32. Higher-Level Projection

Higher dimensions are similar in structure to the astral dimension, but exist at much higher levels or vibrations of consciousness. Like the astral dimension, each is a completely separate dimensional area, although they can all be said to occupy the same space. Between each level is an intermediary area, or buffer zone, similar to the color-tinted buffer zones that divide the major planes of the astral dimension, but wider and harder to traverse.

Each major level of consciousness corresponds with a particular dimension, and each has a subtle body to match it. Higher levels become progressively more abstract and complex in nature, as do the levels of consciousness associated with them. We all reflect, to a greater or lesser extent, an energetic facet of ourselves into all higher dimensions and levels of consciousness, at all times, just as an aspect of the astral body is constantly reflected into the astral dimension (see chapter 2).


The strength of these reflections, and their effect on inner and outer realities, depends greatly on the energetic development, intellect, spirituality, and natural potential of the individual.

High-Level Technique
To project into a higher level, aspiring projectors must first raise their energetic value to harmonize with that level. This is best done before the exit, but can also be done during a projection, and can happen spontaneously. The most effective way of reaching higher levels - barring natural ability - is through the practice of consciousness-raising meditation, energetic development, and other related spiritual practices.

The generation of a high-level projectable double is affected by the level of consciousness, by the active configuration of primary energy centers, and by the quality of energies they produce. The higher-body generation process is therefore limited by the projection mechanism's ability to generate the energetic qualities required.

Projecting consciously into levels higher than the mid to high astral, say past the high fifth or lower sixth astral plane, takes either a high level of skill and development or strong natural ability, or both. A projector usually needs to be proficient at both consciousness raising and energetic stimulation to do this. There are, however, ways to achieve this that take advantage of latent natural ability.

Ideally, an aspiring higher-level projector needs some experience with projection. However, it is possible to begin right here and use the following procedure as a stand-alone projection technique. If you have failed at projection using other methods, try this. It may suit you and work better, even for a very first projection attempt.

Note: All the skills and techniques required here are given elsewhere in this book (see parts 2, 3, and 4).

  1. Stimulate feet and hands, as per NEW system, then use a full-body circuit for ten minutes or longer.

  2. Use a deep physical relaxation technique, then attain the full-trance state.

  3. Stimulate all primary energy centers.

  4. Use extra brow and crown center stimulation exercises.

  5. Raise energy through the whole body, including arms, and up through all primary centers in one smooth action to the crown center on the IN breath. Hold awareness in the crown center and feel energy flowing into there all through the IN breath and all through the following OUT breath. Flick awareness back to feet and repeat at start of next IN breath. This exercise is designed to draw and accumulate energy in the brow and crown centers.

  6. Continue the above exercise for at least ten minutes, or until you start seeing a color suffusing or tinting your vision behind your closed eyelids. Purple is the best color to see for this, but any bright primary color is a good sign. If you see nothing, continue with the next part of this exercise anyway.

  7. Using your body awareness, generate a continual "Aummmm" sound in your heart center. Imagine it and feel it growing stronger and stronger in your heart. Once this is established, slowly move this awareness sound up to the throat center, and from there up to brow center, and finally spreading to the crown center. This is a fairly deep tone, as if vibrated softly in the back of a mature man's throat. Feel it humming there and let this spread and fill the entire head. This sound may continue on its own accord, or even spread through the entire body, or it may not. If you can hold this tone without too much effort, try to continue it throughout this whole projection attempt. If this part is too difficult, try to hold the "Aummmm" sound in either the throat or brow center only, whichever is easiest. Just do the best you can with this for a few minutes, then proceed to the next part of this exercise.

  8. From behind your closed eyelids, look for a distant point of light, or a small pattern of light that is brighter than any other you can see. This may appear as a tiny bright dot, star, or multicolored structure, or even as a geometric pattern. It may also appear as a distant scene, single or multicolored, as if seen through the wrong end of a telescope. Gently lock on to and hold this target firmly in your mind's eye.

  9. Shift your awareness toward and into the target and feel yourself moving toward it. Feel yourself as being there already inside it. Imagine and feel a strong spiritual love connection with the target. Love the target and want to be there with all your heart and soul. Use the point shift technique at this point and feel yourself moving directly toward the target. Rope or other projection techniques can be added or alternated as necessary.

  10. If the above method cannot be made to work, I suggest that the secondary full-body circuit be used for half an hour or more, added to step one, and that step five also be continued for half an hour or more. This is often necessary to provide the quality of energies required for a high-level projection. If, at any time during the above process, the brow center strobes, and you see a heavy flash of bright silver-white light in your mind's eye, go straight to steps eight and nine and complete the projection.

When you succeed at projection using this method, you may experience any of the normal variety of projection-related sensations, or you may feel none at all and just find yourself instantly there inside your target. This method will always cause a higher level of projection than would otherwise be possible.


Usually I feel a moment's disorientation, a brief upward-falling sensation, a flash of light as my brow center strobes, then I suddenly appear wherever it is I am going.

High Level Experiences
The Eastern names commonly used to describe higher levels are to the average Western person fairly meaningless. Higher dimensions also do not have signposts in them saying "Welcome to the Astral Planes - Ta... Daaa!" or "Mental Planes - Watch Your Mind!" or "Buddhic Planes - Love One Another!" I have therefore chosen to use my own names for some of the more understandable and less abstract higher dimensional levels, as I have perceived them during some of my more extraordinary projection-cum-mystical experiences.

I have entered high levels spontaneously through real-time and astral-plane projections, but normally use the high-level projection method. This includes the extra time and energy raising mentioned in step ten.

Rainbow Level
I project into a distant multicolored pattern seen sparkling in the distance through the purple-edged vista suffusing my mind's eye.

[I find I must wax eloquent here to pass on the look and feel of this incredible place.]

I fly over a rainbow bridge and float along an iridescent river until I arrive at a shore of pulsating light. Mind-blowing varieties of indescribable color abound, most not found even in the high astral planes. Thoughts appear and disappear as solid kaleidoscopic crystalline patterns of living light and sound - sparkling vivid imagery exploding like fireworks inside my mind's eye.

A brief walk through strobing fields under sparkling skies raining incandescent streamers of ideas yields tantalizing glimpses of the higher abstract workings of consciousness. A stroll through an ever-growing forest of crystalline structures in a constant state of creative flux feeds my hungry imagination and I feel myself swelling greatly in size. Looking to the sky, I fall upward into a flickering maelstrom of gleaming-violet light. More and more abstract it all becomes, swiftly compounding with utterly incredible complexities, ever-changing shapes and colors and sounds.

Sweet music fills the air and resonates throughout my being, plucking delicate notes on my heartstrings as my spirit soars. Never have such wondrous sounds been heard by mortal ears... with angelic voices offering song-notes my mind knows not, but that my soul knows well. I have no idea where I am or what is happening, but it is so incredibly beautiful here. It is almost painfully alive and vibrant and I feel invigorated and am empowered with an overwhelming urge to create something wonderful. A poem springs to life inside my mind! With a final mind-numbing purple explosion in my mind's eye, I fall back into my chair, wincing with stunned amazement. My mind aches and races with residual inspirational energies that only moments earlier had pumped through my entire being.

If you enter this level, please do not try to rationalize or understand it, for this is way beyond mere mortal understanding. Just accept what you find there, go with the flow and enjoy it! The feel of this level is what, I believe, led the ancient Vikings to name the mythical path into Azgard the Rainbow Bridge. It truly looks and feels as if you are walking up a living rainbow bridge into a spectacular wonderland where it would be easy to imagine the gods must surely dwell. Exist here in wondering amazement. Let loose the child within you and enjoy this fairy wonderland, soaking inspiration from every passing cloud. Everything feels very real and solid here, time is more distorted than in the high astral dimension, and reality is fluid, kaleidoscopic, and abstract in the extreme.

Beneath all this brilliantly colorful and changeable crystalline imagery, there is an enormous feeling of power here. There Seems to be a great deal of activity going on everywhere I look. I have glimpsed angels, fairies, and other wonderful beings.


Some of these appear as beautiful animated human-looking beings, with an incredibly high-quality cartoonlike look to them. These are, I believe, high-level spirit entities that have no set or recognizable form relating to humanity. Very likely my mind's eye interprets the energies given off by these beings, giving them form and shape. This gives them a beautiful, unworldly appearance that transcends any mere mortal form, encapsulating their beautiful essence while retaining a basically human shape I could relate to.

I find meaningful communication with these beings virtually impossible. Tangible warm feelings of love and understanding flood through me whenever I attempt contact, but an exchange of anything resembling words does not seem possible while operating within this dimensional level. My mind's eye, however, literally percolates with multilayered metaphorical imagery, and I am flooded with intuitive impressions at these times.


There appear to be many different planes, levels and realms here; overall, it is vastly more complex and abstract than even the highest of the astral planes.

Mystical Level
This is a beautiful, warm, abstract level, filled with utter peace and infinite love. Soul-deep motherly patience and fatherly understanding permeate the atmosphere here. This is totally different from any other dimensional level I have ever experienced. It has the visual appearance of beautifully textured fluffy-white clouds. There are no sights or sounds here at all, other than the all-pervading, gently billowing white-fluffiness, and a gentle soul-deep humming - beyond sound, almost inaudible - that is wonderfully soothing and healing.

There is no sky or ground and no ups or downs-just beautiful, fluffy-white clouds everywhere. In this dimension you very quickly relinquish conscious thoughts of individuality and begin melting into The One, into total and absolute bliss and atonement. Thought is possible here, but the urge and need to think fades very quickly. An irresistible urge draws you deeper into the bliss of total silence and the comforting soul-deep rest of infinite love.

You cease being old or young, male or female here. Being here is like returning to the universal mother's womb. Once your mind becomes silent, silence becomes you and you feel as if your mind is immersed in something like warm cotton-wool and you are being cuddled by your soul-mother. You are surrounded, absorbed, and assimilated by infinite love, understanding, forgiveness, and wonderfully healing atonement. Just before you lose track of this experience, you will fully realize who you are, the greater you, but you will never be able to put it into words afterward... more's the pity.

Time has no meaning whatsoever here. It has no place here at all. If you enter this world, you will never ever want to leave it. It is impossible to generate the intention of deliberately wanting to leave this place. You could bask here forever in perfect contentment and happiness, or until your all-but-forgotten physical body drags you back, kicking and screaming.


This is, I believe, the healing and resting place of the soul, which it passes through on its long journey of ascension through the spirit worlds at life's end.

Spirit Level
My journeys and experiences here are either in the actual spirit world, or possibly in a region bordering it. Here, spirits appear to be waiting for their loved ones. This, I have been inspirationally led to believe, is the happy place of the gathering, where the reunion of souls takes place at life's end.

I have been to this level only a few rare, precious times. I always see the same basic structure and features, but the events change. The background is purest, brightest silver-white, much brighter than the Sun could ever be. Yet it is a supremely gentle light for all its incredible brightness, very soothing and healing. It seems to me to be the pure light of divine love. The ground is cream-colored, smooth and feels cool and solid underfoot, like polished textured marble.

In front of me is always a large amphitheater-like structure about the size of a football field, sunk into the creamy rock with gentle slopes on all sides, looking to be several feet deep. Behind is a natural incline, rising some twenty feet above the ground. This rises in the middle, spreading out to both sides and then gently sloping away at each side of the amphitheater. The light source comes from behind this rise.


I am usually standing about twenty paces or so from the edge of the amphitheater, facing across to the rise on the other side.

Usually about a hundred people are spread out over the amphitheater, often clustered in small groups, appearing just as they were in the physical world, but at their most magnificent. They all look younger and fitter, but are fully recognizable. They glow ecstatically with an inner light, ablaze with the brightest of love, happiness and joy imaginable. The atmosphere here is electric and vital but at the same time deeply spiritual and serious. On this level, you can actually feel the Divine Presence as a tangible and all-pervading force.

The natural level of communications here is high-level, telepathic metaphorical imaging, with an empathic, intuitive underlay. This is similar to high-quality clairvoyance, from the clairvoyant's side, but is much more powerful than anything I have ever experienced. Normal speech is superfluous. (The few words shown in this experience were not heard as normal speech.) Time stands utterly still and reality is surreal but stable, feeling more real than the physical dimension.

I have entered this dimension on only a few rare occasions, each time from the deepest of consciousness-raising meditation, during what I can liken only to a mystical out-of-body experience. Each time, I have experienced extreme crown and brow center activity. On these rare occasions, mystical energy has soared to seemingly impossible heights and consumed me, carrying my spirit along with it. At the climax of this deeply mystical experience, I have seen an incredible bright silver-white light structure. This is always a great distance ahead, at the very edge of my mind's-eye vision, and I can sense it moving closer.

Here is one example of my personal experience in this dimensional level. I have tried to write others, but, so far words have failed me... emotions being what they are.

The sacred "Aummmm" sound surrounds and permeates me and I hear a long, soft, musical note slowly rising in pitch, coming from deep within the light, tugging at my very soul. I have felt this pure high note deep within my heart, calling and drawing me to it. Filling my mind with this note and fixing my mind's eye upon the light, I feel it calling me to it. With every ounce of my strength and energy I hold on to this calling and relinquish my body and life, full of mystical joy. A massive surge of tingling effervescent energy floods through my spine as my body falls away and I soar away... into the light and beyond.

Momentary vertigo, a brief sensation of infinite speed through an exploding tunnel of silver-white light, and I am suddenly there. I stagger slightly, catching my balance as if I had tripped, as this wonderful place appears around me. My eyes fill with awe as I see, standing right in front of me, my firstborn son, Jeremy. He was almost eight years old when he left us. He waited politely, but threw himself into my arms like a cannon-ball the instant I looked at him, bubbling with laughter: "You did it, Daddy, you did it! I told them you'd come... I told them you could do it!"

He looked just as he had when I'd last seen him, sparkling full of life. He hadn't aged a day, although I knew he should have grown some since I last saw him. Jeremy was beaming with happiness and chattering nonstop, his brown eyes shining up into mine. I cuddled him up and my spirit wept with the joy of seeing him again. I felt the sting of quick heavy tears burning the back of my eyes and a huge sob started way down inside me.

Stifling this with an act of will, knowing my time here is short and not wanting to spoil it, I took Jeremy under my arm and quickly walked down into the amphitheater. A large crowd of people was waiting for us there. There were friends and family I had known and loved, plus many people I did not recognize. Everyone seemed very friendly and familiar, and I had the feeling I knew many of them ... from some-where or some-when. There were a great many tears of joy and lots of hugging and kissing all round.

One other person I dearly wanted to see was an old sweetheart of mine. She was, as usual, jumping higher and cheering louder than anyone else. She stepped out of the crowd and hugged me, her long honey-blonde hair a bright halo tor her impish face. As our eyes met, a mind's-eye vision of startling clarity exploded in my mind, superimposed over my sight. In the vision, she was wearing a spectacular bejeweled and tasseled cowgirl suit, with fancy hat and sparkling, oversized silver guns. She was firing the guns into the air, soundless bright flashes, while she danced an Irish jig and laughed. A lot passed between us in those few moments. Her nickname in real life had been Cowboy, but she was an Irish lass at heart, born and bred in Dublin Fair City ... as she was fond of saying.

I glanced at the rise backing the amphitheater. At the top of the ridge were several angels. They looked just as the master Michelangelo painted them. They were truly beautiful beings, but strangely cool, aloof, and serious. Some of them appeared to have what looked like large, folded wings at their backs; some had nothing. They had shoulder-length, curly pale-golden hair; alabaster skin; and wore full-length, flowing white robes. They were all blowing thin golden horns that looked to be several feet long. The pure high note that guided me here came from these magical horns.

Stepping clear of the crowd, I walked alone into the open, looking in awe at the angels and at the brilliant light flooding down from behind them. I waved at them, but they did not wave back. The beautiful note coming from the golden horns started fading then and the angels slowly lowered their horns as one. I spun around, trying to breathe everything in all at once and lock it into my brain forever. I stood still for a timeless moment, filled with awe-struck wonder by the enormity of it all.

The trumpets' note died away and the air shimmered around me in a timeless moment of profound silence. Rainbow light imploded in my mind's eye and, with a brief falling sensation, I found myself back in my physical body. I gasped and caught the arms of my chair, then wept as realization dawned on me that I was back in my body.


I have never wanted to come back from that beautiful place ... and words fail me utterly at this point.

The Summerland
There is one more level I have experienced but not yet entered, that I would like to share with you here. I call this the Summerland. Many may think of this as heaven, or one of the heavens (also called spirit worlds), but I cannot really say for sure. It does seem likely, though. The only sources I have ever heard for these descriptions, which are consistent with my experiences, have been elderly spiritualist mediums. The term Summerland is an early spiritualist term for the spirit world - seldom used today.

What I have seen and experienced of this level has always been through a rectangular doorway that appears above me. (Imagine a normal-sized door fixed to the ceiling with its door hanging open, the open part facing you, and you have the general idea.)

While meditating, a powerful atmosphere of love and tranquility pervades my room with a quality unlike any other. Kaleidoscopic colors explode ever so slowly inside my mind's eye. Awed and a little stunned at the power of this manifestation, I open my physical eyes as they are drawn to a rectangular doorway, flooding golden light into the room as its door falls slowly open. This light is not only tangible, but also very real, making normal sight possible even in a pitch-dark room.

Unmoving, I peer up through the doorway in amazement. Aptly named the Summerland, it looks and smells and sounds and feels like the most wonderful summer's day imaginable. My reeling senses tell me a spectacular wonderland is just on the other side of this heavenly doorway.

From all I can see, beyond the doorway is bursting with life, with trees and flowers and birds singing. I can see and hear some of these against a backdrop of blue skies dotted with fluffy white clouds. Flowers blossom slowly through at the edges, framing the doorway with beauty as they hang gracefully into the room. The smell of their perfume is indescribably intoxicating.


I feel the warmth of a summer day caressing my skin as golden light bathes my upturned face and hands. Tangible feelings of love and peace and bright-eyed happiness radiate through the doorway. Vivid smells permeate the air, layer on layer of intoxicating beauty: of earth, flowers, grass, hay, leaves, wood, trees, water, and fresh country air warmed by the Sun. I sense and hear gentle waterfalls and streams splashing nearby.


Sweet sounds of children playing and laughing, birds fluttering and fluting, and wind playfully gusting through the shady boughs of ancient treetops caress my ears. I ache to rise from the ordinariness of my life and be in this wondrous place, but want to prolong and not spoil what is happening. I wait... patiently.

This place feels very familiar, like some lovely place I once knew well, but have now sadly all but forgotten. All I have left are distant heartfelt images and feelings tickling the very edges of my memory, and a soul-deep longing to return.


These are like distant childhood memories of dreamy summer days spent traipsing along old adventurers' trails, and of long days spent in the company of beloved siblings and playmates in the faerie playgrounds of a once-enchanted forest.

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