Combing the mirror

"In the cultural grip of the media, modern societies blindly stumble from one crisis or disaster to another with the fantasized conviction that they know what they are doing, where they are going, how they will survive, who is in control, and why everything works or does not work as it should. These unconsciously reinforced fantasies actually threaten survival."
Wilson Bryan Key

OK, so how do we set ourselves free?


There are many researchers of the five-sense conspiracy who believe the situation we face is now pretty much hopeless. It has gone too far, I hear some of them say, and the people are so programmed with false beliefs they will never wake up and rise up in time. If I were looking at the world purely from five-sense reality I would agree with them and I do think that events will need to get even more blatant before the spell is broken.


But that is all it is: a spell, a hypnotic state, and that is reversible anytime we choose. The Illuminati don't orchestrate the daily assault on mind and body because they think it's a laugh and a bit of fun. They do it in the understanding that consciousness in awareness of its true and infinite power could dismantle their manipulated reality in an instant.


They are terrified that the human collective mind will wake up and remember what it has been programmed to forget.


The food and' drink additives, genetically modified crops, 'medical' drugs, vaccines, electromagnetic pollution, subliminals, 'science', 'education', media manipulation and the suppression of alternative ways of healing and thinking are designed with one aim in mind: to hypnotize human consciousness and disconnect it through mind and body from its infinite potential:

"Look into my eyeeeeees. You have no power. You are ordinary and insignificant, a chemical process destined for oblivion~ You must look to your leaders to guide you and protect you. They are the all-powerful ones who know what you need. Only they can change your life. Obey, obey, obeeeey. When I click my fingers you will wake up and do whatever we tell you to dooooooo ... "


"Hey, honey, I've just been watching the TV news and I'm sure glad we have our leaders to guide and protect us, cos' what would we do without them? I get this feeling we should watch a game show tonight, honey, what time does Wheel of Fortune come on?"


" Anything on the news, Chuck?"


"I can't remember, honey, but I think we should vote for Bush."

The suppression is actually far more potent than the indoctrination. Without the first you can't have the second. A mind in its awakened state would see through the lies before the sentence was even complete, just as we can clearly see subliminals once we are aware of their existence.


If you go back to page 404 and look at the picture of the plants you'll see what I mean. The same applies to the manufactured illusion we call the 'world', When we de-program and unplug ourselves from the Matrix illusion, the hypnotists suddenly lose their power over our sense of reality. What had once been, subliminal now becomes crystal clear.


With this understanding, the Illuminati have sought to suppress and demonize the knowledge of who we are and the true nature of our infinite self. Those who have talked about the other dimensions or frequency realms within the Matrix have been burned at the stake or, more latterly, ridiculed, condemned and filed under "freaks".


But it is those who speak of Oneness, the unity of all, who offer the greatest challenge to the Matrix mentality because awareness of the One dismantles the illusion of duality and division on which the Matrix depends for its control. Would Israeli soldiers kill an Arab child, or anyone else, if they realized that they and the child and the tank and the gun were all the same? Would an Arab suicide bomber kill Jewish people if he had that understanding? Would anyone go to war with anyone if they knew that they were their 'enemy' and their 'enemy' was them?


It may be called an invasion of Iraq, an Arab-Israeli conflict, a murder or a state execution, but these are all examples of people killing or attacking themselves. The human race has a fetish for self-abuse. It is the killer and the killed, the maimer and the maimed, and the prisoner of its own ignorance. How those beyond the illusion must despair at our plight. But it doesn't have to be like this.


Itís a choice we have the infinite power to make .


Reality reloaded

It is good to be aware of the five-sense manipulation and the role of other dimensional entities, but by far the most important information in this book is about reality and how we create it.


That is our getaway car. It is because this understanding has been suppressed that we are caught in a web of our own making. The trouble is people don't realize that they are the spinner and the spun. We are creating our reality, but we think we are not. Therefore, we are not in control of the reality we create.


Our ignorance has handed that power to anyone who can indoctrinate our belief in what is real. We create our reality in the sense that our subconscious manifests the thought fields that the conscious mind then decodes into holographic 3-D illusions. But the control of those illusions comes from the subconscious beliefs that create the thought fields the conscious mind decodes into its daily experience.


The Illuminati and their other-dimensional masters know that if they can program our subconscious beliefs they will be controlling our five-sense illusion. That's the level at which the game is played and everything else is manifested from that.


The loss of this knowledge has led to a process of perpetual self-delusion that I call "combing the mirror" (Figure 63).


Figure 63:

The human condition -  combing the mirror.

How can we change a reflection unless we change what is being reflected?

The answers are not 'out there', but 'in here', Illustration by Neil Hague


We first accept that the world we think we see around us is real and we also believe that this five-sense level of being is who we are.


Already the prison door is creaking shut. This delusion leads to the belief that if this world is real and we are expressions of this world it follows that we must change the five-sense world for our experience to change.


Clunk! Gotcha! Now turn the key before they suss they've been had.


The five-sense reality is an illusion created by our beliefs. If we don't change our beliefs we cannot change the experience. That's impossible because one is the manifestation of the other. We can run around in the five-sense reality all we like, campaigning and complaining, moaning and groaning about the state of our lives, but nothing will change. It can't. To transform our reality we need to transform our. sense of reality because one comes from the other. When we look in the mirror and we don't like our hair style do we try to change it by combing the mirror? No, we comb our hair and the mirror reflects that.


Silly as it may seem to comb a mirror to change your hair, that is what the human race is doing. It looks through its eyes at a holographic reflection, a mirror of its subconscious sense of reality, and tries to change what it doesn't like by combing the mirror - seeking to change the five-sense illusion within the five-sense illusion. To change a reflection we need to change what is being reflected - our programmed sense of what is real.


Believe small and you will reflect small. Believe no power and you will reflect no power. Believe can't and you will reflect can't. And vice-versa. Billions are spending their lives thrashing around in a reflection and getting more and more frightened, angry, stressed and frustrated that nothing is changing and things. He only getting worse.


But of course nothing is changing as they would wish. How can it? It's getting worse because the more frightened, angry, stressed and frustrated people become at aimlessly thrashing around in a reflection, while thinking it's real, the more their mental and emotional state "gets worse" and must reflect in the mirror as their world "gets worse". It is a vicious circle that can only be broken when we realize that five-sense reality is an il.1usion and we are creating it.


We can have a five-sense illusion that is a prison because inner prisons must become outer prisons; or we can have an illusion that is a paradise. It's our choice, our decision, but whatever we choose, the five-sense 'world' will still be an illusion, a reflection.


Nailing the norms

We are creating our own universe, one unique to us.


The more you redefine your reality in relation to the consensus the more you will 'stand out' from the crowd and be that nail above the rest. The reason the Illuminati seek to pound such people back into the pack is that they threaten to undermine the very consensus reality on which the Matrix depends.


They show there is more than one possible reality. Visionaries are dangerous people to the Illuminati and they want rid of them. A maverick is a demon to a manipulator of consensus reality. The world needs a global outbreak of the STARS virus -  the Sudden Tendency to Altar Reality Syndrome. We need mavericks acting with spontaneity and freedom of thought and lifestyle, and encompassing only those current 'norms' that respect freedom not servitude.

The further you remove yourself from the collective norms the more you remove the chains of collective reality and the Matrix. Whenever we are told to do or believe something, no matter how mundane, it is worth considering:

"Oh yeah, who decided that?"

The answer will almost always be:

"I dunno."

Why are we being dictated to by 'norms', the origin of which we cannot even locate? But we do it all the time. Then there is the next point:

"Why should I do or believe that?"

For what reason should I follow this norm? The answer hew will invariably be something like:

"That's what you have to do, everyone does it".

That's what I have to do? Who says so? I am the Infinite One, I don't have to do or believe anything I don't wish to. And I won't.


Even better, don't ask those questions -  know the answers.


I can say from my own experience that once you demand that the 'norms' earn a place in your life you realize what mindless bullshit has been dictating your thoughts and behavior. Talk about the emperor's new clothes. The norm for norms is that normally they turn out to be baloney.


A few examples:

  • Norm: Homosexuality is wrong or at least should not be talked about. It's unnatural.

  • Baloney: No matter what the shape of your body we can only express love for ourselves because all is One. "I will only love myself if the other part of me I am loving is in a different body to the one I am in." Ugh??? Crazy, but that is what the 'norm' is saying. Even if the homosexual relationship is purely for lust and sex, so what? The body is a hologram, it's not real. Enjoy the illusion, but know that's what it is and the illusion cannot control you. What can be 'natural' or 'unnatural' in an illusion? It is a matter of free choice and that also includes the freedom not to participate.

  • Norm: Sex should only happen between a man and a woman in a stable relationship and anything beyond the missionary. position is "kinky" and "disgusting".

  • Baloney: Who decided that? 'Who imposed this blueprint on what is 'normal'? How dare anyone dictate to others what they will not derive pleasure from so long as everyone involved is agreed? No, no, you must only enjoy your illusory hologram in ways that we decide is "moral", otherwise we shall condemn you (while wishing we could do the same). I'll do you a deal. I won't tell you what to do with your computer or your money if you don't tell me what to do with my willy (not that I do much these days, as I was telling the Viagra salesman).

  • Norm: You must never take drugs.

  • Baloney: As always with norms everything is black and white. Are there drugs to be avoided? Of course there are. But there are others taken in the right environment with experienced people that can take you into wonderland and show you the illusion of the world you think you live in. Funny how these are often the substances targeted by the authorities. The trick is to access the natural ability to go into other realities without drugs, but used sensibly they can be a step on the road. Why, if drugs are bad for you, are we encouraged to take them like ~andy when they are dispensed by doctors on behalf of the Illuminati pharmaceutical cartel? Those drugs serve the agenda while those revealing the illusion do not, simple as that. It is not that drugs are good or bad, right or wrong, it is what drugs and in what circumstances.

  • Norm: You must never break the law.

  • Baloney: First of all there are so many laws, and increasing by the day, that it is impossible not to break them all the time. Do you always keep to the speed limit and always remember to wear a seat belt? No? You are a law breaker then. Shame on you, I'll call the police.


    What are laws anyway? They are passed by elected or unelected dictatorships with the people affected by the laws, having no say in them what so ever? If the people then insist that you must obey the law no matter what the circumstances, they are accepting a perpetual state of tyrannical control. If a law was passed that all our children had to be given to the government would we obey it? No, we'd collectively defy it.


    So why don't we do the same with other laws that impose the dictatorship? We have forgotten the power of unity. If everyone charged with an offence recorded by a traffic camera refused to pay the fine, the system would collapse. If we don't collectively defy the laws designed to impose the global fascist state, we will all live in a global∑ fascist state. Hardly rocket science is it?


    This one 'norm' alone - "you must never break the law" - is enough to condemn the world to dictatorship by the few, never mind all the others. We need to demand that every 'norm' of consensus reality prove itself to be an instrument of fairness and freedom. If they do not then why should we be ruled by them? It is a norm that our children are vaccinated when this is actually waging war on their immune system. It is a norm that children must get a 'good education' when that is Newspeak for a good indoctrination of consensus reality.


    One after another these norms collapse when the scales are peeled from our eyes. It is vital that we keep asking ourselves: is this my reality I am accepting here or is it externally implanted because I am conceding my uniqueness to norms and indoctrination?

The following is an excellent symbolic story of the way the 'norms' become accepted without question or even the knowledge of where they came from. It was sent to me by someone through my website.

Start with a cage containing five monkeys. Inside the cage, hang a banana on a string and place a set of stairs under it. Before long, a monkey will go to the stairs and start to climb towards the banana. As soon as he touches the stairs, spray all of the other monkeys with cold water.

After a while, another monkey makes an attempt with the same result all the other monkeys are sprayed with cold water. Pretty soon, when a monkey tries to climb the stairs, the other monkeys will try to prevent it. Now, put away the cold water. Remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new one. The new monkey sees the banana and wants to climb the stairs.


To his surprise and horror, all of the other monkeys attack him. After another attempt and attack, he knows that if he tries to climb the stairs, he will be assaulted. Next, remove another of the original five monkeys and replace it with a new one. The newcomer goes to the stairs and is attacked. The previous newcomer takes part in the punishment with enthusiasm!


Likewise, replace a third original monkey with a new one, then a fourth, then the fifth. Every time the newest monkey takes to the stairs, he is attacked. Most of the monkeys that are beating him have no idea why they were not permitted to climb the stairs or why they are participating in the beating of the newest monkey. After replacing all the original monkeys, none-of the remaining monkeys have ever been sprayed with cold water.


Nevertheless, no monkey ever again approaches the stairs to try for the banana. Why not? Because as far as they know that's the way it's always been done!

Wilson Bryan Key put it well when he wrote:

"Programmed from infancy with basic assumptions, unconsciously supported ideas are usually taken for granted: When assumptions surface they should always be questioned."

l Assumptions instant reactions from conditioned belief - are the very building blocks of imprisoned reality. What is this 'normal' anyway? Who defies it and on what basis? What is normal to one will not be normal to another. What is genius to one will be insanity to another. 'Norms' are only beliefs that have solidified through repetition into unquestioned acceptance.


We should let these rule our lives?


Mum's the word

The Thought Police have a vast army of allies with which to program and control the global population.


They are called the global population. Consensus reality is so all pervading in the minds of the masses that they are deluded into policing their own prison, and people conform to the manufactured consensus because they fear the consequences of being different.


They might ask themselves a rather important question given the circumstances now before us. Are they more fearful of the consequences of being different or those of living in a global fascist state? It is no exaggeration to say that this is the choice we are facing because the latter is where the consensus reality is leading us so fast.


If we are not to travel that road we must disconnect ourselves from the reality that is taking us there. That means expressing our own uniqueness and refusing to be battered into conforming to another's version of what we should be. The fear of expressing our uniqueness of view and lifestyle is generated from the fear of what other people think: our mothers, fathers, friends, neighbors and workmates.


If you are in the public eye there is the added fear of mass ridicule and what the media will say about you. But I went through all this in the early 1990s and I am still here, stronger than ever. There is nothing that we cannot achieve if we decide that nothing will stop us.


So some brain-doner journalist writes that I am mad. So some brain-doner reader believes it and laughs at me in the street. So? It only matters if it is my reality that it matters and it is not. Sod 'em, who cares? I am me, I am free. Families, friends, neighbors and workmates often serve and police the mind-prison and we need to stop conceding our uniqueness to these people. I can understand how difficult it is to do things that are at odds with the consensus reality and the norms as perceived by parents etc.


We don't want to see them upset and we would like them to be proud of us. Or at least most people would. But hold on here. Parents may choose to provide the apparent vehicle for us to experience this illusion, but they do not have the right to be lifelong mind programmers and dictators to their offspring. Their 'children' are the same Oneness that they are. Parents and children are illusory states of the same One consciousness and each have an equal right to express themselves. There needs to be guardianship and basic guidance in childhood, but that is different from an imposition of belief.


Many parents police their children mercilessly and insist they conform to the consensus reality that their own parents conditioned them !p believe in. This has to stop if we are to walk the path of freedom. If parents want to believe in consensus reality, that's fine and proper, and their rightful choice.


But once they seek to manipulate their children to do the same they become unknowing agents of the Matrix:

"Your mother is so upset you want to live in a commune. Her heart was set on you being a banker/doctor/lawyer. I don't know if she'll ever get over this."

Really? Well tell her to try. How come I didn't get upset because she wasn't a striptease artist? I set my heart on that.


As always in this illusion of duality there are two points of osculation here, the imposer and the imposed. Both are responsible for the suppression-of uniqueness and freedom of thought. Anyone who seeks to impose their reality on another by whatever means is a psychological fascist and servant of th~ Matrix, but so is anyone who concedes their uniqueness to such imposition.


Step one on the road to freedom from control is to refuse to have another tell you what to think and do with your life. If they don't like our choice they can do the other thing. It doesn't matter what your parents or your friends and associates say about your choices. What matters is that you are you and not what someone else is telling you to be. Why should we concern ourselves with the reactions of those who don't even respect our right to be who we are?


I don't care what my children do with their lives, as long as it is what they truly want to do and they respect the freedom of others to do the same. It is their choice, not mine. If we focused on not allowing others to impose their will on us and not imposing ours on others, the difference to our lives and the world would be fantastic.


So much human potential is locked away behind the barrier marked:

"What would people say if I said or did this?"

Let it go and let it flow. Just do it!!! Yes, you might see old 'friends' drift away and a whole host of new ones appear.






Master of illusion

An illusion can only control you when you think it is real.


Once you recognize that your five-sense reality is an illusion it immediately loses so much of its power over you. You still hurt your toe if you bang it on the table leg even though the table and your toe are only holograms. To know intellectually it is an illusion is not to know it on a level deep enough to disconnect you from it and there is still the consensus reality, the collective mind, broadcasting the belief that it is real. You can also still get pulled into Matrix thought and reactions after you have recognized the illusion.


I have heard this called "having a 3-D moment".

"How dare you say that tome? ... I'm going to ... "

Stop!! Deep breath. Three-D moment. It's an illusion remember? Yeah, shit, what was I thinking? OK, I'm fine again now. Phew!


Naturally this happens as you begin to unplug, but the control the Matrix has over you starts to diminish. I have found that if you keep telling yourself it is all an illusion, a dream world, you begin to 'see' that fact with ever increasing clarity.


Another thing I have found interesting is to be consciously aware that you are seeing from your brain and not your eyes. It is a case of recognizing that what you think you are seeing is happening in the visual cortex in the brain and not in your eyes. I don't know what others may experience when they do this, but the world seems very different to me. As the process of unplugging continues, things that mattered to you before become less important and your outlook on life and yourself starts to transform.


You become more tolerant of yourself and others. When you see it's an illusion and we are all the same Oneness creating our experience, what is there to get worked up about? The only time I am interested in what other people do is when they are imposing their will on others, as the Illuminati are on the rest of us. Short of that what people do is entirely up to them and it's none of my business. Your attitudes to everything change once the recognition of the illusion goes deeper and deeper and you start to be that awareness rather than just intellectually accept its existence.


Don't think it, know it. Don't try to do it, just do it.


These are very different states of being; When, you become more consciously aware of the illusion, you can begin to enjoy it without it all the hang ups .that imprison us when we think it is real. We can have fun and "express our desires, as long as they don't impinge on the freedom of others. My outlook is that I will try anything I fancy and if I don't like it I won't do it again.


If I do like it I will do it as often as I like. The Matrix illusion uses fear and guilt to hold us in its grasp, If we have an experience we don't like or wish we had not done, the guilt and trauma can stay with us for a lifetime effecting our every reaction. But when you know that our 3-D experiences takes place in a dream world, their effect is far less profound. Are we effected for a lifetime by the experiences we have in our nightly dreams?


We might wake up feeling fearful and shocked now and again because the dream seemed so real, but soon the feeling is gone and we can even laugh about it.

"It was only a dream", we say.

Yes, and so is this, albeit a lucid one. The only difference is that we are conditioned to believe that this dream is real and its effect upon us is compounded a trillion times. We can remove its control by not only seeing, but living the fact that this is only a dream that we are creating.


'Death' is only the awakening from a dream and nothing to fear.


Seeing through the mirror

When we observe our daily experience we are looking at a mirror of ourselves.


It is a mirror of our belief in what is real. It's no good us blaming anyone else for what we don't like in our lives, the responsibility is ours. Taking that responsibility and ceasing to blame others - or ourselves come to that - is to take a massive step on the freedom road. The power the Illuminati use to control and manipulate us is only the power we give away to them and others every day. The most destructive expression of this is blaming others for our plight.


To do that is to accept that others have power over our lives and the reality we create. In truth, only we have that power if we choose to use it; but if we believe that others are in control of our destiny we will create that reality. The Illuminati are not the only ones responsible for the world as it is. How could they be? There are only a relative handful of them working in awareness of the goal.


A few manipulate and billions allow themselves to be manipulated. Where does the real responsibility lie? We can't be controlled unless we allow ourselves to be and, crucially, insist that others do the same.


Divide and rule is the bottom line of all dictatorships and the human race has conceded to that on a mega scale. Arab is turned against Jew, black against white, Right against Left, in the way the Matrix must operate to maintain its control by duality and division. Unplugging from the Matrix means refusing to recognize these illusory fault lines.


We are all One.


I refuse to see a Jew as different from an Arab and vice versa. They are both expressions of the One and need to be observed and treated the same, none more or less important than the other. I refuse to see black people in terms that I would not see white, nor to see the 'Left' as I would not see the 'Right'. How could it be any different, except when we believe the illusion of division is real? If we do that, the Matrix has us. It promotes the illusion of division and duality and if we accept that, the trap is triggered.


There is no way out 'of an' illusion based on division if we buy the belief that the division is real.


Ditching doublethink

Everyone else's freedom is our freedom.


If one person does not enjoy the freedom of all others then none are free. Once again, how can they be? A little bit of freedom is no freedom. This is a simple truth that the robot radicals of the Left and the robot righteous at the other polarity cannot seem to grasp. Freedom of speech is not only the freedom for others to say what is acceptable to us.


That is tyranny. It is the freedom to express your thoughts, no matter how much we may not agree with !hem. A truly free society (and those who believe in freedom rather than using it as∑ a weapon of coercion) would campaign as fiercely for the freedom of people with whom they disagree as they would for those they support. But what happens? The opposite.


The leadership, and I emphasize the leadership, of the British and Canadian Green Parties have campaigned to stop me speaking in public. The British Green Party banned me from speaking at their conference years ago, despite an invitation from members, because I was saying things about reality and the nature of life that they thought would lead to them being ridiculed. The 'Anti-Nazi' League in Britain organized protests at some of my events years ago when, ironically, I have been warning of the rise of the Fourth Reich (or the overt re-emergence of the Third) since the early 1990s.


Yet ask any of these people what they think about freedom of expression and they will say it is a fundamental human right. What an example of Orwell's doublethink, the ability to hold two contradictory views and believe both to be true. It is possible to encompass the apparent paradoxes of life in that the same event can look very different from different points of observation and all can be true from the perspective of the observer. But that is not the same as doublethink. Either you believe in freedom of speech or you don't.


Freedom of speech for one, but suppression for those you don't like is not freedom of speech. Anyone who seeks to prevent the free expression of thought by anyone else is an agent of control and they should know that before their self-delusion leads to the very fascist Orwellian state they claim to oppose. Orwell must be squirming at the antics of those people.


We need to start focusing on the right to freedom' of expression because what is happening - and what the robot radicals are seeking to enforce - is the same as what occurred in Nazi Germany. Books unacceptable to the Nazi Party were banned and burned; those who tried to speak out against the Nazis had their public meetings banned or disrupted; others were jailed and killed for their views.


This is happening today and the robot radicals are often the vehicle through which it is done. Some home truths for these deluded people: if it is OK to talk about Arab or Islamic extremism and terrorism it must be OK to talk about Jewish extremism and terrorism. If it is not we do not live in a free and fair society. If it is OK to say that the official version of history is true, it must be OK to say the official version is not true. If it is not we do not live in a free and fair society. If what the alternative history claims is not correct then the evidence produced by official history will demolish it.


So what's the problem?


It is not a matter of agreeing or not agreeing; it is about the right to express ones thoughts like everyone else. Once that freedom is curtailed all freedoms are-doomed. How is it possible to have a free debate or come to informed conclusions when one view is constantly emphasized and another suppressed? The depths of immaturity beggar belief.


But the robot radicals are far more obsessed with posturing their own self-righteousness and self-purity - "Look at me, I'm anti-Nazi and anti-racist, I'm such a good person" - than ever they are at promoting or defending freedom for all. Doublethink, doublethink, doublethink. It is terminal (for freedom) self-indulgence. I hear people ask about those who would use their freedom of speech to call for violence against others or encourage sexual acts with children.


But wouldn't you rather have such people in the open where they can be seen and identified than have them doing exactly the same in secret? Why is it fine for George Bush, Tony Blair and Co. to call by the hour for violence against Iraq, Afghanistan and a long list of others to come, and yet it is not fine for others to do the same on a much lesser scale of potential slaughter?


It is doublethink and double standards.


If one is illegal, so should be the other, or rather t' other way round. If someone is calling for violence against others or the abuse of children I want to know about it, not have it go on behind the scenes unexposed where nothing can be done. This is what happens when you suppress freedom of expression, you push it underground where it festers and often prospers beyond our awareness.


Let's have it out in the open where we can deal with it and know what we are dealing with. If you see someone supporting sex with children, you know to keep your children well away from him. If such views cannot be expressed how would you know to protect your kids from him or her? Laws to defend freedom, the freedom not to be murdered, abused and subjected to violence etc., are one thing.


Laws to curtail freedom of expression are quite another. We only need one 'law': do what you like, but don't do it by removing the freedom of others. If you think about it, no other law is necessary and it can be filed under a simple heading - the Law of Respect. To purge ourselves of the Matrix mentality we need to be aware of our own doublethink. This is almost a barometer of our sense of disconnection because the more we become aware of reality the less doublethink we manifest. Doublethink is largely the product of prejudice and rigid belief because this colors our judgment of everything.


When America attacks another country in the name of liberation while killing thousands of civilians and wreaking utter devastation, the acceptance that "liberation" and "mass slaughter" can both be true comes from:

(a) the bias most Americans have towards America

(b) the belief that their nation is the global home of freedom and justice

Once you see everything as One, there is no 'America' or 'Iraq' and there is no bias to one or the other. Your only measurement is freedom, fairness and justice for all in any given circumstances. You can see how the politicians prepare the people to encompass the doublethink.


George Bush's speechwriters have had him say:

"See, we love - we love freedom. That's what they didn't understand. They hate things; we love things. They act out of hatred; we don't seek revenge: we seek justice out of' love .

"You need to tell your loved ones, the little ones in particular, that when they hear the president talking about al-Qaeda, Iraq and other places, I do so because I long for peace.

"I want to send the signal to our enemy that you have aroused a compassionate and decent and mighty nation, and we're going to hunt you down."

Orwell could have written that.


Such nonsense is designed to prepare the people to accept the doublethink: love is killing; mass murder of the innocent is not revenge, it is justice and love; endless war is a longing for peace.


The reference to a "compassionate and decent and mighty nation" is there to make the people feel good about themselves and "mighty" through the weapons of destruction wielded by the troops that will kill thousands in their name. It is the old John Wayne mentality that is leading vast tracts of the American psyche like a lamb to the slaughter house.


The doublethink trap is to give the people the choice between the belief they are loving, compassionate, decent and mighty or that their government is guilty of mass murder and imperial conquest. They want to believe the first is true, but they are faced with the fact that their troops have invaded another nation and are killing its civilians (although the scale of this is suppressed). To square the circle they resort to self and collective dishonesty, accept the doublethink, and believe that both contradictory beliefs are true.


This is the way doublethink prospers and the antidote is to free ourselves of bias and beliefs set in concrete. We are not Americans or British, Israeli or Iraqi, we are the One. These labels are illusions and why should we be biased in our perception of fairness and justice by favoring one expression of the One against another? The murder of a child in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Palestine is no more or less important than the murder of a child in New York or Tel Aviv.


We are in this together and we need to grow up and realize we are all the same.


United States of Amnesia

The United States is the spiritual home of doublethink and self-deception.


It is an Orwellian society that thinks it is the freest country in the world and has the right to impose the same Orwellian 'freedom' on everyone else. Individually they are overwhelmingly lovely people, but, as I have said before, there is a level of the American collective psyche that is forever John Wayne.


Or, as Tom Foley, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, put it:

"Individually, we are reasonably modest, but collectively, we have been told again and again that we are the greatest thing in the history of the world." 2

The former head of the CIA, Admiral Stansfield Turner, said that if anyone says the United States is not fit to be an imperial power the burden is on them to say why. Well, as this book has shown, that doesn't take long.


His reasons for why the US is fit to run an empire are revealing of the American collective psyche. They "won" the Cold War (what has that got to do with it?); they are the most democratic country in the world (with an unelected president); they are the best 'example of "free enterprise" (controlled by a cartel of corporations that destroy free enterprise across the globe); and the world needs a leader and no one else can do it (it doesn't).3


Turner conceded that America knew little about the world it was intending to "lead" (control), but "we believe ours is the right way".4


His words betray an arrogance and ignorance (the two invariably go together) that you find with Bush-supporting Americans.


One lady, Bea Kristol from Washington, was interviewed by the UK Daily Telegraph about American imperialism and was puzzled and shocked by the very suggestion:

"But the word 'imperial' implies that there is something in it for America." 5

Yep, she really said that and no doubt believed it. Taking over Iraqi oil and handing out fantastic contracts to US companies to rebuild what the US invasion had destroyed does not imply there is something in it for America even on that level? Doublethink.


Robert Joss, the Dean of Stanford Business School, said that Americans (though not all by any means) genuinely feel they are "trying to bring goodness to everybody else".6


Tom Foley said Americans had a "very pervasive notion of our good intentions". This led to an assumption that "any sort of objective examination of the United States must result in approval, if not vigorous. applause".?


Michael Ignatieff, director of the Carr centre in the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, gave this excellent summary of why Americans are so easy to manipulate:

"There is nothing more frightening than American innocence. It's a fearsome, sometimes murderous innocence. Our inability to question our own motives is truly alarming." 8

Failing to question motives is essential to doublethink.


Ignatieff said that America was controlled by an ideology,

"but like all ideologies, it doesn't believe it is one. It just believes that it is the Truth." 9

America's ideology believes it is fine to spend hundreds of billions a year on weapons of mass destruction while 43 million Americans can't afford health insurance. Doublethink again. But Orwellian mind-control in America is so powerful and all-pervading that you can understand how this mentality is formed.


Schoolchildren are told every day to face the US flag and say: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America ... one nation under God, indivisible and with liberty and justice for all.

"I have my three-year-olds doing it", said Teresa West, head teacher of the Glen Forest elementary school in Falls Church, Virginia to Wanda Nelson, deputy head of Lake Anne School-in Reston, said: "We do it at 8.25 every morning. If one of the children comes late with their parents and the pledge is announced over the loudspeakers, they stop dead in their tracks and say it right there, children and parents alike." 11

When she was told that we don't even have flags in British schools, she was shocked.

"You have no flags? How on earth do you engender patriotism?"

What she can't seem to grasp is that patriotism should not need to be engendered. Only false, blind, patriotism needs that. It should come without pressure from a pride in the decency and sense of justice a country truly stands for and not through the brainwashing of a lie.


One British couple who moved to the US told the Daily Telegraph that only a month at an American school their children were coming home singing patriotic songs.


America is the world's most mind-controlled nation (together with Israel) and has long lost the ability to collectively think straight. So it doublethinks - or doesn't think at all.


Anila Daulatzai, a young American of Afghan parents, was invited to teach a class about Afghanistan and she asked the students if they would like to know more about Afghanistan (who the US was bombing at the time) and Pakistan. Most said they didn't have the time.


Anila went on:

"Almost 60 per cent of the class were white American males who wanted to serve in the US government ... I suggested that we might take a more critical look at the nature of the US involvement in that area. How they built up the Taliban to fight against the Soviet Union. How they had used Osama bin Laden in that effort. How they had built up Saddam, used him and then turned against him as the evil one. I said those things in a very neutral way - and I did know something about the area, because I spent a long time working in refugee camps there.

"It didn't make any difference. Students started raising their hands and saying:

'I don't agree with what you're saying';

'America is the greatest place on Earth';

'If you don't like it here, go back to where you came from'.

I pointed out that I was born up the street; that I had thought the point of an academic institution was to debate issues in a courteous way and that we were not on a Fourth of July parade in a bar. This, I'm afraid, is an ignorant and arrogant nation." 12

All these reactions are straight from the pages of 1984. I have been saying for some years that the United States was created as a mind-control experiment, ultimately controlled from Europe and it is clearly working. It is because the people see everything as 'parts', like 'Americans' and 'Afghans' or 'Iraqis' that the attitudes expressed above are possible.


Only with an understanding of Oneness can the conflict and injustice wane.


Fortunately there are tens of millions of Americans and growing -  who do not fall for the doublethink promoted by their government and it is through them that the change is coming.


Hypocritic oaths

It is worth being aware of our responses to people and events and to constantly scan our views for doublethink, as well as the statements of the politicians and manipulators.


This is especially the case with those who hold strong political or religious views. They are fodder for doublethink. Christian doublethinkers support war and ask God to bless the troops doing the killing while claiming to serve Jesus, the "Prince of Peace".


Religion and politics are the headquarters of doublethink.


Over thousands of years, religion has brilliantly served the structure for human control. They have indoctrinated the populous with prison-of-the-mind belief systems that should never be questioned. They have imposed those beliefs through fear, indoctrination, isolation and the attempted genocide of non-believers. They, have fought each other, for dominance of the human mind, producing an explosion of opportunity for the Illuminati to divide and rule for millennia. The major religions have their origin in the very region of the world, the Near and Middle East, from whence so much of the Illuminati network emerged.


More coincidence? Not a chance.


Religions are creations of dualism and division. They promote the dualities of good and evil, God and the people, and while they say "God is everywhere", what are really saying is that 'He' is only interested in an exclusive contract based on believing what the men-in-frocks tell you to believe. They say they support "right" against "wrong", but then, when it suits them, they decide that 'right' and "wrong" are the same.


They quote Jesus as saying "turn the other cheek", but then back wars of conquest, murder and robbery. Again, here is the prejudice necessary for doublethink. These are wars against Muslim countries, the nonbelievers, and surely this is a case of onward Christian soldiers? The war is serving the desires of 'Jesus', this doublethink goes, because it is ridding the world of a religion that is in competition with their own corporate brand.


Also the US president is a Satanic ... er, sorry, Christian, believer and he is serving the cause of Jesus.


Extreme Islamic fanatics (far fewer in number than the propaganda claims), believe that they need to rid the world of the Christian and Jewish non-believers and they support violence against them in the name of serving the cause of their religion. Round and round and round.


Former House of Representatives Speaker, Tom Foley, talked of the power that religion has over the American mind:

"We are not a nation which prays in the closet. We expect the President to be our principle preacher; to express constantly the idea that God has showered us with special blessings and that we, therefore; have a special identity, a special mission in the world. It is a mission which is realized in part by just being who we are, but which also requires us to encourage others to be just like us." 13

This "encouragement" includes dropping bombs on people. Hey, that'll make them more like us. They have been "saved!!" Hallelujah, praise the Lord.


There are many Christians, Muslims and Jews who do not fall for the doublethink because they either have the intelligence to see through it and/or they express the peaceful and compassionate versions of their faith.


However, when you concede your Oneness and infinite possibility to a desperately limited religious belief (as they all-are) you are thinking duality and limitation, the mentality of the Matrix, and there is no way home until its victims free themselves from those clerical clutches.


Watching the words

There is a simple 'rule' for seeing through the Newspeak and doublethink of politicians and their ilk.


It is this: whatever they say they mean the opposite; whatever they claim, the opposite is true.

"Will" means "won't" and "won't" means "will";

"I do" means "I don't" and "I don't" means "I do";

"I believe in peace" means "I believe in war";

"It has not been decided" means that it has;

"It has been decided" means that it hasn't;

"Conflict is not inevitable" means that it is;

"So and so country is dangerous to the world" means it is no threat to anyone;

"I never had sexual relations with that woman" means ... well, you know what it means...

The Illuminati have an entire spoken and symbolic language on meaning reversal.


Writer Michael Ellner described the society that such reversal creates:

"Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality."

Watch the political and military leaders and you will realize that seeing through them really is very straightforward. Most of the time there is no need even to read between the lines; just reverse the apparent meaning of the statement. If we observe the 'news' programs and political outpourings of propaganda from this perspective these one-time instruments of persuasion are immediately neutered.


When you use this technique it can be frustrating to see the scale of the daily lies that people like Bush, Blair and their cronies are prepared to tell, but it can also be funny because they're pathetic really. Most importantly, by reversing their statements they are telling you what they are planning to do or what they are saying really means.


Jack Straw, the British Foreign Secretary, said that the latest superstate constitution of the European Union,

"does not significantly change the relationship between the EU and its member sovereign nations".

Once more the reverse is true.


George Bush said the government,

"has taken unprecedented measures to defend our homeland and, more importantly, we will continue to hunt the enemy down before he can strike".

This means they,

"have taken unprecedented measures to impose control of American citizens and will continue to invade and conquer any country they choose even though that country has not attacked anyone".

The principle of meaning reversal and non-specific blandness applies to all Newspeak. Reverse the apparent meaning and you see the real meaning.


Remember, too, that the line pushed by the mainstream media about a person or event has originated almost every time from governments and their spinners and is aimed at getting you to accept their version of the story.


Political incorrectness

The other point with regard to language is simply to defend it from extinction as we know it. We need to ensure that Oldspeak is not replaced inexorably by the smoke and-mirrors of Newspeak that already comprises today's political vocabulary.


This means using the language and refusing to bow to the Gulag agents of political correctness or 'PC'.

"You can't use those words" = you watch me, darlin'.

If we refuse to use the ludicrous language of the PC Plods (oops, reference to the policeman in the Noddy children's stories with its character called 'Big Ears' that might be seen as a slight against those with vertically endowed hearing devices). I'll try again.


If we refuse to use the ludicrous language of the PC Plods there is nothing they can do, just as if everyone refused to pay street parking' fines, the system would collapse. The destruction of specifics in language, the crucial specifics necessary to articulate free thought, is only possible if we accede to it. I will not do that to the day I die (or experience the negatively perceived consequences of age advancement). Hey, I just thought. Surely to die of old age is cosmic ageism? Why should old people be discriminated against when it comes to death?


Statistics show that far more old people die than young. Outrageous. God is against! Condemn Him (sexist). No, condemn Her sexist, though not as bad). No, condemn Him-Her (maybe). Yeah, Him-Her is an ageist.


How you live and learn, I never knew.

("Mr. Icke, we have had a discussion and we feel there is still a male bias here. We believe that there needs to be affirmative action with regard to the female and we have therefore decided that Her-Him is the appropriate term".)

I have a large plunger in my hand and I wonder what the term is for where I am going to shove it.


More escapology

As we have seen, our minds are being assaulted with subliminals to program our reality.


But research has found that even if you can't actually see subliminal messages their effectiveness is dramatically reduced when you are aware they are there. It is worth noting to yourself when you read a paper or magazine, watch television or even walk down the street that you know you are receiving subliminal and symbolic messages, but you reject them.


You can consciously place mental barriers in your subconscious by visualizing a shield, or whatever form you want the barrier to take, blocking the subliminals. Visualisation is simply a way of focusing the mind on what" you wish to repel and you can then do so without needing to constantly think about it. You are using the power of your mind to block the influence of the subliminals, which depend on people being unaware of them.


Bringing the hidden into conscious awareness dilutes its power, as, again, we can see with the example of the 'sex' in the picture of the plants. Awareness is the key. Subliminal techniques are the exploitation of human denial. We don't see what our denial does not want to see. For this and other reasons it is good to be honest about what we are denying about ourselves. We are all in denial of something and while it is there it eats away at us affecting us mentally and emotionally from beyond the conscious threshold.


We are what we are, all glorious expressions of the same Infinite One.


What are you hiding from yourself about yourself? What am I? True freedom demands that we find out, be honest with ourselves, and let the denial go. With the denial eliminated, often the desire also goes. I have a fetish for being whipped with a garden hose. There, said it, it's out now, I feel so much better. Actually, that's not true (it's really a rubber thong).


No, no, shut up Icke, while you're still ahead.


The point is though, that if I did get a thrill, from a garden hose, so the hell what? Would I be hurting anyone, other than myself, by free choice? Would it mean I was a bad person or my work would be less credible? No, it would not. Then, why the denial?


Answer: "The fear of what others would think" - the bottom line reason for denial of self.


This does not only apply to sexual themes. People deny that they are frightened or lack confidence and they erect 'front personalities' that appear to exude courage and self esteem, to hide the reality of how they really feel. These hidden insecurities can then be exploited. There is nothing wrong with feeling fear or lacking self esteem. They are potential manifestations of the One, when in a state of illusory disconnection. Face them and they can be dealt with. Deny them and you give them power over you and your ability to see through the illusion.


We cannot be honest with others until we are honest with ourselves and it is our lack of self-honesty that the manipulators so exploit.


You're a failure? Oh yeah? Who says?

Insecurity is one of the manipulators' prime weapons.


They give us 'role models' in every walk of life to whom we are supposed to aspire and against whom we are encouraged to judge our own 'success'. Ladies, look at these rich and famous actresses and models, aren't they just sensational? Oops, you don't look like them do you? What a shame. But don't despair. Buy our creams, hairspray and plastic surgery and you, too, could be beautiful just like Julia. Hey, guys, do you want to be attractive to women like Brad?


Well just give us a credit card number and we'll change the shape of that terrible nose or fill your penis with fat to make women swoon. You, too, could be like Arnie Schwarzenegger. Go on, you know you want to; that's how real men should be. (What, muscle bound with only one expression??) We are also encouraged to identify with a group to ensnare us in the herd mentality.


Americans are told to feel proud about the 'victories' of their military, even though they do not get within thousands of miles of a bullet being fired. Never mind, the troops are American and we are American, so we are the same team and we are all 'victors'. If you can equate individual 'success' with national 'success' and military 'success', you can get millions to support your wars of slaughter because the population associate themselves (quite wrongly) with the power and might of the country. We might be living in a slum on the breadline, with no health insurance, but we are part of a great and powerful' nation.


Among the main ways we are held in the illusion, the headlights of the five-senses, is by focusing our minds 24/7 on materialism. That is not say it is 'spiritual' to be poor and live in a dump; that's equally silly. It is not the material objects in themselves that are the trap. They are only holographic illusions anyway. It is to see them as the goal, the symbols of success that confirm we have, or have not, 'made it'. Once our symbols of success are all material, this is the level at which we will primarily operate and our multidimensional infinite self will be kept on the sidelines because the only game in town is money and what it can do for me.


Our society is totally focused on the five-senses, stimulating them, enticing them, exploiting their manipulated desires for sound, scene, taste, smell and fee. Listen to this song; look at this woman; taste this wine; smell this perfume; feel this hand on your ... yeah, yeah, OK, we get your drift.


There is nothing wrong with any of these sensations (mine's a glass of red wine and a record by Queen), but the five-sense trap is to believe that this is all there. is. To hold us in the illusion the symbols of success are all related to the five-senses and this is where insecurity comes in. Most people don't find their sense of security, self-esteem and 'success' from within themselves.


They look to others to tell them or confirm they are 'successful' and 'doing well'. To elicit this reaction they have to 'succeed' in the terms the people around them have been conditioned to perceive as success - big car, big house, lots of money in the bank. This is the whole basis of the' American: Dream' that has held that nation's collective mind in slavery for centuries. When you don't 'succeed' in these terms (and the vast majority can't because the system is rigged for the few) they are considered, and often consider themselves, a failure.


This lack of self-esteem can then be further exploited and the 'losers' are held up as an example of what happens if you don't keep chasing the 'dream'. The whole insane system depends in its entirety on consumption and the constant expansion of consumption; people are pressured and enticed to consume more with every year and to consider the amount they consume as a measurement of their 'success'.


The obsession to 'succeed' in this way leads to people borrowing more and more money to provide the trinkets that display their alleged 'success' while they spend their lives in perpetual terror of not being able to meet the repayments.


Every year the merry-goround gets faster and faster and faster and faster and faster, faster, faster, faster, stress, ulcer, heart attack, faster, faster, faster ... Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


That is success?? Illluuuuuuuuuuuuuusion
Money and fame do not happiness make.


That is not to say there is anything wrong in itself to have money and be Jell known. It's just an experience. But it is not the key to the door marked happiness, contentment and fulfillment. It is certainly not a ticket to a Oneness concert. Whether you are Brad Pitt or Ethel next door, the road home lies within not without. We will travel home in a new reality, not a new Ferrari.


I have come across a lot of rich and famous people in my life and I have not met many who were happy, contented and fulfilled, especially when they stopped and looked back at their lives and asked what it was all for. Often they get so absorbed in pursuing the material 'dream' they can't see the twigs, never mind the forest. Little matters like love, happiness, contentment, relationships, who the~ are and what they are doing here, are lost in: a blur of daily activity chasing the rabbit in the top hat. They become human doings, not beings.


They exist rather than live because they have forgotten what living is. Ironically, by withdrawing from the five-sense obsession with possession and remembering who we are, we can give ourselves the power to manifest whatever we want. The five-sense world is an illusion, the creation of our minds, and that inc1uqes wealth and poverty and all in between.


A Ferrari is a thought field, so why can't it be yours if that is what you want?


It can, but only if you become deeply connected to the process of holographic manifestation that you can consciously create whatever you desire. Once you know the material trinkets are illusions and symbols of nothing but manifested thought, they lose their control over us; we can enjoy them, if that is what we choose to do. When we know the illusion is not real we control the illusion, not the other way round. We live life instead of life living us.


OK, time for a break. Now, where's that garden hose?


Paaaam, I'm ready!!



1 The Age of Manipulation, p 38
2-13 "An American Odyssey", Part One, by Graham Turner, Daily Telegraph, June 16th 2003, pp

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