27. The Silver Cord

The famous silver cord is an intricate structure of energy filaments that, like an umbilical cord, links the physical/etheric body (original copy) with its projected double, during any type of OBE, including near-death experiences (NDEs).


The silver cord forms an unbreakable energetic link between the physical/etheric body and its projected double, enabling a continual two-way telepathic, emotional, and energetic flow, not all on the conscious level.

I say including NDEs as, logically, if a person survives temporary physical death there must have been some unsevered energetic linkage between the physical/etheric body and its projected NDE double. This is the only thing that would enable the reconnection of the temporarily defunct physical body with its projected double when the physical body is brought back to life.

The projected double must be constantly supplied with the correct type of energy needed to support its functionality and integrity on whatever level it is operating. The amount and quality of energy flowing into the projected double greatly affects its capabilities during any type of OBE. A good flow of energy strengthens its ability for coherent thought and movement and enables a stronger memory download during its eventual reintegration with its physical counterpart. Without enough energy flowing into it, consciousness and memory become weak and muddled and control over the projected double becomes difficult.

Consciousness needs a lot of energy. The presence of waking consciousness in any subtle body creates a strong energy demand, which causes a much stronger flow of energy into that particular subtle body than into any other. This tends to weaken all other subtle bodies, but allows the active subtle body to better maintain its conscious integrity and functionality. Energetic development can overcome this to some extent, but all projectors have only a finite amount of energy with which to operate. The amount of energy available to any projector will only spread so far.

Silver Cord Location
There is disagreement about the silver cord's existence and location. Some people claim that it is attached to the navel, some that it is attached to the brow, and others claim that it does not exist at all. My out-of-body observations show the silver cord does indeed exist, but is seen only when deliberately looked for.

The attachment site of the silver cord on the physical body is extremely difficult to ascertain during projection. There appear to be several smaller cords, one extending from each of the primary energy centers (major chakras) of the physical/etheric body, as well as many smaller, wispy filaments extending from some of the larger secondary energy centers (minor chakras), especially in the torso and head areas.


These appear to flow over the surface of the physical body and finally web together to form a single main cord, a couple of inches from the surface of the physical body.


To my way of thinking, the silver cord is attached not to the physical body but to the etheric body.

Fig. 32.

Silver cord, showing attachment differences on the physicalbody and on the projected double

The attachment of the silver cord to the projected double appears to be at a single point only and shows no such web-like structure of smaller filaments making up a larger main silver cord.


The silver cord is not always attached to the same area on every projected double. It will always be seen on the side directly facing the location of the projector's physical body, but this direction can often be quite difficult to ascertain, dimensionally speaking.

There are several possible reasons for reports by many different projectors over the years of different silver cord locations on the projected double.


The first is the effect belief can have on the fluid out-of-body environment, and hence on the appearance of the projected double. Beliefs are strong foundation structures for thought. They can have a strong effect on what is perceived during any projection. Just as self-image shapes the projected double, so the silver cord will usually be seen just where it is expected to be seen. If a silver cord is not believed in, and as a result is not expected, it usually will not be seen or noticed at all during a projection, even if actively looked for.

I remember, during early childhood projections, seeing my silver cord as attached to my navel area. I had no beliefs that could affect the silver cord at this time, having no idea what it was - which adds weight to my observations. I have since observed the silver cord attached to three other places on my projected double: chest, throat, and brow. This positioning seems to vary according to the type of projection I am experiencing at the time.

The silver cord is named for its overall silvery, sparkling appearance. It is quite beautiful. It seems to vary in size and apparent density, probably affected by the energies flowing through it at the time of observation. It usually appears to be about an inch or two in diameter.


The outer covering of the silver cord glows with a faintly sparkling-silver hue, but closer inspection reveals a constantly moving, multicolored, speckled type of structure all through it. Inside the silver cord, clouds of tiny, fast-moving motes of energy can be seen flowing rapidly in all directions. This looks a bit like the moving static seen on a color TV that has been tuned off-station. Projectors touching the silver cord or passing their hands through it sometimes feel a faint tingle.

In real time, if closely observed, the location of the silver cord is seen to change as the projected double moves and turns.


It always stays fairly straight, never bent or kinked, and is always seen on the side of the projected double facing its physical body. This in itself can cause the silver cord to be seen as being attached to a variety of locations on the projected double. In more dimensionally removed areas, where there is no real direction toward the physical body, the silver cord is usually seen extending from the front of the projected double.

Also, the level of energetic activity within the physical/etheric body at the time affects the observation of different attachment sites.


The strength and level of activity within each primary energy center vary greatly, and different primary energy centers work in varying combinations and strengths for different types of projection and projection-related activities. This is because many different types of energies are necessary to maintain the integrity of the projected double in different dimensional levels and circumstances. The strongest and most active primary energy centers will logically have more visible energy filaments extending from them.


Energetic activity in the physical/etheric body is reflected into the projected double, and this very likely affects the location of the silver cord's attachment there. If a projector has a naturally strong and active brow center, for example, the silver cord will usually be most visible in that area. It will be seen extending from the brow area of both their physical and projected aspects.

There appears to be a widespread belief that the silver cord is vulnerable. Many people have written to me over the years, worried about what might happen if their silver cord were somehow damaged or - heaven forbid - even severed, through a mishap or some kind of entity attack, during a projection. Many people refuse to even attempt projection because of this. These fears are totally unfounded and based entirely on the empty body assumption, which I have already dealt with earlier in this book (see chapter 3).


I have never come across a single instance where this has happened, not even a near miss. I have come across nothing that would make me entertain this as even a remote possibility worthy of serious consideration. In my experience it is not possible to damage the silver cord.

The silver cord, as far as I can ascertain, is invulnerable and therefore unbreakable. I have spent a lot of time out of my body, and have experimented, explored, and ranged widely. I have often found myself in some pretty extreme situations. If it were possible to be destroyed by severing the silver cord, I would certainly have died many times over.


Nor can it be damaged simply because a projection is suddenly ended, no matter under what circumstances or how abruptly.

Silver Cord Sighting
This case history from my e-mail files shows an extremely rare sighting of a real-time sleep projector and his silver cord by another awake person.


Note that the silver cord was seen here as coming from the projected double's side and not from an actual primary energy center site. The attachment site of this was most probably affected by the position of the projected double at this time (floating on his side) as previously discussed.

I tried to project with your new rope technique. My wife and I watched TV in bed until both of us were drowsy and falling asleep. I then relaxed and tried to feel myself climbing hand over hand up a rope to the ceiling of my bedroom. I passed out sometime during this and do not remember succeeding with the projection, but my wife awoke later during that night to go to the bathroom.


She saw what she described as a big "teddy bear" floating in the air a few feet above my sleeping body, connected to my side by a glowing silver ribbon. She thought she was dreaming and rubbed and closed her eyes several times, but the same image remained whenever she reopened them. She waved her hand through the teddy bear and silver ribbon several times but could not feel anything solid. Perplexed, she convinced herself it was not real and that she must be dreaming and eventually fell back to sleep again. Later that night she re-awoke and the image was gone.

This case history shows the sighting of a typical sleep projection in progress. The extruded real-time body here mimics the sleeping position of its physical body, and is basically asleep and dreaming itself, albeit out of its body. This man's wife was apparently still half asleep when she saw her husband's projected double and his silver cord. She probably still had some residual real-time or astral sight ability because of this, which enabled her to make this rare observation.

We all project our real-time body during sleep, but the majority of people stay fast asleep during and after this event.


The projected double usually imitates the physical body, adopting a sleeping position just above it, usually within arm's reach. I have observed a great many incidences of this myself during my own real-time out-of-body investigations. If awakened by another real-time projector, sleeping projectors often wake up, but they are usually quite be raddled and confused, often believing they are really somewhere else. They tend to drift back to sleep again fairly quickly.


It is frustrating trying to hold a conversation with projectors in this state as they appear to be trying to function on two or more levels at the same time.

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