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Magnetic memory effect on superconductor in external magnetic field.

Left: A ring is made superconducting while resting stationary in an external magnetic field.

Right: The external magnetic field is removed while ring remains superconducting. Only the outer surface current stops.


Michigan State University

A bar magnet "levitates" over a superconducting lead dish

A "mirror image" of magnetic lines of force exists invisibly in the lead surface at just about the position of the shadow.

The "mirror image" is of equal strength to the bar magnet.






The' Schriever- Habermohl' flying disc developed between 1943 and 1945.

In 1944, climbing vertically, it reached a height of 12 km in 3.12 minutes and a horizontal flying speed of 2000 km/h.



Victor Schauberger (1885-1958), an Austrian inventor who was involved with Hitler's Third Reich, invented a number of "flying disks" for the Nazis between 1938 and 1945. Based on "liquid vortex propulsion" many of them, according to records, actually flew. One "flying saucer" reputedly destroyed at Leonstein, had a diameter of 1.5 meters, weighed 135 kilos, and was started by an electric motor of one twentieth horsepower. It had a trout turbine to supply the energy for lift-off. According to Schauberger,

"If water or air is rotated into a twisting form of oscillation known as 'colloidal', a build up of energy results, which, with immense power, can cause levitation."

On one attempt the apparatus "rose upwards, trailing a blue-green, and then a silver colored glow." The Russians blew up Schauberger's apartment in Leonstein, after taking what remained that the American's hadn't taken first. Schauberger supposedly worked on a top secret project in Texas for the

U.S. Government and died shortly afterward of ill health. On his deathbed, Schauberger repeated over and over,

"They took everything from me. Everything. I don't even own myself."


The first test-model developed between 1941 and 1942.

This had the same flight properties as that in fig. (a), but something was wrong with the controls.


The 'Ballenzo-Schriever-Miethe Disc'.

The retractable undercarriage legs terminated in inflatable rubber cushions.

It carried a crew of diree.


Schauberger's models of 'flying saucers'




The Avro Car, built for the us Air Force and us Army by the Avro-Canada company

It was designed by an English engineer, John Frost.

Officially, work on it was dropped in 1960 - despite the early claim that the machine would reach twice the speed of sound




Below Image top: Why is it that flying saucers are often seen hovering around military bases?

Below Image bottom: a so-called searle disc in action.













The above photocopy (unfortunately of poor quality) purportedly shows a captured alien in the hands of the American military.


On May 22, 1950, an unnamed informant turned the original of this photograph over to agent John Quinn of the New Orleans FBI Field Office claiming he had purchased the photograph from another individual for the sum of $1.00 and was "placing it in the hands of the government" because it pictured "a man from Mars in the United States".


The picture, supposedly showing an alien survivor of a UFO crash in the custody of two U.S. military policemen, reportedly first surfaced in Wiesbaden, Germany, in the late 1940s allegedly in the possession of a U.S. Gl stationed there at the time.


How he came into possession of such a picture remains unclear, as do the identities of the two soldiers portrayed, the location of the military base and the nature of the portable respiratory apparatus that is obviously being used to assist the alien's breathing.


Receiving some limited publicity in Germany during the late 40s, the photo and story was naturally regarded with skepticism by U.S. officials.


This derelict manmade "flying saucer" was found in a Maryland barn on August 17,1949.

Courtesy of the Modern Military Branch, National Archives, Washington, D.C.


A classic flying saucer photograph purportedly depicting an extraterrestial vehicle.

Courtesy of Daniel W. Fry.



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