’s brother, Clinton is a cocaine addict.

At the time Clinton introduced Madeleine Albright as the next Secretary of State, how many of you noticed that Clinton was red-faced, his face was puffy, one eye was swollen more shut than the other, his eyes were blurry, his nose was red and he had trouble with his speech. When I saw him a day or two later on TV, he looked like a fresh, young 28-year old Clinton. Start paying attention to his appearance, and see for yourself!

Soon after the CIA found out about the Russian Robotoids and went on a crash program to catch up, Beter said of this:

In AUDIO LETTERS 46 and 47 I reported that robotoid technology in the United States is far behind that of Russia, but now the Bolshevik and Zionist enemies of Russia have achieved their own surprise. The Rothschild interests, which control both movements, have for many years been deeply involved in biological research of all kinds. They have not succeeded in learning the secrets of the Russian robotoids, but they have achieved success with something similar.


They are called “synthetic automatons” or simply “synthetics”. A Rothschild synthetic is similar to a Russian robotoid in certain ways. Each is an artificial life form designed to simulate a human being, but synthetics also differ from robotoids in important ways. For one thing, they are generated by radically different techniques. Both utilize genetic samples from actual humans as their starting point, but beyond that everything is different.

The Russian process is a close relative of recombinant DNA techniques involving bacteria. The details of the process are shrouded in great secrecy, but it enables robotoids to be generated from scratch very rapidly. The Rothschild process, by contrast, does not start from scratch. Instead, certain tissues extracted from cattle are the starting point.


The synthetic is then generated in a process that changes the genetic make-up in order to simulate a person being copied. It is the outgrowth of a discovery made 20 years ago in France. The experiment involved two species of ducks called khaki Campbells and white Pekins.


The landmark duck experiment of 1959 was reported in a book titled THE BIOLOGICAL TIME BOMB by Gordon Rattray Taylor.


[In March, 1979, Beter said:]




Two months ago on the evening of January 26, the life of Nelson Rockefeller ended abruptly. As I revealed five days later in my Audio Letter No. 42, he was murdered—shot once in the head.


Last month I reported that Rockefeller’s murder had been only the beginning of a pattern of events. The pattern is that of the Bolshevik purge—that is, a bloody, yet secret, coup d’etat. In the space of only a few weeks, the secret rulership of the United States changed hands.


The coup began on January 26 when, as the Bolsheviks put it, Nelson Rockefeller was liquidated; and by February 17, the coup d’etat had been achieved because by that date both David and Laurance Rockefeller had also been executed. Meanwhile, the purge had also eliminated several persons who knew too much about Nelson Rockefeller’s murder.


These included: Megan Marshack, Ponchitta Pierce, and Rockefeller family spokesman Hugh Morrow. But there was one disappearance last month that was not according to the Bolshevik game-plan.

As I reported in Audio Letter No. 43, Dr. Henry Kissinger was to be the key man in the new Bolshevik power-group. Kissinger had conspired with others for Nelson Rockefeller’s murder and was positioning himself to pick up the reins of Rockefeller power; but on February 5 the private jet carrying Henry and Nancy Kissinger with their five body guards from London to the United States disappeared over the North Atlantic. I can now reveal that the Kissinger jet suffered a mid-air explosion.


The crippled airplane crashed into the sea at the navigational coordinates 54 degrees, 40 minutes, 57 seconds North; 26 degrees, 40 minutes, zero seconds West. No one escaped from the plane, the remnants of which sank in approximately 8,000 feet of water. The exact fate of the Kissinger jet was not immediately known last month but it did soon become obvious that Kissinger was gone for good. As a result, the Bolsheviks here in America were thrown into turmoil.


The plans Kissinger had helped set in motion to dispose of the Rockefellers were carried forward. Meanwhile, the ad hoc gang of four emerged as the guiding force of the secret new Bolshevik revolution here in America. These four men have only a small fraction of the power formerly wielded by the four Rockefeller brothers—but they are very dangerous men indeed!


These men are:

  • National Security chief ZBIGNIEW BREZINSKI,

  • Treasury Secretary W. MICHAEL BLUMENTHAL,

  • Defense Secretary HAROLD BROWN,

  • Energy Secretary JAMES SCHLESINGER.

Together they are working feverishly toward a complete take-over of America’s industry, banking, agriculture, EVERYTHING; and beyond that their goal is NUCLEAR WAR with Russia—an act of national suicide for the rest of us!

As of now, the Bolshevik coup d’etat—that is, the change in ruling circles—has already been accomplished. What still lies ahead is the full-fledged open revolution to transform American society as a whole into a Bolshevik HELL. Using the excuse of a deliberate war-crisis in the Middle East and resulting oil shortages, the Bolsheviks plan to start closing down American freedoms in a declared ‘National Emergency’.


From there the Bolshevik grip around our necks will steadily tighten, gradually choking and strangling us into total submission. As the last gasp of free air is squeezed from our lungs, the blackness of BOLSHEVIK DICTATORSHIP will gather itself around us. Then, those who have been content to ‘Wait and See’ will realize too late that IT CAN HAPPEN HERE.

In Audio Letter No. 14 I described some of the valuable lessons the four Rockefeller brothers had learned from their clandestine support of Adolf Hitler. One of these lessons was that a revolution is best carried out with, and not against, the full power of a nation’s government; and that lesson is not

lost on the Bolsheviks here in America—the former allies of the Rockefeller brothers. Using the excuse of crisis conditions, they will use their governmental authority for revolutionary purposes: Businesses large and small will be nationalized as the Bolsheviks take over America’s means of production.


The banks will be closed, cutting off access of millions of people to their life savings. Both corporate and private farms, ranches, orchards, and vineyards will be taken away from their owners nation-wide and collectivized. Engineers of all types will be put to work wherever the government puts them in all-out preparation for war—and the prelude to this is already visible in the job market of today.


People without special skills will be herded like cattle from one location to another for agricultural or other tasks; and Millions who are troublesome for various reasons will be sent to Concentration Camps—of which 13 already exist in America in various states of condition.

These things, my friends, are what the Bolsheviks—including the new ad hoc gang of four—have in mind for us very soon. All they have to do is to hold on to their present power until the coming Middle East crisis unties their hands. Until then they cannot unleash the DICTATORIAL EMERGENCY POWERS they want—and so they are vulnerable. While they are waiting for their hour to come, they know they must not let the American public realize anything about the Bolshevik coup d’etat that has taken place.

Last month I revealed intelligence that the disappearances of Henry and Nancy Kissinger, David and Laurance Rockefeller, and others were all connected to the Bolshevik coup d’etat, so the Bolsheviks dare not let you know that any of these people have dropped out of sight. That is why I said last month:

“Doubles or look-alikes may begin to appear on the scene for these people. What is amazing, especially in the case of Kissinger, is that they have been able to stifle public questions for so long in his absence.”



[Beter said, in his January 1980 letter:]



The Bolshevik Synthetics are programmed by a technique completely different from that used by the Russians with their Robotoids. It is not as good, but it also does not require a cerebral hologram. Bolshevik agents in New York had been able to obtain the genetic samples needed, and on Saturday December 15 there was a new surprise regarding the Shah.


He was said to have left Texas that morning for a small island off Panama. Then the invisible Shah seemingly reappeared in the form of a Synthetic, and since that time the Shah’s image has been utilized by the Bolsheviks. As I told you earlier, it was a Synthetic that was seen in the David Frost television interview four nights ago. What happened to the late Shah of Iran is only part of a much larger pattern of recent days.

The Bolshevik deployment of Synthetics began in earnest three months ago, as I reported in AUDIO LETTER No. 51. As a by-product of this, bizarre cattle mutilations are once again taking place in North America. A few years ago there was a rash of these incidents in the western United States. At that time the earliest large-scale experiments were under way with Synthetics. Now, after a lull, the Synthetics are being deployed operationally, and the cattle mutilations have resumed.


Right now, however, they are taking place primarily in Canada to minimize attention to them here in the United States. My friends, the cattle mutilations are nothing more than a modern twist on cattle-rustling. The Synthetic process uses certain glands and tissues of cattle as raw material, as I explained in AUDIO LETTER No. 51.


To obtain these raw materials, the cattle involved have to be destroyed in a very wasteful manner; so the Bolshevik agents who are manufacturing Synthetics do not use their own cattle, instead they let others suffer the losses involved in slaughtered herds. The cattle mutilations may turn into an epidemic that is too big to ignore, because during the past three months the Bolshevik circles have started deploying Synthetics in great numbers.



The mutilations DID turn into an epidemic. Linda Moulton Howe and others have gathered many thousands of reports of cows and horses being strangely mutilated.


An FBI report, quoted on page 104 in The UFO Coverup by Lawrence Fawcett and Barry Greenwood, stated:

“According to some estimates, by 1979, 10,000 head of cattle had been mysteriously mutilated. Of the states that have been affected by this phenomenon, New Mexico has been unusually ‘hard hit’. Since 1975, over 100 cases have been reported.


The New Mexico reports, like those from other parts of the country, describe the mutilations as being characterized by the precise surgical removal of certain parts of the animal, particularly the sexual organs and rectum.”

Some people, listening to the absolute idiotic nonsense that comes out of the mouth of Henry Kissinger, have stated that Kissinger is a horse’s...ah, er, rectum. Well, they are right. Kissinger IS a horse’s rectum.


When you begin to have an inkling of the magnitude of the problem, you will be overwhelmed. If you want to deal with the problems of today, you must face the facts. There IS a God, but He is probably not who or what you have been taught. When you begin to wake up to reality, you may wonder what happened to God, where is God in all this?


I will now offer you more information on this mind-boggling subject, from higher-level sources, to help you deal with it. What you do, or not, with it, is up to you.

This is from Phoenix Journal #29, End of the Masquerade, Let’s Pluck The Cuckoo Bird, page 38 (for information on obtaining Phoenix Journals, contact Phoenix Source Distributors, Inc., P. O. Box 27353, Las Vegas, NV 89126 or call 1-800-800-5565),



  • Anybody feel a bit queazy yet? Well, go take a breath of air, get a candy fix or whatever, for we are going to come back and I am going to give you a bit of rundown on cattle mutilations, vampiring “little grays’ and consider asking you to ask Whitley Streiber what else he might like to share with this nation.



  • [From page 93, Shrouds Of The Seventh Seal, Phoenix Journal #24:] These “genetic/holographic” DNA/RNA replicas have been in the perfecting for well over four decades. All that is required is a holographic fragment (literally, one cell) and a replica can be reproduced. Then all that is required is down-loading of the memory data and programming of the manufactured entity.

    There are technical advances upon your planet, already in use by the Elite, which would boggle your senses—robotoids are simplistic in relative comparison. They are comprised totally of physical “matter” manifested into what you perceive as physical coalition of these physical matter particles coalesced according to the DNA/RNA holographic blueprint whereby the re-creation will be a projection of that which is being copied at the time of replication.

  • [Phoenix Express Vol. V., No. 11 & 12, p. 7 (“The Robotoid Mind”):]

    I would like to say, prior to the reader’s intake that we shall be writing in depth regarding what are known as genetic doubles and robotoids as referred to lately. These are new entities and we shall be speaking of such in this upcoming writing but I would prefer to delay further description until later for we are so stacked up with urgent material.

    The robotoid mind has no ability to comprehend danger from the larger perspective. It can comprehend its own possible demise, but there is no “Soul” connection to God. Survival is a most elementary emotional connection to God and in times of great stress (i.e., “all men in a foxhole wholly believe in God”) this is through the Soul. Since the robotoids do not have this connection, they simply intensify whatever activity they are focused upon, unless concerned for their own bodily survival.

    Thus we have men in high places who are “soulless” and beyond the reach of normal reasoning process. We speak Truth unto them as to what the consequences are of continuing this insane push and it does not penetrate, for the focus is only intensified. So, the maneuvering goes on in attempts to strike what they believe to be our vulnerable point, the crystal and our ground crews.


    It behooves all ones of this group to stay close within the area and to stay in constant focus of maintenance of your shields. This not the time to question the validity of what is going on about you as to reality, but to come into understanding that it is real and that you do play a most crucial and critical role in the sequential playing of God’s hand in the game being played out.

    Though we have all manner of scanners and do track and monitor key players, even then we are also somewhat surprised at the audacity of Satan’s challenging us directly at this stage, but we must all remember that man’s plunge into evil has carried him far beyond even that which Satan sanctions. However, neither is he going to put a stop to one of his humans that would carry his plan forward with the creativity that he, Satan, lacks. Neither will he make any effort to protect or salvage these ones.


    They are way out there on a limb of their own projection; if robotoid, it is a distortion within the original human being that is being followed into manifestation.

    The discussion is so that you ones may perhaps grasp the degree of danger that not only you as focused group for God face, but humanity as a whole, for few grasp, accept or even have an inkling of what they are facing when it comes to the layers of evil planning as well as the presence of those Soulless ones that cannot be reached by God for there is no connection.


    God does not sanction war or death for it is destructive to the Soul to participate in such; however, for those that are soulless there is the dilemma of man as to what to do when one such as this becomes focused upon the destruction of God’s real children. How indeed do men of God handle such a situation? How does man know when indeed one such “being” is confronting him face-to-face?


    One such test is the challenge,


    • “If you are not of Holy God, I command that you stop this instant.”


    A Soul-connected being will hesitate, even if only for a split second. If you identify yourself with Holy God, then you had better be prepared to defend self, for a robotoid is programmed to destroy that which is of God. It is part of the process. They have not the connection with God that human has with which to identify each other, so they cannot be sure until you declare yourself, unless you are already known to them.


    That does not mean that you, if you are walking within the shield of God, are left defenseless in a moment such as this. The Presence shall be right at your shoulder and you will be given to know that which you are to do—if you are not in such fear and panic that you cannot instinctively know. Here you could hear words, but the reaction time would not serve you, instead there is a survival instinctual connection that allows for the instant perfect action.


    Thus we encourage you to constantly acknowledge and recognize the Presence within you and without you. It is within this Presence of Spirit that you live, move and have your entire experience.


    I can assure you if, in a moment of confrontation, your mind takes you back to a Rocky or a Clint Eastwood scenario, instead of connection to your own instinctive God connection that you have cultivated and prepared by holding self in the present moment, your body is either a write-off or you will have lots of incarceration time to ponder your error in not being prepared as you are being given direction to do.

  • [Phoenix Express Vol. VI, No. 4, p. 4 (“We Are Ruled By A Robotoid Army”):]

    You do have “Little Gray Alien” REPLICAS on your planet. There are exact likenesses of myself on your planet—having been replicated from basic rna/dna cellular duplication.



    I am not, herein, going to outlay who is who and what is what—watch, and you will be able to discern. Is Bill Cooper with his 9-foot-alien picture real or false? Would he know if he were not? Likely not!

    The “Big Boys” are getting ready to SHOW YOU a whole bunch of very “Earthly” spaceships and little and tall aliens. They are going to even bomb some of your cities to bring you into terror of our presence—for they know that with our presence—GOES THEIR DOMINANCE! Through causing the mass of mankind to fear God’s Hosts, you bring further confusion and destruction upon selves.





  • [Phoenix Express Vol. VII, No. 6 & 7, p. 1 (“Bush Is In His 28th Cycle of Robotoid”):]

    Herein you will simply have to believe me when I tell you that there are replacement ones for your top leaders—and hundreds of “not so top” personages. The 28th George Bush was put into the picture on the 12th of January at Camp David. He was tested and “smoothed” on the 13th and presented again to you on the 14th.


    He did NOT go walk alone this morning (15th) to reflect and commune with God—he went to be alone so the messages from his puppet-masters—right out of Moscow—would not be monitored. I ask that, for the moment, you accept this which I tell you and then we can discuss how this can be true for, of course, many men have died because they brought this information.


    But information, none-the-less, has been given to you-the-public as far back as 20 years past—regarding genetic/holographic robotoids which bear identical memory patterns but are subsequently “programmed”. I have written of it in one of the more recent Journals but will repeat the information as I have time. Suffice it for now, please accept that which I tell you is not only possible but is, in fact, utilized in myriads of instances—right now!

    There are several places of top security where these transferences are made and replica holographic information is garnered for necessary multiples. Camp David has been the prime location for it is used as the Presidential Retreat and often social gatherings, such as birthday celebrations, top-level meetings with diplomats, etc., are carried out. This technology has been perfected in the Soviet Union and thus you have the reason that your government seems so indisposed to do anything other than cozy up to Russia.


  • [Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 4 & 5, p. 9 (“The world’s leaders are Replicas, Ronald Reagan was slain”):]

    You say, “...but there was to be one ‘slain’ only to rise again and call himself God and THEN we would know by the sign.” There is no way to slay the leaders, dear ones, they are replicas of the originals and there are dozens to take their places and you will never know. You killed Ronald Reagan and yet, you know not that he was dead! All the signs were there, including the running of your important and critical government by astrologers and still, you missed of it.

  • [Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 6 & 7, p. 12 (“Robotoids: The world is inhabited with reproductions of programmed evil.”):]

    The world is inhabited by reproductions of programmed evil with density of darkness and no lighted souls to traverse the heavens for they are birthed of the whore of Babylon who rests her feet on the heads of God’s precious Creation/creations and laughs at the blindness of the lambs. Man realizes not that he walks and serves that which bears no soul essence within the breasts—he follows reproductions of genetic fabrications in blindness. He realizes not that simply through Truth and confrontation with that Truth shall the evil replicas fall to the wayside.

  • [Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 6 & 7, p. 14 (“Robotoids”):]

    Your top military leaders go forth to the “front”? They basically go nowhere. How is it that your military hierarchy are still in Washington in the war room? They cannot get very far from Camp David is “WHY”. Look at the evil cover-up—even calling Camp of Evil replication, “DAVID”.

  • [Shrouds Of The Seventh Seal, pp. 92-93:]

    Even a robotoid who comes within the lighted places of God Truth, shall be given soul by that Grace abounding. An awakened humanity can SEE the robotic replicas as produced by Satanic instruction. For instance—compare the one Cheney and that one, Powell—as they meet with their brother, the 30th replica of Bush on the morrow.


    All have been wined, dined and exchanged at Camp David whilst you believe them to be “studying the military situation” in Saudi Arabia. The flaws in the replicas are so obvious that you do not even have to look carefully. These ones are programmed to tell you exactly that which will pull you into the beast’s claws as dead-ahead as a machine can move.

  • [Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 8 & 9, p. 2 (“Robotoids—Puppet Masters”):]

    Robotoids and genetic doubles, I REPEAT, have been around and steadily being perfected for four decades of public use right before your eyes. They are a product of the Soviet Zionists and have been your puppet masters for a long, long time—a new twist of sick humor perhaps—”the puppet pulling the human’s strings!”

  • [Creation, The Sacred Universe, Phoenix Journal #21, p. 192 (“Robotoids”):]

    When I get opportunity to remind you about Russian Robotoids, you will perhaps stop calling us kooks and “your enemies”—we outlined, in the 1970’s, the entire picture and availability of Russian Robotoids and duplicates. [Ah ha, you caught me! Yes we had some receivers as far back as that and one of the best, which I shall still leave unnamed a bit longer—was killed for his efforts.]


    If your leaders are of Russian control, dear hearts—you will come under the control of Russia, no more and no less—and, you already have placed in your councils—controlled substitutes. These ones are further programmed by pulsed beams and will function according to the overall Global Plan 2000.


    [H: I ask that someone in the group send R.S. copies of the tapes of our meeting when W.H. was with us for I believe it was at that session I discussed Yeltsin/Gorbachev. One reason that there is so much confusion is the Soviet Union this day is because Gorbachev is a many-times-replaced robotoid and Yeltsin is NOT. This infuriates the Khazar Elite and they will destroy the world along with Russia if that is what is required to gain control.


    I shall not go into this further for it is like a death contract on my people. I would hope that you ones can figure some manner in which we can make available some of our sessions such as the ones when “visitors” are in our midst. The load is simply too great for me to insist so please bear with us for our staff is at the breaking point and I am vastly increasing output, as you can see. I must leave it to the publisher to decide what to do about the problem of such quantities of material. Dharma and I plan to continue as fast as we can pour it out upon you.]

  • [Blood And Ashes, Phoenix Journal #18, p. 83 (“Genetic Replicas of Humans”):]

    In the late part of the 1970s the existence of man-made genetic replicas of human beings was made public. The revealers were locked away instantly and the key tossed. It was disbelieved although motion pictures were made as sci-fi and the subject buried under threat of penalty of death to disclosers.


    They, however, did (and do) exist and were pressed into service right before your eyes. You didn’t even blink at them—no sir, you just gobbled up the lie, chewed it and swallowed it in total.

    When first revealed to you they were referred to as “Synthetics” and in honor of the daring Truth-Bringers we shall continue to label them as such. I request that herein you not ask me for details of the replicas for they are not the point of my story and they will be covered at a more appropriate writing—just know that they DO exist and currently they are used continually to cover the shadow/parallel governments of your nations.


    Suffice it here to simply state that they do exist and were utilized in the April launch. One reason the preparation time of early astronauts was so lengthy for public consumption was to facilitate perfecting duplication of all segments, including the astronauts. Actually, the duplicates need not be perfect for plans are well laid in case of discovery an alteration can be instantly orchestrated if necessary.


    People cannot describe a suspect if at the scene of a murder, on oath—you certainly are not paying attention to anything that would cause you to suspect illusion if it remotely resembles the real thing.

    “Little Gray Aliens” in underground secret bases? Oh, my friends, you have no conceivable idea what wondrous secrets are in your underground secret bases.


    Tuesday morning, April 14, genetic replicas called “Synthetics” of the then late astronauts, Young and Crippen, were readied at White Sands. They were programmed to take a computerized ride on the training shuttle Enterprise. The Young and Crippen entities boarded the Enterprise which was mounted on top of the launched 747. After rocket fuel was loaded for the shuttle, the 747 took off and headed west, avoiding commercial air traffic.


    The launched 747 headed out over the Pacific until it was several hundred miles west of Los Angeles. Then it turned back east toward the California coast.


    On television you were told that the non-existent Columbia was re-entering from orbit.

  • [Shrouds of the Seventh Seal, Pheonix Journal # 24, p. 93:]


    How is it that you find this difficult to accept?


    These “genetic/holographic” DNA/RNA replicas have been in the perfecting for well over four decades. All that is required is a holographic fragment (literally, one cell) and a replica can be reproduced. Then all that is required is down-loading of the memory data and programming of the manufactured entity. I have spoken of this procedure prior to this and will not take precious time to repeat and repeat for those who simply do not wish to go back and effort at gaining the information.


    You see, I, Hatonn, care not in the least whether or not you believe me nor if you understand the mechanism by which it works. You are “willing victims” of the lie and YOU will awaken or sleep on—it is up to you. Our commission is to outlay the Truth unto you—YOURS IS TO CONFIRM AND ACKNOWLEDGE—OR NOT, AS YOU WISH.


    There are technical advances upon your planet, already in use by the Elite, which would boggle your senses—robotoids are simplistic in relative comparison.




More specific details of how cloning is done is given on pages 89-92 of Operation Shanstorm—Counter Attack From Behind the Feathered Curtain, Phoenix Journal #28.



I began this document with quotes from Dr. Michael Wolf from his book, The Catchers of Heaven. Dr. Wolf is Chancellor Emeritus of The New England Institute for Advanced Research, and maintains memberships in The New York Academy of Sciences and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the latter as a patron member.


He is a highly intelligent scientist who worked on Star Wars projects, Neurotoxic Weapons for Biotoxic Warfare at Lawrence Livermore Lab, and other Above Top Secret projects, including the creation and programming of human clones. One project was Project Sentinel, a U. S. Government project to replace U. S. Marine “grunts” (who are the first to go into battle) with human robots.


He worked with Dr. Edward Teller on Reagan’s SDI [Star Wars] program, and came to realize it would not work as presented and said:

“So we, most of us at least, quit the project and petitioned Congress to cut its funding. We knew that the then Soviet ‘evil empire’ possessed chemical ground lasers effectively powerful enough to shoot down the S.D.I. umbrella. As a matter of fact, they convinced most of us by shooting down a few ‘ferret’ (spy) ‘birds’ (satellites), and temporarily rendering ineffective several jet pilots, again with their chemical ground lasers.”

One of the first clones he created was a J-typing Omega E-Delta-Two, or JOE for short. JOE spent 365 days growing in the tank.


These first clones were a failure, because they had a conscience.

“The brass were still waiting for me, the project’s senior scientist, to give an explanation for J.O.E’s seemingly clear failure to kill a dog, a harmless and gentle animal. I rather incautiously, and injudiciously, began a little, insecure attempt to explain J.O.E.’s inability to carry out a clearly immoral order....Gentlemen, this is an unbelievable advance in science, the full, not partial ability to read accurately genetic codes—but not just to read them, to redo, remodel, reconstruct-dash-manipulate, reconstruct and plan genetic codes, not just cloning, but to create a viable human-like and incredibly ability-endowed superior human, a powerhouse of mind and muscle, but human nevertheless.


“Shall we negotiate with God Himself on the question of, if one believes, the insertion of a soul or spirit? He does have a conscience. You see a failed experiment, gentleman; I see the more evolved human of the future, a gift, a treasure. There are no adjectives or words to even partially explain the significance of this J-Type.

“You should stare at an already-arrived future with joy and a sense of pride! We now possess techniques in a new type of genetic engineering, certainly more than enough for the J-Type’s in vivo creation. How could you be disappointed? How could any of you feel failure? Please answer me!”

“We wanted a soldier! You made him want to be a [expletive deleted] saint!” A moralist. A man of the highest ethics. We wanted a killing solder, an absolute obeyer of orders, any and all orders, a fighter who fights, kills without moral or ethical inhibitions. This is we wanted....” and that is what they got. Wolf ended the chapter by saying, “Oh they were right: ‘mad scientist’ and ‘fugitive from himself’, and all. I hate the word official. (And unofficial, too.)

“The best way, the best scenario, is the production of a motion picture, placing within it as much truth as possible; yet, viewed by the public as ‘fiction.’ Then, it is only ‘fictional’ that a governmental group has cloned a human.

“A cover-up is good when you wish to keep secrets. But when should you have to keep secrets?”


One of the leading agricultural cloning research centers is the University of Missouri. Hatonn said of this school, on page 75 of Phoenix Journal #72 (Candlelight) in a chapter about cloning: “Busy school, isn’t it? And one of the most controlled of the Elite-managed educational research centers on your globe.”

When I graduated from high school, I was offered a scholarship from U. of M. but I did not take it. I recently received a letter from a reader of CONTACT newspaper who attended UOM at the same time Farouk El Baz attended. Farouk, the man who chose the Apollo moon landing sites, obtained his MS ’61 and PhD ’64 from the University of Missouri. The chairman of the civil engineering department at the time is now on the board in charge of architects’ and surveyors’ licenses and is a personal friend and neighbor of Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan. He read one of my newsletters and called it “unadulterated hogwash”.


He said,

“There is no way that any secrets can be kept for long.”

One of the best ways of keeping a secret from someone is to brainwash him so that he cannot see it right in front of him. Something I continually come up against is trying to deal with “highly educated” people.

Let me try to make it simple enough so that even the highly educated can understand. The government keeps secrets. The government tries to control everything, and one thing they definitely control is education. Think about it; schools have to have licenses, teachers have to have “degrees” of brainwashing, text books are censored and controlled, programs are controlled by government funding or lack thereof.




I continually see highly educated people who can sometimes see the hoaxes and brainwashing in areas outside their “expertise”, but cannot see it in their own areas of learning. Ah well.

Farouk El Baz is currently Director of the Center for Remote Sensing at Boston University. The gentleman above on the license board said he met Farouk when Farouk “was examining satellite and U2 aerial photos of the Sarah [sic] Desert looking for sand dune shifts. Using ground-penetrating radar he has discovered ancient river beds under the sand.”

I receive a newsletter from Jerusalem Ministries International of Everett, Washington, and Jerusalem. They are currently working on a project to excavate what they believe are underground caverns in the Qumran area (site of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls) that may contain ancient writings and artifacts.


Using ground-penetrating radar, infra-red, resisocity, seismic and electromagnetic techniques they believe they have found a “Paleochamber”. Their best results came from a technique called “Molecular Frequency Analysis” of which they state in their newsletter:

“We used what was first developed by NASA in the Moon-Space program, but was offered to us by a private company doing frequency research. The instrumentation is the reading of the Atomic Frequency of the Nucleus of an Atom.


The ability to read the represented molecular atoms results in identification of specific materials. My/our understanding is NASA can do this to a depth of about sixty feet from the Space Satellites. We were told the ‘picture analysis’ if done on site would result in a very high accuracy to a depth of almost three times the Satellite ability.”

They state that,

“If what we were told is further confirmed in excavation, by us or others, then what is suggested by all the clues will more than be worth the effort.”

Did you know that satellites could identify specific materials by their atoms, from Space, to a depth of sixty feet below the ground? This is the un-classified information, what are they able to do that they are keeping secret? And do you really think they are looking for sand dunes, old roads, and river beds?

Good Day.

Calvin Burgin

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