13. Raising Energy

Raising energy is an essential part of stimulating, developing, and powering the higher functions of the energy body, including out-of-body projection. This makes use of many of the skills you have learned so far in this book.

Feel energy-raising actions as if you were drawing a large sponge up through each pair of limbs, as if you were sponging water up through them. Stay as physically relaxed as you can while doing these exercises, but don't worry if you tense up a little or tend to twitch a bit at times. A little physical tension will not interfere with this type of energy raising. In time you'll learn how to do this while standing, walking, and even running.

With all the coming energy-raising exercises, if you cannot easily split awareness and work on two limbs at the same time, work on one limb at a time. It is much more important to be able to raise energy through one limb than to be able to split awareness. The following techniques, though, will have to be modified to suit single-limb energy-raising actions.

Do not worry if one leg or arm does not appear to respond well. Usually one side of the body is more active and energetically responsive, and hence easier to draw energy through. Keep trying with the unresponsive side, and continue trying to use arms and legs in pairs while doing these exercises. If one leg or arm is all you can feel, draw energy through it but do not neglect its weaker partner. The weaker side always requires more development. A little extra time should be set aside for this during each training session.


Regular stimulation slowly revitalizes inactive areas as energy pathways widen and are redefined.

Leg Energy Raising

Fig. 19.

Leg energy raising to sub-navel center

There are two ways to raise energy into your body: with awareness alone or with awareness aided by breathing.


The basic techniques for raising energy with awareness alone are generally used as part of a full-body circuit, or for raising energy to primary centers. They are also very useful when it is impractical to do anything more elaborate. For example, try this if you are tired and just want to raise some quick energy before falling asleep.

Prestimulate feet, using the techniques learned in the previous chapter. First brush across all toes with a single action, then use the whole-foot sponging action, one at a time or both together. Continue with this until you feel some activity.

Split awareness (optional) by reaching down and grabbing the energy in both feet with your awareness hands and pulling it upward with a deep sponging action. Sponge it up through the whole of both legs to hips, as if sponging water up through them. This action forces energy to flow into feet and up through legs.

Take energy up through your thighs and over the front of your hips, skipping the groin area, letting it flow directly into your sub-navel storage center from each side. The sub-navel is midway between your bellybutton and pubic line and about two inches inside your body. This action does not have to be precise; the general feeling of raising and pushing energy into this area is all that is required.

Develop a rhythmic drawing action, sweeping and sponging energy upward through your legs and into the storage center. Take two to three seconds over each upward sweep, or whatever feels most natural. At the end of each upward sweep, flick awareness back to your feet, ready to start over. If awareness does not split easily, use one leg at a time, alternating between them with each upward stroke.

When you get a good flow of energy moving into your sub-navel, you may feel a fluttering, bubbling sensation similar to stomach wind. This is a very good sign, indicating energy is successfully being raised, converted, and stored. The exact site of this sensation varies slightly from person to person, but is usually within an inch or two of the center.

Arm Energy Raising
Energy can be raised through arms as well as legs. The arms are normally only used as part of a full-body circuit or for stimulating primary centers, but can also be used on their own.

If you are sitting in a chair, either hang your hands by your sides or rest them palm upward in your lap. If you are lying down, hold your hands above the bed with elbows resting on the surface of the bed. Alternatively, spread your arms wide and rest them on the bed. Any position will do for this purpose and comfort is important. If you cannot split awareness easily, alternate arms and raise energy through them one at a time.

Prestimulate both hands, then center awareness firmly in hands.

Split awareness (optional) and draw energy through both hands, through the whole of both arms to the shoulders, and on up through to the back of the neck. This is where it will join with the energy stream being raised through the spine, as part of a full-body energy-raising circuit (see below).

If this technique is being used on its own, take energy through the shoulders, down over the chest and stomach and directly into the sub-navel storage center.

Use two- to three-second energy sweeps, flicking awareness back to hands at the end of each arm sweep, ready to start on the next.

This technique can be combined with breathing, by raising energy through the arms during the IN breath, and flicking awareness back to hands during the OUT breath, ready for the next IN breath.

Fig. 20.

Arm energy raising to sub-navel center, plus alternative method taking energy over head


Full-Body Circuits
Breathing creates a natural motion within body awareness, that of something flowing in and out of the body. This has a natural upward and downward, inward and outward motion to it. This motion is very useful when combined with awareness energy-raising techniques.


Breathing also provides energy-raising actions with a natural rhythm.


Arms and Legs
The first step is to loosen up and prestimulate the energy structures in the feet, legs, hands, and arms. Repeat the above two sections on basic arm and leg energy raising as needed, until you feel some energy-movement sensations.


If you feel nothing, continue with the following exercises anyway, as energy will still be drawn into and through your body even if you cannot feel anything.

Two-Part Storage Circuit
First, here is a simple technique to take arm and leg energy directly into the sub-navel storage center. This technique soon develops a natural rhythm that makes it very easy to do, and soon becomes almost automatic. Feel free to vary the positions of your arms and legs to whatever feels most natural.


This circuit can be done while sitting, lying down, standing, or even walking, but is best learned while lying down with arms spread wide or above your head.

  1. Prestimulate as needed, then center awareness firmly in both feet.

  2. During the IN breath, raise energy up legs and flow it into the sub-navel.

  3. Continue flowing energy into the sub-navel until IN breath is finished.

  4. When IN breath finishes, flick awareness instantly into both hands.

  5. As OUT breath starts, draw energy through the arms, down the chest, and into the sub-navel.

  6. Continue flowing energy into the sub-navel until the OUT breath is finished.

  7. At the end of the OUT breath, flick awareness back to feet again.

  8. Repeat steps 2 through 7 continuously, settling into a natural rhythm.

  9. If awareness cannot be split, alternate arms and legs, using one limb at a time.

  10. IN and OUT can be reversed if preferred.


Full-Body Storage Circuit
The full-body circuit combines awareness energy raising with breathing, as with the above technique, but covers the whole body with one continual flow of energy, rather than two separate flows. This stimulates the majority of energy conduits, pathways, and energy centers in the body, including the primary energy centers.

A full-body circuit should be done, if possible, for ten to fifteen minutes per day to gain significant developmental benefits from it. This can also be split into many smaller sessions, and even a minute per session is valuable. Once learned, this technique can be used to make better use of free waiting and traveling time. There is no limit to the length of time this can or should be practiced, the more often the better.

If this technique is done for just a few minutes before falling asleep, the extra energy raised increases the vividness of dreams and lucid dreams. This empowers all subtle and dream bodies, thus making conscious-exit projection easier to do and to remember.

The energy-raising action used in the full-body circuit can be fairly wide; it does not have to be narrowed to just the spine. Allow it to spread out as energy is raised up through your back and down over your front, narrowing it just before it flows into your sub-navel.

Use slow, deep, natural breathing. Prestimulate feet and hands and bounce awareness through your whole body a few times before beginning the full-body circuit. The full-body circuit can be done in any position, but is best learned while lying on your back with arms resting comfortably at sides.

During the downward sweep over the head, the energy is best taken into the mouth and down the throat, and then out onto the upper chest as it continues moving down toward the sub-navel. Otherwise the throat area will be skipped as awareness passes over the face and chin, and it contains important centers that should be stimulated. It helps if the tongue is rolled back and held gently against the roof of the mouth during the full-body circuit.

Taking energy into the mouth can be omitted entirely if this is found to be too difficult or too distracting. In this case, simply take the energy down over the face and chest, skipping the mouth entirely. The mouth part of the full-body circuit should not be forgotten.


Add it at a later time when you are more comfortable with it.

  1. Prestimulate as needed, then center awareness firmly in both feet.

  2. During the IN breath, raise energy up the legs and through the back.

  3. Raise energy through arms as awareness passes where hands are resting (optional).

  4. Continue raising energy up the neck to top of the head.

  5. Hold awareness in the top of your head and accumulate it there until the IN breath is completed.

  6. As the OUT breath starts, sweep energy over your face, into your mouth, throat, and chest to the sub-navel.

  7. Continue flowing energy into the sub-navel until you complete the OUT breath.

  8. At the end of the OUT breath, flick awareness back to the feet, ready for the next IN breath.

  9. Repeat steps 2 through 8 while settling into a natural rhythm.

  10. If you cannot split awareness, alternate and use one limb at a time.

  11. IN and OUT can be reversed if preferred.

Fig. 21.

Full-body circuit


Joining Arms into Full-Body Circuit
Once you are comfortable with the above circuit, join your arms into the energy flow. This increases overall energy flow as well as drawing in different types of energies through your hands.

During the above full-body circuit, as your upward-moving awareness passes your hands, draw energy through the hands and up arms as well. Raise arm energy in line with the rest of your energy from this point onward, in one fluid upward sweep. Feel your arm energy joining into the spinal energy flowing through the back of your neck.


Smoothly continue this awareness action up into the crown center. Continue with the full-body circuit as given above. The only change is the addition of hand and arm energy into the flow with each upward sweep on the IN breath. Everything else stays the same.

Using the arms with the full-body circuit should be considered optional. It can be omitted if you have difficulty with it, or find that this addition makes it too complicated. It is more important to have some kind of a full-body energy circuit that you can use than to slavishly follow every step of these techniques. Just do the best you can. None of the awareness actions used with these energy-raising techniques needs to be precise. A roughly approximate feeling of moving energy from one place to another in your body is quite good enough. You'll get better with practice.

If you cannot easily split awareness, raise energy up alternate sides of the body, taking energy up one leg and arm to crown, then continuing as normal.


With each new IN breath, change the side being used, first left then right, etc.

Energy Flow and Effort
As I have mentioned, a deeply relaxed physical state usually is not required for learning the NEW system. Effort can thus be put into the energy-raising actions without breaking any delicate mental state.


The amount of energy that can be raised is greatly affected by the application of will. This is particularly useful when there are low background energy conditions, or for times when a greater energy flow is needed, e.g., for clearing stubborn, unresponsive, and blocked areas with brute awareness force.

Apart from clearing blockages, for normal development I strongly recommend that only a normal level of effort be used. This is not only easier but is far more natural. It will encourage more even and robust development of the energy body as a whole. Too great an effort can cause too rapid expansion and growth in certain areas, which can make developing energetic structures far too delicate to be of much practical use.


Forced development through excessive effort grows large but weak, temporary, and unstable energetic pathways. These will retract back to their original narrowed state very quickly, maybe even smaller than before, if not nurtured gently during development.

Using too strong energy-raising efforts to unblock damaged or depleted structures within the energy body can cause continuing energy demands and high energy usage far in excess of the amount of energy raised. This can result in temporary physical exhaustion. Often, more energy is used to repair blockages than is actually being raised and stored, thus causing a temporary energy deficit. This can also cause noticeable energy-movement sensations that continue for some time after energy-raising actions have been discontinued.


This is quite normal and often unavoidable.

Energy-Movement Sensations
I would like to make one thing very clear. Strong energy-movement sensations are primarily caused by resistance within the energy body - natural resistance to an increased flow of energy through blocked or narrowed energy centers and circuitry.


Many people, during the early stages of development, will feel some very strong energy-movement sensations indeed. These sensations fluctuate, gradually reducing in severity as the energy body develops to handle increased energy flow.

The energy, when it responds in the early stages, will most commonly cause a surging, bubbling, rushing-water sensation. This is especially strong and noticeable in the shins and thighs. These can be quite intense and even breathtaking at times. You may also feel strong, bone-deep tingling sensations that appear to come from deep inside the marrow of your bones. Many of my volunteers have reported they have fallen off their chairs and been unable to stand for a while, because surging energy-movement sensations in their legs have been so strong.

Several peculiar energy-movement sensations, often very strong, can be caused by the NEW system. It is fairly normal, while stimulating the feet, legs, hands, and arms, to feel extremely strong buzzing and tingling sensations within them. These sensations will fade slowly with regular use and development, reducing to a warm and comfortable, gently tingling, energy flow.


Levels of sensation can also be affected by other factors, such as the condition of the physical body and the strength and availability of free energy, which fluctuates daily and varies from one place to another.



Common Sensations

  • Tingling, tickling, buzzing, and vibrating in the soles of feet and toes

  • Rushing-water sensation up legs and arms

  • Bone-deep tingling inside hands, feet, legs, and arms

  • Tingling energetic body-rush feelings up arms, legs, and spine

  • Muscular spasming and twitching

  • Cobweblike tickling, like ants crawling all over you

  • Localized stinging and prickling sensations

  • Aching, cold or hot spots, especially in soles and palms

  • Muscular cramps

Keep in mind that heavy energy-movement sensations always reduce as the energy body develops. Masters of energy raising, with highly developed energy bodies, feel only a gentle, tingling warmth as massive amounts of energy are drawn into their bodies. Look upon the lessening of energy-movement sensations as signs of real progress in energy-body development.

Side Effects
The NEW system, especially in the early stages, will occasionally cause temporary swellings, lumps, rashes, and even small watery blisters. In my opinion, this is caused by narrowed energy pathways having far greater than normal amounts of energy forced though them.


This seems to overload some of the nerves and nerve endings in the physical body, temporarily affecting surrounding soft tissue and skin and causing these side effects.

If you get any of these symptoms, treat them as you would any normal swelling, rash, or blister. Consult your medical doctor if they worry you. Energy rashes and blisters usually sting and itch quite noticeably when energy is drawn through them. These will heal very quickly if you continue regular development exercises, usually within a day or two, and will often disappear completely overnight.

If your energy body does not respond at all, even after weeks of regular effort, I advise you to have a mil medical checkup by a qualified medical doctor. Energy blockages of this magnitude are not a good health indicator. This can indicate early disease conditions that have not yet become symptomatic.


As early diagnosis of most medical conditions is paramount to their successful treatment, this can be an extremely valuable side benefit of energy work.

Awareness Momentum
After repeating any energy-raising action several times, you will find it develops a tendency to continue on its own accord. Awareness actions thus often continue after you have stopped consciously doing them. I call this effect awareness momentum.


It seems to be caused by a kind of energy-body memory taking over, which shows just how easily these techniques can be learned.

Continuing Energetic Demands
After an energy blockage has been cleared, the energy body will often continue flowing energy through newly cleared areas. Energy-movement sensations may thus continue to be experienced for some time after stimulation actions have ceased.

Energy blockages will also often clear themselves spontaneously, in response to earlier energetic development exercises. This can happen at any time of the day or night, which can cause energy-movement sensations to begin spontaneously and for no apparent reason.

Energy Center Spin
Primary energy centers are nonphysical vortexes of energy that look (to clairvoyant sight), like spinning wheels of multicolored light. Although secondary centers cannot so easily be observed, it is logical to suggest they may have similar attributes.


The natural direction in which a center is spinning can often be felt with the stirring awareness action. If you feel resistance while stirring an energy center, try reversing the direction of that action.


If the new direction feels easier and more natural, or has a more positive effect, there is a good chance that that center works better being stimulated in that way.

Etheric Wrap
Etheric wrap is a versatile and useful technique for clearing blockages and restoring damaged parts of the energy body. Areas that are unresponsive, tingle noticeably, feel heavy, or sting, or buzz, or bum, or act in any way different from the rest of your body, usually indicate some kind of blockage, depletion, or damage.


These areas need more attention to repair and restore them. When you draw or bounce awareness through your body, you may also come upon areas that feel heavier or lighter or fuzzier or thicker, or that provide more or less resistance to awareness actions. These sensations indicate those areas need extra work to clear them.

Use a wide-wrapping action over the damaged area. Imagine you have an endless white bandage of pure energy flowing from your awareness hands. Feel this bandage of energy flowing directly into the damaged area as you wrap it. Feel the substance of your energy flowing with this bandage. This action is to be varied to suit the size and position of the area being worked on.

Etheric wrap is useful for getting inactive areas working. For example, if you want to etheric wrap a leg: Awareness-target your foot and begin wrapping from the toes up, as if you were carefully wrapping an overlapping energy bandage around it. Feel your energy flowing into that area, into the foot, through your awareness hands. Continue wrapping up over the foot, over the ankle, and on up the leg, all the way to the hip. Take your time over this and be careful to overlap the wrapping action all the way. Repeat this as many times as required, as this exercise cannot be overdone.

Note that some energy blockages will not show up for some time. Many will only become apparent after energetic development work has become a regular practice, as the energy body becomes more energy sensitive and energy demands increase.

Daily Energy-Raising Time
There is no limit as to how much energy raising can or should be done, as long as this is taken only into the sub-navel storage center.


The more often energy is raised, the more energy will be stored and the more energy will be available for physical, bioenergetic, and pure-energetic purposes. It is far more beneficial for long-term energetic development to raise energy gently and slowly and for longer periods of time, than it is to raise large amounts of energy in short bursts only.


Rushing development creates fragile energetic structures that have little practical use, as they tend to break down when put under pressure.

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