Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes

by Richard LeFors Clark


Waves of gravity pour from an extraordinary (and imaginary) cosmic accident —a head-on collision

of two black holes approaching from left and right.

Kenneth Eppley and Larry Smarr used a computer to calculate and draw contours

of the variable curvature of space that constitutes the radiation.

Such a collision would convert about a thousandth part of the rest-energy of the black holes into gravity waves.

(Photo: L. Smarr and K. Eppley)




A Renaissance magical sigil showing various levels of power.

From Nigel Pennick's book Sacred Geometry (1980)

Sound frequencies in this experiment cause random particles to assume geometric patterns.

From Robert Lawlor's Sacred Geometry (1982)


About the author

Richard Lefors Clark, Ph.D lives in San Diego and is one of the world's best known alternative energy, anti-gravity and World Grid researchers. His articles have appeared in a large number of journals and newsletters over the years.


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Knowledge of the Earth Grid or "crystalline Earth" is very ancient and has been utilized by a number of civilizations. The pyramids and ley lines are on the power transfer lines of the natural Earth gravity Grid all over the world. The Earth Grid is comprised of the geometrical flow lines of gravity energy in the structure of the Earth itself.

While the subject of the Earth Grid has by now been covered in a considerable number of publications, one point in the Grid, marked by a long and strange history, at the eastern tip of Lake Ontario, is worth special mention. Most interesting here are two individuals, living one hundred years apart, who were both directly affected by this same Earth Grid point. These men were Daniel Home, the 19th century psychic, and Wilbert Smith, the 20th century scientist.

Daniel Home is the world famous levitator of the 19th century who lived in this Lake Ontario Grid point area. The period from 1820 to 1850 was apparently very active for this Grid point as many of the crowned heads of Europe and many noted scientists and world dignitaries visited Home and verified his feats of levitation. It is speculated that the Lake Ontario region may have acted as a biolectric triggering device conducive to Home's psychic development.

Meanwhile in the 20th century, because of numerous aircraft crashes in the Lake Ontario Earth Grid area (known as the Marysburgh Vortex, and regarded as "the Other Bermuda Triangle" and "the gateway to oblivion on the eastern end of Lake Ontario"), the Canadian National Research Council and U.S. Navy began Project Magnet in 1950 to investigate the area's magnetic anomalies and possible magnetic utility. This has been the only known official governmental research program into the Earth Grid system. A considerable number of planes and ships had mysteriously vanished from this region, while many UFO sightings were reported, and other bizarre and unearthly phenomena were noted. (For more information, refer to Hugh Cochrane's Gateway to Oblivion, Avon Books, NY)

Wilbert Smith, a Canadian communications engineer in the Department of Transportation, was director of the team of scientists involved in this project. Project Magnet was later officially terminated when the results became too sensitive for the two governments, as the research seemed to touch upon top secret UFO data. Afterwards Wilbert Smith designed several inexpensive gravity devices, such as the Anti-Gravity Proximity Detector, the Magnetic Deflection Detector, and the EMF Collapse Collector.

Smith's speculations are most intriguing. He noted large and sometimes mobile gravity anomalies all over the Lake Ontario area. He noted areas of "reduced binding" in the atmosphere above the Lake; the areas were described as "pillar-like columns" a thousand feet across and extending for several thousand feet up into the atmosphere. Moreover, they were invisible and only detectable with sensitive equipment. Peculiarities in gravity and magnetism were noted inside these columns, possibly related to a reduction (or weakening) in the nuclear binding forces holding matter together; the nuclear binding forces seemed stronger in the north and weaker in the south. Some of these mysterious columns appeared to be mobile changing location over time.

Smith theorized that when the weakened nuclear binding forces encountered matter under stress (such as an airplane in flight) the forces holding matter together ceased to exist, exactly along the lines of maximum stress, and the material disintegrated resulting in aircraft disasters. Later theorists suggested that ionization of the air within these columns could generate luminous anomalies, and that increasing energies could make rocks and other dielectrics in the immediate area appear to rise from the ground into the air.

It was also proposed that deep Earth-caused gravity stresses produced the strange atmospheric columns. In a gravity-structured Earth which is part of a gravity universe, that is the mildest form of truthful statement possible. On a planet so determined by gravity, this would be only one of many such gravity-magnetic anomalies present on the Earth Grid. And underlying many of the magnetic peculiarities observed around the Earth is the special principle of diamagnetism, the root of anti-gravity. First we'll see this principle at work in the local context of human-induced levitation.


The principle of diamagnetism which underlies human-induced levitation and anti-gravity vortexes on the planet can be demonstrated simply in what I call the human gravity antenna. Diamagnetism (explained below) is essentially a magnetic-neutral zone existing between a north and south magnetic field, which can be exploited for purposes of levitation. As I will indicate below, there are many such "magnetic flow reversal points" on the Earth marked by Grid points.

An arrangement of five human beings can be used as a quadruple gravity antenna to perform levitation of the central person. The weight of the central person, the levitatee, does not matter nor is the lack of strength or size of the four levitators important. What is important is the form of the quadropolar positions around the central levitatee (See Diagram 1). Here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

First, the levitators should be positioned 45 degrees off the magnetic compass direction of north, south, east, and west for maximum effectiveness. Second, alternation of male and female sex of the levitators adds to the gravity antenna's power. Third, the hand stack on the head of the central levitatee by the levitators should not have like-gendered (male/male, female/female) hands touching. Fourth, there's no need to think of anything—just hold the hands stacked on the levitatee's head for a count of ten. On the tenth count remove the stacked hands quickly and place one finger each on the four corners of the chair. The person in charge of counting says "lift" and up goes the levitatee. Now let's examine this phenomenon I like to call "Party Levitation" in more specific and practical detail.

To do Party Levitation you will need five people, one to be levitated—henceforth to be called the levitatee— and four to do the levitating—henceforth to be called the levitators.

The levitatee sits in a chair and the four levitators stand around him so that they form a square. One levitator should stand to the levitatee's left, and just behind his shoulder. Another levitator should stand in front of him and to his left, close to his left knee. The other two should stand on the right side of the levitatee's body and in similar positions.

Now the object of Party Levitation is to make the levitatee's body so light in weight that the four levitators can lift him several feet into the air using a single finger each. If the experiment is performed properly none of the levitators will feel the slightest resistance to their efforts. It will be as if the levitatee's body has lost its weight entirely.

While the levitatee is sitting, the four levitators surround him in the manner indicated and place their hands, one atop the other, on his head, as if they were healing him by the laying on of hands.

The person who is going to float must sit relaxed in a straightbacked chair with his legs together, his feet on the floor, and his hands in his lap. The other four participants now stand two on each side of the seated party, one at each shoulder and one at the knee. Instruct all four to extend their arms and place their closed fists together, closed except for the forefingers which should be extended and touching each other along their lengths as shown. The person nearest the seated man's left shoulder is now asked to place his two extended fingers, palms downwards, beneath his left armpit. Likewise, his opposite number inserts his forefingers beneath the right armpit, and again the other two respectively beneath the seated man's knees.

Now invite the four assistants to lift the man in this position, using only these extended fingers. However hard they try, it is impossible. As soon as you have registered their inability to do so, ask them to stack their hands alternately, one on top of the other on the man's head, in such a way that no person has his own two hands together, and then to exert a steady pressure downwards. As they keep this up you count to ten. On the count "nine", they must withdraw their hands quickly from his head and resume their earlier positions with their extended forefingers. On the count of "ten" they must try again to lift the man with those fingers alone. This time he will go soaring into the air with no difficulty whatsoever.

Diamagnetism And Levitation Accomplished at Earth Grid Points

Now, kind reader, reconsider Party Levitation and perhaps do the experiment again but this time have no central person (levitatee). Instead use the heaviest chair you can find. Just stack the hands, touching on the top of the massive chair back and lift (levitate) the heavy chair. Next, place hundreds of pounds of "dead" weight (heavy books) on the chair seat and still levitate it easily with four weak children lifting. What is happening here?

You have created a small, short-duration diamagnetic levitation vortex which is identical in function to the Earth's big, permanent diamagnetic levitation vortexes at such places as Coral Castle, Florida, or Alice Springs, Australia.

Now, reconsider the diagram of the four persons levitating the massive chair. As humans they are the "mighty four" of the four cardinal compass points. Each one of the four is an energy lobe around the central object to be levitated. If I call any one of them north, you can call the others, turning counterclockwise, west, south, and east (See Diagram 2). Try doing the levitation with only three people, positioned off-center to the appropriate 90 degree spacing. We know that both the exact number and pattern of the human levitator element, but not their exact size or physical strength, are critical to the levitation. Also we know that inanimate weight levitates as easily as animate through using a human diamagnetic vortex. We might try a piano or even a Volkswagen in place of the chair.

The remarkable thing about Party Levitation is that it works anywhere on the Earth's surface, whereas the equivalent big, permanent Earth Grid diamagnetic levitation vortexes all have fixed geographic locations (e.g., southern Florida or central Australia).

Whether it's on the surface of the Earth, or within the human sphere of the four levitators, the mechanism for levitation or anti-gravity is identical. In either case there are four energy lobes or directions. The north-south axis elements are usually called magnetic and the east-west axis elements are called diamagnetic.

Levitation is produced by diamagnetism existing on the surface of the Earth, (or near it). Diamagnetism operates at 90 degrees from magnetic, but in three directions, and not flat and two-dimensional on a sheet of paper as usually drawn. If magnetism flows in the plane of the Earth's surface, then diamagnetism flows straight up. And straight up is the direction that we call levitation or anti-gravity.

Sculpture symbolic of the moon and planets, constructed by Edward Leedskalnin at Coral Castle, Florida.

With elementary tools and equipment this Latvian immigrant created artifacts whose construction defies "logical" explanation.

In the accompanying diagram (See Diagram 3) Coral Castle's location is shown as Earth grid point #18. The west lobe is what pulled Florida down and opened the Keys area up. The east lobe is the Bermuda Triangle. Coral Castle will be referred to throughout this chapter, so a few words here of introduction to this impressive project are necessary. Coral Castle is a marvellous demonstration in stone and coral of many hidden principles of magnetics, designed and built in southern Florida by the "amateur" scientist Ed Leedskalnin in the 1930s and 1940s. This coral-based temple/residence includes stone furniture, a Moon pond, a North star telescope, a precise Sundial, and other features of exact astronomical alignment.

Look at the larger map of the Earth grid (See Diagram 4) and see the diamagnetic (east-west) lobes of Earth grid point #18 in southern Florida. The tip of the Yucatan and the Mexico/Texas coastline clearly show the west diamagnetic lobe shape of Earth grid point #18. The famous Bermuda Triangle is the east diamagnetic energy lobe of Earth grid point #18 (in season).

One thing we will immediately note is that the east-west diamagnetic lobes of #18 look like a horizontal "bow tie". This happens to be another descriptive name for what is now called in the magnetic sciences a Bloch Wall. The Bloch Wall is central to our understanding of diamagnetism, gravity vortexes, and levitation.

A Bloch Wall is a neutral center region at the junction of two magnetic poles (north/south). (See Diagrams 5, 6, 7) It is thereby a "magnetic flow reversal point" and is also known as a "diamagnetic vortex point". The Bloch Wall is the point of division of the circling vortex, or spin, of the electronic magnetic energies of the north and south poles. The negative energy pole and north pole magnetism spins to the left; the positive energy pole and south pole magnetism spins to the right . The point of zero magnetism and no-spin, and also the point of magnetic reversal where the two spin fields join, is the Bloch Wall.

We have two antithetical elements (polarities) meeting and generating a third element, the Bloch Wall, which is a weak pressure (gravity) generator. The south pole is the source and the north pole is the sink . The individual pole energy rotations are three component vectors and the conjunction (Bloch Wall) is a tensor. The resulting "Broken 8" figure is a two dimensional concept of a quadropole pattern. We can visualize it as the spin 2, circularly polarized, gravity wave force field source.

Diagram 4
Earth Grid Model
(after Francis Hitching data, Earth Magic, 1978)

  • A, B, C: The plate push pressure north along #58,48,35, and 18 hits at New York (Brookhaven) at the cross pressure from #19. This causes the New England Vortex and the Bermuda Triangle.

  • A,B,C, + D: The plate push pressure centers on the California fault line at San Diego and causes the Southwest Vortex.

  • E: The plate pressure coming north from #54 bows up the cross pressures from #43 and #45 and down pressure from #14 to cause the Alice Springs/Pine Gap, Australia area; #12 and #16 are pressure top sides.

  • F: The pressure center point at Lop Nor, China, is between the points #12 and #14 and #43; Grid Points #41 and #45 push from below.

  • G: The minor pressure center point at Sinai is between points #20 and #12, with up pressure from #41; the plate breakup and slide pressure just below it has made Sinai useless now.

  • H: Las Vegas, Nevada, and Phoenix, Arizona, (Superstition Mountain) as center of #16, #17, and #18; the push comes from below. A.

  • I: Amchita Island#16, on #6, centered between #14 and plate bucking pressure #5 and #33).

Two antithetical force fields, the magnetic and the electric (two vector force fields) meet and generate gravity, a neutral center force field and simple two vector system (tensor). We can state this slightly differently by saying the conjunction of two dipolar generated force field vectors (magnetic and electric) generates a quadropole force field, or gravity. Gravity, as a quadropole source, radiates in a circular 360 degrees polarization pattern, taking two cycles; thus a "spin 2" characteristic exists for gravity, and therefore gravity waves have twice the spin of electromagnetic waves.

The lack of polarization in the gravity field explains why it cannot be neutralized. As a neutral center force element, gravity cannot have polarities by definition. But it is still just as basic a generated force as the polarized forces of the magnet or the electric fields. The electric field, as well as the magnetic field, has a neutral center effect that is also a gravity wave field source. The two polarized main antithetical force fields (magnetic and electric) are triadic in themselves, as polarization by definition requires, and thus they are both gravity field sources.

In all electromagnets the Bloch Wall is actually external to the unit (See Diagram 8). The Bloch Wall, the neutral center gravity wave source, is now in the gap between the magnet faces. In terms of the electromagnetic spectrum, the point of 1012 Hertz is marked as gravity, while below this is radar, radio, and standard EM frequencies; above it are infrared and optical energy frequencies. This is Nature's neutral center in the radiant energy spectrum where Her standard design triadic system demanded it be placed. 1012 Hertz is the frequency of radiated gravity (See Diagram 9).

Diagram 8 and 9


In terms of the Earth Grid, where the Bloch Wall of gravity wave field source exists, certain physically anomalous events can take place—such as spontaneous levitation.

The Earth's diamagnetic flow field hits a reversal Bloch Wall area (south to north), at these special anomaly points like southern Florida or central Australia. The Equator Line is merely a myth for geographers and fools. The magnetic reversal areas of south to north magnetism flow are near the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer; and these "spaced out" anomalies seem to alternate positions around the globe.

The best calculation I've arrived at indicates that there are within the Earth Grid a total of 20 magnetic reversal points, with 10 nearly on the Tropic of Capricorn and 10 magnetic reversal points nearly on the Tropic of Cancer. The two sets of ten points are offset almost equally from each other going around the globe; the northern set is roughly midway between the southern set (See Diagram 10).

Diagram 10 and 11


The planetary distribution of these magnetic reversal points is indicated on the accompanying map. On the large Earth Grid map the northern magnetic reversal points are near #16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 1, 12, 13, 14, and 15 from left to right near the Tropic of Capricorn. The southern magnetic reversal points are near the Tropic of Cancer near Earth grid #46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 41, 42, 43, 44, and 45. The grid map has to be shifted leftward in the South to space it more nearly correct. The North is closer to true. The resulting Earth grid map puts #44 between #13 and #14, for example.

This is the real magnetic flow reversal pattern on the Earth such that above #44 is the northern magnetic flow reversal point (Bloch Wall ). This has a beautiful bow tie of diamagnetic energy flows that can be clearly seen as the east and west coastlines of Australia. The plate push from below forced the diamagnetic bow tie up some but it is still very usable.

Why haven't we known about the existence of these 20 magnetic-gravity anomaly points on the Earth Grid before? A compass points North-South anywhere, and so, hiding facts and using the myth of the Equator's magnetic polarity was expedient for our cunning "masters"-—the "power elite" who control this planet. The reason for hiding it is obvious: If you knew this truth then you would know that Coral Castle, Giza, Alice Springs, etc., were Bloch Wall (bow ties) or Diamagnetic Vortex Points. Extraordinary things can be done at these diamagnetic bow tie reversal points, such as levitating extremely heavy objects (building Coral Castle and the Great Pyramid of Giza) and launching (secretly) the real, massive space ships and probes (as at Alice Springs, Australia, and Lop Nor, China, for example).

Official knowledge of the considerable utility of many magnetic-gravity anomaly points on the Grid has taken obvious precedence over any concerns for public safety. If the officials warned the fools in planes and boats to stay out of the Bermuda Triangle at certain times, then ordinary citizens would know too much of their secret knowledge. If you are in the wrong place on the wrong day in the Bermuda Triangle you will be a permanent piece of space junk some 20,000 to 75,000 miles out in space.

The Bermuda Triangle off the Florida coast, when active, is a powerful diamagnetic levitator. Usually the Earth contains the energy flow, but with extra stress from the Sun, Moon, and temperature factors, it ruptures upward and levitates anything over the "blow" points. Smaller ruptures will levitate anything under about 500 pounds—such as people—but not the ships they are on.


The magnetic energy flows encounter the Bloch Wall, or bow tie reversal, at these grid locations on Earth. Nature uses the exact same method in a small permanent bar magnet for magnetic polarity reversal. The Bloch Wall is just a great deal larger and much more powerful when operating on the Earth.

Didn't anyone ever wonder why there were no Bloch Wall effects on the mythical Equator? If all the Bloch walls for South to North magnetic polarity reversal were at the Equator, no one would have ever crossed it. That is why Nature designed the criss-cross mesh reversal system for polarity reversal. And that is why there are Earth Grid points where the unusual diamagnetic systems exist. These points work extremely well, facilitating the construction of places like Coral Castle or the Great Pyramid or aiding the functions of secret space programs—which are all only large-scale versions of our Party Levitations, using natural Earth diamagnetism as a levitator force.

The principles of diamagnetism clearly explain the reasons behind the exact location of secret or publicly-known exploitations of magnetic-gravity anomalies on the Earth Grid. The "knot" top (north) on the "bow tie" magnetic reversal in a simple bar magnet reversal is the prime location to stage a major gravity-defying feat such as Coral Castle, the Great Pyramid, or an Alice Springs/Lop Nor space program (The Lop Nor desert is where the Chinese space program and nuclear testing is centered). The center area of the Bloch Wall (the bow tie's knot) is the steadiest and strongest magnetic (north) point, which is where Leedskalnin put Coral Castle, the Egyptians put the pyramids, somebody put the Easter Island statues, and where the governmental elites put the Alice Springs/Lop Nor sites.

The inventions and researches of the insightful Austrian scientist/naturalist Viktor Schauberger demonstrate the principles of diamagnetism on a small scale of polarity reversals operating in a simple bar magnet. His levitations are diamagnetic systems using water flows. Diamagnetism is the product (or effect) of a flow polarity reversal, like the Bloch Wall of the magnetic flow. Some waterfalls and streams have natural flows of diamagnetism or flow reversal effects. Schauberger simply built artificial water flows with internal powerful reversals in flow energy. These are simply a tubed version of a Bloch Wall system.

The Schauberger water levitators are all continuous type devices for anti-gravity effects. The trout fish, after which Schauberger named his water turbine, senses the coldest area in a waterfall for levitating up it. The waterfall's central spiralling cold flow is an anti-gravity effect area where the energy is driven out (reversed) to directionalized momentum as a natural anti-gravity system. A waterfall's center registers as a zero (or under) on a stressed gravity detector due to the reversed anti-gravity momentum. Schauberger copied this natural design of spiralling cold water flow for levitating system, in his logging flumes and turbines.

Schauberger's implosion turbines interrupted the water suction flow by a special shutoff valve, thus creating a reactive back-pressure force in the same direction as the implosion turbine. This reactive back-pressure force is the lifting (discharge cycle) or levitating action (directional momentum) of these types of devices. The Schauberger water turbines were used as the levitators in his versions of the German World War II Project V-7 Fighter aircraft.

Thus both Victor Schauberger and Edward Leedskalnin, the builder of Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida, wrote about and demonstrated magnetism and the mechanism of levitation applying natural Earth Grid principles of diamagnetism. (Editor's Note : Refer to Living Water-Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy, by Olof Alexandersson, Turnstone Press Ltd., Wellingborough, England, 1982. Also: Magnetic Current , Edward Leedskalnin, Homestead, FL, 1946)

Leedskalnin had two secrets. First, he knew where, in terms of the Earth Grid, to build Coral Castle. Second, he knew how to do Party Levitation all alone. Try to figure that one out!

Leedskalnin could levitate huge pieces of coral by using the center of mass for the needed slight uplift launching pressure. In Party Levitation, the four outside levitators are lifting the center of mass from the outside edges. If three of the four levitators were to step back at the end of the count of ten hand-stack (charge cycle) and the one remaining levitator would then quickly bend down and reach under the chair to the center of mass and use only two fingers to push upward, then the center man in the chair will levitate. Leedskalnin used a stick or board to push upward at the exact center of mass of his coral slabs to levitate them.

Two of the humans (180 degrees apart) in the Party Levitation scenario are "seen" by Nature as diamagnetism sources. The four people are a small, temporary Earth grid point as far as Nature is concerned. Thus the Bloch Wall reversal effect, or diamagnetism, is created and thus levitation of the central area object results. Schauberger put the mechanism in water tubes and Leedskalnin played alone with his massive stones, but in either case, it is exactly the same process of diamagnetic levitation.

We must remember Leedskalnin was working on a Diamagnetic Earth Grid Point, so all mass objects in that area are always "charged" and easily lifted at their center of mass by a slight upward pushing pressure. Incidentally, due to the shifts in the north and south magnetic poles, Grid Point #18 is now inside Homestead Air Force Base; thus Coral Castle could no longer be built where it is now located.

Here are some additional comments on the subject of anti-gravity, or levitation. The reason for the weight of a mass in a gravitational field is the counterpush of the two masses" gravity radiations. As humans we push more powerfully on the Earth via our stress body than the Earth pushes on us. The total of the two pushes of gravity is so-called weight. If we lose gravity (stress push) by radiating it, as in the Party Levitation central element (levitatee), we push less. As our push (gravity) decreases, the Earth's push-effectiveness on us increases. This is "weight loss" or levitation, which is really just letting the Earth push us away. It is not the total quantity of the masses that counts but the effective local gravity field's relative strength.

For example, in the fire hose there is a decrease in the gravity (push) of the water. Thus the Earth pushes the water away, or in other words, the "weight loss" carries further. The circular (quadropolar) pattern of the whirling fire hose nozzle radiates (relieves) some of the water's gravity (stress). It's important to note that Schauberger's designs are based on this kind of water stress (gravity) control.

Levitation (weight loss) control is generally stress lowering via radiation, using gravity's natural characteristics. It works on either organic or inorganic mass, as gravity is the same for both. Think of it as the resultant pushes of two radiating sources, taken locally (These are "near field" design problems). Humans are locally a more powerful source of gravity than the Earth because we push down on it. But as we lose gravity (stress push) power, the Earth pushes us away.

Here are two final observations in this regard. The forms of self-levitation or single operator induced human levitation appear to be hypnotic trance-state "shut downs" of the human body's gravity (stress) generation. Inorganic object levitation, if it is possible, is the "shut down" of the gravity (stress) generation of the object itself. Theoretically this object levitation is possible (as suggested by Coral Castle, pyramids, etc.).

A general theory of levitation systems must cover ail of the various methods known to exist. This means there is a common factor among the diverse approaches of Earth Grid, Party Levitation, Dean Drives, Hooper/Over-Unity Electrical Generators, and Schauberger's devices. The common factor is the Zero-Spin Energy Transfer, or the flowing of the nonspin energy. This nonspin energy is a neutral center type of energy flow related to the Bloch Wall phenomena and is the cause of the various types of levitation.

In the Earth Grid Magnetic Reversal Points the straight-up, diamagnetic energy flow is a nonspin energy flow. This energy flow is exactly halfway between counterclockwise (north) and clockwise (south) flow and therefore it has no spin. Thus the Bow-Tie Knot levitation energy is a nonspin energy flow.

In Party Levitation the four levitators drain or temporarily stop the spin energy flow around the levitatee or the inanimate objects. Thus they create a very temporary nonspin energy center which easily levitates.

The Dean Drive type devices cross-cut or dump energy during the Critical Action Time that is, in fact, a nonspin energy. Mechanical as it is, the Dean Drive can generate directionalized momentum (nonspin energy flow) and therefore can be used as a levitator system.

The electromagnetic collapsing field reversals of Hooper or Over-Unity Generators, generate a nonspin energy flow for short periods during each cycle of operation. Any energetic flow reversal generates some nonspin energy flow. Therefore, electrical coils reversals generate some nonspin energy flow and can be used as levitator devices.

Schauberger energetic water flow systems are reversed by valving, identical to the electrical coil systems. Therefore the Schauberger turbines generate some nonspin energy flow and can be used as levitators.

In a universe of basically spinning energy and particle systems, this nonspin energy has very powerful effects. The nonspin energy is the neutral center force field, belonging to neither side of a generally polarized universe. As such, it is reacted with and repelled very strongly by all energy and particle systems. By the generation of nonspin energy flows and the directional vectoring of these flows, we can design most powerful levitating devices.

If Nature follows rules, which She does, then all we need do is understand Her methods then apply them. Since diamagnetism is a reaction vector at the reversal point of an energetic flow system, all levitation methods must be similar in Nature.

Vortex-Gravity Research Areas Strategically Sited on Earth Grid Points

A most interesting pattern of vortex-gravity research exists in the United States and Canada. The pattern is a counterclockwise vortex with four turning points or main centers/corners. The four main centers of vortex research are the extreme southern California area (San Diego and vicinity) , northern Idaho (Coeur D'Alene area), northern New York State (Hudson River/Montreal area), and northern Georgia (See Diagram 11 above).

This box-shaped pattern bows both inward and outward as it widens in the North-South axis, which is made of the two-bowed continental coastlines and the major interior mountain ranges on each coast, with a center at Kansas City (Ellsworth). On the western vortex flow the bowing widens and follows the Pacific Ocean coastlines on one side and the Rocky Mountains on the other side going southward. On the eastern vortex flow the bowing widens and follows the Atlantic Ocean coastline on one side and the Catskill/Appalachian Mountains on the other side going northward. The east-west vortex flows are relatively straight and narrow between the coastal vortex flows, to complete the general description of the box shape. (Consult the Earth Grid maps below to see these patterns clearly)

Another interesting aspect of the Eastern vortex flow is that "pressure" flexing out of the southern Caribbean Ocean coming north against the flow produces the anomalous Bermuda Triangle and Lake Ontario phenomena. Once this Earth Grid energy vortex flow gets pushed over or across or into water, massive spontaneous levitation phenomena will occur. The vanished planes, ships, and people often reported are actually thousands of miles out in space from the vortex-gravity toss. NASA knows this fact.

Schauberger's water vortex-gravity levitators are based on the same effect (though on a small scale) as the Bermuda Triangle/Lake Ontario phenomena. The old Eldridge (Philadelphia Experiment) data recounts side-effects of the vortex-gravity phenomenon. The Bermuda Triangle is a slanted out push of the north-south gravity-bucking flows, and Lake Ontario is a focussed slanted in push of the north-south gravity- bucking flows. This is because the Atlantic coastline's land shape acts as an optical lens system to these bucking-gravity flows.

The location of these special vortex-gravity regions makes them most appropriate sites for specialized research (See Diagram 12).

Diagram 12
Worldwide Gravity Vortex Research Areas Plotted on the World Grid


Government vortex-gravity research would have to be at Brookhaven, Long Island and Los Alamos, New Mexico, under the disguise and security of supposed atomic research. Brookhaven is the best location due to the land fall pinch on the Hudson River flow. International governmental vortex-gravity research would have to be at Alice Springs/Pine Gap in Central Australia, because of the Earth Grid requirements and again under the disguise of atomic research.

From the above data, it can easily be seen that the geographical shape of the United States (coastlines, mountains) is not accidental. Kansas City (Ellsworth) is a midway point and Las Vegas is directly centered as #16, 17, and 18. Moreover, the pressure sources from South America flowing northward to buck the natural Earth Grid flows in the North America vortex also help produce the Bermuda Triangle and Lake Ontario phenomena.

Note the accompanying maps. Australia's map shows why Alice Springs is used for gravity research—note how the MacDonnell Mountains turn 90 degrees to run east-west against the pressure flow above Alice Springs. Australia's very shape gives away the pressures that have been applied to it. The bowing pressure from the Arctic area is obvious in the shape of the Aleutian Islands, but Amchita Island right on Grid Map point #6 is the best for gravity research. It has plate push pressure on either side of it as well.

Ed Leedskalnin understood completely that the exact location is criticial for building such a structure as Coral Castle. But how did he know exactly where Mother Nature would allow him to site this marvellous example of levitational engineering? Quite simply, he observed Nature, which is all it takes to have true knowledge of the natural forces of Earth.

Nature's Gravity Vortex Center pulled Florida counterclockwise around some 90 degrees to its vortex center like a gate-leg table. The Gravity Pull Center Vortex energy also pulled counterclockwise on the southern end of Florida itself. On the map of southern Florida I have drawn the opening arc and the exact Gravity Pull Center, which is at maximum some 10 miles on either side of the physical center, but strongest in the maximum counterclockwise position of North. Draw a triangle from where the Florida Keys start to where they stop to see the Gravity Vortex Pull Center point. The land's end, at Key Largo, is exactly as far south from the Gravity Vortex Pull Center as Coral Castle is directly north. This is what Leedskalnin saw on his maps.

The specific site location for Coral Castle and Homestead A.F.B. in southern Florida is situated at the maximum Gravity Pull Vortex Center position (counterclockwise or north). The distance from the Vortex Center is measured by using "land's end" at the South to tell you where the maximum equal point location straight North (maximum counterclockwise) of the Vortex Center is.

All that Leedskalnin had to do was "see" what the maps were telling him, because Nature draws vivid, exact pictures of Her forces for those who have eyes to see them. Then Leedskalnin simply used this Gravity Pull Vortex Center to levitate the huge blocks of native coral into place to make his Castle. A five year old could stack up automobiles in that general area. Once the operation of the Mother Earth's gravity system is known, then engineering artificial systems is simple.

The patriarchal scientists of the cunning and stupid varieties who study gravity at these locations will fail because they all hate Nature, the female, and reality. Whereas "simple" men who like Nature and only observe Her thereby accomplish great things—witness Schauberger and Leedskalnin. The control attitude of patriarchal religions or secular humanism cannot force Nature with their writings, equations, and bulldozers to do anything. If you really want to engineer Nature's systems and forces, you must adore Nature, the female, and reality, an attitude which is the total inverse of the present patriarchal/scientific system.

Our newfound awareness of the geopoltical importance of certain diamagnetic Earth Grid Points introduces the subject of Earth Grid Wars.

The "Three Floridas" (Florida, Korea, and Vietnam) are still critical Earth Grid points after two bloody wars (See Diagram 13).

Diagram 13

Earth Grid Wars


The "boost shock-point" to this triangle is Libya. The Caribbean Plate has more recently seen a triangulation attempt that ended in military invasion. The Caribbean Plate triangle shock-wave system was to have been Grenada-Cuba-Nicaragua. The next try in this general area is absolute control of the Chilean Earth Grid point. The Union of South Africa's Grid point is critically necessary for control of both Europe and Australia. The Phillipines position on the major fault/plate system is pivotal to control of both Australia and Japan in the Pacific Basin. The Soviets already have secured and activated the site in Afghanistan.

Now, read again about the targeted countries in the daily newspapers and figure out who is currently winning the Earth Grid Wars. However, a truly expert knowledge of the Earth Grid system with a true understanding of Mother Nature's ways could still reverse this bleak picture of geopolitical control through command of Earth Grid locations.

A discussion of the Grid would be incomplete without some commentary on the Earth Grid Shifts. The Earth's magnetic poles do not completely shift (reverse or flip). Only the Earth's Bloch Wall Magnetic Reversal Anomalies move positions in both the northern and southern hemispheres to balance the Earth. The Bloch Wall anomalies were much further north some 10-15,000 years ago, at the time of their last estimated major movement. This Bloch Wall Magnetic Reversal area movement is caused by the Earth's expansions and possible contractions, land mass weight shifts, and changes in the Sun.

The so-called deluge and glacier phenomena are really caused by the massive ocean/sea tides and levitation effects at these times of balancing by the Earth Bloch Wall Anomaly position movements. There were no deity-caused floods or Ice Age glaciers; there were only the Earth Grid Magnetic Reversal Anomaly movements. These movements would have been Earth-shakingly impressive to observe; later they were recalled in myth and religious lore worldwide. Moreover, our knowledge of the Earth Grid mapping systemenables us now to plot major geopolitical, meteorological, and geological anomalies and disturbances with reference to possible magnetic-gravity coordinates (See Diagram 14).

Did we really think that a dynamically changing fly-wheel/gyro-like Earth sphere, at about 1000 miles per hour spin rate, didn't need or didn't have a correctional balance system? If it were not for the 20 movable locking points, or what we now call Earth Grid Magnetic Reversal Anomalies , this Earth would tear itself apart (See Diagram 15).

Diagram 14
Geopolitical, Meteorological, and Geologic Anomalies Plotted on the Earth Grid

Diagram 15
Earth Gravity Focus Points

Note: The numbers on the map are Earth Grid Point reference coordinates; see Diagram 4).

U.S. has access or control of the four prime sites (Alice Springs, Easter Island, San Diego, Brookhaven, New York).



Meanwhile all we humans can do with this perfectly elegant design of Mother Nature is to use it as the grounds for yet another stupid war of conquest and control. The asteroid belt could easily be the result of some other planetary group like our own that held a disastrous Earth Grid war. If we rip the "buttons" off this Lady's blouse, we'll find out instantly why raping the Earth is such a fatally bad idea.

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