Do tell us some more about the old priest, is a request I have received from many readers of my last book, The Lost Continent of Mu.


What am I to tell? This old Rishi was simply one who for some reason or other had taken a great fancy to me when I was a young man. He taught me how, to learn to read ancient writings and inscriptions, ItyWas a hobby of his and mine also.

I have said learn advisedly because his parting words to me were: "Go forth into the world, my son, and learn that which is written by nature. Nature is the great school-house provided for man in which to learn. N


ature does not theorize, Nature does not lie. Nature is truth personified.

"Every rock has a tale written on its wrinkled and weathered face, and the tales are true. Every blade of grass, every leaf on tree and shrub has a whisper for listening ears. I have taught you a little about the reading of ancient writings, inscriptions and symbols but what you have learned is only the beginning, the A.B.C. of your alphabet. It is only the gateway to the road of knowledge."

And I had been flattering myself that I had learned so much.

I can only tell you a few out of the scores of incidents that occurred during my various periods with him, those which so irripressed me that I wrote them down at the time for fear of forgetting them in the years to come.


I have entitled them:

"Intimate Hours with the Rishi"



It is stated in the 7th Command in Creation that man was endowed with a special gift at the time of his creation for the purpose of ruling the earth.


One part of this gift was a Force or Intellectual Power, in this respect a copy of the Creator. This Divine Power in man was not only for the purpose of governing elementary matter, but earthly forces as well as far as man himself 'was concerned - but man can only govern earthly forces when he has learned how to control and use the great Divine Force within himself.


To show how the Forces work and are controlled, I must show their workings and relativity.

I want my readers to appreciate that this is not a scientific lecture but an explanation of the writings with their translations of what I have found in records written over 70,000 years ago. They are, however, a science and beyond anything known to our great scientists today. They are written so simply that an ordinary high school pupil can understand them.


The ancients used no scientific smoke screens called technology to hide ignorance and to mystify their hearers by abstruse wording. The ancients knew their subjects too well to require any such subterfuge.


They tell us that:

All Forces are vibratory. That some have a high vibration, others lower vibrations. A high vibration either nullifies or repels a lower one with which it may be opposed. In some cases it dominates, as the Rishi will hereafter show. The vibrations from all earthly forces form waves in the atmosphere. Some of the waves form their waves in the essence 1 or un-analyzable part of the atmosphere.


Others form their waves in the analyzable part. The length and rapidity of the force waves are governed by the initial vibrations of the Force. The waves of man's Divine Force are formed in the essence. Man is capable of producing higher vibrations than any of the earthly Forces; consequently, when he can control his own force he can either nullify or repel any of the earthly Forces.

1 Essence of the ancients - ether of our scientists today.



Hereafter, examples will be shown of the Rishi doing it.


I will give the answers which I received from the old Rishi on certain subjects which I asked him. I could fill a book with what I have got, but the few examples I give are all sufficient for this purpose.



Overcoming and nullifying the Force of Gravity as it is known to us today, but which to the ancients was known as the Cold Magnetic Force, was one of the sciences practiced 100,000 years ago.


I told the Rishi of having read accounts of savages both in Africa and in the Pacific Islands being able to float in the air and asked him if he thought it could be a fact.


His answer was:

"Yes, my son, man has the power over what you call gravity. He can raise his vibrations (put forth a force) above the Earth's Cold Magnetic Force and nullify its effects. It is only this Force which draws and anchors him to the ground. When the Magnetic Force is nullified, man's body being matter and matter in itself having no weight, enables him to raise his body and float through the air.


He can walk or float over water as on land. Weight measures the degree of attraction and pull which the Magnetic Force is enabled to exert on it. Without the magnetic pull there is no weight; and this magnetic pull being confined to the body or sphere itself, bodies, as a matter of fact, have no weight.


The largest heavenly body, star or sun, has no weight in space. Jesus, the greatest master that has ever been on earth, gave a practical example of this when he walked upon the water as related in your Bible. He was simply using to him a well-known science, a science which was known and practiced 100,000 years ago by our great forefathers of the Earth's First Civilization.


My son, these ancient Cosmic Forces must all be regained and brought back again to us before this world can come to its end, for without them man cannot be perfect. It is destined that man shall be perfect before the end."

While on the subject of Jesus, I will diverge a little.


It may interest those who read these pages to know where and how Jesus spent his time when absent from history.


There are several temples and monasteries in India and Tibet that have records about Jesus during this time. There are also some Oriental legends about him. One thing about these records struck me as being noteworthy. Not in a single record or legend do I find him called Christ. He is always referred to as Jesus or the Oriental equivalent.

A record in the Hemis Monastery at Leh, Kashmir, written in Pali, is without question not an original, but a copy and not many hundreds of years old.


This one states that,

"when Jesus left his home country, he first went to Egypt and there for two years studied the ancient Osirian religion. From Egypt he went to India and in many cities, including Benares and Lahore, he studied the teachings of Gautama Buddha.


After this he entered a Himalayan monastery where for 12 years he studied the Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu, the Motherland, and her Cosmic Sciences. At the end of 12 years he became a master."

In another monastery I find a record stating that:

"Jesus became the most proficient master that has ever been on earth."

Today the name of Jesus is more revered in this monastery than by any sect of Christian priesthood, simply because these old monks knew him better.


In addition to this record I found that they had a legend about Jesus. The head of the monastery told me that for a long time this legend was oral only. Then, to prevent it being forgotten or altered, it was written down about 1800 or 1900 years ago.


This writing now runs:

"When Jesus was about to leave the monastery, a controversy arose between him and the masters on the subject of the reincarnation. Jesus maintained that the Sacred Inspired Writings of the Motherland stated:

'that it was not the material body of man that was reincarnated out of the original atoms that formed his previous material body, but the Soul or Spirit only that was reincarnated.'

The masters maintained that it was both the soul and the previous material body that was reincarnated, and that the identical atoms of the old body were used over again in the new (succeeding one)."

Through the courtesy of the head of the monastery and as a special favor and compliment I was allowed to see and examine the tablets over which the controversy arose. I deciphered and translated them.


They read:

"The material body returns to mother earth from whence it came. The elements are then used to form other bodies."

The masters maintained that "other bodies" means the subsequent bodies of the man.


Thus the question hinged on the meaning of "other bodies." Did it mean the subsequent bodies of the man? Or did it mean bodies of nature's making - soulless?

I then took the following tablets, deciphered and translated them and found they read as follows:

"It is the man, the spirit, which comes into being again. Imperishable man is a Divine Spark upon which a house or an encasing body is built out of elements. This encasing house is commenced by elementary cells being formed and brought together and joined by the ziis of the Life Force.2


After the usual period, this elementary compound wears out and returns to Mother Earth, thus setting the Divine Spark free. At the appointed time 3 a new set of elementary cells is brought together and a new house is built again, encasing the Divine Spark. Being elementary, this house also returns to Mother Earth, again releasing and setting the Divine Spark free.


And so it continues, the Divine Spark occupying one house after another until called, it then returns whence it came, The Divine Source."

2 A zii is an electron subdivided into four parts, the last and final division of the Life Force.
3 Determined by the Creator.

The foregoing tablets are in the section of the Sacred Inspired Writings of Reincarnation.


They are exceedingly hard to translate although very easy to decipher. They are hard to translate, to give in modern language every minute detail as written on the tablets. I do not profess to have done so. My efforts were aimed at getting a correct general meaning. This I feel confident I have done. The minute details I have not comprehended.

The teachings of Osiris and Jesus are wonderfully alike.


Many passages are identically the same, word for word. Yet this is not to be wondered at, for they both taught the first religion of man as given in the Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu, the Motherland. Both Osiris and Jesus were selected instruments of our Heavenly Father, the Great Nameless, sent on earth by Him to teach His children the road to eternal happiness.

I will now end this diversion and return to my dear Rishi, sit at his feet and listen to pearls of wisdom.



One gloriously bright tropical morning I wandered down to the temple to see my old friend and preceptor. He received me with one of his indescribably sweet smiles and led me to our favorite bench beneath some palm trees.


For some moments he was silent, then turning towards me he said:

"My son, it is strange how little the Christians know and understand their Bible. Take, for instance, the legend where Moses' serpent swallowed up the serpents of the Priests before Pharaoh. This they have taken literally and regard it as a miracle, whereas both Moses and the Priests were only practicing a little of the Ancient Cosmic Sciences on each other. Moses conquered. You will better understand it if I call it mass hypnotism.


Both Moses and the Priests had the power of raising their vibrations above the people and Pharaoh. Moses could raise his higher than the Priests' also because he was a more proficient master. Moses raised his vibrations until he had even the Priests under control. Being under control they were compelled to see things as Moses formed them in his mind. Moses concentrated on his serpent swallowing up theirs.


The Priests, being under his control, saw Moses' serpent swallowing up theirs, so did Pharaoh and all the people, for they also were under control. This miracle as it is called was simply a mirage of the brain brought about by Moses' control."

With twinkling eyes and smiling lips, he took my hand and said:

"My son, you never see clearly without a practical demonstration, so I must give you one. Holding my hand your vibrations will partake of mine and you will see clearly what occurs."

A few yards away were two coolies sweeping up the Temple Compound. A little way ahead of them were two dead branches that had fallen from a tree during the night.


As they arrived at the sticks the Rishi said,

"Now watch them."

They stooped down to pick up the sticks and directly they touched them they screamed out,

"Snakes! Venomous snakes!"

They then ran off and came back with two long bamboo poles.


With these they at once set in to kill those snakes. After allowing them to thrash the fallen sticks into pieces, the Rishi dropped his vibrations and things became normal all around. They looked dumfounded. They looked at the long bamboo poles in their hands and then at the broken fragments of the fallen branches. Then they scratched their heads, wondering no doubt what had happened.


The Rishi called them to him and asked:

"What have you been drinking?"

"Arak," was the reply. "We only took two drinks."

The Rishi simply shook his head and frowned. With profound salaams and a declaration that "hereafter they would never take but one drink of arak at a time," they returned to their work.

Thus, as an object lesson, three thousand years afterwards was enacted in an Indian Temple Compound the Biblical scene of Moses, the Egyptian Priests and the serpents.



One morning as we were sitting on our usual seat in the Temple Compound, discussing the ancient past of mankind, a tall, pompous European accompanied by servants carrying papers, etc., entered the compound and came to where we were sitting.


Adjusting his monocle, he said:

"I have come to see the High Priest of this temple and have brought letters of introduction to him. Can you lead me to him, old man?"

The Rishi answered,

"I have the honor of filling the position of High Priest of this temple."

The Englishman then said:

"I am Professor - - - of - - - University, England. I am writing a book on Ancient India and have been told that you know more about ancient India than any other native. I want you to give me all the information you can."

Handing an envelope to the Rishi, he said:

"This is a letter of introduction to you from - - ."

The Rishi read the letter and said:

"I will gladly give you all the information I can, which will be telling you what our temple records state."

He then called an attendant and ordered a table and chairs to be brought.


On the table the coolies deposited large pads of writing paper with an immense number of sharpened pencils. The Professor took a chair, deposited his hat, cane and umbrella on the table.


Taking a pencil in his hand and placing one of the pads of paper in front of him, with a readjustment of the monocle, he commenced with:

"Now go ahead, old man, I am ready to hear all you know."


The Rishi answered: "As I do not know how far you have advanced with your work, I think it will be well for you to put in question form the points you wish to know, and I will give you what our temple records state on each question as we go along."

Professor: "Now tell me about..."

Rishi: "Our temple records relate that..."

Professor: "That is all wrong. Dr. A., in his work on India, says..."

Rishi: "Dr. A. may be right and our temple records all wrong - maybe."

Professor: "Next I want to know..."

Rishi: "Our temple records say..."

Professor: "You are all wrong again. Professor B., who has made a special study of this subject and written upon it, says... "

Rishi: "Perhaps this great Professor B. is right and perhaps all temple records may be wrong."

And so it went on for more than a dozen questions, the same result in all cases.


At last the Professor banged his papers together, rose and said:

"Here I've come a two days' journey for the purpose of gaining some information from one who is supposed to know something. A clear waste of time! Why! Old man, you know nothing! Absolutely nothing!!


I could find out ten times as much as you know in a couple of hours in any library."

The Rishi edged a little closer to me, reached out and took my hand, his brows contracting the least bit. Then I knew something was about to happen. The Professor banged on his hat, seized and opened his umbrella, then grabbed for his cane.


With a yell he threw it across the compound and exclaimed:

"Great Heavens, it's a snake!! How did it get up on the table?"

One of the coolies picked his cane up and brought it to him; he backed away yelling:

"Don't bring that beastly thing near me!"

The Rishi said:

"Why, Professor, are you touched with the sun?"

He then placed his hand on the Professor's head but for a moment; the Professor sank into a chair, groaning with pain.


The Rishi then sent for a cocoanut shell of water which was given to the Professor to drink. The Professor drank the water, the Rishi released his control, and at once the Professor became normal.


After a few minutes, the Professor held out his hand to the Rishi and said:

"Although you know nothing about the history of India, old man, you certainly are an adept in medicines. Your potion certainly ought to be known to science."

He turned and left.

As he was passing out of the Temple Compound, the Rishi looked at him and said:

"Soon, my son, we shall have another wonderful history of India. Come, my son, let us walk, all this with the Professor is too childish and undignified."

And the wonderful history appeared two years afterwards.

I have used the word "vibrations" in connection with the workings of the brain, because that is the word which is the equivalent of the ancient word used in the Sacred Writings of Mu.

As it may not be quite understood, or may be even misapplied, let me further explain it according to the ancient writings. Every thought causes a movement of the brain.

Every movement of matter of any and every description is the result of an active force, a force is the agent which accomplishes the movement. Forces connected with the brain are Cosmic Forces, therefore, a thought results from the workings of a Cosmic Force. Now I will give the manner of the working of a Cosmic Force as explained in the Sacred Inspired Writings.


Attached to the explanation is a vignette which I give herewith with its deciphering.

The text explaining this symbol states that Cosmic Forces start from a given point: some are limited to the earth's atmosphere; others travel throughout the universe like the Sacred Four.


They travel in the form of waves radiating from the point of origin. These waves result from the vibrations of the Force, all Forces are vibratory. The waves of Cosmic Forces are formed in the essence which forms a part of the earth's atmosphere, and which fills space. In the earth's atmosphere the waves and the Force carried in them diminish in strength in ratio to the diminishing density of the atmosphere.


It is here explained that a movement of the brain is a Force vibration.

Vibrations formed in the essence go completely around the earth, as fast as light travels or faster. When this thought wave strikes another brain which is keyed up to the same vibrations the receiving brain perfectly understands the thought formed by the sender. This is Cosmic Telegraphy or thought transference. With two brains keyed in and concentrated on one another, it is perfectly easy to carry on an actual, soundless, wordless conversation.

My old Rishi Priest and I always communicated with each other in this manner; we need never send a note.


If he wanted me at the temple I felt it and went and always found him waiting my arrival. He thought so little of this accomplishment that he called it the kindergarten lesson in the Cosmic Sciences. He called it the letter A in the alphabet.

One of our great financiers once said to me - if you can read men's thoughts like that you can make millions a week down in Wall Street. He was absolutely wrong.


It could not be done, for, directly the money part comes in, materialism has the ascendency and the spiritual cannot act, which reminds me of the words of the Great Master:

"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to attain heaven."

Materialism controlled the man to accumulate the wealth.


The care of it after he has got it necessitates materialism to prevent his losing it, so that he has no time to improve the spiritual to prepare him to return to the Great Source. He's got to "be born again," reincarnated, to make a fresh start.



The Rishi was particularly fond of referring to our Bible.


The greater part of the early chapters he knew by heart; in fact, all chapters throughout the Bible where Cosmic Forces are shown. He considered the Lord's Prayer the greatest and most beautiful epic ever written.


He was not entirely in accord with the apostolic teachings but he always qualified his opinion by saying:

"It is quite possible that they have been misquoted in translating."

One evening, our usual time for talking about the past, he said:

"I have been thinking, my son, about the great Biblical miracle where Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego walk through the fiery furnace without being burnt or in any way touched by the fire. It was no miracle; they were masters. As I have told you, man has the power to raise his inner vibrations above those of earthly forces and so nullify them.


Heat from which comes fire is an earthly force; therefore, man can raise his vibrations above the heat force. When he does this, the heat cannot touch him because a neutral zone has been formed between him and the heat force, through which the heat cannot pass. The man's raiment partakes of his vibrations, as you partake of mine, when you take my hand. So that even his raiment cannot be touched by the fire.

"Those who have attained the knowledge of controlling and using their inner or spiritual vibrations have been termed masters - they have mastered the Cosmic Sciences. Even masters vary greatly in their proficiency.


Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were masters, and when in the furnace raised their spiritual vibrations above the vibrations of the heat force; consequently, the fires could not touch them."

I then asked him how these Israelites gained their knowledge in Babylonia to become masters.


His answer was:

"These Israelites were captives in Babylonia. In Babylonia there were many colleges for learning which they called Chaldi. They were first formed about 18,000 years ago by the Naacals who left India to go there for that purpose. They were instituted for the free teaching of the language of the Motherland, the teaching of the Sacred Inspired Writings of the Motherland and the Cosmic Forces.


It is from the name of these colleges - Chaldi - that the Semitics from the north, who thousands of years afterwards took the country, formed a joint kingdom out of it calling it Chaldea. The Semitics assimilated with the Babylonians who were the Akkadians and Sumerians. The Chaldis were free and open to all who wished to come to them for learning, free of all and every expense.


The slave was as welcome as a prince; directly their foot crossed the threshold, they became the equal of one another. There they became brothers in truth for when within the Chaldi they were symbolically standing at the footstool of their Heavenly Father."

After finishing this, for him, long discourse, the dear old fellow with a twinkle in his eye said:

"Now I suppose as usual to make all perfectly plain to you, I must give you a physical example."

He then called one of the attendants and told him to bring a large live coal from a fire.


As soon as the coal arrived, in an open chattie, he took my hand and deliberately picked up the coal with his fingers and placed it in the middle of my hand. He then asked me if I felt any heat from the coal. I did not. He then told me to light a cigar from it, but the cigar would not light. He then turned my hand over, the coal fell to the ground.


He dropped my hand and invited me to pick the coal up and put it back into the chattie. I innocently attempted to do so, and although dropping it instantly, it left blisters on my fingers that took a long time to heal. He then deliberately picked up the coal with his fingers and put it back into the chattie.


Smiling, he turned to me and said:

"Now light your cigar from it!"

I did so, with no difficulty. The demonstration was complete. He asked whether I believed in this bit of Cosmic Science.

My friends, I assure you that I did then, and I do now!


The conviction still remains with me.



On one occasion I asked the Rishi what was the best course to take to become proficient in concentration.


He answered:

"Relieve your brain of all material work. To do this a reclining or lying position is best. A position where every muscle in your body relaxes. This relieves the brain of looking after these parts of your anatomy.


Cover your eyes, or close them so that no object strikes your attention; this is another relief to the brain. Do not eat too much or too little - both are bad. If you eat too much your stomach is overloaded and calls for brain work. If you have too little in your stomach hunger is occupying the brain.


Your material body should be perfectly normal; nature should be working smoothly without a jar. Sounds must be avoided as much as possible as they divert the brain.

"You have now given over the command of your brain to the spiritual; the material is in subjection. Concentration is hard at first but becomes easier and easier as you continue."




What is generally termed the occult is attracting the attention of the layman, and some of our most prominent scientists as well.


For seven years I had the great privilege of being the only pupil of the greatest Rishi who has lived during the past two thousand years, and yet generally unknown.


It may well be said,

"the world has never known her greatest men."

He would willingly and gladly explain to me various phenomena, what to us today are the Mystic Sciences. I could never, however, induce him to teach me how to perform any of the phenomena along certain of the lines.


Whenever I appealed to him to do so, his invariable answer was:

"My son, I am teaching you how to learn the ancient history of man. I cannot go beyond that science with you because you have not been prepared to advance into others."

Occasionally he showed me practical demonstrations of some, at the same time explaining the phenomenon.


On asking him one day:

"Do we occasionally really see beings who have long since passed on? Or is it imagination, mirages of the brain?"

His answer was:

"Son, it is not imagination, nor is it a mirage of the brain; but an actual fact that sometimes some people receive visitors from the world beyond. All people have not the faculty of seeing them; this depends on the plane of their inner vibrations. Again it may be some people are never visited at all."

From personal experience, I can tell my readers that a camera will see what the human eye does not and register it.


I have had this phenomenon happen three times and have submitted the plates to prominent photographers desiring an explanation. All acknowledged it was beyond them. The most perfect of these three photos revealed a young lady sitting in the crotch of a tree. Her mother recognized her immediately and told me that she had been dead ten years, and that crotch in the tree had been a favorite seat of hers.

I have wandered away but will now return to the Rishi.


He further said:

"There are various ones who are in the Great Beyond who may reveal themselves to you. First, one who had attained the rank of master before he passed on. He can come before you and has the power to lower his vibrations to the plane of yours so that his are keyed in with yours. You then by vision become aware of his presence.


More often, however, the ones who may appear to you are neat and dear relatives and near and dear friends. Ones that have been intimately associated with you here on earth. The reason for this is that your inner vibrations were on the same plane here on earth. They cause theirs to come back to their earthly plane and when keyed in, by vision, reveal themselves.


These visitations are not infrequent between two people whose hearts have been one here on earth. So you see, my son, Love is the great ruler, both here and hereafter. Love is the image of our Heavenly Father, and Love is the reflection of our Heavenly Father in man."

I then said:

"Father, have you not told me that by and by these visitors cease to come? Where do they go?"


"Where have they gone, my son? I cannot say. I do not know. It may be that they have gone to other worlds. They may have been reincarnated here on earth. It may be they have returned to the Great Source. This is a closed book that may not be opened by man."

After waiting for a short time, he continued:

"It is more common for us to feel the presence of these visitors from the world beyond without seeing them. Occasionally, they seem so close that you feel like holding out your hand to welcome them."

I asked him what the circumstances were that prevented our seeing these visitors.


His answer was:

"Because their vibrations, although close enough in unison with yours to cause your brain to receive them, are not sufficiently in unison to produce vision; and sometimes it would appear that they did not wish you to see them. Personally, I have come to the conclusion that those who do not wish to be seen are great masters who are using you as an instrument for communication and information to this world from the world beyond."

I then asked him if he could give me an example or illustration of such communications.


He answered:

"Yes, some artists, some sculptors, and some writers; writers especially. The master, or whoever he may be, keys his vibrations in on the writer's brain and with these vibrations expresses his desire or command of what to write. The brain of the writer receives them and while he is receiving them he can write nothing else.


If he tries to pen something from his own mundane reasoning, after completed, he finds he has only penned nonsense. He can only write reasonably that which is being given to the brain by the master. He is under a spell. The unseen is governing him. This is what the ancients called 'inspired writings,' which are writings from the world beyond through a selected agent."

On another occasion I asked him,

"if it were actually possible for man so far to advance himself in the Ancient Sciences that at will he could separate his Inner Man from the corporeal body, then for the Inner Man to travel long distances and bring back information."

His answer was:

"Yes, my son, it is perfectly easy to do this by one who has mastered the Ancient Sciences, but for one who is not perfectly accomplished it is an extremely dangerous undertaking, for, not being perfected in the science, the Inner Man might fail to find his way back to the material body. Then the material body, being without the Inner Man, follows nature's course to Mother Earth. It takes a lifetime to become proficient in this branch of the Ancient Sciences - you must never attempt it."

I then asked him to teach me this branch of the Ancient Sciences.


This he absolutely refused to do, saying,

"Your time with me will not be a tenth long enough to do so."

At unexpected times he gave me demonstrations of this very phenomenon.



One evening just before I was leaving India, placing his hand on my shoulder, my old friend said:

"My son, would you like to take a long journey with me tonight?"

I quickly accepted and at the appointed hour, 9 P.M., arrived at the temple.


One of the attendants received me and took me directly to the Rishi's sanctum. The room was dully lit, some incense burners were sending their pungent smoke throughout the room. On my entering, the Rishi rose from a divan on which he had been sitting, came forward and took my hand. Dismissing the attendant, he gave orders not to be disturbed until his regular morning call.


When the door closed he led me to the divan and said:

"My son, we are going back to look at ourselves during our last incarnation."

This was the first intimation from him that we had been on earth together before.

We sat on the divan together, my hand in his. He told me to close my eyes and concentrate on him and to pick up his vibrations. Gradually, consciousness appeared to leave me. Soon he and I were floating across a great flat land with many cities. To one particularly large city we floated. When there we came down to earth and walked through the streets which were crowded with busy people.


Days, weeks and years appeared to pass. Then I saw myself a soldier fallen in battle with a spear wound.


The Rishi, who was my father, received me from the bearers; lifting his hands above his head, he cried:

"My only son and fallen in battle!" and as he thus cried my soul passed on.

It would take a volume to describe all that I saw during these weeks, months and years.

At last I awoke and in a short time was myself again. I shall make no comments on this journey. I shall not say whether I believe it was real and that my Inner Man was separated from my material body or not, or whether it was all a mesmeric vision. This I leave my readers to decide for themselves.

This was one of the last interviews I had with my dear, gentle, old friend. I have often wondered since I last saw him whether he loved me more than I did him.


I hardly think it possible.

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