Manipulated consensus

If you do not specify and confront real issues, what you say will surely obscure them. If you do not alarm anyone morally, you yourself remain morally asleep. If you do not embody controversy, what you say will be an acceptance of the drift of the coming human hell.
C. Wright Mills

Control of this reality is control of the mind-game through which reality is created. We can either give our minds away to the constant conditioning of our sense of self and the world or we can cease to feed those delusions and manifest our own reality. That is the difference between existing in slavery and living in freedom. Understanding how we are programmed to believe in the consensus 'Matrix' reality is vital to cutting the chains that bind us to the prevailing illusion.


In this chapter I will explore the techniques used to manipulate that sense of reality. It is testament to the power of consciousness that anyone at all has awoken from their manipulated dream, especially in the 'developed' world of mass media and indoctrination.


But they have and the numbers are exploding across the globe because the influence of Illuminati programming is no match for the power of consciousness in awareness of that power.


It is essential to the oppose the Illuminati desire that they maintain the population in ignorance of our true nature while planting messages into the conscious, and especially subconscious, to program the reality that suits the agenda. It is nothing less than hypnotism. All except a few of the six billion people on this planet are held in an hypnotic state, a trance, a spell, as they move zombie-like from conditioned thought to conditioned response and the conditioning is so total that they believe they are making free decisions and choices.


Wilson Bryan Key rightly says in his book, The Age of Manipulation:

"Once the group or collective unconscious is programmed into what has been called culture, virtually any bill of goods can be sold at conscious levels."!

The Matrix consciousness and its Illuminati manifestation know the process of creating reality. Society, therefore, has been structured to maintain the illusion. The subconscious is where the thought patterns. are generated that the conscious mind observes into holographic 'reality'; and the subconscious, with its language of symbolism and metaphor, is the Illuminati's prime target to be conditioned in many subtle and less subtle ways.


One example is the massive increase in the number of speed cameras in Britain. Millions of motorists are being caught because their mind wanders for a moment and they are snapped a few miles an hour over the limit. This brings in enormous amounts of money in fines that the government says is being spent on introducing more cameras. Talk about paying for your own prison.


The subconscious message of this system is "don't relax for a second because Big Brother's eyes are everywhere". When the police letter arrives with a picture of your car and threats for not doing exactly as demanded, the subconscious implant of "do as we say, we are in control of your life" is still further reinforced. The whole process happens without the driver seeing a single human being. They send you a leaflet with a list of questions they think you might ask. The answer to everyone is basically "there's nothing you can do".


One of them asks if it makes any difference that you have a perfect driving record with no previous convictions for car offences of any kind. Is this taken into account?


The answer is:

"Speed cameras do not discriminate, everyone is treated the same."

That is the idea. The Illuminati want to remove as much human involvement as possible so there is no weighing of the circumstances, no taking every case on its merits. This is how it is, end of story. Doing five miles an hour over the speed limit in dense traffic is treated the same as doing the same speed on the same stretch of road at three in the morning when there is no other vehicle in sight.


The letters you receive are worded to imprint fear to illicit the desired response. It suggests you could be fined thousands of pounds if the case goes to court, but they offer you the chance of paying a fixed penalty of £60! All the time the subconscious is getting the message "you are under our control" and the idea is to program that reality so deeply that the person ceases to rebel and accepts what he or she believes is the inevitable. The obsession with 'political correctness' is also a method of subconscious thought control, as I will discuss later.


Political correctness is saying to the subconscious "we are watching every word you say".

Looking without seeing

The targeting of the subconscious is behind the bombardment of subliminal messages coming at us from all angles as they aim to manipulate behavior through human 'drives' like survival (hunger, thirst, danger of all kinds); sex, greed, social acceptance, security and territoriality (a big drive ottl1e reptilian brain). Subliminal means 'below threshold' because the messages are communicated at a level that the conscious mind doesn't register, but the subconscious certainly does.


The subconscious sees all while the conscious notes only a fraction of what passes through the eyes and even changes much of that. Subliminal advertising was exposed in the 1950s when some television and movie theatre ads were found to be transmitting split-second images that the conscious mind couldn't see to stimulate a desire for a product. This included a subliminal "I'm thirsty" during drinks commercials. But the knowledge of subliminal programming goes back to ancient times with scholars like Plato and Aristotle mentioning the phenomenon and more than 500 scientific papers have been published confirming the effectiveness of subliminals.2


Producers of movies like The Exorcist and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre publicly admitted that they contained violent and frightening subliminals.3 The use of subliminals is supposed to be illegal in some countries and the Illuminati controlled Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) in the United States says that subliminals are inherently deceptive because the consumer does not perceive them at a normal level of awareness and is given no choice whether to accept or reject the message.


Funny then, that nothing is done about the subliminals that abound in advertising, let alone in political manipulation. The US Federal Communications Commission, currently headed by Colin Powell's son, Michael, a Bush appointment, has no regulation barring subliminal advertising, but generally considers it deceptive, it says. Again, why no action? The picture in Figure 54 carries a very clear subliminal message, or at least it's clear when it's pointed out. Can you see it? Apparently, about five per cent seethe subliminal at first sight and the rest are amazed when it is made clear to them.


If you haven't seen it, look at the white areas and not the plants. Your eyes go to the, plants, but it is most often in the background that subliminals are posted. We consciously see the apparent focus of the ad while the background passes us by. Look at the lower level of the two plants on the left and you will see that they combine to make the letter S in the white background. Move your eyes right and you'll see an E and an X. Oh yes, of course, I can see it now.


Why couldn't I see it before, it's so obvious?


Until the subliminal was explained, the conscious mind was not in the game, only the subconscious. Once it is highlighted, the conscious mind registers the word because it is no longer subliminal or below its threshold. Every time you look at that picture from now on you will see that once-subliminal word immediately. It is crucial to communicate the manipulation techniques and methods of the Illuminati because once people understand how they work they are no longer subliminal and can be clearly identified.


Hey, and guess what they call these subliminal additions to advertisements? Embeds! Yes, the choice of the term 'embeds' or 'embedded' for the journalists assigned to military units is no accident.


This is what those journalists really are embedded distorters. They are subliminal embeds planted to give the appearance of journalism while merely reporting the official line. I have often said that the Illuminati manipulate the people by manipulating the image they have of something, rather than with the detail. They know that people don't retain detail from the television or even newspapers. They go away with an image, a feeling, about a person or event.


Tell the people something over and over and at the level of the image, the feeling, they will overwhelmingly accept the image to be a true picture of events even though there is no detail to back it up. They keep 'repeating the same mantra over and over like 'weapons of mass destruction', "al-Qaeda was responsible", and “it was Bin Laden".


This is simple hypnosis.

Figure 54:

Can you see the subliminal message in this image.

Apparently about 5% of people see it immediately

I see no sex

Sexual themes are used in subliminal advertising on a monumental scale. The subliminal word 'sex' is incredibly common in advertisements, as is 'fuck'. Contrary to what many assume, we are not a sexually open society, but a seriously sexually suppressed one. We are largely in denial of our sexuality and our desires, but much as people may wish to deny them they don't go away. Denying something gives it more power over you and can become an obsession.


People hide their sexual feelings because they are at odds with what the mass hypocrisy dictates is 'moral' and 'decent'. Stuff that. I have a simple philosophy: do what you like so long as everyone involved has made a free choice to be involved and there is no compulsion or manipulation to do so.


Once those criteria are met, who cares what other people do? It's no one's business, but theirs. For goodness sake, it's all an illusion anyway. Is it immoral for an illusion to have sex with an illusion, even with more than one? What?

"Ooh, I think it's disgusting what those people next door get up to."

Well don't do what they do then, darlin'. Most of the time, beyond the denial, they'd actually love to go next door and join in. But no, "that's disgusting my mother said".


You get those campaigners against pornography who condemn some video as disgusting and depraved while watching one after the other. It's all in the name of research, see. The tabloid media is full of sexual themes and pictures designed to attract readers through the genitals while condemning people in the public eye for their sexual antics.


It is the old carrot and stick technique; pull them in and then push them away.

"Here is something you'd like ... no, no, you can't have it, it's immoral"

Lionel Rubinoff wrote in The Pornography of Power:

"Hypocrisy which takes the form of a denial of hypocrisy is hypocrisy squared." 4

What happens as a result of all this' is that the subconscious is drawn to sexual themes while the conscious is in denial of them and this is one major reason why advertising subliminals are overwhelmingly sexual. Look at the picture in Figure 55.

Figure 55:

A sexual picture, but the subliminal makes this far more blatant.

Can you see it?


The image itself is quite overtly sexual in this case, but I wonder if you can see how much more blatant it is on a subliminal level? Take your eyes to the waistline of the jeans, just left of centre and follow the carefully designed shading upwards from there. See it? You could hardly miss it once it is highlighted!


Again, whenever you look at that picture from now on you will spot the subliminal immediately because it has registered with the conscious mind. You see ads with men naked from the waist up or women naked from the back and such like because the mind 'fills in' the rest consciously or unconsciously.


Such subliminal images are not ran at all. It is staggering how commonly they are used in advertising of all kinds. The Ponald's ad in Figure 56 is supposed to be for chicken. Maybe I have lived a sheltered life, but I've never seen any part of a chicken that looks like that. I have seen dicks that look like that, but not chicken. Maybe it's a rooster. Next time you see a can of Diet Coke (for your sake don't drink it!) look at the glass on the lower left.


Hold the can at arms length away from you and you'll see women's breasts.

Figure 56:

McDonald's Chicken Mc Dickets.

Ever seen one of these on a chicken?


The subconscious is attracted to the sexual theme while the conscious mind is suppressing its sexuality and, in effect, denies the sexual implants and doesn't see them. To confirm the point, people accessing the subconscious during hypnosis and those in more sexually open societies see subliminals far more easily.


The findings of Viennese neurosurgeon, Otto Poetzle, in 1917 suggested that information implanted subliminally appears in dreams and involves the same denial to hide taboo images.

The penis might appear in the dream in the form of a banana, for instance, or, if you're not so lucky, an asparagus. At the website of Jim Hagart's Semi Subliminal World, you can find subliminals highlighted in other Coca Cola products like Dr Pepper, Lilt and Fanta's. They include distorted faces, 'gremlins' and the usual sexual themes.


By the way, the target market of Diet Coke is overwhelmingly women and the subliminal use of women's breasts is an example of the technique of planting subliminals of women's sexual parts in ads aimed at women and men's in those targeting men. Being attracted to people of the same sex is even more taboo and the denial of the conscious mind hides the subliminal from view even more effectively, while attracting the subconscious to the ad. That is why they do it.


Wilson Bryan Key is one of the world experts on subliminals and has produced a number of highly recommended books on the subject.


He writes:

"In a visual perception, as little as 1/1000 of the total perception registered in the brain actually surfaces in consciousness. The remainder lies dormant within memory. Embeds enhance perceptual experience of the picture, intensifying responses such as EKG, EEG, GSR - heart rate, brain rhythms, and galvanic skin response.


Emotionalized, repressed information remains in the memory system for long periods, perhaps for a lifetime. In embedded pictures, nothing is actually hidden - certainly not by the artist. Once viewers learn perceptual flexibility, 'the embeds' - are readily available to consciousness. The only thing hidden in embedded media is what viewers or listeners hide from themselves. Repression appears to be a compulsive process, probably initiated to protect oneself from unsettling information that would provoke anxiety." 6

For this very reason, many are in complete denial of the existence of the global conspiracy and its other-dimensional expression. It is just too much for them to take emotionally because of the perceived implications for their own lives. Thus people like me are dismissed as crazy or dangerous by many without any reference to the endless detail and evidence available. It is the 'shoot the messenger' syndrome when you don't like the message.


You can give these people as much supporting detail and evidence as you like and they will still be in denial.

I had a guy call in to a South African radio show I was on who went into long-winded explanations for why each element of the conspiracy was explainable without a conspiracy. It was not worth debating with him because no matter what scale of evidence you presented he would have to find a way to deny the conspiracy.


People support despots like Bush and Hitler because they try to persuade themselves that their leaders have the people's best interests at heart. To face the fact that they are vicious dictators with a Nazi agenda is too much to bear. They deny the obvious over and over until they cannot deny it anymore. By then it's too late.


This happened in Nazi Germany and is happening in the United States and Britain today.

Frontwards, backwards, upside down

The subconscious mind not only absorbs everything, it perceives what it sees from all angles. There is a whole area of research these days into what is called 'reverse speech'. What someone is saying when their words are played backwards also communicates with the subconscious. It is claimed that when you play sentences backwards you can hear what the person is really saying even though in forward speech they appear to be saying the opposite.


I have heard some political speeches played backwards to me and there certainly appears to be truth in this. It is the same with reversed pictures like the one highlighted in Figures 57 and 58. When the picture is the right way up it appears to be a simple; even boring, advertisement for a flooring company.


Look at the picture reversed and there again you have the obvious sexual connotations.

Figure 57 and 58:

This appears to be a simple. even boring advertisement, until you turn it upside down.

The subconscious views reality from all angles

and so registers the upside down image as much as the right way up


This ad was pulled from a phone book once the reverse image was noticed. Often it is the most apparently innocuous and uninspired ads that contain the most powerful subliminals. The more disinterested you are in the ad the more open you become to subliminals because the conscious mind is not getting in the way of the direct communication between subliminal and· subconscious. The idea is not to get you to remember the ad, but to plant a 'subliminal message like a hypnotist's command that can be retrieved days or weeks and months later when you are walking around the supermarket.


The subconscious programming is triggered when people see the product on the shelf and they follow the command to buy it. Most print advertising is designed to be looked at for less than one second and the ads are there for subconscious implantation, not conscious awareness.


Wilson Bryan Keys says:

"Ads that were recalled consciously were a loser. An advertisement’s to motivate a decision to purchase days, weeks, or even months after it has been perceived for even an instant. The job of an ad is to sell - not to be recalled." 8

Key says minds that operate in linear reasoning (deeply entranced by the five-sense reality) appear more susceptible to subliminals. This is still another motivation of the Illuminati to maintain the population in the five-sense illusion. You can buy paper today implanted with subliminal messages of your desired theme.


When you send a letter or circular the person thinks they are only reading the words they can see. In truth, their subconscious is also absorbing the message they can't see hidden in the paper. A class of eighth graders took a self-esteem test in 1983 on paper implanted with the subliminal message, "You are loved".


They scored 15% higher for self-esteem than those who took the test with non-subliminal paper. When the same test was given to under achievers they scored 34.7% higher with the subliminal embeds.9


The same techniques are naturally exploited to program negative or controlling messages. All of our senses are targeted by the subliminal mc1nlpulators. Messages are played to us just outside the frequency range that our hearing can consciously access. These subliminal words bypass our conscious awareness and enter our minds at a subconscious level.


I came across an advertisement on the Internet for subliminal tapes designed to manipulate people to have sex with you.

“Imagine ... Only 5-10 minutes use required to program another person's mind and your advances can never be rejected!", said the ad.


"Imagine ... She/He thinks it's New Age music but it's really an Erotic Subliminal Sexual bombardment to their subconscious mind with 1,000s of hidden messages to arouse their passion and focus it on only on you!" 10

(Do you mind finishing this chapter before rushing to order? Thanks.)


The recording industry includes subliminal audio programming in its products to manipulate the consciousness and reality of the buyer. Dr Hal C. Becker patented a black box in the 1960s to pipe audio subliminal messages on top of another audio source. It was used in stores to plant the message "don't steal" and theft dropped by 37%.


Think how sophisticated and undetectable such technology must be now. If it can tell you subliminally not to steal, it can also tell you to buy, buy, buy; who to vote for; and what to think.


Such subliminal instructions are pouring from our televisions, CDs and the media in all its forms. Even most people involved with the media have no idea this is going on.

"Dooo whatever weee saaaay"

In the John Carpenter film, They Live, the main character finds special glasses that allow him to see the subliminals.


Without the glasses he sees normal advertisements for Coke or holiday destinations and articles in magazines, With the glasses he sees the subliminal instructions "obey", "don't question authority" and 'I do as you are told", This is happening around us all the time. With the glasses he also saw similar messages in 'news' magazines and Bryan Wilson Key has indeed identified subliminals in magazines like Time.


In one example when the US government was targeting Libya's Colonel Gaddafi his cover picture was embedded with the subliminal words "sex" (attraction to the magazine and "kill" (to plant negative feelings about him).


The anti-Gaddafi propaganda campaign was conducted by CIA Director William Casey and operations officer Vincent M. Cannistraro answering to Secretary of State, George Shultz, the advisor to George W's 'election' campaign and a major player in Bechtul (Bechtel Corp.), which has benefited so handsomely from the invasion of Iraq. Time also put the word "sex" on the forehead of the Ayatollah Khomeini on the front cover on November 26th 1979, according to Key Y.


These are the people telling you what is happening in the world, including who was responsible for 9/11!


Another piece of subliminal kit is the tachistoscope projector that flashes words and images onto the screen for milliseconds, far too quick for the conscious mind to acknowledge. These are used in film and video production and advertising.


People connected to instruments while watching tachistoscope subliminals did not report a conscious awareness of any stimuli, but the alpha and theta waves in their brains were effected and so was their heart rate. The manipulation of lighting and background sound is also used in conjunction with the visuals.


Other subliminal techniques include the double meaning or double entendre when a sexual or other meaning could be taken from a phrase or situation that can have another more mundane explanation; and 'dissonance', when something is incongruous or· out of proportion to the picture.

Lying to ourselves

It is not only our sexual suppression and taboos that subliminals target. They manipulate all human emotion, denial and defense mechanisms. Fear, as always is the main one: fear of death, fear of aging, fear of anything they think will be effective.


Wilson Bryan Key writes:

"To avoid anxiety, overload, we construct perceptual defense mechanisms to either limit or distort our perception of reality."13

Repression of our fears and feelings provides the major distortion because we delude ourselves into believing our own self-deception. Psychiatrist R. D. Laing defines repression as when "we forget something, then we forget we have forgotten".14


We believe our own lies because we have forgotten we have lied in the first place. Research has revealed how emotional security, confirmation of self worth, gratifying the ego, a sense of power, sense of roots, fear of financial hardship and fear of death or desire for immortality can all be influenced subliminally.


This need for security and self worth is manipulated mercilessly by advertisers and government spinners. The 'war on terrorism' targets almost 100% the fear of death and the desire for perceived safety and security for self and family. But before you can control people through such fears you have to make them fear m the first place.


The 9/11 attacks make them fear and you exploit that fear consciously and subconsciously to justify the 'war on terrorism'. All the "terror alerts" and warnings that spew from the White House, the Pentagon and Downing Street are designed to continually underpin the sense of fear that can then be exploited to advance the agenda.


The more fearful and insecure you are, the more the Matrix has you.


Dr William Sargant, a psychiatrist with the Illuminati Tavistock Institute in Britain, wrote in his 1957 book, The Battle for the Mind:

"Various types of belief can be implanted in people after brain function has been deliberately disturbed by accidentally or deliberately induced fear, anger, or excitement. Of the results caused by such disturbances the most common one is temporarily impaired judgment and heightened suggestibility. Its various group manifestations are sometimes classed under the heading of 'herd instinct', and appear most spectacularly in wartime, during severe epidemics, and all similar periods of common danger, which increase anxiety and so individual and mass suggestibility.

" ... We would be advised not to underestimate the effect on the collective psyche in terms of fear and a desire for the authorities to 'protect people' from that fear. Some psychologists lead and direct discussions, at meetings of alcoholics to encourage them to reveal their fears and desires. An alcoholic might say something about having nightmares after trying to stop chinking and the researcher would then ask exactly what the nightmare was about and use this information as subliminal images in drink advertisements.


As a result you see skulls and screaming contorted faces embedded in the ads to subliminally remind people what happens if you stop drinking. One Internet expose of subliminals claims to have found a dozen or more screaming faces, skulls and animal faces in an ad for Seagram's Extra Dry Gin.15

The owners of Seagrams have been the Illuminati Bronfman family in Canada who have featured in previous books. Many images, phrases and slogans have hidden or double meanings behind them.


Symbolism can also go into this category.

Symbolic subliminals

Symbolism is the language of the Illuminati because it is the language of the subconscious and this is another major subliminal technique, as with the use of phallic symbols of many kinds. The bloodlines and their Illuminati network are obsessed with symbolism and their symbols and codes going back thousands of years can clearly be found throughout American society and the rest of the world, especially the countries of the British Empire.


The ancient Illuminati symbol of the pyramid with the capstone missing or the pyramid and all-seeing eye was placed on the dollar bill in 1993 by president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of the highly significant front men for the Illuminati in the United States during the 20th century. The most obvious Illuminati symbol is the eternal flame or the lighted torch and this represents the 'Illuminated ones', the' initiates illuminated into knowledge that the rest of the population is denied. The Illuminati lighted torch is most famously held by the Statue of Liberty.


This was given to New York by French Freemasons in Paris who knew what she and the torch really symbolized. There is a virtual mirror image of the Statue of Liberty on an island in the River Seine in Paris (Figures 59 and 60). As the bloodlines came up into Europe and across the world they naturally brought their symbols with them.


The Statue of Liberty is the symbolic image of the goddess worshipped by the Illuminati bloodlines since they were based in Babylon (and before).

Figure 59 and 60:

The Statue of Liberty presented to New York by French Freemasons in Paris

... where on an island in the River Seine you will find the statue's mirror image.

They are holding the torch of the 'Illuminated ones' the flame of Nimrod/Baal/Tammuz


She goes under many names, including Queen Semiramis, the "branch bearer", who was symbolized as a dove.


If you look at Figure 61, you can see the image of Queen Semiramis on an ancient coin and compare that with her representation as the Statue of Liberty. When the Illuminati bloodlines moved their headquarters to Rome, the goddess was worshipped as Venus Columba or "Venus the Dove". The French word for dove is still colombe.


This is why a man who signed his name "Colon" is known to official history as "Columbus". He was bearing the branch of the dove into the Americas in 1492 and was given this symbolic name relating" the Illuminati goddess. We have the centre of US government located in Washington DC - the District of Columbia, or the dove, Semiramis.


We have,

  • British Columbia in Canada,

  • Columbia Broadcasting (CBS),

  • Columbia University,

  • Columbia Pictures,

...with the symbol of the woman and the lighted torch - the symbol of Nimrod/Baal/Tammuz in Babylon.

Figure 61

Both "Libertys" are symbolic representations of Queen Semiramis,

the Babylonian Illuminati goddess

The Illuminati use what I call reverse symbolism.


They place their symbols all around us, but present them with the reverse of their true meaning. The dove symbolizes peace to most people, while to the Illuminati bloodlines it represents their goddess, Queen Semiramis. The lighted torch means freedom and liberty to the population, but to the Illuminati it is the very symbol of their agenda and control.


The Nazis reversed the ancient symbol of the swastika to symbolize the negative and Satanists have reversed the pentagram or five-pointed star to point downwards for the same reason. Everything is symbolism and ritual to the Illuminati, and always has been'. After they killed President Kennedy in Dallas in 1963, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry placed an obelisk in Dealey Plaza with a lighted torch at the top.


When they buried Kennedy at Arlington Cemetery in Washington DC they placed a lighted torch, the Illuminati eternal flame, on his grave. The spot where people leave their tributes to the murdered Princess Diana in Paris is a massive representation of the flame held by the Statue of Liberty. It is located on top of the Pont de L' Alma Tunnel where the Illuminati arranged for her to die in 1997 (see The Biggest Secret for the background to Diana's murder and the 'Goddess Diana' symbolism involved).


The name Capitol Hill is also Illuminati symbolism and named after Capitoline Hill, a sacred place for the Illuminati outside Rome during the Roman Empire. The more that I understand about the manipulation of the subconscious, the more the Illuminati obsession with symbolism takes on an even greater significance. These Illuminati symbols speak to the subconscious and implant messages relating to control and "we're watching you" while the conscious mind is oblivious of what is going on beyond its perception.


The Illuminati use of code words and phrases are designed to have the same effect.



Santa pause

They also use satanic ritual subliminals and you find them in the most unexpected places.


Stewart Swerdlow confirms what I have been saying in my books for years,

"the Illuminati love symbolism, dates, name derivatives and double meanings that cryptically tell the truth while hiding it from the general population".17

He says that the 'Santa Claus' story is an example of this.


The myth of Father Christmas or St Nicholas is an old Pagan tale and he was depicted wearing green. It was Coca Cola who gave him a red suit in a massive advertising campaign and he became known as Santa - an anagram of Satan.


Swerdlow writes:

"Satanism and Satanic rituals have grown exponentially since the media blitz of the Red Santa. This subliminal method instills in the mind-pattern that a mystical, non human can enter people's homes. He will be good to them only if they behave in a certain way during the year. The red costume speaks for itself - red is the color code for entry into the astral planes. Red is the color code used by the goddess during Reptilian ritual to invoke astral entities.

"Of course, Santa lives at the North Pole, which is an entry point into the inner-Earth, and the underground Reptilian society. He has short little elves that do his work, symbolic of the small greys with a group mind pattern. The flying reindeer and sled symbolize the inter-dimensional flying craft used to enter there. Children are advised to leave Santa a snack for his arrival, representing a sacrificial offering to a powerful god. In addition, the commercialism surrounding this artificial Christmas holiday is designed to extract any religious intentions as well as enrich an already wealthy global elite." 18

All the major symbols of 'Christmas', including the tree, holly and mistletoe, come from Pagan festivals.


Swerdlow also highlights the enormous number of television programs for children that present reptilians as their friends and he says that the baby in the centre of the Sun, as depicted in the Tellytubbies series for small children, is a reptilian religious symbol.

"The baby at the centre of the Sun indicates that this baby is a sacrifice to the Sun God." 19

Selling the president

All the subliminal techniques used by advertisers to sell products are used by the government spinners who are, after all, just selling a president, prime minister or policy in the same way that Coca Cola sells canned drinks.


One of the more crass and incompetent attempts at subliminal manipulation came in the Bush presidential campaign in 2000 when a political ad placed by the Republican National Committee flashed the word 'RATS' over a Gore prescription drug proposal (Figure 62).

Figure 62:

Gotcha! The Subliminal implant of ‘RATS’ in a Bush commercial

attacking Al Gore in the 2000 election campaign.

It was not subliminal enough and could be seen by slightly slowing down the tape


It was left up too long in the same way that a subliminal flash of President Francois Mitterrand was spotted in the opening titles of a French news program when he was seeking election. The Bush 'RATS' tape only had to be slowed down slightly to be clearly visible. Let no one kid themselves that subliminal messages (or "subliminable" as George Bush called them) are not pouring from political advertisements.


Note how the background behind Bush is always full of pictures of his family when he is announcing the certain death of families in countries his masters want to conquer. It is all aimed at the subconscious. Operation Iraqi Freedom, the title the Pentagon spinners gave to their human slaughter in Iraq, was devised for the same reason.


The names for these military invasions are designed solely to depict what the spinners want the public to believe the war is all about. Any news organization worth associating with the name journalism, would acknowledge the title Operation Iraqi Freedom once when it was first announced and then never mention it again.


To do so is to knowingly allow you and your viewers to be manipulated. Instead, when I was in America during the war, I saw news networks like CNN and Murdoch's Fox News, displaying "Operation Iraqi Freedom" on the bottom of the screen for much of the time. That was speaking constantly to the subconscious while the conscious mind was watching the pictures on the rest of the screen. It was a disgrace, but then most of those that control such organizations are intellectual prostitutes anyway, so what do they care?


And I'm not sure about the intellectual bit.


Speaking with forked tongue

The manipulation and suppression of language is crucial to the mind programming of the people and the conditioning of reality. Words are the method of communication in the five-sense realm and they are targeted big time by the spinners. The connection between the manipulation of words and the manipulation of thought and perception is fundamental. This can be seen" in the technique called Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP in which political leaders and speechwriters, lawyers, salespeople, etc., are trained.


I have seen NLP described as "software for your brain" because it allows you to "automatically tap into the kind of experiences you want to have".20 Maybe, but like all knowledge, it can be used another way to tap into the kind of experiences you want others to think they are having. Does anyone believe that politicians, lawyers and salespeople learn the techniques of NLP primarily for personal growth or because they wish to manipulate the population, judges and juries or potential customers?


NLP was developed in the 1970s from the techniques of people like Dr Milton Erickson of the Milton Erickson Foundation in Phoenix, Arizona, and the founder of "Ericksonian Hypnosis".


This involves communicating,

"with the whole person by utilizing conscious and unconscious levels" and teaches "how to utilize and bypass client resistance by embedding therapeutic interventions in seemingly casual conversation".21

Bypass client resistance?


Cut the Orwellian language and it means mind manipulation, tapping into the unconscious mind without the person's conscious knowledge to plant the thoughts you wish them to follow. NLP claims to train students to read others by noting their eye position and choice of language and so on. With the manipulative use of NLP the idea is to put your target into a trance state without them realizing it, just as a skilled hypnotist can do.


Dick Sutphen, an expert in subliminal programming, said that if a suggestion or command is given in this state,

" ... the suggestions are not challenged by your conscious mind, they are accepted by your subconscious, which begins to create the circumstance necessary to change your life so it will match your new beliefs".23

Or creates the circumstance necessary to change the beliefs of someone else. This trance state is vital to mind programming because the conscious mind stands aside to allow the subconscious to be accessed, for thoughts to be planted.


The trance state is, appropriately, connected to the most ancient part of the human brain, the R Complex or reptilian brain.


The use of language for mind-control was highlighted most famously by George Orwell in his classic, 1984, which was written in 1948 and published the following year. Orwell (real name, Eric Blair) was heavily involved in British political life and it was not purely from imagination that he could foretell so accurately the Big Brother society we are experiencing.


He could see it coming. Orwell used the term, 'Newspeak', for the language of manipulation and suppression. In Orwell's novel, the state controlled media use Newspeak and other linguistic trickery to spread its propaganda and brainwash the public.


Orwell explains in his essay Politics and the English Language, how,

"Political language ... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind".24

Or, as he puts in 1984:

"War’s peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength." 25

In the society predicted by Orwell, the names for government ministries were chosen to present the opposite meaning to their true function. The Ministry of Truth was there to falsify records; the Ministry of Peace was the one that orchestrated the wars; the Ministry of Love was "the really frightening one" that questioned and tortured suspects; and the Ministry of Plenty produced fake figures to convince the people the economy was doing well when there were major shortages because of the endless wars being fought. The forced labour camp was named the Joycamp.


This is what we have today. Ministries of information are there to spread disinformation; ministries of defense launch wars of conquest; departments of homeland security are there to secure control; "Operation Iraqi Freedom" was designed to hide the truth that it was really Operation Iraqi Slaughter and Conquest; the term 'democracy' is used as a cover for dictatorship.


Orwell's manipulators, like those manipulating our minds today, repeated the same statements over and over in the knowledge that in doing so it would indoctrinate the people to believe them through sheer repetition. The mantra about 'weapons of mass destruction' was a most obvious example as the public were prepared to accept the invasion of Iraq.


Puppets like Bush, Blair and Powell knew precisely what they were doing as they bashed out the same phrase hour after hour.


Watch for the repeated messages and you'll see what you are being prepared to accept next. Orwell's Ministry of Truth changed news items and documents that cast the authorities in a bad light. Once the original document was replaced it was destroyed.


Orwell writes:

"This process of continuous alteration was applied not only to newspapers, but to books, periodicals, pamphlets, posters, leaflets ... Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date. In this way every prediction made by the Party could be shown by documentary evidence to have been correct; nor was any item of news, or any expression of opinion, which conflicted with the needs of the moment, ever allowed to remain on record." 26

This is what happens when the present Fourth Reich finds 'documents' that support their claims and others that "expose" those who challenge them.

Hiding reality

A major aim of Newspeak is to use words to underplay the horrors and injustices inflicted by the manipulators and to emphasize their 'victories'. Orwell gives an example of how the policy of bombing defenseless villages from the air and forcing people from their homes is called "pacification" and millions of peasants robbed of their farms with no more than they can carry is called "transfer of population or rectification of frontiers".27


In modern wars, like the invasion of Iraq, we hear the constant repetition of the term "mopping up operations". This disguises the reality behind "mopping up" - killing anyone still resisting the tyranny after the main battle is over. There is also the obscene term "collateral damage", which is Newspeak for slaughtering civilians in the name of freeing them.


"Pre-emptive strikes" is Newspeak for mass murder and conquest by attacking first.


The US Justice (Injustice) Department produced a law within the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003 to allow the government to strip American citizenship from anyone giving "material support" to any group designated as terrorists. The [In]Justice Department naturally decides who are considered terrorists.


But how can they take away someone's US citizenship when this is specifically forbidden by the Constitution? By Newspeak.


"Material support" for terrorists is a Newspeak phrase that means "any support we decide is support" and section 501 of the act says that Americans can voluntarily give up their rights to citizenship purely by their behavior.


To quote the Newspeak:

" ... an intent to relinquish nationality need not be manifested in words, but can be inferred from conduct".

If you, in the opinion of the [In]Justice Department, give "material support" to terrorists (the designation of which they decide) you are voluntarily giving up your rights to citizenship. Once that is done your constitutional rights are ended. First they pass 'anti-terrorist' laws to do what they' like with foreigners they dub terrorists or supporters of terrorism, as with those held without charge, trial, or lawyers in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; and then they use this all-embracing Newspeak clause to take away the citizenship of those Americans they are targeting so they can hold them indefinitely without charge, trial or access to a lawyer.


Another common Newspeak phrase to justify grotesque inequality of wealth distribution is:

"We don't believe in punishing people because they are successful."

You hear Tony Blair say this a lot.


This moves the emphasize of the "victim" of injustice from those working their butts off to make it through another week to those making a fortune exploiting those working their butts off to make it through another week.


When George Bush announced tax cuts that benefited people like teachers and firefighters by $350 to $500 a year and multi-millionaires by $88,000, the White House spokesman and master of mendacity, Ari Fleischer, said those very words:

"The-president does not believe in punishing people because they are successful." 28

Big brother speaks

Here are a few of Orwell's Newspeak terms coined in 1948 that are so relevant to what is happening today.

  • Crimethink: to even consider that the authorities could be wrong in any way.

  • Crimestop: to instinctively change your thought processes whenever you are in danger of breaking the law of crimethink and never listening to views that expose the ruling cabal. This has been described as "protective stupidity".

  • Thinkpol: the Thought Police who's role is to eliminate crimethink through spying, surveillance cameras, etc.

  • Blackwhite: to accept whatever the authorities say without question and, as Orwell, put it "...loyal willingness to say black is white when party [government] discipline demands this. It also means the ability to believe that black is white, and more, to know black is white, and forget that one has ever believed the contrary".

  • Duckspeak: to speak without thinking, as in quacking like a duck.

  • Facecrime: to show any facial expression that Big Brother surveillance could interpret as having something to hide. This could be a look of anxiety or failing to react to official statements or alleged "victories" in the correct manner, including not cheering when a war was won.

  • Doublethink: the refusal or inability to see contradictions and to have two contradictory beliefs in your mind at the same time while believing them both to be true.

This comment by boy George Bush is an example:

"See, we love - we love freedom. That's what they didn't understand. They hate things; we love things. They act out of hatred; we don't seek revenge, we seek justice out of love."

This asks us to believe that love = mass murder of civilians.


This is an apparently impossible contradiction or doublethink, but tens of millions of Americans and others 'believe that both are true.' Doublethink, and therefore crimes top (refusing to think anything ill of the government) are essential to tyrannies because their whole foundation is based on contradictions and lies.


The character called Winston in Orwell's 1984 defined doublethink or doublespeak as:

"To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party [government] was the guardian of democracy, to forget whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed! and then promptly to forget it again: and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself.


That was the ultimate subtlety: consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed. Even to understand the word 'doublethink' involved the use of doublethink." 29

Newspeak today

The Orwellian society is now all around us, gathering pace by the hour, and naturally a vital component of the Illuminati thought control today is, as Orwell envisaged, the manipulation of language.


Here are some of the real meanings behind modern Newspeak that the spinners constantly work to camouflage.

  • American interest: the interest of those who control the United States and anyone who resists that control is acting "against American interests.

  • National security: the security of the authorities to hide their agenda and the control of the people through increased security to meet manufactured dangers.

  • World community: you hear this mantra pour from the mouths of the globalists like Bush, Powell and Blair. It implies that 'free' nations are bound together in pursuit of freedom, peace and morality as a "world community" when, as we saw with Iraq, this is Newspeak for American and British tyranny on behalf of the Illuminati. "World community" is also designed to prepare the way for the acceptance of the world government

  • Anti-government groups: any organization that seeks to highlight and challenge government dictatorship. They are, therefore, dubbed highly dangerous anarchists or potential terrorists.

  • Extremist: anyone saying anything different to the government-supported norm (see also "militant). Redistributing wealth from mega rich to starving poor is considered "extremism" by those in power.

  • Conspiracy theory: any claim that the government is lying and following an agenda hidden from the people.

  • Change: a big Newspeak word that means to introduce the Illuminati global society by creating problems and undermining the status quo to bring about the perceived need for "change". The word "reform" is used in the same way, not least by Tony Blair, who claims that people are either "reformers" (those who accept change in line with the agenda) or "wreckers" (those that resist such change)."

  • Right and Left Conservative and Liberal: terms designed to present every issue as black and white polarities and obscure the fact that there are more than two sides to every debate.

  • Nation building: after bombing and invading a target country you place a puppet government in power to represent your interests while claiming it is a government chosen by the native people. This ensures the country is run by your dictate, but without your overt control. We don't want people to realize that a campaign of global conquest is happening before their eyes (or visual cortex).

  • Peacekeeping: occupation of a country by foreign troops.

  • Peace process: giving the impression that you are working for peace when it is merely an interlude before launching more conquest through war.


  • Terrorist: those who protest. through violence, but also anyone who attacks or challenges the interests of the west, especially America, Britain and Israel, or stands in the way of further conquest.

  • Liberation: mass murder and terrorism against civilians in the name of stopping terrorism that’s nothing whatsoever to do with the people you kill or maim for life.

  • War on terrorism: the constant repeat of this process.

  • Attack: when America and Co are the target.


  • Retaliation: when America and Co attack.


  • First-strike: When America and Co attack first in retaliation for what America and Co claims their target country could do to them (see also lies).


  • Self-defense: killing the other guy before he even thinks of killing you.


  • Western values: these are values you want to impose on others, but don't have yourself. Mythical belief in the 'West' as the good guys appearing over the ridge to kill them baddy Indians. See also John Wayne.


  • Campaign contribution: bribe.


  • Affirmative action: racial discrimination that affirmative action is supposed to eliminate. The only way to do achieve racial equality is for everyone to be chosen on their merits irrespective of their color, creed or background (see fairness, and justice) and for everyone to have an equal opportunity to develop their talents.

  • Education: brainwashing.


  • Tidying up exercise: the phrase you use when you want to make major changes while disguising them as insignificant. This was used to lie to the British people about changes to the constitution of the European Union that pretty much removes what is left of British sovereignty. It was only a "tidying up exercise" to "streamline" existing legislation and make the EU more "democratic". Classic Newspeak.


  • Good citizens: slaves that do not protest at being so or even realize that they are.


  • Equality: make everyone a slave.


  • Democracy: elected, or even unelected, dictatorship in which the majority often vote for the losers. See also tyranny of the uninformed majority.


  • Crime: breaking a law passed without our agreement no' matter how ludicrous it may be.


  • Freedom of the press: freedom to report the official version of events.


  • Human rights: the right to do what the government tells you.


  • Tolerance: do not criticize or challenge the behavior of anything and anyone, no matter what the circumstances.


  • Zero-tolerance: tyranny.


  • Free trade: using slave labor to make your products in the world's poorest countries for a few cents and exporting them without tariff charges to the richest countries to sell for top-of-the-range prices. Also means to dump your products in any country you wish and destroy the local economy and livelihoods of the world's poorest people.

  • Competition: translational corporations competing to see which can exploit the global population most effectively.


  • Capitalism: cartelism.


  • Isolationist: anyone who does not want to dictate to others and control the people of other nations.


  • Level playing field: fixing the system in favor of those you wish to win.

  • Propaganda: whatever your opponents say because you only tell the truth,

  • Freedom: slavery

The distorted use of these words arid others is designed to plant a false reality into the conscious, and, especially, subconscious mind.


This manipulates peoples to see themselves and the world in a way that suits the ambitions of their leaders.

'Hate crime' = Thought Crime

One of the most powerful expressions of the Orwellian thought police is the so-called hate crime. In Canada they have a 'Hate Crimes Unit' and there are other versions of this around the world like the Commission for Racial Equality in Britain that is dominated by. people with their own agendas to pursue.


Such organizations are in daily search of those who are expressing a view that the Thought Police deem is inciting racial hatred.


You can even be charged with a "hate crime" for revealing true information that the thought police decide could "create an atmosphere" in which racial attacks or "crimes" could take place. To suggest that the official story of what happened to Jewish people in Nazi Germany is not 100% correct is to be branded a "hatemonger" and a "racist" by reflex action. No further debate is necessary for the psychological fascists; you are an "historical revisionist" (Newspeak for "racist" because you challenge the official version of history) and you must be castigated and condemned to public vilification.


George W. Bush called those who questioned his lies about Iraq as "historical revisionists" in the hope that the tainting of that term would undermine his gathering critics.


But strangely, if anyone says that the horrors of the Pol Pot genocide in Cambodia were exaggerated or that the Irish did not suffer as much as they claim from British rule and the potato famine, this is not considered racist or a sign of hatred against Cambodians or the Irish.


So isn't that racist to condemn one opinion of history and not the other? Why should Cambodians or the Irish suffer such discrimination by the Hate Crimes Unit? Surely that makes the Hate Crimes Unit guilty of a hate crime? Arrest them, I say.


Jewish people can state they would never drink from a bottle of wine that had not been opened by a Jew and that's fine, no problem. But a white person who says he would not drink from a bottle of wine that had not been opened by a white person is called a racist. Personally I don't care either way, just get me a glass. The 'Jewish' press can talk of the "plague of Jewish-Arab marriages" without any consequences (and nor should there be, however repugnant the comment might be). But if the Arab press talked of the "plague of Arab-Jewish marriages" they would be branded anti-Semitic.30


Jewish people can say they are the race chosen by God and above all other races, but when a white person says that his is the master race he is branded a racist and a "white supremacist". There are no chosen people or master races, white, Jewish, or blue with pink spots. There is only one consciousness. The body is a hologram, an illusion, so all claims to racial superiority or inferiority are the work of the mind-dead and the same goes for those so obsessed with race that they look for racism everywhere.


The point I am making, however, is that the Onvellian concept of the 'hate crime' is extremely arbitrary (though give it time) and basically depends on the power wielded by those controlling the policies of the hate crimes authorities. 'Hate crime' legislation is not about protecting minorities from discrimination, that's the movie.


The real reason for 'hate crime' laws is to stop legitimate debate and the free-flow of information and opinions that do not suit the manipulators.


Once you start making a person's thoughts and opinions a crime to express you are living in a totalitarian state. It is not racial hatred to suggest that official history is not correct, just as it is not racist against Americans to say that the official story of 9/11 is a lie from start to finish. This nonsense is exploited to stop proper investigation into people and events and has nothing to do with stopping racial hatred.


But this is the way Newspeak works; it is designed to manipulate the landscape of language and frighten people into keeping quiet for fear of being, dubbed a racist and hatemonger, with the consequences all that entails, in the hatred directed at you. I have experienced this after being targeted some years ago by purveyors of hatred masquerading as 'anti-racists' and yet there is not a racist cell in my body.


The whole concept of racism from my philosophy is silly. How can anyone be racist about a hologram? Ironically it is those who "cry "racist" most often who are the biggest racists and merchants of hate. They abscessed with it.


Israeli writer, Israel Shamir, highlighted this with regard to those who snout "anti-Semite" at everything that moves:

"Elie Wiesel is still very much with us. In his book, Legends of Our Time, this Jewish writer wrote:

'Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate healthy, virile hate - for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German'.

Not 'the Nazi', but 'the German'. For this sermon of hate he received the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize from the Norwegian Academy, in company with the Cambodia-destroyer Henry Kissinger and the Kana-murderer, Shimon Peres. Armed with this recognition of the Norwegians, Elie Wiesel called (at Christmas Eve!):

'War [with Iraq] is the only option'.

If you need to feel guilt, feel guilt for this Nobel Peace Prize.

"This vast difference in the feelings of Norwegians towards their national genius Hamsun and towards Elie Wiesel, the schmaltzy hate-monger, leads us to a conclusion: in prevailing post-WWII mainstream discourse, the taboo on criticism of Jews has caused strong bias and undermined the humanist idea of the Equality of Man.


Pre-war anti-Semitism has been superseded by another extreme, philo-Semitism, a belief that Jews can do no wrong and should never be referred to except in the most complimentary terms. This equally racist attitude has created severe misbalance in politics and discourse. It has to be corrected in order to save our planet and mankind from the triumphant 'Semitism' of their definition." 31

How can it be "anti-Semitic" to highlight the number of people loyal to Israel who are behind the wars of American conquest in the Middle and Near East that transform the Arab lands in line with Israel's desires? Or to state how many people loyal to Israel control the media and the flow of information? Would it be racist to point this out if the architects of the Bush policies were dominated by Arabs and American troops invaded Israel?


If highlighting bias is going to be denounced as racist, we might as well all walk away and let the world burn. Yet when British politician, Tam Dalyell, notes the obvious conflict of interest between the number of Israel-supporters in the Bush government and their policies favorable to Israel, he is dubbed an "anti-Semite".


If you are talking about racial inequality, where does it lie in this case?


Canadian writer Henry Makow, whose grandparents were victims of the Nazis, condemned the appalling treatment by the American and Canadian authorities of Ernst Zundel, who was dubbed a "hate criminal" for questioning the official story of the Holocaust. Civilized societies treat all people the same no matter what their color, creed, background or opinion. Tyrannies do not, and that means Canada and the United States are tyrannies.


Makow wrote:

"Zundel's claims are repugnant, but he has a right to be wrong. Society needs people to dispute the historical record. One may be right. If spreading false information is a crime, shouldn't we also lock up [US news anchor man] Tom Brokaw? Canada has locked up Ernst Zundel. According to his wife, he is being mistreated in prison. He risks deportation as a 'security risk'. Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress concedes Zundel doesn't 'actually wield the stick' but 'provides oxygen' to extremists. That definition would curb everyone's freedom of speech.

"When questioning the truth becomes 'hate', we have entered Orwell's '1984' era of thought crime. Don't kid yourself. This is the slippery slope to tyranny and Jewish organizations are partly to blame. We must stand up in defiance. The charge of hate is used selectively to disarm legitimate opposition. The definition of 'hatred' is very selective. For example, lesbians spew hatred of men but they are never arrested. Feminists teach impressionable girls that all males are potentially violent sexual predators. That's OK. The Talmud is full of hatred against Christ and Christians, but that doesn't count either.

" ... Jewish organizations dishonor Holocaust victims by using them for political purposes. It is tasteless to cast Jews as the world's premier victims. Humanity is one family and no genocide is more important than another. To use 'hate' to disarm opposition to the Zionist agenda is also repugnant. It leads to tyranny and more anti-Semitism. For Ernst Zundel to deny or understate the Jewish Holocaust is grotesque. But it is not a crime. In these questions, only the truth matters. Let the truth speak for itself. Let Zundel be judged by it."

This is a vital point if we wish to live in freedom. Either we have freedom of expression or we don't. You can't be a little bit free. You either are or you aren't. If you want the freedom to say what you want then you must give the same freedom to all others and defend that right when it is challenged, even if you don't agree with them.


Freedom of expression does not exist unless it applies to all. People in Nazi Germany did not have the freedom to speak out and warn the population about the real agenda of the fascists.


Look again at what the Nazi Propaganda Minister, Dr Joseph M. Goebbels, said:

"The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic, and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth becomes the greatest enemy of the State."

All dictatorships want to curb this basic right to express your thoughts and opinions, but 'anti-racist' organizations and people who have targeted me, like Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress and a Canadian lawyer called Richard Warman, at the amazingly titled Canadian Human Rights Commission, want to decide who has free speech and who does not.


Their like can be found across the world, but the moment their right of expression is challenged they are the first to squeal. Actress Brigitte Bardot was threatened with legal action for' attacking Islam, homosexuals, the unemployed, teachers and illegal immigrants, and calling for a return of the guillotine. She made the comments in her book, Un Cri Dans Le Silence.


She said gays were fairground freaks, teachers arrive at work with greasy hair wearing disgusting jeans and muddy trailers, and that 'the professional unemployed' don't even want to work illegally We may find her views either appalling and laughable, but they are her views and she has a right to them. What she does not have a right to do unchallenged is force her views on others or seek to introduce discrimination on the basis of her views.


But would' you rather live in a world in which she could express her thoughts, unpleasant as they may be, or one in which the Thought Police dictated to her - and therefore you - what you could and could not say? Her freedom of speech is actually yours. If everyone is not free then no one is.


Israel Shamir makes the point very well:

"Millennia before the Great Cultural Revolution, the Chinese knew the secret of harmony: the non-Manichean balance of opposing ideas, the principles of Ying and Yang. Properly balanced, Jewish ideas can be beneficial: anti-Christian zeal would limit Church excesses, just as materialism and egoism can keep the feet of Man on the ground while his head is in heaven, feminism can balance male chauvinism, and the sex obsession of Freud can balance the asceticism of spiritualists. Balanced, even Zionism will shrink to the humane proportions of Jewish love for Palestine. But balanced it should be."

Crackpot correctness

The reign of terror called 'political correctness' (PC) is Orwellian thought control or crime think. I have yet to work out who decides what is 'political' and what is 'correct', but it certainly has nothing to do with anyone I know. Let us just think, or crime think, about this for a moment. We are allowing some unknown 'authority' to dictate what we can and cannot say with our own freewill.




The vehicles for its imposition are the robot radicals with their hearts on their sleeves and their brains in the place where the Sun don't shine. They believe that we must remove any words, phrases or opinions that might upset anyone. Unless, of course, you are a target of these people for your allegedly politically correct words, phrases or opinions, in which case they seem to have no problem with hurling the very abuse in your direction that-they would condemn if it was issued from the mouths of anyone else.


The 'PCs', or Purveyors of Claptrap, are yet another Orwellian tyranny.


In an article headed "Politically-Correct Censorship Rampant in US Schools", the Australian and the Sunday Times reported the insane results of 25 years of political correctness. The article focused on a book by Diane Ravitch, a former American government official, called The Language Police: How Pressure Groups Restrict What Students Learn.34


A reviewer in the Chicago Sun-Times said the book would cause readers to gnash their teeth as they read of the outrages against common sense.35


Ravitch says:

"Some of this censorship is trivial, some is ludicrous and some is breathtaking in its power to dumb down what children learn in school." 36

She reveals that a story entitled The 'Friendly Dolphin was rejected by one school committee because it discriminates against students who did not live near the sea.


A story called The Silly Old Lady was rejected because it contained a "negative stereotype" of an elderly woman who put too many gadgets on her bicycle. Another entitled A Perfect Day for Ice-Cream had to be rewritten without reference to ice-cream because of a ban in California on any mention of junk food. Other concepts banned by the Thought Police included disobedient children, ghosts, parents who quarrel, ski trips and birthday parties. In some schools, dinosaurs cannot be mentioned because they imply a theory of evolution that not all Americans agree with.


Such lunacy was being routinely introduced across America, Ravitch said, and the same is happening in Britain and elsewhere. These decisions are being made by the Orwellian "bias and security" panels that advise state education boards what children should read.


Ravitch says that these panels operate,

"an increasingly bizarre policy of censorship" that has been "stripping away everything that is potentially thought-provoking and colourful from the texts children are to encounter."37

Note that: stripping away anything that is "potentially thought provoking". That is the idea and the agenda behind political correctness, as it was in Orwell's Big Brother society.


The Official Politically Correct Dictionary and Handbook by Henry Beard and Christopher Cerf 38 shows how far down the road we have travelled.


A person confined to a wheelchair is called "differently abled"; a person without a job is "unwaged" (the constant use of the prefix 'un' was part of Orwell's Newspeak in 1984, as in "ungood"); to be disabled is now to be "physically challenged"; your partner is your "significant other" to avoid the "sexual stereotyping" of boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife; if you are shorter than average you are "vertically challenged"; George Bush is not stupid, he's "mentally challenged"; a waiter or waitress becomes a waitron; women are wimyn or wimmin to avoid "man".


Mailman should be personperson then and manhole needs to be personhole? Then you have ableism, ageism, lookism, sizeism, weightism; all of them straight from. the Orwell dictionary. Political correctness now includes avoiding sports at school that involve anyone winning or losing. It might upset them, see. But why then don't they ban all exams to avoid winners and losers in academia?


Oh, it's OK to win if you excel in the classroom, but not if your gift is on the sports field. And that's the point.


These mind-fascists say they want to celebrate the diversity of people and then spend all their time destroying it, not least the diversity of the language. Yet more doublethink. When opinions or descriptions deemed unacceptable to these zealots are erased from use, it forces people into a land of saqleness, mediocrity and the inability to communicate what they really think and feel. The zealots decide what is right and wrong, acceptable and incorrect. They are mind-police, nothing less, and the ultimate racists, ageists, ableists, lookists, sizeists, weightists and chauvinists because they are more obsessed with identifying such people than anyone else on the planet.


I see an old lady and they see a potential victim of discrimination on the grounds of age. I see a woman and they see a potential victim of discrimination on the grounds of her sex. It is now politically incorrect to say" that someone is "crippled". Why? What are we supposed to do, encourage them to be Olympic champion for the one hundred meters? They will have other skills and abilities that an Olympic champion will not have.


So celebrate those advantages instead of being obsessed with the disadvantages. I have a right hand mangled by arthritis that I cannot use except for one finger to type. I am basically disabled in the right hand and not so good in the left, either.


So what am I then? Differently abled? No, call me crippled if you want, I don't give a damn. It does not matter unless it matters to me.


Surely what we should be doing is encouraging people to see that how others describe them doesn't matter; to free them from being effected by labels, whatever they are. When we impose rigid descriptions we emphasize the differences by developing a 'special' term for those that want to be treated like everyone else. You can't call people mentally handicapped any longer; they are "people with learning difficulties". But why do they have learning difficulties? Because they have a mental handicap. What have I got with the physical handicap in my hands then, digit turning difficulties?


I worked closely with the mentally handicapped for years and they are incredible people with abilities, not least in the way they can express love, that are a wonder to behold. What an insult to them to say that they must be called by some manufactured phrase because they might be upset or suffer discrimination. They're bigger than that, even if the thought-censors aren't.


People have different abilities, bodies and challenges. That's what makes for the glorious diversity of life. Why do these agents of discrimination want to hide that when it should be a source of celebration? I can't catch footballs any longer like I did when I was a goalkeeper because it's too painful. But I still intend to take Manchester United and the Miami Dolphins to court for the blatant discrimination of not playing me in their first team just because I have a crippled hand.


One of the most insane examples of political correctness came in my home town of Leicester when police raided a woman's house and took away her collection of china pigs after complaints from local Muslims. They said that the display of model pigs were "racially offensive" to them.39 Not as offensive as their idiocy is to me, mind. We should be tackling real discrimination on the grounds of handicap, race, or sex, not inventing a new industry of nonsensical Newspeak and political correctness that insults the intelligence of all involved.


But, then, from the Illuminati's point of view, it is not crazy at all.

Method in the madness

We should not be kidded by the ridiculous words and terms spawned by the censors of political correction. Yes, it appears so breathtakingly dumb and many of its ignorant practitioners are. But behind that is a coldly calculated plan that has been long in the making. In 1984, Orwell's Newspeak changed the language to remove the words that described political ideas at odds with the official position and a major· aim was to reduce the number of words available to people.


This is the true reason for political correctness and the gathering lack of emphasis on expanding the vocabulary of children and students. Orwell knew that as you reduce the number of words available, you contract correspondingly the ability to express your thoughts as "Yours."


To suppress words is to suppress thought, or, as Orwell said:

" ... if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought".

Listen to politicians and. the military in their public statements. They use glib phrases that lack the clear meaning that a bigger vocabulary of words would offer. They don't want to be specific, that's the idea, and incomprehensible Newspeak jargon is used for the same reason. The further you reduce the words (and through the generations even the awareness of them) the more bland communication becomes and the desire to write and read books will diminish.


Blandness is what the manipulators are looking for and any words that make a clear statement are targeted.


Wilson Bryan Key writes in The Age of Manipulation about his experience of writing a speech with others for US President Dwight Eisenhower:

"For thirty-six sleepless hours, three writers turned out draft after draft, reviewed by a White House deputy press secretary who offered terse comments like, 'Much too specific!' 'Ease up on factual references!' and 'Take it back and fuzz it up!'


'Fuzz it up,' we discovered eventually, meant avoid all clear, factual statements about anything more specific than the time of day ... The speech was endlessly discussed for likely audience reactions, belief and attitude reinforcements, and implied meanings ... Would anyone take the empty rhetoric seriously?


The speech read smoothly, but said absolutely nothing about anything. This was precisely what it was intended to say. During audience interviews after the oration, most expressed satisfaction with the great man's words. 'Ike really gave it to them!' 'He has my vote!' 'I like the way he thinks!' Great speech!'" 40

The manipulators want to reduce the words available to express a thought and, through this, influence what and how people think. When the words to express a thought have gone, so has the thought because in this reality we think in words. The same happens to memory which cannot be consciously retained without the words to express it.


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Newspeak as: noun, usage: often capitalized; propagandistic language marked by euphemism, circumlocution, and the inversion of customary meanings. Etymology: Newspeak, a language 'designed to diminish the range of thought,' in the novel 1984 (1949) by George Orwell.


There you have the key motivation of Newspeak:

" ... to diminish the range of thought".

A Newspeak engineer in 1994 says they are cutting Newspeak to the bone and every year there will be fewer words to use.

"In the end we shall make thought crime literally impossible because there will be no words in which to express it."

To do this, the Orwellian controllers targeted what they called ."Oldspeak", the language that had developed over thousands of years, and also "Old think", those ideas and attitudes resistant to the 'change' and 'reform' demanded by those in power. When Donald Rumsfeld described the resistance by Germany and France to the Iraq war as an example of "Old Europe" this was another attack on Oldthink.


Political correctness is an example of the enforcement of Newspeak, but mostly it takes over simply by repetition of use.

Orwellian prophecy

George Orwell's vision of the new tomorrow was such a mirror of what we see today both in the outcome and the techniques used to achieve it. He featured a "revolutionary group" called the Resistance that the Orwellian authorities claimed was led by the evil, Emmanuel Goldstein (see Osama bin Laden and endless· others). The Resistance appears not to have really existed, but they were blamed for every ill.


One of the worst crimes a citizen could commit was to read Goldstein's book that laid out in simple terms the structure of control under which the people were living. To read the book and to accept the contents was the ultimate thought-crime. More than fifty years ago Orwell described the technology of control such as the "Speakwrite", a voice recognition machine, and the "Telescreen", two-way television with only one channel that poured out the government propaganda. We are fast heading for that same situation today.


We may have endless channels, but they are basically the same one churning out the same unquestioned government line. Orwell talked of the "proles" or "proletarians", which made up around 85% of the Orwellian population. They were the unthinking masses and the authorities looked upon them as cattle, just as they do today. They didn't suffer the level of surveillance of those considered intellectually dangerous because they didn't question anything.


Then there was "prolefeed", the brain-numbing 'entertainment' and made-up 'news' for the masses to keep them dumbed down and incapable of free thought. Spot on. There was also the "unperson", someone removed from circulation and all files until he or she officially ceased to exist. To talk about an unperson was a thoughtcrime, just as to highlight the suffering, indignity and injustice imposed upon the inmates of Guantanamo Bay is considered to be "supporting the terrorists".


Anything in any publication that put the Orwellian government in a bad light was described in Newspeak as "malreported" or "malquoted" because the authorities were never wrong. We are also now seeing the Orwellian 'antiterrorism' programs being introduced to encourage and reward the public to spy on each other and report their neighbors, workmates, clients and even fellow students to the authorities.


Orwell's nightmare world is not coming, it's here.

Erasing history

History may not seem to be all that important to control, but it is. By studying history you can compare the assumptions and values of the world you are experiencing.


As Orwell put it:

"Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past."

In fact all three are happening together, but his point is valid in the way history is perceived in this reality.


The Illuminati have always sought to rewrite history: The destruction and removal of the unique historical treasures and texts in the museums of Iraq was part of that.


One of the tasks of the Orwell character called Winston is to invent a biography of a fictional soldier named Ogilvy, who can then be honored by Big Brother in a public address.


After writing the description of Ogilvy's life, Winston marvels at how,

"once the act of forgery [is] forgotten, [Ogilvy will] exist just as authentically, and upon the same evidence, as Charlemagne or Julius Caesar".

It is the same principle as faking the history of what happened to Private Jessica Lynch or the real story of 9/11. By presenting a false version of September 11th, which is now official history, a whole series of events have taken place, including mass slaughter, because the people have overwhelmingly accepted the lie. Look at American propaganda about its own history.


The people are taught about the glorious victories and how their nation has always been the bastion of freedom, justice and morality.


This fabrication colors the way many Americans view themselves and the actions of their government today.

"We don't need telling that we are going to war to liberate Iraq and bring freedom and justice - that's what we have been doing since this great nation was formed."

The true history of the 'liberators', the United States and Britain, is one of breathtaking, grotesque, exploitation, imposition and mass murder on a scale that beggars belief. The US record on human rights is a disgrace and yet its official history emphasizes its wonderful record of giving freedom to the oppressed. Even today, America jails five to ten times more of its people per head of population than any of the developed countries - some seven times more than China.


The United Nations even removed the US from its Human Rights Committee.


Such is the delusion through the faking of US history that Texas representative, Dick Armey, gave this response to the UN decision:

"It reduces the United Nations to a farce when they expel the champion of human rights."41

No, it reduces your knowledge of your own country's history to a farce to believe for a moment that this is the case. If the truth about America and Britain was in the official historical record it would be so much more difficult to sell the lie to the people when another country is due to be 'liberated' by extermination.


Replacing Oldspeak with Newspeak is also designed to eventually prevent the reading of historical accounts through loss of the language and even the need to censor history will be eliminated.

They manipulate the media? No. They own it!

The Illuminati have been fast increasing their control of the global media by acquisition and merger, and through destroying the opposition by denying non-Illuminati operations the advertising that they also, control. This is crucial to their goal of brainwashing the population through hypnosis, Newspeak and the suppression of alterative views. The American media is basically owned by five groups, all of which, through the Illuminati, are connected to the same agenda and you find the same in: other countries.


The biggest US media giant is AOL Time Warner and look at some of the holdings of this one company as of December 2002:

  • Cable and Satellite TV: HBO, America's largest pay-TV cable network with seven US and six international divisions, Cinemax, Time Warner Sports, CNN (10 divisions worldwide), Time Warner Cable, R6ad Runner, Time Warner Communications (primarily a telephone service), New York City Cable Group, New York 1,' devoted exclusively to news in the New York City area, Time Warner Home Theater, Time Warner: Security (video monitoring), Court-TV (ownership shared with Liberty Media), Comedy Central (ownership shared with Viacom) and Kablevision (Hungary)

  • Television and Movie Companies: Warner Brothers, WB studios, WB Television, HannaBarbera Cartoons, Telepictures Production, Witt-Thomas Productions, Castle Rock Entertainment, Warner Home Video, WB Domestic Pay-TV, WB Domestic TV Distribution, WB International TV Distribution, The Warner Channel (separate companies for Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Australia and Germany), and WB International Theaters in 12 countries.

  • Publishing: Time-Life International Books, Time-Life Education, Time-Life Music, TimeLife AudioBooks, Book-of-the-Month Club, Paperback Book Club, History Book Club, Money Book Club, HomeStyle Books, Crafter's Choice, One Spirit, Little Brown, Bulfinch Press, Back Bay Books, Warner Books, Warner Vision, The Mysterious Press, Warner Aspect; Warner Treasures, Oxmoor House, Leisure Arts, Sunset Books and TW Kids.

  • Magazines: Time, Time Asia, Time Atlantic, Time Canada, Time Latin America, Time South Pacific, Time Money, Time For Kids, Fortune, Life, Sports Illustrated, 51 Women/Sport, 51 International, 51 For Kids, Inside Stuff, Money, Your Company, . Your Future, People, Who Weekly (Australia), People en Español, Teen People, Entertainment Weekly, EW Metro, The Ticket, In Style, Southern Living, Progressive Farmer; South~ Accents, Cooking Light, Travel Leisure, Food & Wine, Departures, SkyGuide, Vertigo, Paradox, Milestone, Mad Magazine, Parenting, Baby Talk, Baby on the Way, This Old House, Sunset, Sunset Garden Guide, Health, Hippocrates, Costal Living, Weight Watchers, Real Simple, President (Japan), and Dancyu (Japan), plus 80 other magazines in Britain.

  • Record Labels: Atlantic Group, Atlantic Classics, Atlantic Jazz, Atlantic Nashville, Atlantic Theater, Big Beat, Background, Breaking, Curb, Igloo, Lava, MesajBlueMoon, Modern, Rhino Records, Elektra, EastWest, Asylum, ElektrajSire, Warner Brothers Records, Warner Nashville, Warner Alliance, Warner Resound, Warner Sunset, Reprise, Reprise Nashville, American Recordings, Giant, MaVerick, Revolution, Qwest, Warner Music International, WEA Telegram, East West ZTT, Coalition, CGO East West, China, Continental, ORO Fast West; Erato, Fazer, Rnlandia, MCM, Nonesuch and Teldec.

  • Internet: the web giant America Online or AOL.42

AOL Time Warner is followed in size by Disney, Viacom, Vivendi Universal (which merged with the Bronfman family's Seagam) and Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.


This network dominates television, movies and publishing. In 1997, the films produced by the four biggest motion picture companies, Disney, Warner Brothers, Paramount (Viacom) and Universal (Seagram) accounted for two-thirds of the total box-office receipts for the year.43


By 2003, only 20% of American' newspapers, even local ones were not owned by the media corporations and the same can be found across the world. Michael Powell, the son',of Collin Powell, and head of the US Federal Communications Commission, is seeking to still further increase the share of the media that one company can own and Tony Blair is doing this in Britain.


Both are serving their hidden masters. With this level of media control, imagine the potential for programming the people with the same lies and disinformation; the same conditioned view of reality; the same Newspeak and subliminals. Imagine, too, the potential for the suppression of information and views that challenge and expose the official lies. When Alice in Wonderland and The World Trade Center Disaster was published, copies were sent to every major television program, radio station and newspaper in Britain and America.


It is an expose of the lies surrounding 9-11 and yet out of all those media organizations only one, the Sunday Herald in Scotland, contacted me. Even then they wrote a story about me that did not mention the content of the book. Such is our free society. The Illuminati dictate the policy and view of almost all areas of society. Often through their 'charity foundations', they fund 'scientific' research (insisting what the outcome will be before the money is handed over - see And the Truth Shall Set You Free).


This aims to hold the scientific party line about the nature of reality. They also own the pharmaceutical cartel that funds the 'medical' system training the doctors and dispensing their lethal drugs and destructive vaccines. They own the translational 'food' corporations that dictate what the people eat. They own the drinks corporations that decide what the people drink.


They own the oil supplies and power companies on which modem society depends. All these aspects of Illuminati control are coordinated from a central point to lay siege to our bodies, minds and freedom of choice. But by far the most vital strand in that web is the ownership of the media to dictate what the people think. It is through the mind and emotions that the game is played with the subconscious reality the number one target.


I have long been exposing the central ownership of these apparently unconnected areas of society and at last far more people are beginning to see it.

Thinking like a reptile

The deal is simple. You know that reality is an illusion and how it is created by the beliefs that we accept to be real. You also know that five-sense behavior is orchestrated from the subconscious mind and not the conscious. This is the experiencer and interpreter of reality, not the prime creator. The subconscious produces the thought fields, the wave patterns, and the conscious observes them into holographic, illusory, reality. OK.


So armed with this knowledge you target the subconscious with an explosion of messages designed to program its beliefs with the sense of reality that suits you. You are literally hypnotizing the population. A hypnotist wants to get you relaxed and into a trance-like state that allows powerful access to the subconscious mind. He or she will then implant the messages they want you to follow when you think, and I emphasize think, the hypnosis is over.


The story of the man who was told not to see his daughter when he came 'out' of his hypnotic state is a good example. The human population is caught in the same hypnotic trance, following the commands planted into the subconscious mind. This brings us back to the Reptilian connection. At the heart of this conditioning, appropriately, is the most ancient part of the human brain known by scientists as the R-complex or reptilian brain. It is the result of our reptilian genetic history.


The Reptilians behind the Illuminati naturally know better than anyone how to manipulate the reptilian brain and it is through this that humanity is largely controlled and directed. The human brain is in two parts, or hemispheres. We have the right brain and the left-brain that are connected by a mass of nerve fibres. The left side is 'rational', 'logical' and 'intellectual'.


It works closely with the physical senses and can be summed up by can I "touch it", "see it", "hear it", "smell it" or "taste it"?


It communicates through spoken and written words. The right brain is where we manifest imagination, intuition, instincts, dream-states and the subconscious. It is the artist, musician and creative inspiration. It communicates through images and symbols, not words.


This right side is closely related to the reptilian part of the brain. Reptiles communicate through imagery and symbols - like the Illuminati secret society network - and this makes the reptilian brain most open to conditioning by movies and television.


Researcher Skip Largent writes:

"All movies and television are a projection of the reptilian brain. How so? Movies and television (video games etc.) are all undeniably dreamlike, not only in their presentation of symbolic-reality, but also in that humans experiencing movies, etc., have the same brain wave patterns as when they are dreaming. And guess where dreaming originates in your head? In the reptilian brain (although other parts of our brain are involved).


The 'language' of the reptilian brain is visual imagery. All communications transferred by reptiles are done so by visual symbolic representations, each having specific meaning."

This is what the Illuminati are doing through their subliminals and symbolism. The movie and television industries are not only owned by the Illuminati; they overwhelmingly created them. They understand how visual images can be used to condition the population. In normal circumstance the reptilian-dominated right brain receives images through the eyes or the imagination and the left brain decodes those images into thoughts and conclusions.


The Illuminati have intervened in this process, however, to control human perception. Their aim is to disconnect the functions of these two distinct parts of the brain so we can be manipulated through the right brain while only being aware of the left - or manipulated through the subconscious while only being aware of the conscious. They plant images into the right brain (the dream-state, the non-conscious) using symbolism, subliminal imagery and pictures, while often telling the left-brain how it should interpret those images.


This is done through 'education', 'science' and 'the media.'

Television news does this all the time. The right brain is shown pictures and the reporter's voice-over tells the left brain what they mean. Show me some television news pictures without words and I'll give you many possible explanations for what is happening. But the news reporter only tells you about one invariably the one given to them by the authorities.


The left brain is told by external sources how to decode right brain images. What we urgently need to do is regain control of our left brains and decide for ourselves what we are seeing. Another aspect of the reptilian mind is the 'hive' mentality and they have sought, very successfully so far, to transfer that hive or herd state to the human population. This is one reason why they are so desperate to destroy individuality of all kinds. You will find that words like imagination, imagine, dream and suchlike are used widely in advertising.


They know that if they can use those trigger words that encourage the right-brain, non-conscious, daydream state, they can access your subconscious mind with imagery and then tell your left brain how to decode that into conscious language - I want that car; I think the police should be given more powers to stop crime; I need Viagra to be a real man again; we need a world government to solve our problems. Television and movies are producing a fantasy world of make-believe to open up the unconscious right brain and allow the Illuminati secret access through that to the conscious mind. Television and movies are packed with subliminal messages.


Children are most at risk from this and they are being targeted by fantasy images to this end. In early childhood the mental state is controlled almost exclusively by the reptilian brain and the purveyors of children's 'entertainment', like Disney, exploit this knowledge. I was also interested to find an article in the Los Angeles Times that highlighted another trait of the reptilian brain - greed and excess.


The article was headed "Living Ever Larger; How Wretched Excess Became a Way of Life in Southern California".


French anthropologist G. Clotaire Rapaille is quoted as saying:

" ... The desire for excess comes from the 'reptilian brain', the earliest, most primitive structures in our mental evolution. The reptilian wants to grab as much food as possible, to be as big and powerful as possible, because it's focused on survival. When it comes to a choice between the intellect and the reptilian, the reptilian ways wins ..

"Satisfying that inner lizard has its downsides. Our insatiable appetites have left Americans 9 pounds heavier, on average, than we were two decades ago, and more vulnerable than ever to heart disease and diabetes. We're racking up mountains of debt (the late fees we pay on credit cards have more that tripled since 1996, to $7.3 billion a year) and burning up fossil fuels like crazy. We demand things that, deep down, we don't really want or even use." 45

This is how the reptilian mind sees reality and this is the world we live in because the Illuminati are reptilian. The whole focus is on survival and the Matrix consciousness has perhaps projected these sentient programs in a reptilian form because nothing concentrates the mind more than the fear of not surviving. We are their energy source and, through them, an energy source for the Matrix itself.


They are seeking to control us and maintain the flow of fear energy. Their apparent arrogance is a cover for panic. What completes the circle is that once programmed with an externally implanted reality, the people who have built their prison then police it to keep the others in. Anyone who has another reality at odds with the manufactured consensus is ridiculed, condemned and generally abused for refusing to conform to the prevailing illusion.


Newspeak is designed to remove even the language available to describe any other reality, except the one the Illuminati wish to perpetuate. Round and round we go, one programmed generation programming. the next, each more emphatically than the last. The walls close in by the day.


But it doesn't have to be like this.


We can and will break the circle and we shall now look at how this is being done.


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