Chapter 6

'Cosmic Top Secrets' And The Dulce Base

The Sept. 10, 1990 issue of 'UFO UNIVERSE' related the following under the title-heading, "WILLIAM F. HAMILTON III -- UFOLOGY'S 'MYSTERY MAN' TO REVEAL 'COSMIC TOP SECRETS'":

"Until just recently, William F. Hamilton III managed to keep up a relatively low profile so that he can continue his work in private and without needless interruption from well-meaning, and never-the-less prying eyes.

"Admittedly, his name is not known in every household, but the fact of the matter is that 'Bill' is highly respected among his peers.

"Indeed, what he has to say is as important and vital as the words of flying ace John Lear and former Navy intelligence officer William Cooper, who have gone on record regarding the alien conspiracy.

"In fact, much of what Hamilton maintains is consistent with the theory that there is a massive government cover-up on UFOs and alien visitations that reaches right up to the president's private office door, and that the U.S. military has made a secret pact with a group of aliens known as the 'Greys'. [They] are on earth... mutilating cattle, and abducting humans for experimental purposes. Supposedly the Greys have TAKEN OVER several Top-Secret underground military facilities, AND certain branches of the government [who] are working hand-in-hand with these entities to bring about total domination of the world, while a SECOND group of extra-terrestrials is here trying to protect us...

"Of a highly controversial nature, many of Hamilton's statements may seem overly 'radical' to even his closest associates, not to mention other investigators who refuse to even seriously consider the documentation he is able to present to bolster his case.

"...About ten years ago, a few scientists and engineers, who worked for NASA and shared an interest in UFO abductions, came together to form a group they called Project VISIT -- Vehicle Internal Systems Investigative Team. They studied about 130 cases of UFO abductions with the goal of constructing a model of UFOs, their operation, and the entities who crew UFOs.

"They found:

"-- UFOs have bright interior lighting.
"-- Abductees undergo a medical-type examination with apparently highly sophisticated equipment.
"-- Burns are suffered by many abductees.
"-- Time loss - from 20 minutes to 3 hours - is common. Project VISIT member, Dr. Richard Niemtzow, described the crew members as four feet tall, hairless, grey in color, with no nose, a small mouth and large slanted eyes. The Grey humanoid is emotionless and communicates by telepathy.

"The Greys have earned a reputation quite different than the Nordic blondes and other reported species. Most of the abductions are done by greys and more than one variation of Grey. The Greys do most of the biological intervening on abductees. Tans, Whites, and Blues (i.e. 'Greys' of other skin colors, gray-tan, gray-white, gray-blue, etc. - Branton) have also been reported by abductees. I have personally had some sort of encounter with what I call the Whites. They are small with extremely white skin and black, wrap-around eyes.

"EARTH MADE SAUCERS -- In April, 1984, Lt. General George Bone, Vice Commander of the U.S. Air Force Systems Command was killed while test flying a secret aircraft over the Groom Lake area, a top secret facility located about 100 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. This facility is designated 'Area 51.' The Systems Command reputedly uses this facility to test-fly spy planes, such as the SR-71 Blackbird or its successor, the Aurora. According to the February, 1988 issue of GUNG-HO magazine which ran a feature article on Area 51, some of the craft being flown out of that test facility would make George Lucas drool!...

"In the early 1980s a radio technician working at Area 51 reported seeing a saucer on the ground. It was some 20 or 30 feet in diameter, he said, and when it flew, it moved silently through the air. The technician also viewed a number of wooden shipping crates marked 'Project Redlight.' That project may have been a forerunner of Snowbird. Presently, the Air Force is trying to acquire 89.000 acres adjacent to the Groom Lake facility and to place the nearby Groom Mountains off-limits to the public.

"Before and after the TV documentary 'UFO COVER-UP LIVE', there had been talk of an underground alien base located in the vicinity of the Groom Lake test site, known as 'Dreamland'... This adds a whole new dimension to the idea of a secret space program and hints at fantastic secret programs that take [us] more than one step beyond.

"A friend of mine once moved to Riverton, Wyoming to escape from terrifying mysteries he encountered in NEW MEXICO. He said the locals at Riverton asked him, 'Are you here to work on the secret space project out at the jet airport?' Saucers were seen close to the ground in Riverton. One day my friend's truck broke down and he had to hitch a ride to town. A black Lincoln pulled up and a man dressed in black gave him a lift. The dashboard looked like a computer console. The MIB knew exactly where he wanted to be left off in front of the post office, but my friend had never told him.

"ALIEN IMPLANTS -- In 1980 when I lived in Glendale, Arizona, I received a call from my friend Walter Baumgartner, who published a magazine of limited circulation called ENERGY UNLIMITED. Walter was a natural technologist. He said that he had started working for a physicist by the name of PAUL BENNEWITZ at Thunder Scientific Labs in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He then proceeded to tell me the fantastic story that Mr. Bennewitz had succeeded in communicating with aliens at an underground base situated near MT. ARCHULETA in the town of DULCE that was close to the Colorado border and situated on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation.

(Note: Bennewitz actually stated that he 'interrogated' the alien-collective via a computer-radio-video link with an 'alien' computer terminal, by tapping-in to the aliens' ship-to-base communications frequency and using a type of hexedecimal mathematical code to break the alien encryption. He first discovered the signals using specialized equipment he had developed, and later concluded that these signals were also being used to influence abductees who had been given electronic mind-control implants. - Branton).

"He told me that these little grey aliens were abducting and implanting people with a device inserted at the base of the skull for the purpose of monitoring and CONTROLLING humans. He said that the 'government' knew about this and was involved with alien activities. He also stated that the aliens feared our nuclear weapons and nuclear radiation. He told me that Paul was working on a weapon that would be effective against these aliens.

(INTERJECTION BY BRANTON REGARDING 'MIND CONTROL' IMPLANTS: I know of a person who went to have some implants removed by doctors. The implants were removed, via the nasal cavity, from the nerve centers of the brain -- some of her nerves being damaged in the process. This nerve damage resulted in a near-death experience following which, when she had 'awakened', she felt like a 'new person' or that some other 'identity' that had been operating in her was now gone. Some mystics may refer to alien intelligence's that possess human minds as 'walk-ins'. What many refer to as 'walk-ins' are often artificial intelligence matrix implants which are attached to the nerve centers of the human brain.


These serve as 'nodes' for an alien collective in a parasite-host capacity, allowing the aliens to physically utilize the human subject after an altered state of consciousness has been induced, and the human subject's individual consciousness is incapacitated. This transfer to the 'alternate consciousness' often occurs at night. Also, both malevolent and 'relatively' benevolent other-worldly cultures often induce within human subjects one or more 'alternate' personalities which are taught or programmed to work and operate in the 'other' realm. If the individual is left-brain dominant and right-handed in their 'conscious' life, in the 'alternate' life they may be right-brain dominant and left-handed, as is the case with my own elusive alternate identity.


Other than saying that humans have one brain with two hemispheres, it would be just as legitimate to say that we have two brains in one cranium. In many cases where more 'benevolent' humanoids are concerned, the individual may have 'flashes' of memories of a 'double' or 'alternate' existence where they interact with exterran, subterran or even other-dimensional humanoid societies, often in an 'intimate' capacity, and in some cases even serve as starship crew members or pilots. In the case of the benevolent 'non-interventionists', such an alternate personality may be a means of interacting with Terrans without violating the laws of non-intervention and interfering with an earth-persons 'conscious' life, although I myself would suggest that even this would be stretching 'non-interventionism' to the limit.


However in the case of the malevolents, such alternate 'identities' are programmed through intense mind-control techniques with the intent of producing unconscious mind-slaves for the alien collective.


The 'secrecy' and fear of the exposure of their interventionist agendas is in this case the motive for maintaining secrecy. What is especially confusing however is when one, as in my own personal case, has been infused with alternate personalities or identities by BOTH benevolent AND malevolent other-worldly cultures. In my personal case this involved being patched-in to an alien collective-mind [Ashtar] via implants and 'used' by the dark side of that collective -- or the interventionist elements within the Ashtar collective such as the 'Orionite infiltrators' that some contactees have spoken of who desire to use their positions to establish absolute control -- only to later have this or another alternate personality matrix 're-programmed' by a more benevolent faction of the 'alliance'. This more benevolent faction would either be involved with a separate Federation, or it would be a faction that is part of the 'collective' itself yet which is involved in an ongoing conflict with its 'darker' side, a faction which is opposed to the interventionist-control agendas if the 'infiltrators'.


One cannot comprehend the significance of the psychic battles that can rage through a single human mind until one has been caught in the crossfire between two OPPOSING 'alternate personalities' -- one of which is an individualist and one of which is a collectivist -- that are slugging it out for dominance of ones unconscious existence. The best one can do in such an event would be to try and retrieve as many suppressed memories as they are able, sort the whole mess out, and assimilate and take conscious control of those thought patterns that will be most beneficial to them and eliminate the harmful thought-patterns. I will not deceive you, such a process can be very painful at times.


After all, it is the ROOT "individual consciousness" of a human being which has the final say as to just WHO that person is going to be, based on the universal law of free agency. For those of you who are reading this and who feel that they may have been 'programmed' with an alternate 'alien' personality which is activated during alien encounters, I will say for an absolute fact that according to universal law this collectivist alternate personality MUST submit to the demands of your conscious will. Anything else would be a direct violation of the non-intervention laws.


Even without the assistance of alien psycho-technology, certain psychiatrists are fully aware of how easy it is to hypnotically induce an alternate personality within a human being, IF they had access to the suppressed mind-control techniques that have been used by certain intelligence agencies and occult fraternities. - Branton)


On April 1 and 2, I spent 24 hours visiting with John Lear at his home in Las Vegas. He took out a stack of papers and had me peruse them at my leisure. His study room had walls covered with aircraft photos and certificates. There was no doubt in my mind that John loved flying. John is a soft spoken individual and frequently, while visiting him, I have watched him putter in the garden. We discussed Area 51. John had some long distance photos of the Groom Lake facility. The one thing that stood out in one photo was the radio telescope pointing straight up in the midst of a group of buildings. The scope was probably tracking any overhead spy satellites.


He showed me the reference in the February, 1988 issue of GUNG-HO magazine, that [insisted] that spacecraft were being test-flown from this facility. John heard rumors that the Greys had a base under the Groom Mountains. This is the one we believe is called DREAMLAND. One of my sources [a leak] says DREAM is an acronym that stands for Data Repository Establishment And Maintenance. John told me the story of Mr. K, whose son Robert was trapped inside a joint human-alien underground base in Utah. This Robert had apparently worked at DULCE BASE at one time. MR. K felt like he was being given the run-around by the military in his attempts to locate his son...

"I learned that there were a few technical people who worked at Sandia Labs in Albuquerque who were interested in alien activity. One man I talked to, C.R., knew a mysterious Colonel Ronald Blackburn, who was reputed to have said that there were 600 aliens at the Groom Lake facility in Nevada. C.R. had investigated a UFO crash near Gallup, N.M. in 1983. This one was also investigated by Tommy Roy Blann. I heard of Colonel Edwards at Albuquerque who knew the AFOSI agent Richard Doty (BOTH of whom worked with Paul Bennewitz in his investigations of the alien activity taking place at the Dulce Base. - Branton). Doty had talked to some investigators about the government cover-up. Why? I don't know.


On April 19, 1988, my wife and I arrived at Dulce, N.M. at about 4:30 p.m. Dulce was a beautiful little mountain town sitting at an elevation exceeding 7,500 feet. There was still snow on the ground by the Best Western Motel. I checked into the motel and called Gabe Valdez. He came over to see me about 9:30 p.m. We talked about UFOs and the cattle mutilations. He said that he had not seen any mutes since 1981-82. [I] had him read a letter written by Richard Doty in which Doty denies all involvement with UFO secrecy. He said Doty wasn't telling the truth. This proved true, because Doty started talking again.

"He told me that Doty wrote a report that stated that Paul Bennewitz was being investigated. Later Gabe offered us a ride around Dulce. He took us in his patrol car and showed us some of the routes. He said he saw glowing orange-lighted airships flying silently around the area frequently. He never saw these airships in daylight. We took a look at the Gomez Ranch, site of some of the mutes that took place in 1978.


We asked about Bennewitz's belief that there was a secret underground alien base in the area. He said he believed about 80 percent of what Bennewitz said concerning alien activities in the area... he definitely seemed to think there was a base in the area, but his idea of where it is located was different than Paul's. He thought that the base might be south of Dulce, closer to the Gomez Ranch. He said he had not found any entries to the base. He had found landing tracks and crawler marks near the site of the mutes. He invited me to come back sometime and climb Mt. Archuleta. Someday I would come back to Dulce, but I had no idea when...

"A lot started happening in October, 1988. I started investigating the case of a couple who had gone up to a plateau on the south side of the Tehachapi Mountains (outside of Edwards AFB. - Branton) not far from my house. At two in the morning they witnessed a large flashing orb come up from the ground and rise slowly into the sky.


They experienced about two hours of missing time. Under hypnosis performed by a local hypnotherapist who had taken an interest in UFO abductees, we had found that the man recalled having been taken to an underground facility. He kept mentioning 'the Colonel!'..."