Chapter 20

Special Forces: Defenders Of Planet Earth?

The mysterious 'insider' Commander-X related the following information in one of his numerous reports:

"...In the revised September, 1959 edition of THE EFFECTS OF ATOMIC WEAPONS, prepared for and in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Defense and The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, under the direction of The Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, we read about how 'complete underground placement of bases is desirable.'


On page 382: 'There are apparently no fundamental difficulties in construction and operating Underground various types of important facilities. Such facilities may be placed in a suitable existing mine or a site may be excavated for the purpose.'

In reference to the 'Delta' Force which is believed to supply security for 'Above Top Secret' projects involving 'interaction' with the aliens [greys, etc.], this government insider states:

"The DELTA Group... have been seen [within the Intelligence Support Activity] with badges which have a black Triangle on a red background.

"DELTA is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. It has the form of a triangle, and figures prominently in certain Masonic signs.

"EACH BASE HAS ITS OWN SYMBOL. The Dulce base symbol is a triangle with the Greek letter 'Tau' (T) within it and then the symbol is inverted, so the triangle points down.

"The Insignia of 'a triangle and three lateral lines' has been seen on Saucer [transport] Craft,' The Tri-Lateral Symbol. Other symbols mark landing sites and 'Alien' craft..."

On January 10, 1989, former Naval Petty Officer William Cooper posted the following statement on a computer network devoted to the investigation of paranormal events, which detailed still further information about the Delta forces.


Take note that the Delta's according to William Cooper, John Lear and Thomas E. Castello had played a major part in the so-called "Dulce Wars" which began in 1979:

"The following information was extracted from a rather long treatise-transcript-conversation between an individual and another who was assigned to DELTA SECURITY:

"01: Delta security has a lot to do with inter-service projects.

"02: The Trilateral insignia [alien] is valid and has been used to mark equipment.

"03: 'The whole thing is grim and won't get any better.'

"04: The Trilateral insignia has been seen on a disk at Edwards AFB, CA and Area 51 in Nevada.

"05: There is a hanger at Edwards referred to as the Delta Hanger.

"06: The Delta Hanger is on the North Base at Edwards.

"07: You need a special badge to get near it. It is a red badge with a black triangle on the face of it and personal information on the back.

"08: Disk in hanger at Edwards described as having insignia on the underside and on the top. It was about 50' in diameter, appearing like tarnished silver, about 15 to 18 feet thick. There were what looked like windows around the raised portion that were mostly described as rectangular. There was a groove around the disk about 4 feet from the edge all the way around. There was an area on the bottom that looked like vents or louvers.

"09: When people assigned to Delta would break down and cry for no apparent reason, you would never see them again.

"10: Apparently, the NRO [National Recon Organization] recruits for DELTA out of Fort Carson, Colorado.

"11: Just about everyone assigned to DELTA are orphans, have no relatives, etc.

"12: There are 'bounty hunters' connected with Dreamland.

"13: If you work at Dreamland and go on leave or are not back on time they send 'bounty hunters' after you. That's where the 'visitors' live... there is an underground facility...

"14: Area 51 is at Groom Lake in Nevada. The disks are flown there.

"15: One of the craft looked like an upside-down diamond.

"16: There is a radiation hazard apparent when some of the craft fly.

"17: No one stays at Dreamland for more than a few months.

"18: 'Everything is way out of control...'"

From his apparent though guarded vantage-point within the Intelligence Community, "Commander-X" claims to be privy to much 'deep-level' inside information.


One of the many reports that has crossed his desk involved the experience of a woman who was 'abducted' and taken over 1000 miles to the underground facility below Dulce, New Mexico:

"...One woman I have spoken with was abducted from the roof of a New York City apartment building and apparently held underground at the Dulce facility. She was taken to a cabin in the desert which was being used as a camouflaged entrance to the 'alien' base. She was eventually escorted to the laboratories to be used as a test subject, but at the last minute managed to escape thanks to the aid of one of the Nordic-type, tall aliens, who befriended her and showed her a secret way out, down an unguarded shaft.

"Back in the desert, she was rescued by members of the [Air Force] Blue Berets, and eventually flown back to Manhattan. During a de-briefing session with the military, she was warned to remain silent about her experiences. Anyone hearing such a bizarre tale would certainly think she had gone insane. It was inferred she could be committed to a mental institution at any time should she refuse to go along with the cover-up conspiracy, which she was told was being conducted 'for the sake of the country, and the sake of the world!'"


(If you believe that excuse, then I have some nice beach-front property on Mercury that you might be interested in! - Branton)