THE original people in Southern India were a black race called Tamils.


Ethnologists have also called them Dravidians from Dravida the name which they gave to the southern part of the Hindu Peninsula. Their original home was in the southwest of the Motherland. They came to India by way of the Malay Islands - not through Burma as did the Nagas. They must have come slowly through the Malay Islands because much of their language is composed of Malayalam words.

I have been unable to find any records that even hint at the time when they came to India, whether before or after the Nagas, so this question remains unanswered, The Tamil language is a very composite language, being composed of Tamil, Telague, Canarasse and Malaya-lam. The Tamil language is one of the Oriental languages that fifty years ago I could read, write and speak as fluently as English.

I cannot find any historian seriously attempting to show from whence the Tamils came to India.


This point is generally glossed over by saying:

"It is supposed the Dravidians (Tamils) came to Southern India from somewhere in Central Asia."

On what they can base such a supposition cannot be fathomed. There is not a native black race anywhere in Asia, nor has ever a trace of a black race been found there as far as I can learn. So we must fall back for the reason, as a decision made at a scientific tea party.


In this case the Bering Land Bridge was not available so they borrowed the European subterfuge by saying,

"somewhere in the central part of Asia."

A.V. Smith in his "History of India," says:

"Someday, perhaps, the history of the Dravidian civilization may be written by a competent scholar, skilled in all the lore and language required for the subject. Early Indian history as a whole cannot be viewed in true perspective until the non-Aryan institutions of the South receive adequate treatment."

Smith is absolutely correct. A history of India without including the Tamils is like a building without a window. I have gone through many of the Southern temples in search of legends and tablets, but never found anything about the very ancient.


One record I came across said,

"A company of Tamils took ships and sailed in the direction of the setting sun. They came to a great land where they settled."

There is no date given, nor are any details given of any communication with them after they settled. Nothing is said about their prosperity or even whether they survived, only the bare fact that a company sailed and arrived safely at the other end.


The "great land" was presumably Africa.

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