Traveling to other dimensions using one's finer astral body has always intrigued man, as have levitation, invisibility, and time travel. Throughout the 20th century, many fine books have been written about these topics.

For over a quarter century, I have been fascinated by the Astral World and the possibility of astral travel. My introduction to this enticing subject came in the form of tattered old copies of Robert Crookall's Astral Projection: A Record of Out-of-Body Experiences and Case-book for Astral Projection.

My next encounter with astral projection was H. F. Prevost Battersby's Man Outside Himself. As I continued reading about astral projection and out-of-body experiences (OBE), works by Fox, Muldoon, Powell, Smith, and "YRAM" cluttering my desk and shelves.


Each book glimpsed into the astral world and higher levels. I read time and time again how many had made astral trips, bringing back words of encouragement, prophecy and descriptions of exciting "worlds" beyond ours.

It soon became evident to both myself and colleagues that a newer, easier and more reliable method of projecting out-of-body must be developed, and a tutorial written, to assist first-time (and even advanced) students on their quest. It was of utmost importance that this work be written to answer students' questions and, furthermore, to assist the seasoned researcher in conducting theoretical studies and practical experiments. Therefore, an author of such a guide should be well versed in the theory, practice and behavioral aspects of such a multidimensional undertaking.

Each author, however, left me slightly empty - always expecting more, but always getting less than I anticipated. Some works provided a deep philosophical theory of astral travel with no practical application. Others, though expertly written, gave some practical applications but no logical theory backing up the author's assumptions. Lastly, there were hundreds of books containing case study after case study documenting people who suddenly, and without apparent reason, experienced OBEs. Although descriptions were meticulous, these guides contained nothing but a series of good and intriguing stories. I longed for still more.

Finally in the early spring of 1996, I discovered Mr. Robert Bruce's work on the Internet. In a series of constantly updated articles, I realized he was introducing an excitingly innovative approach to out-of-body projection and astral travel. An approach which included sound yet radically different theory, detailed practical experiments and, finally, individual case studies.


In these studies, the reader meets many people who tried his new techniques and experiments and experienced almost immediate results in projection. I also discovered, while reading his on-line comments and correspondences, that Robert meticulously tried and retested his experiments: going down many blind alleys and often into some frightening situations, discovering the best and safest avenue for the would-be projector.


In some cases, his journeys caused psychical and astral shock. In plain, jargon-free descriptions, Robert lays bare his fears, hopes and dreams. He also outlines many potential problems and practical solutions awaiting the student of astral travel.

Over the months, I became an admirer of Robert's works and in September 1996 began corresponding with this Australian mystic and arcane experimenter. Robert, a true perfectionist, is constantly fine-tuning his experiments and theories. In this latest endeavor, Astral Dynamics, Robert takes his readers on a fascinating mystical, scientific and arcane journey into the astral dimension and beyond.

This wonderful book has the potential for allowing anyone, regardless of spiritual or metaphysical training, to achieve a conscious exit from their body and to travel through the various levels of finer worlds. In an easily understood and well-illustrated format, Robert slowly guides reader out of body and into this world of wonder and excitement. Astral Dynamics consists of over five years of constant revisions, experiments, research, and personal insight. It is sad this book did not exist twenty-five years ago when I started my quest.


My path would have been far less rocky and my results and discoveries far more amazing if it had.

Professor C.E.Lindgren

D. Ed., F.C.P., F.R.S.A.


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This remarkable, invaluable book... I've never seen anything quite like it. In one fascinating volume, Robert Bruce has gathered together a personal narrative, a "how-to", a troubleshooting guide, and a theoretical perspective on the nonphysical structure underlying the strange and multidimensional life we all lead. Whether you are a skeptic, a veteran astral projector, a newbie, or an armchair traveler, there's treasure here.

I first came across Robert Bruce as a presence in an Internet news group called alt.out-of-body ("out-of-body experience" is, of course, the modern term for what used to be called astral projection), so I recognized his name when he contacted us at Hampton Roads to see if we would have an interest in publishing his book.


I said we would, but was unprepared for the quality of the manuscript that he sent us, electronically, from half a world away in Australia. It's in a class by itself. What he says here rings true. In fact, it does a lot more than ring true. It opens doors. Astral Dynamics provides the intelligent and motivated reader with everything needed to put theory into practice.

The book's six parts may be read each on their own, but they have been placed to build nicely one upon the other.

  • Part One, "Elements of Projection", presents Robert's theory of what actually goes on when the projectable double leaves the physical body. This in itself, right out of the gate, is fascinating terrain. His theory of the consequences of the mind-split that results from projection is itself worth the price of the book.

  • Part Two, "NEW Energy Ways", presents his stunningly practical method of raising energy and awareness by using touch, which he calls Tactile Imaging. I have tried this method on half a dozen people, selected more or less at random, each of whom obtained the desired awareness within seconds! And then, as if the new method of visualization weren't enough, Robert proceeds to describe the nature and anatomy of our energy bodies, a description firmly rooted in his own personal explorations.

  • Part Three, "Core Skills", builds on this foundation, demonstrating how to succeed at the three tasks that are essential to success in astral projection: deep physical relaxation, taming the mind, and attaining the trance state.


  • Then part Four, "Projection Exit and Technique", tells you what you need to know to stop reading about astral projection and actually do it.

  • Part Five, "The Akashic Connection", proceeds into the realm of the theoretical, not for the sake of getting lost in theory, but in order to make sense of things seen and heard. Particularly interesting is Robert's description of the nature and meaning of what he calls the Akashic Pulse. As to his description and analysis of the astral planes, the silver cord, the etheric body, and the Akashic record - I doubt that these have been equaled anywhere in the subject's extensive modern literature. I am confident that they have not been excelled.

  • Finally, Robert's section on strange astral phenomena takes on a few conundrums that are worth exploring. Projection into higher realms; reality fluctuations; astral noise; what Robert calls astral wildlife... he covers the turf as it hasn't been covered to date.

And he does it so casually, in so unpretentious a manner, his mood ranging from deepest awe to casually joking, with all the range between.

If you have any interest at all in the subject of astral projection, lucid dreaming - higher consciousness in general - you're going to love this book. I predict that it will become a classic, read and valued for many years to come.

Frank DeMarco

Chairman, Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.


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Other worlds and dimensions exist all around us, every minute of every day, that very few people ever see or step into, even though they believe or know them to be there. By picking up this book you have taken your first step towards a level of understanding few aspire to, let alone achieve.

For almost a decade now (at the time this book was released) I have made myself available to the global Internet community as a free consultant and adviser. In this time I have counseled, advised and helped with an enormous variety of issues and problems, including OBE, astral projection, clairvoyance and energetic development, to name but a few.


You may be surprised to find that these areas, while seemingly quite different, are all very closely related. This service has been, and still is, a true labor of love for me. It has given me a progressively increased understanding of the real problem areas with these subjects, allowing me to use my experience and inspirational abilities to find practical and innovative solutions that really work.

In 1991, I stumbled upon the Internet and World Wide Web and couldn't believe my luck. I had found an electronic medium which allowed me to communicate my ideas to millions of people around the world. I quickly became seriously involved with OBE and paranormal related news-groups, and soon wrote a fairly disjointed but comprehensive series of articles for them called "A Treatise on Astral Projection". I made these freely available to the global Internet community as I wrote them.

These articles were designed to answer questions I was continually being asked, as well as to dispel many common misconceptions and problems, as I saw them. The series rapidly grew to book length and became extremely popular resource material. Over the years since, through public interest and demand, I have written a far more comprehensive and detailed work, Astral Dynamics - the book you are now reading. This deals with all aspects of out-of-body operations, and encapsulates my current knowledge on OBE.

My sole motivation for writing comes from a genuine desire to share my knowledge with mankind. The primary goal has always been to create a user-friendly, readable and useful tutorial, guide and reference work for all who aspire to travel out of their bodies. Other than in subject matter, Astral Dynamics bears virtually no resemblance to the original series of articles. I took the opportunity while writing this book to update and expand upon my original theories, procedures and guidance, while answering some of the more interesting questions posed to me over the years.


You now read the fruits of my ongoing experience, exploration and seemingly endless problem solving.

The guidance offered within this book is largely drawn from my own personal experience as an active hands-on mystic and backyard metaphysical researcher-cum-mad-scientist, having practiced conscious-exit OBE and related disciplines most of my life. Because of this, you may notice a distinct lack of references to other written material within this book. Unless referenced or otherwise specified, everything within Astral Dynamics is my considered opinion, based on my personal experience.

This unorthodox approach comes about simply because I rarely accept partisan opinion, and never take anything at face value. I delight in taking a fresh look at all things considered mystical, metaphysical or paranormal. This approach has given my searching mind a keen edge, allowing a far deeper understanding of these things than would otherwise be possible. It also allows me something I dearly love - the opportunity to discover!

Some of the theories, explanations, techniques and procedures given within Astral Dynamics are completely new (some might kindly say radical and inspirational) whilst others are logical improvements on existing ones. All have been thoroughly road-tested by my many volunteers and me, and all have been found to be safe and effective - provided that all cautions given are duly heeded. These are taught in simple, progressive, easy-to-grasp stages, and are written in plain English with many illustrations.

And on the matter of plain English: Well, the English language and its grammar are not quite up to the task of discussing some of the subject matter within this book, i.e., but I refuse to fall into the trap of using Eastern terminology to discuss metaphysical and esoteric matters. While this solves some problems it can also be needlessly confusing. I have instead constructed some descriptive phrases and bent the meanings of some words to suit.


My extensive use of the word energetic, and constructions like bio-energetic and pure-energetic, are good examples. In the context of this book these refer to different qualities of energy manifested by the human energy body and its various aspects, including its projected double. Please check the glossary for other word-usage peculiarities found in this book.

The new techniques and procedures released in this book, especially the NEW energetic manipulation and development system given in part two, "NEW Energy Ways", have been extremely effective. These are, I believe, the most advanced and effective of their kind in the world today. For all their apparent sophistication, they are very easy to learn and are simple to use. As a whole, they provide a powerful set of tools for manipulating and developing the energy body, and in the case of OBE, of stimulating the projection reflex and empowering all aspects of out-of-body operations.

Conscious exit projection is, as I believe and intend to show, nowhere near as difficult as is commonly believed today.


It is my sincere belief that armed with the knowledge within this book, just about anyone is capable of repeatedly achieving conscious out-of-body experiences - if they will just take a little time to learn how it all works.

"Per Ardua Ad Astra"

Through Travail to the Stars

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