12. Energy Body Stimulation

Five Awareness Actions
Five tactile imaging actions are used to manipulate the energy body, using the same basic techniques throughout. Scratch or rub each energy center or energetic pathway as needed, to help target it and make it easier to follow with awareness alone.


As well as feeling these actions on the surface, feel them happening beneath the skin and slightly inside the body. With all the above awareness actions, it is the action of feeling a point of body awareness moving on or through the physical body that stimulates the substance of the energy body.


The size of the awareness actions given below are to be varied to suit the body part or energy center being worked on.

Stirring Action: Move your point of awareness in a clockwise circle through the surface of your skin. This is as if you were stirring the target area with a single finger of one of your awareness hands. This action can be counterclockwise if preferred.

Brushing Action: Move your point of awareness back and forth through the skin as if brushing that area with a paintbrush.

Fig. 8.

Stirring action on kneecap

Fig. 9.

Brushing action on kneecap


Wrapping Action: Move your point of awareness around the targeted area, joint, or limb, as if continually wrapping an imaginary bandage around it.


Tearing Action: Use your awareness hands in a two-handed tearing action. Imagine you are holding a small bread roll or do-nut on the skin, or just under it, and are repeatedly tearing this apart with your awareness hands, over and over.


This action is mainly used on primary energy centers, but can also be used as an alternative method for stimulating secondary energy centers and groups of exchange ports.

 Fig. 10.

Wrapping action on kneecap

Fig. 11.

Tearing action on kneecap


Sponging Action: Imagine or feel your awareness hands holding a large sponge, with you sponging water upward through the entire area being worked on. This is mainly used as a whole-limb action. It can be used to sponge energy up just one side of a limb, but is primarily used for raising energy through the whole of a limb or body part.

Fig. 12.

Sponging action on leg

Instructional Notes
The NEW system does not require a deep level of relaxation, nor even a great deal of preparation. Once these techniques are learned, it is possible to raise energy at any time, even while traveling, walking, talking, working, or watching TV, etc.


For the following training exercises, use light relaxation only, except where you encounter problems learning these techniques and getting energy moving during early exercises. While deep physical relaxation is not necessary for the NEW system, if you encounter difficulties, some preliminary deep physical relaxation and trance work will usually help.

I recommend sitting in a comfortable chair, with your legs reasonably straight and slightly out in front, preferably with bare feet or loose socks. Do not wear tight clothes, especially on legs, as anything tight or uncomfortable will interfere with awareness targeting and energy raising. Place a pillow or cushion under feet. Do not sit cross-legged during training sessions, as this makes awareness targeting and learning how to raise energy more difficult. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, generally settle yourself, and begin.

When unresponsive secondary centers or groups of exchange ports are found, do not stop your progress to concentrate on blocked areas. Work on them for the suggested length of time, then move on to the next exercise. Working around blockages in this way helps clear them.

I suggest that eyes be kept closed and not be allowed to look at the target area. I have found that looking toward the target area, even from behind closed eyes, tends to dilute the effectiveness of awareness actions.


Still, some of my volunteers reported having difficulty learning to focus awareness without using their eyes to aid targeting. It is permissible to use your eyes to aid awareness targeting, by looking at the area being working on, but I suggest that the use of the eyes for targeting be slowly discontinued as soon as is practical.


Many of the coming exercises do not allow the eyes to be used at all, as with trance and projection techniques, etc.

Preliminary Stimulation Work
These exercises are designed to isolate and stimulate individual secondary centers and small clusters of exchange ports. Picking through them like this allows blocked areas to be identified so they can be cleared and strengthened. Each successfully cleared area significantly increases the flow of energies into the energy body. Individual fingers and toes do not have to be worked on every time, only in the early stages and to remove blockages.

Connecting pathways in the energy body can become blocked and narrowed to the point where they become virtually disconnected, just as the physical body can malfunction in similar ways. Energy pathways can be healed and redefined by repeatedly drawing energy through and around them.


The energy body, like the physical body, learns very quickly and develops a kind of energetic memory of often-repeated awareness actions.

Toe Work
Toes are important parts of the larger and more powerful energy structures within the feet. Each toe joint contains a secondary energy center, with four poles flowering on the skin's surface.


These are connected to the heavy concentration of energy exchange ports on the undersides of the feet and toes. As energy-raising structures, the feet are bases for the largest and strongest conduits into the energy body. They are therefore important structures to stimulate and develop.

One foot - usually the left - will normally activate much easier than the other. It may take many development sessions before the less-active side begins to respond. If, in the first exercise below, no sensation is felt in either big toe, this means that both of these areas are currently dormant or blocked. It does not mean the NEW system will not work for you. It will.


These sluggish areas will progressively clear as more of the energy structures within the feet clear.

Fig. 13. Main secondary centers in toes

Awareness-target the top of your left big toe. There is a fairly large secondary center in each of its joints.


Give this toe a light scratch or rub along its length with your fingernail to highlight it, until it tingles slightly on top. Use the brushing awareness action and brush along its whole length, from its tip to a couple of inches past where it joins the foot. Concentrate on feeling this action inside the skin. Vary this action occasionally and brush each side of it as well, inner and outer. Keep brushing until you feel a slight buzzing or localized heaviness or pressure in that toe. Continue brushing for several minutes, or until some noticeable sensations are felt, then move on to the next exercise.

Repeat the above exercise on right big toe.

Use the sponging action through the whole of both big toes, one at a time.

The stirring action can also be used on top of each joint, if they are difficult to activate. Try splitting awareness and brushing or sponging both big toes simultaneously.

Use the brushing and sponging actions on all lesser toes, starting with the toe next to the big toe on the most responsive foot. Spend slightly more time on the less responsive foot, and on any unresponsive toes to help free them up.

Using a slightly wider brushing action (width from tips of toes to just past where they join foot) and starting with your best foot again, brush across the entire tops of all toes at the same time, from side to side, from big toe to small toe, back and forth.

Repeat this action on your other foot.

Try splitting awareness and repeating the above on both feet simultaneously, in whatever direction is felt as being easiest and most effective.

Sole Work
The energy exchange ports on the undersides of the feet and toes form the outer layer of the complex energy exchange structures within the feet. The soles are therefore extremely important to energy flow into the body, and the following exercises should be thoroughly worked through for best results.

Fig. 14.

Rotary stirringacti on on sole of foot

Fig. 15.

Brushing action on sole of foot

Awareness-target the middle of the sole of your left foot. Scratch or rub this area if you need help targeting it. Using a small clockwise stirring action, approximately one and one-half inches in diameter (3.5 cm), circle your point of awareness there continually.


Move this stirring action slowly over the underside of your foot and its toes. Keep this stirring action moving at all times, covering that entire area thoroughly. Continue this mobile stirring action until you have covered the entire underside of your foot several times, including the undersides of all toes and the heel. This awareness action is a little like you are using a small rotating electric massager. Spend at least five minutes on each sole with this rotary action (early exercises only) or until the surface of each sole begins to respond well.

Using a wide brushing action, as if painting the soles with a large paintbrush, brush awareness back and forth, from heels to toes, covering the entire underside of each foot deeply with the brushing action, one foot at a time.

Try splitting awareness and repeating the brushing action on both feet at the same time.

Using a deep sponging action, draw awareness from tips of toes to heel, back and forth through the whole of each foot, one foot at a time. Feel this action as filling the inside of the whole of each foot as you do this.

Try splitting awareness and sponging through the whole of both feet at the same time.

Feet and Sensations
Working on the undersides of the feet can cause very strong energy-movement sensations indeed. These can be extremely uncomfortable, even painful, especially in the very early stages of these development exercises.


Unfortunately, this cannot be helped and therefore should be accepted as the price of development. Intense buzzing, tingling, tickling, and bone-deep vibrating energy-movement sensations are commonly felt. These may continue for some time, even after the awareness actions that caused them have been discontinued. This will sometimes be accompanied by nervous twitching and muscular spasming in the feet and legs. This can also be quite strong in the early stages. Occasional hot or cold burning spots and heavy patches inside the feet and legs can also be felt, indicating blocked and damaged areas.

All these sensations are normal for this type of energetic development work. The degree of sensations felt indicates the degree of resistance to the energy being raised. Strong energy-movement sensations are caused by larger-than-normal amounts of energy being forced through narrowed energy pathways and conduits. This over-stimulates the nerves in the skin and surrounding tissue near the affected energy pathways.

Strong energy-movement resistance sensations should be ignored. If sensations become too strong for comfort, move on to the next exercise. If these sensations go way beyond acceptable comfort levels, immediately discontinue all exercises at least until the next day, to give them a chance to settle down. Sensations will always be less the next time. Strong sensations are agood energetic sign, indicating good energy flow potential in affected areas.

Sensations usually ease off gradually over five or ten minutes, sometimes a little longer. Walking helps ease them. If only very mild sensations are felt, this can indicate that a good flow of energy already exists, producing significantly less resistance with reduced sensations. But if no sensations are felt at all, large blockages should be suspected, and extra work will be required to clear them. Actual physical pain is quiterare, but hot or cold or painful aching spots, plus needlelike pains, are not uncommon. These indicate particular types of energy blockages that normally reduce only gradually, as they are cleared and conditioned to the greater energy flow.

It is a good idea to take extra good care of your feet and hands, at least while doing these early exercises. I recommend that this become a habit for anyone doing serious, long-term energetic development. If you have difficulty getting foot energy moving, try soaking them in comfortably hot water, then scrubbing them with a nailbrush, paying particular attention to the soles and heels.


Scrub feet until they tingle slightly, then dry and rub some light body oil or cream into them. This extra attention will make you more aware of your feet, as the whole-foot tingling sensation caused by this attention will last for some time. This can help with awareness targeting.


The application of essential oils, plus massage and reflexology techniques, can also help activate and clear blocked energy structures in the feet.


Leg Work
Each leg sweep should take approximately three seconds for each pass, up or down. This exercise is designed to stimulate the energy pathway, not to raise energy up through the leg, which is why awareness is brushed in both directions. Repeat this process for each of the following leg exercises.

Use a wide brushing action on the front of each leg, one at a time. Scratch, rub, or stroke the whole leg pathway, if required to help target and trace the pathway being worked on. Move awareness from tips of toes, over top of foot and ankle, up shin to knee and on up to top of the hip joint on the front of each leg, one leg at a time. Stroke awareness steadily back and forth a dozen times or more each way.

Repeat this on the back of each leg, one at a time, from heel to rear of hip joint (top of buttock), then back down again.

Repeat this on outer sides of each leg, one at a time. Pay attention to taking energy from the smallest toe with this exercise, through outerside of foot to heel, to side of ankle, up to side of knee, to top of outer hip joint, then back down again.

Repeat this on inner legs, one at a time: from big toe through the inner side of foot to the inner side of ankle, to inner knee, to inner groin creases at top of each leg, then back down again.

Raise energy with large sponging action through the whole of each leg, feeling all of the leg. Draw awareness from toes, through ankle, and on up through knee joint to hip, then back down through the whole leg again.

Try splitting awareness and doing this last exercise on both legs at once.

Hand and Arm Work
The energy body also exchanges and draws energies into itself through the hands and arms. Rather than overcomplicating matters, it is best to think of these energies as being simply atmospheric subtle energies, as opposed to the more earthly energies that flow into the feet and legs.


The hands, like the feet, each have a heavy concentration of exchange ports in the palms and undersides of fingers.

Fig. 16.

Main secondary centers in hand


Finger Work
The process for hand and finger stimulation is similar to that used with the feet, with minor differences. Some find it easier to do early finger and hand exercises if they look at each finger as they work on it. This is permissible, but please discontinue using your eyes for this purpose once the techniques are learned.

First, spread fingers slightly and use a narrow brushing action to stimulate the entire length of each finger on top. Work on one finger at a time and brush from fingertips to wrists for thirty seconds each, or until they begin to respond, and longer if you so choose. Turn hand over and repeat this with each finger on its underside.

Use a wide brushing action, as if you were using a large paintbrush, and stimulate the backs of each hand, covering all fingers from tips to a few inches above wrists, one hand at a time, for thirty seconds or more, even if they responded well earlier.

Use a wide brushing action across all fingers, from side to side, covering all fingers.

Try splitting awareness and repeating the above on both hands at the same time.

Fig. 17.

Wide brushing and stirring actions


Palm Work
Palm work can cause intense energy-movement sensations in the palms and fingers. These sensations usually reduce more rapidly than those in the feet.

Repeat the same process you used with the sole of each foot, on the palm of each hand, one at a time. First use a tight, mobile stirring action, moving this action about until you have covered the whole of the palm of each hand, including the undersides of all fingers.

Use a wide brushing action, back and forth, from a few inches above the heel of hand to finger tips, covering the entire surface of palms and undersides of all fingers.

Use a large sponging action through the whole of each hand, from fingertips to above wrists.

Try splitting awareness and stimulating both palms, from above wrists to fingertips.

Arm Work
Move awareness back and forth from fingertips to shoulder, a dozen times in both directions for each of the following exercises. Take approximately three seconds over each upward arm sweep, and the same for each downward sweep.

Along outer left arm, use a wide brushing action from fingertips, along back of hand to wrist, over forearm to elbow, over outer biceps to outer shoulder joint, back and forth.

Repeat above on inner left arm from fingertips, palms, inner wrist, inner elbow, to armpit.

Repeat on whole of left arm, using sponging action, feeling all of arm, inside and out.

Repeat all above exercises with right arm.

Try splitting awareness and repeating with whole of both arms at the same time.

Energy Bounce Techniques
Energy bounce is a simple and effective awareness technique that helps to clear, redefine, and strengthen all energy pathways.


Awareness Resistance Factor
When you move awareness rapidly through the energy body, you encounter natural energetic resistance. This feels like you are dragging your point of awareness through an almost-liquid substance, which allows you to feel the substance of your own energy body. The bounce action creates a kind of ripple inside the energy body, causing energetic disruption, which forces energy to flow. This helps clear blockages and develops internal conduits.

As an example (using a rapid sponging action) bounce your awareness up and down through the whole of one leg, from foot to hip, feeling it moving in both directions, as with the earlier whole-leg sponging exercise. Bounce from foot to hip and back, rapidly and repeatedly. Your body awareness is capable of lightning movements, and of flicking from one body part to another instantly, but not so when moving through the energy body in this way.


Slowly increase the speed of the bounce action and you will soon feel resistance. You will find there is a natural speed limit of about half a second each way. If you move faster than this, your awareness will tend to lose contact with your energy body and start flicking from foot to hip and back, while skipping the leg in between.


Once this happens, you are no longer moving awareness through the energy body and are therefore no longer stimulating it.

Bounce Testing
Whatever part of your body you wish to bounce awareness through, first experiment with the speed, increasing the bounce frequency until resistance is encountered. Once this is felt, slow the speed a little until you are quickly and comfortably bouncing awareness through your body, while retaining the feel of contact with it.


This will be the correct speed for the bounce action in that area. Do not count or time this with a watch, just feel the most comfortable speed for you in that area.

Fig. 18.

Leg bounce action


Leg Bounce
As above, take awareness through one or both legs, from feet to hips. First test for resistance and find the correct frequency, then bounce repeatedly from feet to hips. You will quickly develop a natural rhythm and will feel the slight dragging effect it has in your energy body. Energy-movement sensations in the bounce area are usually quite mild.


Continue bouncing for at least a minute, or for as long as you wish. It's quite a pleasant sensation when you get used to it and the bounce action quickly becomes almost automatic. Try splitting awareness and bouncing through- both legs at the same time.


Holding your legs together makes this last easier.

Arm Bounce
As above, bounce awareness through both arms, one at a time, from fingertips to shoulders and back again repeatedly. First test for resistance and adjust bounce speed to suit.


Try splitting awareness and bouncing through both arms at the same time.

Spinal Bounce
This is a wonderful technique if you suffer back tension or spinal pain. I have a few spinal injuries myself and find this very soothing and healing. Once you master the spinal bounce, you can set it in motion and use your mind for other things. Only a small part of your mind is required to keep the bounce action going in the background. This promotes deep physical relaxation, helps ease knots of tension in the spine, as well as gently stimulating the spinal roots of most primary centers.

Awareness-target the coccyx (tailbone) at the base of the spine. Move awareness along the full length of your spine to the top of your head. Bounce awareness back and forth, from top to bottom, feeling it all the way. Increase speed and adjust frequency, then slow to a more comfortable rhythm - about half a second or so in each direction. Take care to breathe naturally while doing this. The spinal bounce action tends to interfere with the natural breathing pattern.


This can cause shallow breathing and intermittent breath holding.

Full-Body Bounce
The full-body bounce takes awareness up and down through the entire body. This can be done from any position, but is best learned while lying down with arms raised above the head.


Take awareness from both feet, up through legs, torso, head, and arms, all the way to just above fingertips. Bounce awareness back and forth, from feet to fingertips. The bounce rhythm should be fairly quick, about one or two seconds each way, but whatever feels most natural is best. Try to feel the whole of your body, inside and out, with each full-body bounce.

A variation of the above is with arms resting at your sides, where awareness is bounced from your feet to just above the top of your head. This is far more practical when sitting or standing.

Keep in mind, after working so laboriously and painstakingly through your newly discovered energy body, that this is only the early training part. The NEW system is very progressive and, once you learn it, large parts of your energy body will quickly begin responding to single awareness actions. The smaller parts of the stimulation exercises given so far quickly combine into larger and simpler whole-of-limb stimulation and energy-raising actions.

Everything starts getting easier, faster, and more effective once this happens.

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