11. Supporting Energy Structures

To project out of body while fully conscious and have some hope of remembering it afterward, it is an enormous help to be able to increase the flow of energy into and through the energy body. A well-known side effect of the trance state is that it produces a stronger flow of energy than does the normal waking state and with regular use causes slow but progressive development.

The majority of case histories on OBE mention energy-movement sensations. The well-known vibrations and rapid heartbeats are nothing more than intense energy-movement sensations associated with the generation and extrusion of the projected double. Underneath our fleshy exteriors we are all bioenergetic beings.


When the energetic part of us moves to the forefront, as it does during conscious-exit projection, energy becomes simply everything.

At a very early stage, when I saw the many conflicts between New Age thought and various Eastern schools of thought over energetic manipulation and development, I decided to take a fresh hands-on approach with my investigations. My research and experimentation with the energy body over the years has yielded significant discoveries and a great deal of insight.

Almost a decade ago, I decided to map out the energy body the hard way, using tactile imaging to feel my way through my own energy body. I literally picked my way through every inch, searching out the smaller energy centers. I probed and stimulated and felt how they worked, what they did, and how they fitted into the structure of the human bioenergetic body as a whole. I avoided researching existing works on this subject at the time, as I wanted to make a completely fresh and unbiased exploration of the human energy body.

This work allowed me to unearth much of the underlying support structure of the energy body. This is not unknown today, if you research acupuncture, reflexology, t'ai chi, Qi-Gong, and other energy-related disciplines, mainly of Eastern origin. My fresh investigations, however, have given me a far more workable hands-on understanding of the energy body than would otherwise have been possible.

My initial discoveries led to a plan to apply what I had learned. This necessitated the development of many techniques, which in turn led to a great deal more experimenting and testing. The new system was then extensively road-tested by dozens of volunteers who provided extensive feedback.


This enabled me to fine-tune my initial theories and techniques, and to develop NEW, a simple but highly efficient energy-body manipulation and development system. It has proven itself extremely valuable and versatile in all aspects of energetic development and OBE.


This book contains a modified version of the complete NEW system, tailored to suit the needs of projection training.

Five Separate Circuits
The human energy body can be likened to an energetic reflection of the physical body, composed of stable and highly structured etheric matter (see chapter 28). It contains within it several different but interdependent energetic circuits.


I have defined these circuits logically, through experimentation, observation, and what I consider to be sound reasoning. My definitions and descriptions strive to provide a good rule-of-thumb way of understanding and dealing with the pure-energetic processes of the energy body, without being overly technical or mysteriously esoteric.

There are five basic energetic circuits within the human energy body.


(I will not discuss the master circuit to any great extent. I have shown it here only to illustrate relationships between the different circuits.)

Each circuit has many different functions on the physical, bioenergetic, and pure-energetic levels.


All are interconnected and work together to support each other's energetic requirements, and all are integral parts of the human bioenergetic body as a whole. The primary energy centers (major chakras) and their higher functions cannot properly be used and developed to any extent (barring accident or natural ability) until the lower circuitry and smaller energy centers have been stimulated, developed, and stabilized.


If attempts are made to develop and use the higher energetic circuitry first, a great deal of time - often years - must be spent waiting for the lower levels of circuitry to catch up with the new demands being placed on them.

Early attempts at energy work, especially with the primary energy centers, can cause major disruptions and realignments within the existing structure of the energy body.


New energy pathways must be formed, and old or blocked energy pathways redefined, widened, and cleared. Until the support structure develops to the point where it can handle the greater energetic demands placed on the energetic support structure by the changed requirements of the higher primary centers, energy is often taken from the vitality storage areas of the energy body.


This can cause the physical body to become energetically depleted. Fatigue, disorientation, headaches, digestion problems, depression, and a variety of emotional disorders and other odd problems can temporarily manifest, in varying combinations and degrees of severity. These can be especially pronounced if the procedures and cautions recommended within this book are not followed. Primary-center work, especially, should not be undertaken too vigorously at too early a stage of development.


Before primary centers are worked on to any great extent, the support structure needs developing so it can better handle the greater flow of energies required of it.

The first step is to stimulate and clear individual secondary energy centers, exchange-port clusters, and their interconnecting pathways, one part at a time. While this process may sound a bit tedious, it is well worthwhile. Once the development process is begun, energy begins flowing far more freely and strongly through the energy body than was possible before.


This solves many underlying projection-related energetic problems by making projection easier and reducing the severity of heavy exit sensations.

Energy Flow
The average person normally absorbs only a small amount of the energy and vitality available each day, and steadily less with age. Energy is absorbed during sleep, digestion, breathing, and exposure to sunlight. Let us say that you absorb 100 units of raw energy per day, enough for your average daily requirements.


Energy-development exercises increase energy usage, and you begin using 200 or more units of raw energy (vitality) per day. This deficit of 100 units will usually be made up for by the energy body's storage areas, sometimes causing the physical symptoms of energy body disruption and depletion.

With a little time and attention, the energy body can be conditioned to handle just about anything. The best way to start is by stimulating, developing, and nurturing the all-important secondary and tertiary energetic structures.


The energy body is then better able to adapt and develop in response to its new energetic requirements.

Secondary Energy Centers
Secondary energy centers are similar to primary energy centers, but are smaller and have fewer functions. Their main purpose is to transform and condition energies received through the tertiary system (energy exchange ports) into the specific qualities required.


These smaller parts of the energy body can be likened to something like bioenergetic electronic components.

The diagram on the following page represents a typical skeletal-type secondary energy center. These have four poles each and a central connecting core running through their center. Each pole is a small vortex-like energy structure that flowers on the surface of the skin directly above the joint. These poles are connected to a larger internal conduit that runs through the center of all bones, through the bone marrow. Energy flowing through these cores is the cause of the bone-deep tingling sensations commonly felt while raising energy, especially during early exercises.


The skeletal secondary centers are interconnected through energetic pathways running through the flesh. muscles, tendons, and nerves, and along the surface of the skin.

Fig. 6.

Close-up of typical secondary (skeletal) energy center, showing cross-section of finger joint (cutaway)

Slightly different, but with similar functions, are those secondary centers attached directly to physical organs, nerve ganglia, glands, and muscles.


These types of secondary centers are not attached to the skeletal system, and usually have only one or two poles flowering on the surface. I have not been able to determine a great deal more about this particular type of secondary energy center. The secondary centers and their connecting pathways are, not surprisingly, fairly well in-line with traditional acupuncture meridians and acupoints.


There are also striking similarities between the secondary system, as a whole, and the human nervous and circulatory systems.


Energy Exchange Ports
Energy exchange ports (tertiary system) are very small energy centers with very simple functions, much like the millions of tiny pores covering the surface of the skin. Their basic function is to absorb and discharge energies.


The whole surface of the skin is covered with these, but they are more heavily concentrated in several main areas: the soles of the feet, the palms of the hands, the nasal passages, the mouth, lips and tongue, and the genitals. The hands and feet are the largest energy conduits into the body and therefore contain the highest concentrations of exchange ports.


So these are the most important areas to stimulate, develop, and make awareness-sensitive during early development exercises.

Storage Centers
The human energy body has three major vitality storage centers, where different qualities of energies are accumulated.


These are quite different from the primary energy centers (major chakras) that share the same general areas, although they can be considered to be energetically related.

Fig. 7.

Three energy storage centers, plus major energy exchange port concentrations

  • Sub-navel

    • Position: Midway between bellybutton and pubic line, two inches inside average body

    • Function: Raw physical vitality energy storage

  • Sub-heart

    • Position: Center of chest, at base of sternum, two inches inside average body

    • Function: Raw emotional energy storage

  • Sub-brow

    • Position: Between eye-socket ridges in center of brow, just inside skull

    • Function: Raw mental and psychic energy storage

Of these three storage centers, the most important and safest to actively fill is the sub-navel storage center. When this center is full, it overflows into the sub-heart storage center, which when full overflows into the sub-brow storage center.

Deliberately filling the two higher storage centers first is a very unwise practice that can unbalance the energy body and significantly lower vitality levels. This not only is developmentally counterproductive, but can also adversely affect emotional, mental, and psychic stability. Filling all the storage centers is a lifetime's work. It can take months of regular energy raising before sub-navel storage levels significantly increase, because a great deal of energy is used up during early development exercises.

There are no safe shortcuts. If you long for psychic abilities, practice regular trance meditation and work daily on filling your sub-navel storage center. Make trance meditation and energy raising a part of your daily life, and your energy body will develop in a natural, balanced, and healthy way. Any dormant psychic abilities will begin to manifest when the energetic conditions that allow them are created.


Forcing this process causes predictable problems.

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