36. A Few Last Words

If the enormous implications of the mind-split and the akashic pulse are considered, some of the more elusive complexities of life and consciousness can more easily be grasped, and even understood a little. I ask you this: Which is more real, the physical body or the subtle perfection of its projected double? Each is capable of independent thought and action, with each being fully capable of standing alone and stating, "I think... therefore I am!"


So which is the more real?

If the multidimensional nature of human consciousness is accepted, as can be experienced firsthand through the simple duality of the mind-split at close range, a great many complex issues and questions arise. These suggest the very real possibility that multiple copies of the same mind can simultaneously exist on many dimensional levels.

This opens the way to a greater underlying possibility on a higher level of consciousness: that multiple incarnations of a single spirit may occur at the same time, living through many different physical bodies simultaneously.

If considered, this points to an even greater possibility: that of there being an underlying spiritual kinship between every living being on this planet. In the truest sense of The Word, I believe we are all brothers and sisters beneath our fleshy exteriors. We are all intimately connected and related, all one in the light of the Great White Spirit shining from the heart of our multidimensional universe.

If you ponder a while on the workings of the akashic pulse, it is reasonable to suggest that ultimately we all share a common source and destination, regardless of race, religion, or gender; even of species for that matter. Each of us is an integral part of The One, with all of us sharing the same spiritual roots.


We also share an incredibly complex interconnected relationship through the delicate balancing ministrations of karma, as energetically applied through living universal law when astral winds through akasha blow, profoundly affecting all our lives.

  • And what of death, I ask you?

  • What of that last great journey into the unknown that each one of us shall assuredly undertake one day?

  • What of death?

Death is the final projection out of the physical body, that last outward-bound journey at life's end. The only difference between any living projection and the final one is the lack of having a physical body to return to at the end of it; because there will be no end to it. We will then stand free and unfettered by limitations of fleshly ignorance, all boundaries lost, with more freedom and ability than we ever imagined during any living projection; truly a projection unlimited.

And, if you have had some experience with conscious-exit projection already, you will not be doing anything you have not done before. The fear and sting of death can thus be greatly eased, with the possibility of life continuing after death transcending mere possibility, growing into a very real probability. The realization of life after death is much easier to accept through personal experience, through the living experience gained through OBE.


We can then go gently - nay, stride boldly - into that dark night!

I believe untold potential lies dormant within the human race, individually and collectively. I have enormous hopes and see a bright future for our race. I believe that somewhere in our growing understanding of the profound energetic unity of our collective human spirit, and of its profoundly enmeshed interdimensional nature, we will find greater meaning to life itself.

I dream that one day we shall find the key to unlock this greater potential, thus freeing ourselves from the slavery of flesh and beginning to understand the true nature of this reality we all share. This can lead us to a profound understanding of ourselves and of each other and of all other life forms in the universe. More importantly, this may lead us a little closer to the greatest understanding of all - The Meaning of Life.

Before closing, I would like to thank you for reading my book and to leave you with one last thought-provoking morsel:

If you begin to understand your creative potential as it is liberated during an OBE, where you become a true creator in your own right, could you begin to accept your own personal relationship with an infinitely more creative mind?


That mind once said, a very, very long time ago, way back in the very beginning of everything... "Let there be light!"

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