Chapter 9

Technological Terrorism & The Dulce Base

The elusive "Commander-X" has -- through his reported connections within the Intelligence Community -- released still further revelations regarding the dark secrets of Dulce.


The Commander claims to be a member of "THE COMMITTEE OF 12" [COM-12?], an obscure intelligence group which is working to educate the public about the joint fascist-alien threat to America and preserve our Constitutional-based Republic as it was established by the original founders of the United States:

"...There were over 650 attendees to the 1959 Rand Symposium. Most were representatives of the Corporate-Industrial State, like:

  • The General Electric Company;

  • AT&T;

  • Hughes Aircraft;

  • Northrop Corporation;

  • Sandia Corporation;

  • Colorado School of Mines, etc.

"Bechtel (pronounced BECK-tul, a San Francisco - based organization - Branton) is a supersecret international corporate octopus, founded in 1898. Some say the firm is really a 'Shadow Government' -- a working arm of the CIA. It is the largest Construction and Engineering outfit in the U.S.A. and the World [and some say, beyond].

"The most important posts in the U.S.A. Government are held by former Bechtel Officers. They are part of 'The Web' [an inter-connected control system] which links the Trilateralist plans, the C.F.R., the Order of 'Illuminism' [Cult of the All-seeing Eye] and other interlocking groups..."

"MIND MANIPULATING EXPERIMENTS... The Dulce Base has studied mind control implants; Bio-Psi Units; ELF Devices capable of Mood, Sleep and Heartbeat control, etc.

"D.A.R.P.A. [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency] is using these technologies to manipulate people. They established 'The Projects,' set priorities, coordinate efforts and guide the many participants in these undertakings. Related Projects are studied at Sandia Base by 'The Jason Group' [of 55 Scientists]. They have secretly harnessed the Dark Side of Technology and hidden the beneficial technology from the public.

"Other Projects take place at 'Area 51' in Nevada...

  • 'Dream-land' [Data Repository Establishment and Maintenance Land]

  • Elmint [Electromagnetic Intelligence]

  • Cold Empire

  • Code EVA

  • Program HIS [Hybrid Intelligence System]:

    • BW/CW

    • IRIS [Infrared Intruder Systems]

    • BI-PASS

    • REP-TILES, etc...

"The studies on Level Four at Dulce include,

  • Human Aura research

  • as well as all aspects of Dream

  • Hypnosis

  • Telepathy, etc. [research]

  • They know how to manipulate the Bioplasmic Body

  • They can lower your heartbeat with Deep Sleeve 'Delta Waves,' induce a static shock, then reprogram, Via a Brain-Computer link

  • They can introduce data and programmed reactions into your Mind [Information impregnation -- the 'Dream Library']

"We are entering an era of Technologicalization of Psychic Powers...

  • The development of techniques to enhance man/machine communications;

  • Nano-tech;

  • Bio-tech micro-machines;

  • PSI-War;

  • E.D.O.M. [Electronic Dissolution of Memory];

  • R.H.I.C. [Radio-Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Control];

  • and various forms of behavior control [via chemical agents, ultrasonics, optical and other EM radiations].

  • The Physics of 'Consciousness.'...

"SURVIVING THE FUTURE... The Dulce Facility consists of a central 'Hub.' the Security Section [also some photo labs]. The deeper you go, the stronger the Security. This is a multi-leveled complex. There are over 3000 cameras at various high-security locations [exits and labs].

"There are over 100 Secret Exits near and around Dulce, many around Archuleta Mesa, others to the source around Dulce Lake and even as far east as Lindrich.


"...INSIDE THE DULCE BASE... Security officers wear jumpsuits, with the Dulce symbol on the front, upper left side (the Dulce symbol consists of an upside-down triangle with an inverted 'T' superimposed over it - Branton)... The ID card [used in card slots, for the doors and elevators] has the Dulce symbol above the ID photo. 'Government honchos' use cards with the Great Seal of the U.S. on it. 'The Cult of the All-Seeing Eye' [The NEW WORLD ORDER], 13, '666', The Phoenix Empire... '9', 'Illuminism'... 'One out of many.' [and so on]..."

"THE PHANTOM BOARD: ABOVE THE LAW... Most meetings of 'The Dulce Board' are held in Denver and Taos [New Mexico]. A former U.S. Senator has full knowledge of Dulce. He was among the group that included a number of very prominent government figures who toured the base (i.e. most likely the upper levels only - Branton). In 1979, an 'animal mutilation' conference took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This meeting was used to locate researchers and determine what they had learned about the link between the 'mute' [i.e. mutilation] operations and the 'Alien' government.

"Another Senator knows about the 'Ultra' secrets at 'Dreamland' and Dulce. Several of my official sources have confirmed this to me. So do many others in government... this is what the UFO researchers are up be careful. You know more than they want you to know.

"They have also underwater bases off the coast of Florida and Peru.

"More detailed information will be released in the near future: photos, video tapes, documents, etc. Watch out for 'Special Agents' among you now.

"In the 1930's, DIVISION FIVE of the FBI knew about the 'Aliens.'

"A FASCIST cabal within this country had John Kennedy assassinated. Look to the links within the larger Umbrella... the 'WEB' of a fascist totalitarian secret police state... within the Pentagon; JCS, DIA, FBI [Division Five]; DISC/DIS and the DIA. Note: The Defense Investigative Services insignia is a composite of the Sun's rays, a rose and a dagger, symbolizing 'The Search for Information, Trustworthiness and Danger.'

"This links with caves used for 'Initiation Rites' all over the world... ancient vaults, retreats, [underground 'bases']..." etc.

Commander 'X' also stated that:

"Recently, participants in a 'field investigation' of the area near Archuleta Mesa, were confronted by two small hovering spheres. They all became suddenly ill and had to leave the area.


"We have passed the point of no Return in our interaction with the 'alien' [i.e. 'reptilian gray'] beings. We are guaranteed a crisis which will persist until the final REVELATION [or conflict].

"The crisis is here, global and real. We must mitigate or transform the nature of the disasters to come, and come they will. Knowing is half the battle. Read the book, THE COSMIC CONSPIRACY, by Stan Deyo..."