30. The Akashic Pulse

This chapter could be called either fantastical conjecture or groundbreaking metaphysical discovery. I leave this up to you to decide. The entire nature of OBE research is subjective in the strictest sense of the word. Be this as it may, coming up is my finest dish of food-for-thought yet.


This is the best I can do.


If the experiential evidence and reasoning I offer here are sound, they provide a glimpse into many complex interdimensional mysteries:

  • universal law

  • karma

  • the akashic records

  • the collective consciousness

  • how these relate to the living of our everyday lives in the physical universe

The Astral Wind
If you project regularly into the real-time zone, from time to time you will come across a mystifying phenomenon that I call the astral wind. The astral wind, one of the most awesomely powerful natural forces in the universe, is most dramatic and noticeable when experienced during a conscious real-time projection.


It is caused, I believe, by what I call the akashic pulse. I am sure some projectors will recognize the following scenario, through clearly remembered projections, dream fragments, or through vague impressions and feelings hovering near the edge of memory.

You are traveling about the real-time zone, minding your own business, when all of a sudden you are gripped by an irresistible force. You feel yourself being dragged away against your will, usually backward. It feels like you are being blown away by an incredibly strong wind, but you cannot feel or hear anything resembling a wind.


Everything is quiet and there is no noticeable disturbance in the surrounding environment. The astral wind force is similar to that feeling caused by the physical body when it attempts to reclaim its projected double, but is far more powerful. There is no anxiety, no feeling of dread or weakness, just an irresistible force dragging you away. But, why does this happen, where does it take you, and what does it do to you?

You may fight the astral wind for a few moments, feeling as if you are battling a silent hurricane-force wind.


This grows progressively stronger until you are dragged away, seemingly by the scruff of your neck, up into the sky and the great beyond. You watch as your house and town dwindle beneath you, as you are sucked through the clouds and... into the unknown.


After what seems like a short time, you find yourself floating downward again... but into another time and place. You float down at roughly the same angle as you were originally dragged away. You may see the rooftops of a town or a city, which you may or may not recognize at the time, growing steadily larger as you fall toward it.

You are deposited into a mundane setting, sometimes recognizable, maybe only a few months into the past or future - more usually the future. The astral wind releases you there for a short time, and you are free to wander about for a while - never scared but always perplexed. The entire astral wind experience may appear to be completely unrelated to you. You may see and interact with people you know, or total strangers, or both. Sometimes these other people will be aware of your presence, sometimes not.


They will always be just as confused as you as to why the meeting occurred and what it means.

You may witness a real-life scene from your past or future. You may feel you are just a point of consciousness without a body, an invisible spectator seeing in all directions at once. Sometimes you merge with your past or future self and see through a new set of eyes, as if you were really there. You may arrive somewhere in the distant past and observe peculiar events. You may see an old town and houses and people and events from hundreds of years ago, and wander among unrecognized streets of olden days. No reason for any of this is usually apparent at the time.

When faced with evidence of this phenomenon, most OBE researchers say, "Well... fancy that", and immediately throw the whole astral wind thing into the "Too Hard" basket.


The astral wind is not an uncommon event. It has been experienced and discussed by many other frequent projectors. In The Projection of the Astral Body, Muldoon and Carrington call this phenomenon "Super-Conscious Projection", and describe it as caused by a higher intelligence, forcibly taking the projector to a higher dimensional level for obscure reasons.


Muldoon mentions one such experience of his own, where he landed in a house and saw strangers whom he claims to have met in the flesh several months later. The most popular theory is that the astral wind force is a high-level demonstration by spirit, giving the projector some cryptic proof, the purpose and meaning of which almost always eludes the projector concerned. Generally speaking, these experiences usually appear to make no sense, even in hindsight.

Let's examine the logic of this theory: Just why would any intelligent being do something so apparently bizarre and meaningless? Why go to all this trouble to confuse sincere and intelligent projectors and seekers?


Higher beings could quite easily give projectors clear messages and understandable experiences. They could, for example, easily create a blackboard and write a simple message on it, or show simple pictures and symbols. They would surely choose a message of some import to the projector, rather than something totally defying interpretation. I think that the astral wind is not deliberate action by a higher intelligence, but a natural phenomenon with a natural cause.

But what is the purpose of the astral wind and how does it work? And how does this apply to all of us down here on Earth in the physical universe?

First and foremost, the vast majority of people do not have conscious OBEs, and most frequent projectors (a very small minority group indeed) spend only a short time in the real-time zone before shifting into the astral planes. Projectors usually lose track of an astral wind experience on the astral level and remember little about it. This type of event has been explained away as some kind of forced or spontaneous high-level projection, or a projection from within a projection that shifts them to a higher dimensional level.

A real-time astral wind experience is far more down-to-earth and recognizable than its astral-plane counterpart, because memories of astral wind experiences above the real-time zone appear to be greatly affected by the base level of understandability. The physical brain's translation of this type of higher-level experience apparently does not allow wholly recognizable memories to form after a projected double reintegrates With its physical body.

Most frequent projectors are lucky to have two or three decent projections per month.


These are always of short duration, especially the real-time parts of them. Mind-split, base-level understandability, translation, and shadow memory loss problems cause the vast majority of projection experiences to be forgotten. This all suggests that people are not meant to be operating consciously in the real-time zone when the astral wind arrives. Their projected doubles are meant to be floating in real time, fast asleep, as in normal sleep projection. The majority of people in the world are sound asleep whenever the astral wind hits and gathers them up, so it is not surprising that astral wind experiences are only rarely reported.

It is fairly obvious from this train of reasoning, that the astral wind cannot be explained away as deliberate high-level spirit contact, spontaneous high-level projection, or super consciousness.


There must be a natural cause and effect at work, and even a natural purpose, behind the whole astral wind phenomenon. Doesn't all this make you wonder, just a little, about the origin and purpose of the astral wind? The tantalizing fragments of past and future events, shown in the tail ends of astral wind experiences, strongly indicate the akashic records are involved.


If so, where do the akashic records come into the equation? For that matter, what are the akashic records? How do they work and why are they there at all? What is their natural purpose and function? And, what has the astral wind got to do with them?


Well... I have spent many years pondering these very same questions.

From Here to Akasha
To quickly recap: the akashic records, I believe, do not exist in any particular place or time, nor in any particular part of any dimensional level or realm. They are generated by consciousness in an underlying, interdimensional, energetic medium that flows throughout all levels of our infinite multidimensional universe. I call this underlying medium simply akasha.


Akasha is everywhere and every-when, an aspect of the ether that absorbs subtle energetic reflections radiated into it by all levels of consciousness through the act of living and existing.

One aspect of akasha, the akashic records, can be thought of as being a complete energetic record of past events and future probabilities. Past events exist as lingering energetic reflections. Future records are generated by these lingering energies. The future thus exists as abstract probability energies, generated by past and present events, actions, and thoughts.


The stronger the probability of a future event, the stronger the energies associated with it. Some probabilities, like big natural disasters, are so strong as to be virtually unchangeable by any possible human-precipitated modifying action. These events can thus aptly be called the inescapable energies of destiny.

Past and present thoughts and actions cause reactions in the energetic medium of akasha, energetic ripples that affect future probability energies being generated within akasha. It can aptly be said, I think, that every action recorded in the energetic medium of akasha causes an equal and opposite reaction therein. This energetic action-causing-reaction mechanism has a strong modifying influence on probability energies, an effect more commonly called karma.


Karma generates an equal and opposite future energetic reaction to match and balance each action.


Karma is not reward and punishment, but is the long-term process of energetic balancing whereby individual consciousness units (spirits) progressively attain balance throughout multiple incarnations within the physical dimension.

  • Karmic Law: Every action generates an equal and opposite energetic reaction within akasha.

  • Universal Law: Like attracts like and opposites repel, but only as modified by karmic law.

Influential karmic probability energies are, I believe, compounded for each individual consciousness unit (each single spirit) into something I liken to an influential akashic pool.


This is something like a private energetic storage area, containing both positive and negative attributes. Positive influential karmic energies have a positive effect, and negative influential karmic energies have a negative effect, on the life of the person/spirit concerned. Karmic law sets the balance of these positive and negative energies.

The akashic pool concept can be further simplified as a kind of energetic scoreboard accounting for positive and negative actions of consciousness. These are balanced against the scores of all other players in the game of life. Conditional life influences are set and applied to all players according to the rules of balance governing the universal karmic scoreboard.

Probability energies do not exist just as part of a peculiar set of records that show past and future events (which is how the akashic records are normally considered). These energies also have an incredibly strong effect on the present and future. They are the energetic modifying essence of now and the future. Probability energies generate all present and future energetic conditions (life influences) according to karmic law.


This mind-boggling process involves an incredibly complex, interconnected, time-spanning series of delicately arranged attractions and repulsions. Like energies attract like and opposites repel, but only as set and applied by karmic law.

Karma is the underlying modifying factor of universal law, the rule-maker and scorekeeper wrapped in one. Karma and universal law work hand in hand as aspects of the same influential life-affecting mechanism. This leads me to believe they are energetically indivisible, with universal law the influential arm of karma. This is why probability energies exist, in my opinion, and why they affect us all so profoundly.

Akasha is a fluid interdimensional medium, an infinite time-spanning ocean filled with the abstract energies generated by consciousness. It contains passive energetic reflections and the not-so-passive influential energies generated by karma.


Akasha exists and flows through everywhere and every-when. Like a true ocean, it is full of complex tides and currents, has depths and shallows, shoals and reefs, and islands and continents. Above all else, it is absolutely bursting with life in all its wondrous varieties.

The Source of all consciousness lies in the center of the universe. From this comes the living instrument of karma and the actual working mechanism of universal law, the akashic pulse.


When astral winds blow through akasha, they absorb and record, compute and modify, and finally apply karma, through universal law, to all living beings in the universe. Akasha is the ether, the interconnecting interdimensional medium, the universal carrier wave that allows the regular adjustment of all life influences, down to the minutest details of even the lowliest of life forms.


This absorbing, computing, and adjusting mechanism is initiated by The Source of all consciousness, from within The Great Center, as it reaches out through the multidimensional universe, generating the incredible astral wind phenomenon.

The Akashic Pulse
But akasha is not just some strange energetic medium and carrier wave, part of which contains a peculiar collection of time-spanning records.


It is a living, breathing, dynamic force that affects everyone twenty-four hours a day. It is the heartbeat of universal consciousness. Akasha is responsible for all life conditions and influences surrounding everyone's lives. It affects us all profoundly and is as much a part of us as we are a part of it.

The Great Center is at the very top of the dimensional structure, the highest of all dimensional levels. It holds within it the seat of universal consciousness, The Source, that great spark of original life that thought, imagined, created, and filled the whole universe with the original energies of light and life.

The aspect of The Source responsible for the workings of the akashic pulse, and for the application of karmic and universal law, can be likened to an infinitely powerful, intelligently aware, computer processor. Please forgive me for the overly mechanical description of what can be called an aspect of God. I am trying to simplify and explain the unexplainable at the base level of consciousness and understanding we are all forced to live with.

The astral wind phenomenon occurs when The Source reaches out and breathes IN a subtle reflection of the life essences of all individual units of consciousness in the universe. Each projected double, sleeping or conscious, contains within it a complete energetic record of all past and present thoughts and actions.


It also contains within it a set of conditional and influential energies that are regularly collected, examined, modified, and updated by The Source during the astral wind phenomenon. I call these energies consciousness seeds. Consciousness seeds profoundly affect the lives of each and every incarnated spirit in the universe. They are responsible for luck, both good and bad, in all aspects of life.

These consciousness seeds are drawn in for checking, processing, and updating during what I call an akashic pulse episode. The Source checks and processes each current set of thoughts, actions, and events contained within each individual spirit. These are weighed and computed against the sum total of all past actions and thoughts, throughout all incarnations, including their effects on all other spirits. These energies are then balanced and modified, individually and in groups, according to karmic law.


The consciousness seeds are thus regularly updated by karmic and universal law, according to the divine equation of balance, harmony, and spiritual growth.

The Source then breathes OUT the modified essences of all projected doubles as a massive interdimensional energetic wave that I call the akashic pulse. This wave contains within it all the newly adjusted life essences of all individual consciousness units in the universe. The essences are now full of updated influential consciousness seeds, life-adjusting energetic droplets of consciousness.


All this is breathed back down through the dimensional spectrum and back into the physical universe, back into the dimension of hard experience. If you are caught up by the astral wind during a real-time projection, you return to full awareness as you start falling through the clouds back toward earth.

As each projected double reintegrates with its physical body, these consciousness seeds are carried into its etheric body, where they take root. Some seeds begin their energetic influence immediately, while others lie dormant, ready to surface whenever their energies are triggered by real-life events. When a coded seed is triggered, the energies it releases begin to modify the set of attractions and repulsions contained within a person.


This profoundly affects how that person interacts with the environment and with all other people, because it affects how the attractions and repulsions of universal law work at the grass-roots level.

This, by the way, may explain deja vu. A powerful seed triggered in a person causes deja vu - a strong feeling of knowing, of having seen, experienced, or done something before. I consider deja vu to be caused by a consciousness seed's coded trigger sequence as it explodes upward through the subconscious mind.


It feels like an important memory has suddenly surfaced within the conscious mind - a memory of something only now being experienced. Many people realize this at the start of the trigger event, and thus often know exactly what is going to happen next. This type of experience is most remarkable and can have a great effect on people's lives.


It is much like knowing the future before it happens, then of witnessing a small part of that future as it unfolds.

Life's Little Choices
Life is full of little choices. Everyone makes a stream of seemingly insignificant choices every day of their lives: what we eat and drink, what bus or train we catch, what we read, etc., etc. The little choices we make - and those made for us by other people - profoundly affect our lives and the lives of others. We have freedom of choice; our lives are not mapped out like a script to be followed blindly.


We have the power to change the future by choosing our paths in life as we live them, making life's little choices. And little choices can be just as important as big choices. We never know when a small choice, or a chance happening resulting from one, is going to have a big effect on our lives and the lives of others around us.

Our choices are influenced by four main factors: reason, circumstantial pressure, emotion, and intuition; but not necessarily in that order. Intuition provides the most random element of choice, often making us choose to do what we feel like doing. Often when we follow our feelings no other element is involved. This random factor is the element most affected by influential energies.


These shape our lives and the lives of others, working through us and through all those around us, creating long-term reciprocating influential effects.

Elemental Akasha

Fig. 34.

The astral wind and akashic pulse phenomenon

The akashic pulse is a massive, influential energetic carrier wave. It influences our thoughts and feelings and adjusts the life influences and surrounding conditional energies affecting each and every one of us, on a personal as well as a group basis.


It is a vast outpouring of universal law, the heartbeat of universal consciousness. It breathes IN and causes the astral wind to blow throughout the universe. It breathes OUT, causing the akashic pulse to flow through all time and space, permeating all dimensional realities. The infinite complexity and scope of The Source sees all. It observes and assimilates and calculates and balances and adjusts all, down to the minutest details of the highest and lowliest of lives.

The Source, shown as a star at the top of the pyramid, is inside The Great Center, which is at the top of the dimensional spectrum.


This is the original center of universal consciousness, the highest level of consciousness. At the bottom is the physical dimension, our reality, the dimension of hard experience, where all our lives are lived and played out at the base level of consciousness and understandability. Between these two extremes of consciousness are ascending and descending dimensional layers.

Akashic pulse episodes occur, as far as I can ascertain, two or three times each twenty-four-hour period. However, I may be completely wrong here and regret that I cannot be more specific about timing. (To be more precise it would be necessary to project in real time for many consecutive twenty-four hour periods. No one can spend that amount of time out of their body and retain a clear memory of it.) At certain times during the year the astral wind phenomenon seems to be much stronger than usual.


I have no firm answer as to why this is so, but suspect astrological influences may play a major part in this equation.

Natural Purpose of Projection
During normal sleep, the etheric body expands, refines, and generates the projectable double, which, as stated, contains a complete reflection of consciousness and all memories, both conscious and subconscious. In other words, the projected double holds a perfect copy of its physical self in subtle energetic form, one small step away from the physical dimension.

The projected double can also be thought of as containing all the higher subtle bodies. As the projected double, sleeping or otherwise, is breathed IN by The Source, its denser subtle bodies are progressively stripped away like the layers of an onion as it rises up through the dimensional spectrum toward The Great Center.


This is why the projected double exists separate from the physical body during sleep. It waits, sleeping or awake outside its physical body, for the next akashic pulse.

When the astral wind arrives, the projected double is irresistibly drawn upward toward The Great Center, becoming more and more refined as it progresses. The coarser layers of its energetic body are progressively shed as it moves upward, until only its pure essence remains: the highest possible energetic expression of itself. This highest and purest of all energetic bodies is assimilated directly into The Source.


A timeless moment later it is breathed OUT, now fully updated, and the akashic pulse carries it back down through the dimensional spectrum. It regains its coarser subtle bodies along the way, as it is blown back into the physical universe, to finally reintegrate with its waiting physical body.

This happens naturally during sleep. The assimilation of adjusted influential consciousness seeds is thus not normally experienced or remembered by the conscious mind - unless it happens to a fully awake real-time projector. Real-time projectors will experience the entire astral wind phenomenon, and may also experience the abstract metaphorical imagery associated with the coded trigger sequences of updated consciousness seeds.


This can happen as these seeds are transferred into their awake real-time double, before they are downloaded into the physical/etheric body. This event can cause the awake real-time projector to experience firsthand a powerful out-of-body mind's-eye vision. Because of the fluid nature of the out-of-body environment, this is usually experienced as an event rather than as a vision. I believe that this process causes some prophetic dreams.

All this points to conscious OBE being an unnatural act of consciousness; possibly even a loophole in the working mechanisms of life. But I think this is far too simple an answer when the long-term potential of OBE is considered.


OBE is way too powerful and meaningful to be accidental. So it seems logical to suggest that conscious OBE may be an important part of the spiritual evolutionary process. As mankind evolves, I believe the OBE factor will steadily become a more profound and meaningful part of life, on the individual as well as on the species growth level.


OBE allows for a strong experiential connection with The Source, The All, The Great I Am, with the originator of everything - tiny sparks of which rest deep within our hearts.

Astral Wind Experience
The following is an astral wind experience I had several years ago during a very powerful real-time projection. I was fully awake in both my physical/etheric and real time bodies, which gave me a unique perspective of the astral wind phenomenon.


With time and hindsight, the results of the seeded influences involved here, and their coded trigger sequences, can be better examined and understood.

It was a hot summer's night and I was meditating late in the evening. In full trance, I was raising energy and working on my higher primary centers. My body started to tingle and I soon felt whole-body vibrations, which is an occasional side effect of this type of energetic work. I decided to go with it and project. I buzzed free into the room, floating several feet in front of my physical body, and moved toward the back of the house, intending to leave through the back wall.


A force like the grip of a powerful wind (all that was missing was the buffeting and howling of a real wind) pulled me backward. My other aspect, the physical me sitting in the chair, watched with great interest what was happened to our real-time double. Neither of us had any idea of what was happening or why. We decided to go with it and see what happened - not that we could do anything about it anyway.

I was dragged through the wall and up into the sky at roughly a forty-five degree angle, backward and facing my house. I could not turn around and face the way I was moving. I had experienced this several times before and knew I was in the grip of a powerful phenomenon, but did not understand exactly what it was. I was not scared, as this had never hurt me, but was fascinated. I watched my house grow steadily smaller as I was dragged away by the scruff of my neck through the night sky into the unknown.

I seemed to momentarily black out after being dragged through a thin cloud layer. I remember clouds flying past me as if I were skydiving in reverse. I became aware again as I was falling back to earth; it seemed like a short time later. I was facing forward this time, but at about the same angle and speed as when I had left.


The astral wind dumped me in the middle of the road in front of my house, at the end of a neat, tree-lined cul-de-sac in the suburbs. In front of me stood a large, solid-looking refrigerator, standing in the middle of the road, with a massive red brick wall standing about twenty feet or so behind it. I couldn't see the top of the wall. (In real life there is no wall or refrigerator there.)

I moved toward the refrigerator. Its door was hanging partly open and its light was on. I somehow knew that it was broken, and saw it was full of old toys and junk. The next moment my wife appeared beside me. She looked at the refrigerator then glared coldly at me. She firmly said, "Goodbye", then turned and marched angrily away from me, walking away from our house. Just before she rounded the corner she stopped and turned, looking back at me.


Her face softened a little, and with a sad little smile and a small wave, she turned and continued on her way, climbing over a small fence and walking out of sight.

I stood there, stunned, looking at the desolate scene around me. I had a fair idea that the imagery meant that my wife and I were destined to split, permanently, at some time in the not-so-distant future. This staggered me, as we were happily married at the time, busily raising our four small children.

The vision experience ended there and I suddenly found myself back in my physical body. I got up and recorded in my journal everything that had happened. About half an hour had passed since I had left my body. This experience, I now know, was an akashic pulse episode. I had witnessed the workings of the akashic pulse firsthand during an extremely powerful real-time projection.

Any projection-related experience, vision, or dream can contain residual elements from akashic pulse episodes.


Along the same line, mind's-eye visions can also be triggered in a clairvoyant when they tune in to consciousness seeds contained within the energy body of the subject they are reading. This is, very basically, how I consider personal clairvoyant or psychic readings to work. This type of mind's-eye vision visually discloses the triggers of influential seeds, as happened in the above experience. The visual equivalent of what these triggers represent can appear as simple signs and symbols (like a refrigerator) or as living metaphorical imagery blended with apparently real-life events.

Real-life events seen in visions and dreams often resemble simple pantomime. They are also often seen as a series of one-act plays (a series of vision segments) with abstract modifying touches showing karmic influences and future probabilities. They are, by nature, extremely complex because of high-level understandability and base-level memory translation problems.

It is possible to learn a great deal about present influences, coming events and conditions, and changeable factors by analyzing vision experiences. Possible choices and their probable outcomes, positive and negative, are very often clearly shown. Unfortunately, the prophetic content of visions and dreams is often way too simple and clear for easy interpretation at its face value.


Did I say simple?


This is more aptly described as a sophisticated blend of overly simplistic abstract representations and real-life events that can look anything but clear and simple at the time. In hindsight, though, the true meaning of a vision can be absurdly simple. This is part of the reason why a set protocol is necessary for accurate interpretation, to get around the abstract, overly simplistic metaphorical absurdity of it all.

Following is an OBE-specific version of a universal vision-interpretation protocol I have been developing for some time. The nature and interpretation of metaphorical imagery is something of a passion of mine, as are its universal applications to perceptions gained through dreams and visions.


This protocol can be applied and used to decipher any type of vision, vision experience, or dream, whether experienced in or out of body.

Interpretation Protocol
Dreams and vision experiences often have such vague, cluttered, and seemingly random content that their interpretation can be extremely difficult, if not impossible.


This is why interpretation is best saved for clearer and more powerful kinds of experiences, or parts of experiences, although it never hurts to analyze the smallest and most insignificant vision segment. With a little practice, it soon becomes clear which experiences or parts of experiences warrant serious interpretation and which are best ignored.


An interpretation protocol - a set procedure - helps.

Keep a journal and record all significant dreams and OBE experiences. This is sage advice for anyone hungering for personal spiritual insight and progression. Dreams and visions show and teach you everything about your past, present, and future. They will guide you along life's rocky paths, if only you have the eyes to see through the infuriating simplicity of it all.

Usually only in hindsight do certain vision elements become meaningful. A record of past experiences allows them to be researched and compared with other visions and real-life events. The knowledge and insights gained from repeated comparison of symbology and real-life outcomes can then be applied to present and future visions and dreams. The accuracy of this kind of prophetic analysis, based on identifiable personal vision symbology, works better over the long term.

Everyone's mind works in different ways when it comes to dream and vision experiences.


We all have our own personal built-in set of mental filters, made up of symbolic associations peculiar only to us. Learned mental associations, and those set within us all by the collective consciousness, are used by the physical brain on the subconscious level to interpret vision-causing energies from dimensional levels above and beyond the base level of understanding. These energies-perceived or received in their pure form during dreams, visions, and OBEs - must be translated into base-level format (standard physical brain memory storage format) before they can be downloaded to become real memories.

I include dreams here, although this book is not about dream interpretation, as it is often impossible to differentiate between OBE-gained visions and dream-gained visions. Very often, during OBEs, only the tail ends or segments of clairvoyant visions and akashic pulse episodes are remembered, with everything else being lost to memory. These often seem like normal vivid dreams.

Only by the process of recording and interpreting visual experiences, in the long term, can the all-important peculiarities of personal psychological associations be identified.


Long-term recording and analysis allow the identification of the symbolism and imagery generated within vision experiences by the subconscious mind. In time, repeated patterns appear. These show the forms, structures, and symbology that make up the metaphorical imagery of the visions and dreams of an individual. When the basic elements of these patterns become known, that knowledge can be applied to personal vision interpretation. A great deal of valuable personal insight can then be gleaned from seemingly meaningless visions and dreams.


As a bonus, the more a set protocol is used, the more powerful and accurate it becomes as a prophetic tool and guide.

Journal Layout
The layout shown below can be simplified or elaborated on as required.


At least a full page should be used for each experience, with space left blank at the end for hindsight notes and connections to be added later. If a vision is lengthy or complex, more than one page may be needed to break it down. In time, a more-practiced eye will allow the bulk of interpretation to be done mentally, with much less attention then being needed on a formal layout. It can be progressively simplified to reflect increased understanding.

It helps if you use the same layout every time. The keywords can be added first, transcribed from the notepad you should keep beside your bed at all times.


The full experience can be written, using the keywords as a guide, later in the day when you have more time.

  • Header: At the top of each journal entry (always use a new page for each vision or dream) show the page number, full date, and moon phase in bold. On the same line, write a brief phrase to encapsulate the experience, e.g., "Whale Watching" or "Disneyland", or "Refrigerator". Do not be afraid to alliterate, as this helps lock it in memory.


    These headers make it easier to search for particular experiences at a future date. Adding the moon phase is optional, but I find this a useful reference that, over a full year, shows the times when significant visions and dreams occurred. This can be a good indicator as to when more of the same are likely to occur in the coming year, and how they are affected by astrological influences.

  • Keywords: List the keywords of the experience on the first line, below the header, keeping the true sequence of events. Separate vision segments with a dash - like this - if more than one is involved.

  • Full Experience: Leave a blank line, then write the full experience using the keywords as a guide - again using dashes - to indicate distinctly separate vision segments.

    (Leave a blank line between each of the following sections.) Setting: Briefly describe the background and setting of the vision, listing each change of background if the vision has multiple segments.

  • Players: List all the players in the vision, in order of the importance of their connection to you and your life, as well as by the significance of the part they play in the vision. If there are many people in the vision, list those not taking active or meaningful parts in descending order, as "Supporting Cast" and "Extras".

  • Sequence of Events: Note and mark the sequence of events, using keywords as guide. You can list these separately for a short vision, but for a longer one it is probably easier to insert these into the "Full Experience" section, as #1, #2, #3, by inserting numbers, especially if you are interpreting a lengthy or complex vision.

  • Symbols: Things that seem odd or out of place are usually symbols that have deeper meaning than is apparent on the surface. Symbols can be anything: objects, animals, people, or even the way people are dressed. Often, several items will appear odd or out of place; these must all be accounted for.


    For example: a police officer may symbolize legal matters, whereas a firefighter may symbolize damage, danger, or urgency. An automobile, or any other form of transport, will usually indicate your life's path. A particular type of vehicle, say an ambulance, furniture van, truck, or hearse can add important meaning and indicate future events. An ambulance, for example, may indicate a coming illness. Interpret each symbol, once identified, in the most basic way possible and you'll seldom go wrong.

  • Symbolic Actions: Any action that stands out or has meaning, or that is performed in such a way as to attract attention, is a symbolic action. Even small and seemingly insignificant actions can be extremely important. If someone passes an item, or points, or reveals something, or waves, or smiles, or frowns, or laughs, or turns away, etc., these symbolic actions hide deeper meaning. Think simple pantomime here.


    Usually, an important symbolic action will stand out and your attention will be drawn to it during a vision or dream. Keep in mind that the memory you have of a vision is only a very small part of the total information held within it. Any feelings or intuition you have concerning any part of a vision can be considered an important indicator that, if properly accounted for, can unearth more information and meaning.

    Also, keep in mind that in many cases you will find yourself central to the action. You will often be trying to do something or to get somewhere. The rest of the vision will often be built up around this central action. This, if present, reveals the central theme or thrust of the experience and generally indicates what the rest of the symbology is associated with, or can be applied to during interpretation.

  • Symbolic Modifiers: These add meaning to symbols and symbolic actions. If, for example, someone passes an object to you, and the object is damaged or dirty, the condition of that object is to be considered a modifying element, altering its meaning. When traveling in a vehicle, the type and condition of that vehicle is an important modifying factor. If you find yourself traveling on foot, the condition of the road and the surrounding scenery will be the modifying elements to look for.

  • Signposts: These are the most important elements to look for. They will always be there, although they may not always be as clear as the refrigerator symbol given earlier. Signposts symbolize the date stamps for coming events, something that will mark or trigger them. They may not be related in any way to the actual events.


    A signpost is usually something out of place that cannot be missed; there will usually be only one symbol that fits the bill, if it can be identified. For example, you may see a car battery sitting in the middle of your living room during a vision or dream experience. This would indicate that when a car battery becomes significant, the other events depicted in the vision will be active, or are about to become active. It may be something small, like a Christmas gift or birthday card. It could be anything.

  • Connections: Note anything connecting players, objects, and events in vision to your real life.

  • Questions: What is it in itself? What does it do? How does it symbolize a connection with my life? What is its simplest and most basic meaning? Ask these questions of each part and symbol and action, then apply common sense, logic, intuition, and - most especially - personal life knowledge to it. This will provide valuable insight into hidden meanings.


    Take care to give each part the most simple and basic meaning possible. Wishful thinking and jumping to conclusions will ruin any interpretation, as may ignoring the obvious. If no clear meaning can be found, simply leave a large question mark. Its meaning will often become clear only in hindsight. Do not overcomplicate the interpretation process or you will erode the meaning and worth of any vision experience. The most important rule:

    Keep this line of questioning ultra-simple. Do not overlook the obvious, but also do not overlook the more subtle modifying touches.

  • Comments and Guesswork: After applying these questions to each part of your vision, list or write your interpretation of the vision here. Apply current knowledge here, taken from past visions and dreams, plus feelings, intuition, and reason. If you have already started a symbolic index, apply what you have in it. If you are still lost as to the meaning of a vision or dream experience, take a wild guess based solely on intuition. Watch out for wishful thinking and try not to jump to conclusions; these are real killers of accurate interpretation.

  • Hindsight: This part is to be left blank until parts of the vision pan out in real life. Once this happens, the vision must be re-checked carefully for repeating symbolism and patterns that can be used to interpret other visions.

  • Indexing: Make a note of recurring themes, symbols, patterns, and their apparent meanings, according to past vision and dreams experiences. Once these are identified, transfer them to an index in the back of your journal and use this to enhance the interpretation protocol. The index becomes especially powerful once these items are linked with real-life events. List page numbers where symbols recur to make it easier to trace and identify particular elements.

Example Interpretation - The Refrigerator

Header: "Busted Refrigerator" (date) (Full Moon) (page number)

Keywords: OBE, wind - on road, broken refrigerator, brick wall, wife angry, good-bye.

Full Experience: [Already given above.]

Setting: #1. OBE started inside my house. #2. On the road outside my house.

Players: My wife; myself

Sequence of Events: I projected; I was blown away by a mysterious wind; I landed on the street; I saw the broken refrigerator and wall; my wife appeared, looked at the refrigerator, said good-bye, and marched off; wife stopped and waved before continuing out of sight.

Symbols: Road outside my home [why was I there... out on the street?]; large brick wall [a barrier or ending-or a date stamp?]; refrigerator [odd symbol, maybe a date stamp?]

Symbolic Actions: Wife said good-bye; wife walked away from me; wife stopped and waved.

Symbolic Modifiers: Refrigerator light was on [showing light worked?]; refrigerator appeared to be broken and was full of old toys and junk; brick wall was huge and looked impassable; wife appeared angry and coldly said good-bye to me; wife walked away from me and away from our home [indicating she'd precipitate split]; wife waved sadly back at me [indicating belated remorse?].

Signposts: Refrigerator? Brick wall?

Connections: I was there; my wife was there [connected by marriage]; I was on the road outside my home [linking these events with family life].

Comments and Guesses: Although I could not see how or why, I guessed this vision foretold that my marriage would end in the near future; most likely date-stamped by a broken refrigerator.

Hindsight: All the events depicted in this experience came true. A year after I had the refrigerator experience, my next-door neighbor built a large brick wall (eight feet high) all around his house. A few months after that, my family and I moved to another town three hundred miles south. The day we moved into the new house, our refrigerator broke down.


We borrowed one from a relative while ours was in for repair. The borrowed refrigerator did not work either, apart from its door light, which did work. After ours was repaired, the borrowed refrigerator sat on our porch for almost two years, waiting to be collected. Every time I looked at it, as the children slowly filled it with old toys and junk, I remembered the refrigerator experience. I had a feeling that when it was finally collected it could well signify the end of my marriage.

For all this foreknowledge, I still could not see this happening. Our marriage had its share of the usual types of ups and downs, but seemed stable and everything appeared perfectly normal. One day, the relative came and collected the broken refrigerator. A strong feeling of deja vu came over me and I wondered again if this meant the end of my marriage, but still could not see that anything was wrong.


But exactly one week after the old refrigerator was collected, my marriage ended suddenly, permanently, and for no reason I could have foreseen. I ended up out on the street, quite literally, as the vision depicted in its simplistic metaphorical way. It seems the road I was standing on, outside my house in the vision, was also a symbol with hidden meaning to it.

Looking back, aided by hindsight, the meaning of every item and action becomes crystal clear. The brick wall I saw was high and impassable, indicating a definite ending. If there had been any way to change the future events depicted, a way through, around, or over the wall would have been depicted in the vision - for example, a ladder resting against it, or a hole in the wall.


By sheer coincidence, a large brick wall was built by my next-door neighbor just before we left town - or was this just a coincidence? Maybe this was yet another date stamp, or a cunningly disguised trigger, releasing influential seeds that began their effect in and around our lives at that very time.

Of note, the old toys and junk in the refrigerator played a significant part in the outcome of this experience. I cannot give details of this here; it is very personal, but I can say that this symbol was extremely accurate.

While the knowledge of this future event did not allow for any change in the inevitable outcome, it did make this event much easier to deal with when it happened. I was mentally and psychologically prepared for it. I therefore got my life back together very quickly after this upsetting event. And, here I am today writing this book only a few years later, which I would never have been able to do if these events had not transpired as they did.


And that is most definitely food for thought...

Abstract Nature of Symbolism
I would like to sound a general caution here about the abstract nature of the symbols and metaphorical imagery commonly found in any vision. Misunderstanding the nature of metaphorical imagery, plus wishful thinking and jumping to conclusions, can not only generate a lot of confusion, it can cause damage to your life.

If, for example, projectors see a loved one die, they may emotionally deny this and deliberately use their creative ability to change the outcome of the vision. This may happen because they simply cannot face the alternative, whatever it actually means. Emotion can ruin the importance of any vision experience. Any useful warnings or modifying elements showing ways to change or modify an outcome can be lost.


For example, the full vision in its unchanged form may have contained information that had the potential to save the life in question - if it truly were in danger, that is. The dispassionate-observer approach is really the only way to handle any type of vision experience.

The setting, sequence, players, symbols, actions, modifiers, and connections in any type of vision experience or dream are all meaningful aspects of it. And the emotional state of the viewer and how the experience affects them is another very important factor to take into consideration during analysis. Only experience, logic, intuition, and a truckload of common sense can teach anyone how to clearly interpret a real-life prophetic vision experience.


Until this experience is gained, it is best to treat any sort of vision, especially those depicting high-interest subjects like relationships, money, or death, with extreme caution.

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