Mysteries? What mysteries?

Man is what he believes
Anton Chekhov

(1860 - 1904)

I was once interviewed by a Christian radio host and I made the point that Christianity and official 'science' refused to investigate the mysteries of life unless the outcome conformed to their belief system.

"Welt maybe there are mysteries that God doesn't want us to know", he said.

This is typical of the little me, BIG GOD, concept of mainstream religion that maintains its followers in life-long slavery to a fairy tale. Investigating mysteries with an open mind is fatal for both religion and establishment 'science' because dogma can only survive if it remains unchallenged. So, dear child of the Lord, have faith and shut-the-fuck-up. You too, professor.


It is not 'God' that doesn't want us to know; it is the Illuminati and the Matrix that invented the whole concept of 'God' to serve their ends. They don't care what your rigid belief may be, so long as you have one, and it has ensured you have plenty to choose from.


Rigid dogma = closed mind = the Matrix has you.


As we have seen, once we begin to understand reality and how it is made manifest, the mysteries of life, unanswerable by religion and mainstream 'science', become rather less mysterious.

Different minds, different faces

Since the early 1990s, I have been researching the mind-control technique known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). As I outlined earlier, this is when the mind is fractured through trauma and programming into a series of apparent 'personalities' or 'altars', each with different attitudes, beliefs and often 'ages'.


I have sat in a therapist's office and seen a 30year-old woman, who had been horrendously abused since childhood, manifest at least seven distinct 'personalities' in half an hour, including one of a baby. In line with all 'multiples', each 'personality' had its own name, background and characteristics, and each was brought forward in turn by the therapist using the correct trigger words and codes.


The woman was very nice in 'front altar' mode, but one of her programmed back altars was pure venom when it was activated. What's more, as one 'personality' was switched to another the woman's face changed. This is one of the many 'mystery' characteristics of multiples; their facial features, including eye color, can change when they switch personalities and so can their brainwave patterns.


One 'personality' may be drunk or high on drugs, but when they are switched to another altar they cease to be effected in any way by the drink or drugs. I have met such people. Features on the skin, like moles and scars, can disappear when one altar replaces another as the conscious mind.


The same body under one 'personality' maybe allergic to something, but not when other altars are activated; a doctor can prescribe a drug that will have an effect on the body under one altar, but have no effect with another. It even extends to the fact that they can overdose if a drug is given to an adult altar and they are then switched into one of their child personalities.


They can be ill in one mode and perfectly healthy in another and they can be spark out under anesthesia in one personality, yet wake up on the operating table fully conscious if another altar kicks in. Women with MPD can have different menstrual cycles with each personality. Another trait is that often multiples don't age anything like as quickly as the rest of us and they can look older or younger, depending on the altar in the driving seat at the time.


I remember Cathy O'Brien, one of the best-known victims of US government mind-control, telling me that she was not allowed to know the 'time' in her mental captivity and in this period she did not perceptibly age.

Mind is body and body is mind

These apparently astonishing traits of multiple personality disorder are baffling to mainstream science. But from the perspective outlined here it is all quite straightforward. The body is a hologram manifested by mind and the mind's sense of reality is governed by its belief. When these various 'personalities' take control of the body hologram it changes to match the new state of mind - belief.


This can happen because the body hologram is an illusion of the mind and the mind can change it in any way it wants. What are known as altars or 'personalities' are simply different realities and when you change the sense of reality you change its holographic illusion. In fact, the different 'altars' are probably different holograms created by the different versions of reality. These different 'personalities' are different holographic 'brains', you might say, and the principle is similar to having many holographic pictures on the same photographic film.


When you shine the laser at different angles on the wave patterns, you pick out a different picture. This is what the 'trigger' codes are doing that activate the different programmed personalities of the 'multiple’ They are accessing different programmed holograms. That is what the 'altars' are. So let us look again at the 'mysteries' I outlined above.


How can someone be drunk or high on drugs in one mode, but sober when switched to another?


The reality that drinks the alcohol or takes the drugs, accepts that it will become intoxicated or high because that is it's conditioned and, through the DNA, inherited belief. It doesn't have to react in this way because the booze and drugs are an illusion, as is the body, and how can the effect of an illusion on an illusion be real? Do you think the Infinite gets pissed? When an altar - holographic reality - is switched, the new altar/hologram does not have the reality of being drunk or high. How could it?


It was not the reality that popped the pills or swigged the liquor. Why should it be affected by them? Skin features like moles and scars appear and disappear depending on the reality of the mind hologram in control. Maybe an altar reality was formed before the illusion of the scar or mole was there. If so, it is not going to manifest something it does not believe in. It is the same with an allergy. If the altar-reality does not believe it has an allergy, it won't have one.


Without the cooperation of the mind-brain (consciousness and computer) it can't.


The effect of a drug depends on whether the prevailing reality believes in it. If it does, the drug will 'work', if it doesn't, it will not. Remember, much of this is taking place on a non-conscious, as well as a conscious level. The drug given to an 'adult' altar that overdoses the 'child' altar is, once again, an example of different realities experiencing what they believe on conscious and unconscious levels, and through the inherited DNA programming.


How can it be any other way?


The difference is not the 'physical body'; it is the reality of the mind. Illness and disease are illusions. One reality may believe it is ill while another may not. When the switch happens the illness will disappear in a flash because it, was an illusion to start with and the new altar hologram does not believe in it. A multiple can feel pain in one altar and it will disappear in another, just as some altars may need spectacles, but others will see 20/20. If you give an aesthetic to one brain-hologram, and it accepts the effect, it will be off to the land of nod.


But if another one takes over, how can it be effected by the aesthetic when it does not have the reality of having the shot? It can't. It wakes up with no idea what is going on "what are you doing with that bloody knife, mate?" It's all illusion, as are the menstrual cycles of women. Does the Infinite have a period? Oh, but the woman must menstruate to release the build up of blood, right? Oh really? Then why could the bodies of some multiples have a continuous period if the altars were activated in the correct sequence? Where does all that blood come from? Or, if you structured the sequence in another way, they could never have a period. Where does all that blood go?


It goes nowhere and it comes from nowhere: it is ILLUSION! Why is it that multiples that are disconnected from the five-sense version of 'time' don't age. or at least age as fast as everyone else? By now this answers itself.


There is no time, so how can time age us? When you use a laser to project a holographic picture of the human body, it doesn't age no matter how long you leave it there. You could leave it for a thousand years and it would not age a second. Our bodies are holograms and we could do the same. We only appear to age because we believe in 'time' and the illusory passage from 'past' to 'future'.


We age because we believe we do. Does the Infinite need Botox? The facial features of multiples change as they switch because our illusory faces merely reflect our sense of reality. Our bodily features are holographic illusions; change the illusion in your mind and you change the features you appear to 'see'. You switch holographic realities. All this is not confined to those with multiple personality disorder; it applies to everyone. Now, what is another term for this instant transformation of facial and body features?


Go on you skeptics who have laughed all these years I know it's hard, but do try ... shhhh ... yes, almost there ... shhh-ape ... go on yes, yes ... shape-shifting! Exactly. When you see just how illusory our reality is, shape-shifting Reptilians are a small deal indeed.

Shape-shifting? That Icke's a nutter.

Since I began writing and speaking about shape-shifting, I have, naturally, been the subject of still more ridicule. I understand why people have dismissed the idea because they are so caught in the illusion of the 'physical' and cannot perceive of anything that does not conform to its 'laws'. But there is no 'physical', it's illusion; and an illusion can take any form its creator wants and shift from one to another at will.


Visualize a human being now in your mind and watch him or her shape-shift into a Reptilian entity. See, an illusion is anything you choose it to be. Accounts of shape-shifting beings, not least those who shift between 'human' and reptilian form, abound throughout the ancient world, as we have seen.


They feature in the accounts of the same people who said that all was One and this world was 'maya' illusion; the same 'primitive people' who are now being proved right by the cutting edge of scientific research. Let us get down to some scientific basics here. The scientists say this 'physical' world is made up of atoms and subatomic particles such as electrons.


This is how Michael Talbot describes their properties in The Holographic Universe:

"The electron, like some shape-shifter out of folklore, can manifest as either a particle or a wave... , This chameleon-like ability is common to all subatomic particles. It is also common to all things once thought to manifest exclusively as waves. Light, gamma rays, radio waves, X-rays - all can change from waves and back again. Today physicists believe that subatomic phenomena should not be classified solely as either waves or particles, but as a single category of some things that are always somehow both. These some things are called quanta, and physicists believe they are the basic stuff from which the entire universe is made." 1

People dismiss the ancient and modern claims about shape-shifters when the whole cosmos down to the tiniest particle is in a constant state of shape-shifting! For goodness sake an electron can appear in one place and then another without passing through the 'space' in between, the so-called 'quantum jump', But shape-shifting is not possible?


Talbot adds:

"The capacity to shape-shift from one kind of particle to another is just another of a quantum's abilities."

A particle in the blood called the somatid is,

"an astonishing shape-shifter in culture" and "in rapid progression (less than 90 hours) it can be spore, double spore, bacteria, microbial globular form, yeast, ascii, mycelial form, fibrous thallus, etc."2

But how can a person shape-shift from one 'body' to another when they would have to do an instant 'swap' of their heart, lungs, liver and so on? Surely they would die? No, no.


I realize it is a massive leap, but I repeat: the body is an illusion, a figment of the programmed mind. It is really a frequency field, a thought form, and this is how people can appear and disappear just like the guy meditating in the woman's house.


You don't need your organs to survive unless you believe you do and create that reality. You don't need to eat and you don't need to breathe if you can override the programming that you do. A woman called Therese Neumann did not eat or drink for 35 years. She began to drink only liquids in 1923 and four years later even stopped that. In one two week period in July 1927, a medical doctor and four Franciscan nurses kept a watch on her 24 hours a day. They confirmed that she consumed nothing and had no ill effects, loss of weight or dehydration.3 This continued for the rest of her life.


Taking her to dinner would have been a cheap date, eh?

"What would you like to eat, darling?"

"Er, nothin'."

The body is a holographic illusion and if your mind is deprogrammed enough you can turn it into a bus if you want.

"Hey, Ethel, I have decided to be the number 28 to Oxford Street"

"OK dear, mind the traffic."

Michael Talbot says of extraterrestrial entities:

" ... if we are being visited by beings who are as insubstantial and plastic in form as the bodies [out-of-body experiencers] find themselves in after they have exteriorized, it is not at all surprising that they might appear in a chameleon-like multitude of shapes." 4

I emphasized in Children of the Matrix that what we call 'extraterrestrials' are really 'inter-dimensionals'. Our 'bodies' take a form that reflects our state of being and it could well be that the manipulators (sentient programs) projected by the Matrix often take a reptilian form because their emotionless state and survival mentality is an expression of the same basic thought field blueprint or program that we can observe in the emotionless, survivalist, Reptilian species in the Illuminati on Earth.


What people see now as extraterrestrials are the modern expression of the 'fairies', 'elves' and 'little people' that the ancients claimed to have seen. What we can say with certainty is that extraterrestrials and the 'fairies' do not exist as solid 'real' 3-D entities.


Why so sure?


Because nothing exists in that form, except as illusions.

'Extraterrestrial' holograms

The ETs and fairies will be, as with everything in the Matrix, frequency patterns that can take any form they, or their creator, chooses. This is the basis of shape-shifting once again. It is the frequency pattern that 'shifts' and it appears to the five-sense level that the physical body has shifted. It has, but only because its base form, a vibrational pattern, has changed and we have changed the way we decode the pattern into a hologram.


These frequency 'entities' can take any form they wish when they understand the process. Also, our sense of reality decodes these patterns into holographic form and it could well be that we 'see' these entities in the form that suits our prevailing reality: i.e. the ancients would 'see' them as fairies, elves and goblins, while we would decode them as high-tech 'ETs'. Many people have reported seeing 'angels' or had visions of Jesus or Mother Mary. Sometimes enormous shrines have been built as a result and the 'visionary' given sainthood.


These are illusions, creations of belief and manipulated thought projections designed to confirm such belief. The visions 'see' the classic portrayals of 'Jesus' and 'Mary' when those portrayals are only the result of painters who presented their own idea of how they looked. One of the most famous Christian 'visions' was at Knock, Ireland, in 1879 when fourteen people saw the glowing figures of Jesus, Mary and St John the Evangelist near a church.


In line with what I have just said, the vision of St John looked very much like a statue of him in a local village. The figures were so real that the witnesses could read the letters on the book that 'John' was holding. But when one of them, a woman, tried to touch 'Mary', there was nothing to embrace but air.


The woman said:

"The figures appeared so full and lifelike I could not understand why my hands could not feel what was so plain and distinct to my sight."

The figures were holograms and were no more real than the 3-D image of a holographic photograph of an apple or pear.


The only difference between 'Mary' and the bodies we think we have is the illusion of density. Is it now still so incredible that those in control of our collective reality, the Illuminati, are holographic projections or 'sentient programs' and not 'human' or even consciousness as we perceive it? What are the 'spaceships' that so many people 'see'? They are frequency fields and 3-D illusions and they can defy the 'laws' of this reality, just as the firewalker does not burn his feet.


Michael Talbot tells in The Holographic Universe how he saw a holographic image of a werewolf form around his body when he was writing a novel about them:

" ... the holographic-like image that enveloped my body was real enough that when I lifted my arm I could actually see individual hairs in the fur and the way the canine nails protruded from the wolfish hand that encased my own hand." 6

A psychic, Carol Dryer, walked into the room and also saw the-'werewolf', but when he stopped thinking about the novel the image faded. Psychics often report seeing holographic objects around people and these are thought patterns in the person's aura or energy field that the psychic observes into a 3-D reality.


Carol Dryer apparently saw potatoes swirling around a woman's head on one occasion and it turned out she worked for a potato organization in Idaho.

Living to die? Or dying to live?

If our bodies don't exist, except as thought fields and holographic illusions, how can they die? Only if we, and they, through their DNA programming, believe they can. Believe in death and you will appear to 'die'. Don't believe in it and you can't. By that I don't mean that you will be condemned to live in the body for all infinity; you can drop the illusion whenever you choose. I mean the difference between 'dying' as perceived in the present sense and consciously deciding to leave the illusion in the full awareness that this is what you are doing.


Death has been described as walking in your mind and that is all it is, a change of perception and point of observation. Even if you believe in death you still won't die in the sense of ceasing to exist because you can't. You are infinite consciousness. You can 'believe' your body into the grave, yes, and billions do. But once that has been unloaded you are still conscious in another reality.


This is the transformation process behind the 'mystery' of near-death (NDE) and out-of body (OBE) experiences. They are only a mystery because establishment science cannot explain them. Incalculable numbers of people have experienced leaving their bodies on operating tables or after heart attacks and road accidents only to learn that they had 'died' when it was happening (NDE).


Others have experienced a spontaneous disconnection between body and mind without 'physically dying' (OBE). The NDE and OBE have also been described in accounts throughout known 'history'. Both groups tell basically the same story. The common theme of these experiences is floating above the body with mind and sight intact.


They can give themselves new 'bodies' in this state simply by thinking of one and sometimes they still look like the body they have recently left. This is what was called in the first Matrix movie 'residual self-image'. This is the way your mind is used to perceiving its form and so it continues to do so. People who have returned from these disembodied states have said that they had no form until they 'thought' and then whatever they thought became their reality.


This is what is happening in the five-sense world, if we only realized, and it is this process the Illuminati work so hard to exploit. Robert Monroe, a highly experienced 'OBEer', who founded the Monroe Institute in America, described his form in the out-of-body state as a "vibrational pattern" made up of "many interacting and resonating frequencies".7


Yes, that is what we are in our Matrix state, but not when we are truly and consciously at One with the Infinite because the Infinite in awareness of itself does not vibrate. Only illusion vibrates.


Mind thinks all (vibration). Heart is all (stillness).


Those who have left their bodies also speak of the feeling of Oneness, of being everything. But I wonder how many are actually experiencing Oneness in its Infinite sense and how many are experiencing a state that is simply far more like Oneness than they experience in the Time Loop, the greatest level of illusory disconnection.


Most people judge their level of happiness by their level of unhappiness. They are not actually happy, but they are less unhappy than at other times and so they take this to be happiness. Another constant report from NDEers and OBEers is that they can go anywhere in an instant.


As many have said:

"I only had to think it and I was there."

That may be the perception, but I would describe it another way: you only have to think it and you become conscious of a 'there' where you already are! How? Because 'there' is you. Everywhere is you.


'You' are everything and everything is everywhere.

  • Why would you have to move when you are everywhere already?

  • Where does the holographic body exist when every part of the hologram contains the whole and is the whole?

'Heaven' and 'Hell'

Many of those who have had a near-death experience have described in detail the activity and conversations in the room or operating theatre - while they were 'dead' and floating above their body. The wealth of supporting evidence is now so enormous that even mainstream science has had to take it seriously, at least on the surface.


I read of experiments in which certain symbols were placed on the top of light shades in operating theatres that only someone floating above them could see.

"Hey, doc, you've got some funny symbols on your light shades."



Those who have experienced life without the body invariably tell of a beautiful world of love and bliss from which they do not want to return. They talk of going through a 'tunnel', meeting dead relatives and beings of light, who tell them it is not their 'time' to die and they must return.


For me, these stories mostly describe other dimensions of the Matrix.


They are experiencing less dense realms of the Matrix vortex, but the Matrix still has them. These are the realities to which most consciousness gravitates between 're-incarnations' back into the Time Loop illusion. Interestingly, in line with what I outlined earlier, those with a Christian belief tend to see Christian deities and scenes in these near-death states, while a Hindu and believers in other religions tend to see their version of where they expect to go after 'death'.


They are free of their Earth body, but not free of the illusion. Death is no cure for ignorance and the Matrix is full of these traps because it needs to stop its energy supply from leaving the illusion, the vortex, and consciously connecting with Infinite Oneness. These Hindu, Christian, Jewish and Muslim 'heavens' are as much an illusion as the reality we experience. They are frequency patterns that the still-' disconnected' mind observes into its holographic version of reality after death'.


Someone who commits suicide in a dark and desolate state is likely to experience an illusion of that - a 'Hell' of their own making. Those overwhelmed by guilt, who believe that their behavior will condemn them to all eternity stoking the fires for the guy with the horns, will likely create that illusory experience. Heaven is an illusion and Hell is an illusion. They are manipulated polarities created by the Matrix and in many ways the ultimate ones.


The holographic illusion extends throughout the Matrix and only the vibrational density differs in these different realities. The idea of 'old souls' and 'new souls' is a myth, I would suggest. These terms only describe levels of illusory disconnection.


Another illusion, I would say, is the 'life review', much recounted by near death experiencers, in which we are supposed to see all that we have experienced in a five-sense lifetime to help us understand what we still have to 'work on' and learn.

  • Does the Infinite have to go to school when it knows everything?

  • Does the Infinite need to have endless lives on Earth to become enlightened?

  • Does the Infinite need a 'life review' to decide its future curriculum?

  • Does the Infinite have an 'old soul' or a 'new soul'?

  • Does the Infinite have to be turned back at the border by 'beings of light' and told that it still has things to learn?

  • Does the Infinite need a religion?

  • Can the Infinite die?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.


Right, agreed.


Then neither do WE!!


It's all illusion.


I am not saying that these things are not experienced by discarnate entities in other levels of the Matrix. I have no doubt that in their reality they are. I am saying that these are illusions and not necessary. When disabled people have out-of-body experiences their disability disappears and the 'old' can be 'young' if only they choose to think it. All the 'rules' of limitation they believed to exist are seen to be illusions of the mind/brain.


Does the Infinite need a wheelchair? Then neither do we - unless we and our holograms think we do. Mental handicap is also an illusion of the body hologram which identifies who it is and what it can do with the 'physical laws' its inherited programming believes to be real. Can the Infinite be mentally handicapped? No, then neither can we - unless we and our body programming believe in the possibility.


When someone dubbed mentally handicapped leaves the five-sense realm they are no longer 'handicapped'. It is a programmed illusion of mind and body. There is a New Age belief that 'souls' sometimes choose to experience disabled bodies in their journey of evolutionary experience. I would not dispute that this can happen, just as I do not dispute the fact that astrology, tarot card readings, and many of the other New Age and Eastern techniques can be extremely accurate in gifted hands.


I am not saying that these are not valid in the realms of vibration, quite the opposite. I am, however, suggesting that they are phenomena of the Matrix and, as such, illusions that can help to trap us if we are not aware of this. I am not a friggin' Taurus, I am the Infinite All. But if I believe I am a Taurus, I will be, and I will identify with being a part and not the whole. There is no David Icke illusion - so how can he be a Taurus?


The souls that re-incarnate into different 'bodies' in the Time Loop, as I'm sure they do, are similarly caught in the Matrix illusion of learning through experience when they already know everything.

Why 'good' and 'evil' need each other

How ironic that the greatest human fear is dying (fear of the unknown) when we don't and cannot die. It is this fear that drives the engine of the 'health' industry in all its forms and has turned the doctor into a demigod. Oh, doctor, please save me, I don't want to die!! I understand that in humanity's conditioned state.


But the very fact that you believe you can die means, that you will experience the illusion of it and if you believe that the doctor can make things go right it also means that you accept that things can go wrong. One polarity creates the other. If people believe in the doctor when he says he will 'cure' them, they will also believe in the doctor when he tells them he can't. They 'die' because they believe that is what must happen.


They think themselves to death.


After all, the doctor I believe has cured me in the 'past' now says nothing can be done. See the polarity? The belief in the doctor's ability to heal creates a belief in the doctor when he says he cannot heal. For this reason, as endless research has shown, when a doctor tells someone they have six months to live that is pretty much how long most of them last. They think themselves to death because of their belief in the doctor. I would suggest that the key realization here is not that the doctor can cure or not cure, but that there is nothing to cure and there is no doctor! It is manipulated illusion. A belief in 'good' must, by definition, create the illusion of 'evil'.


How can there be a belief in good if there is not also a belief in evil? Left needs Right in politics for the same reason and the 'pros' need the 'antis'. Vibration is the realm of illusion and to vibrate you need to create a rhythm, a beat that oscillates between two points, as a pendulum needs to swing between two points or it must be still. How can a pendulum swing if it only has one point?


For every 'to' there has to be a 'fro' and vice versa. Without the two points there can only be stillness (the Infinite). The Matrix is illusory duality and the division of the One. Look at the laser beam that has to be divided into two for the holographic pattern to be produced. Thought, too, is illusion. Thinking is not being, just as believing is not knowing. Our loss of awareness of the One means that we have to recognize everything by differences.


We know what is hot because we know what is cold; we know what is loud because we know what is quiet. Without the dualities to compare, everything would just be. The realm of vibrational illusion depends for its very existence on polarity, duality, and the whole agenda of the Matrix is to maintain the illusion of polarity in all things. People have said to me that I am a 'good man'.


But I am not 'good', I just am. A 'good man' is a polarity. Others have said I am a 'bad man'. But I am not 'bad', I just am. A bad man is a polarity that provides the oscillation point to vibrate with the good man.


Polarities are Matrix illusions.

Keep taking the tablets (it's good for business)

The pharmaceutical cartel is one of the major arms of the Illuminati and it makes multi-billions a year from the illusion that drugs actually heal people. But how can they do that, except by planting a belief that they do?


The body is a holographic illusion of the mind. How can it possibly be healed by a pill or potion that is only another illusion? 'Pills' are frequency fields that can affect the frequency field of the body hologram but even then only if we think they can. Hey, but what about the ayahuasca and other psychoactives that have taken me into altered states?


They, too, only work because I believe they will. The trick is going into these other realms without external stimulus because we can do that if it is our reality.


In the second session of the ayahuasca in Brazil the voice said to me:

"Do you think you are experiencing this because of a plant? Illusion. Ayahuasca is an illusion because plants are illusions. Your mind altered itself because it believed in the plant. "

This would explain how I was able on the first night to snap out of the deeply altered state the moment the voice spoke the words "it is over for tonight". The effect should have lasted for far longer, but my mind intervened in the illusion and changed it. I felt ill when I took the ayahuasca simply because that is the effect I believed it would have. In other altered states I have been able to return to five-sense reality in a flash.


How could this be possible if it was the substance that was really controlling the experience? Someone with multiple personality disorder can be drugged in one mode and unaffected in another, as we have seen. Funnily enough, a few minutes after I wrote the above I was skimming through a book when I saw a reference to people in LSD trials that were given a fake dose or 'placebo' and yet still 'tripped' for hours just like those who had taken the real LSD.


Richard Alpert, a psychologist at Harvard, who later became known as the mystic, Ram Dass, told another relevant story on this same theme.


He was travelling near the Himalayas researching the affects of LSD. A 'holy man' in his sixties asked him for a large dose of LSD and increased it still further until it was massive, some four times greater than experienced 'trippers'. But he was playing with Alpert. The LSD had no effect on him because he knew it was an illusion and if that was his reality that had to be his experience.


The placebo is a wonderful example of the power of the mind to make its illusions 'real'. Fake pills are used to placate people who demand drugs not deemed to be necessary and they are also used in trials to test the effect of drugs in what are called 'double-blinds' like that LSD experiment. Half the people are given the 'real' drug and half the placebo. The power of the placebo to heal people is extraordinary and some have even become addicted to them! The reason is familiar by now belief.


Another form of placebo is to cut people open in the operating theatre and sew them up again without doing anything to them. One such trial in the 1950s on patients with angina pectoris showed that the 'open and shut' placebo patients had as much relief as those who were given the normal surgery. Doctors have 'cured' a stream of complaints with a placebo, including warts that have disappeared when a purple dye was applied to them. The patients thought the dye was a treatment, but it wasn't, it was a placebo. Remember how people with multiple personalities can have warts in some altars and not in others?


The accounts abound of the placebo effect like the man who was given a drug for asthma and improved immediately only for the doctor to be told later that he had been sent placebos by mistake and not the real drug. Even the enthusiasm of the doctor about a placebo's effect can make a significant difference to the outcome because it gives the patient more assurance that it is going to work. People given a placebo in double-blind tests-for chemotherapy drugs have lost their hair just like those taking the real thing.


One of the most famous placebo stories was recounted by a psychologist, Bruno Klopfer, about a guy called Wright, who was suffering from an extremely advanced lymphatic cancer that was all over his body. He was in a terrible state. In desperation, Wright asked his doctor to give him a new drug called Krebiozen that was undergoing trials. His doctor saw no point, but he eventually relented.


He gave Wright the drug on a Friday and fully expected to find that he had died when he returned after the weekend. Instead, Wright was out of bed with the turn ours half their size and within ten days of taking the drug he was declared cancer free. It was a miracle, it seemed. All was fine for two months until Wright read articles that Krebiozen was not proving successful in the treatment of cancer.


What happened?


His cancer came back. His doctor now understood what was happening and assured him that the failed trials were from a faulty batch and that he had the real deal that worked. This time he gave him an injection of water (injections tend to work better as placebos because they are perceived to be more powerful than tablets). Wright's cancer disappeared once more for another two months until the American Medical Association issued a statement saying that Krebiozen had no effect on cancer.


There was now no escape for Wright's mind and he died two days later.

'Genetic disease' = inherited reality

The latest 'in' topic in medicine is genetic disease. Some women are even having their perfectly healthy breasts removed because they have been told they have a 'cancer gene' that dramatically increases their likelihood of breast cancer. How insane can you get?


But look at the daily bombardment through the media of scare stories about new threats of disease or dangers to our health. How many people develop these health problems because the possibility is planted in their minds in this way? Fantastic numbers worldwide, I have no doubt. We must allow human cloning because it can help to 'fight' genetic disease, we are told. But there is no need.


Genetic disease, like all the others, is illusion! It is the inherited programming of the body hologram and we are more powerful than that if we choose to access and use that power. There are published examples of people being cured of genetic disease through hypnosis and of course that is possible because it is rewiring the reality of the mind and the inherited reality of the DNA.


That is what 'DNA disease' really is - an inherited reality! How many more people suffer and die from a genetic disease only because some ignorant doctor says they have the 'gene' that makes them more likely to develop the problem? I dread to think. How often do we hear that a disease or complaint "runs in the family"? Yes, it runs in the family because the family thinks it runs in them. The inherited programming/disease that is passed on through the family becomes their body and mind reality and so they can manifest that.


They are not passing on a genetic flaw to the next generation, they are passing on their DNA's belief in the genetic flaw. Again, all this is happening at subconscious as well as conscious levels. Look how doctors describe to their patients the prognosis of an 'incurable' disease and the ever-worsening stages through which it will go.


What happens?


It does - if the patient accepts that belief. Alzheimer sufferers are one example of this and the same with Parkinson's disease. If the mind of the patient believes what the doctor says then that is what will happen.

"See, the doctor was right."



The doctor has often programmed the patient's mind to believe that scenario and therefore it happens. It is sobering to ponder on the effect of this process in places like America where the doctor is held in such unquestioning awe. I have met some of these guys and what havoc they wreak. A little knowledge may be a dangerous thing, but no knowledge is lethal.


This is the reverse of the placebo - believing ourselves ill.

More mind over 'matter'

The 'mystery' of stigmata, when people bleed through their hands and feet like 'Jesus' on the cross, is another potent expression of the power of the mind over the illusory body. Christianity has presented stigmata as "it's a sign, a sign". A sign of what, though? Of 'Jesus'? No, a sign of the person's belief. In the classic stigmata experience the blood flows from holes in the hands because that is the way that 'Jesus' has been portrayed on the cross in the paintings and statues, etc.


But the hands cannot support the body - in this way and the Romans banged the nails into the wrists of those they crucified. That is not, however, the reality of the stigmata experiencer and it is their reality that their minds make 'real'. Many times the blood flows down the feet to the toes even when they point their toes to the sky because their programmed reality recreates the way they believe the blood flowed when 'Jesus' was on the cross.


How can the blood overcome the laws of gravity?


As I said earlier, gravity is an illusion because there are no laws unless we believe there are. When you have advanced cancers disappearing because someone believes a useless treatment will work and skin blemishes disappear because the patient believes in the power of a useless purple dye, what is the big deal any more about people with a profound religious belief manifesting the central symbols of their religion? It is not mind over matter because there is no matter. It is mind over illusion.


Once again the power of the belief and the manifestation as stigmata comes from the subconscious level. Experiments with soldiers and others have shown that people do not get tired because of how far they have walked so much as how far they think they have walked or how far they think they still have to go. The mind tells the body it is tired. The body is an illusion and can never get tired until we tell it to be. Neither do we need sleep.


We just believe we do and so we go Zzzzzzz. There are people who don't sleep at all and they are perfectly OK. Does the Infinite get knackered or go off to the land of nod?


My daughter Kerry was a brilliant runner when she was younger, but I remember one night when she was really struggling in a middle distance race. She looked tired and was off the pace back in something like seventh position with the leaders way ahead. Suddenly, on the last bend with the finishing tape in sight, she produced the most amazing finish I have seen.


She overtook runner after runner and missed winning the race by literally an inch or two. Her mind had been telling her body it should be tired because that was her perception early in the race with several laps to go and the pace hot, right from the gun. But once she saw the finish line, even though she had run so far already, her mind knew it was almost over and she was able to produce a tremendous sprint finish from 200 meters out when the body illusion responded to her change of mind, change of reality.


Sportsmen and women produce what appear to be incredible performances, but they are primitive compared with what they could be doing if they truly understood their power to create whatever reality they believe in. Look at how many sporting barriers, like the four-minute mile, take so long to overcome, but once it has happened many others do the same and it becomes commonplace. The barriers are mental, not physical, because there is no physical.


Once someone has shown that a feat is possible, the mental barrier dissolves in others and they can also do it.

Healthy eating?

Speaking of sports and such, we need exercise to maintain a healthy body and we need to eat a balanced diet, right? Well, yes, but only if we think we do. If the body is a holographic illusion, how can it benefit or otherwise from-exercise or this or that type of food? But if you eat lots of fatty food you will get heart disease, I've read it many times.


First of all that research is not necessarily the 'proven fact' it claims to be and, second, the heart is an illusion and so are the bacon, egg, sausage and fries swimming in the fat. An illusion cannot affect an illusion unless we think it can. Of course it can't. But the body must need nutrition, surely? No, only if you believe it does.


What about diets? Do people lose weight or not because of the diet or because they believe or disbelieve in its effectiveness?


The latter, it has to be. Whether your body is a thin illusion or a fat illusion is down to your own mind and its ability overcome its own conditioning and that of its inherited hologram that carries programming through the DNA.

"But I drink lots of beer, eat lots of chips and scoff bars of chocolate, so I am bound to get fat."



That is what you are told; that is what you believe; and that is what you make 'real'. I am not saying we should eat certain fatty foods for the sake of it or spend our days with the feet up on the sofa watching the soaps and sport all day, and until people can disconnect from consensus reality and their body programming it is far better to eat well rather than consume the crap the system bombards us with.


I am just saying that food doesn't affect your health unless your body /mind believes it does and when we can free our minds of that programming it doesn't matter what, or even if, we eat. What about Therese Neumann who didn't eat for 35 years and maintained her health and weight? She should have died in weeks.


She didn't die and she didn't become emaciated because it was not her reality.

Physician heal thy self

There is no need for a medical system when we understand the full magnitude of who we are and the way we create reality. Why do we need surgery when what is 'inside' of us is a holographic illusion that we can change anytime we want? The man called Wright might have been treated for his cancer by removing large amounts of his cancerous tissue. Yet when he believed a useless drug would be effective, the areas of his body that might have been surgically removed healed themselves.


The man with the seriously broken leg healed by the kahuna would have normally had surgery and been in a plaster cast for months. Instead he was healed in minutes. The Illuminati pharmaceutical cartel is making multi-billions by selling us drugs that don't work unless we believe they do and killing us by planting the belief that they have not yet come up with a cure for something we think we have and "nothing can be done".


Their drugs are also having unpleasant, often terrible, side effects when we believe that they do. How many people get the side effects after they have read about them on the side of the bottle or from their doctor? How many people get addicted to heroin or cocaine because they are told these are seriously addictive drugs? They can't be.


They are illusions, just like the bodies that become addicted. How many smokers die of lung cancer because they are told that is what smoking does to you? We will take control of our own 'health' only when we realize that we are in control of it. Doctors and their masters in the drug cartel need to be erased from our reality on all levels. Most of our belief and sense of reality about doctors and health -  and all reality -  comes from subconscious programming that we are not even aware of. This is where we lock in most powerfully to the collective consensus reality that effects us so fundamentally.


I know that the wall I am looking at now and the chair I am sitting on are illusions. I know it is all illusion. But I am still connected enough to the consensus reality to see the world around me as 3-D 'solid' like everyone else and I can stop my bum falling through this illusory seat. To withdraw completely from consensus reality, I have to let my understanding of the illusion pervade all my levels of consciousness and reach a state that I can only describe as 'knowing' or 'being'. Shit, my bum has just smacked on the floor.


Oh, but there is no floor ... aaaahhhhhh!


Hold on, there is no me, either, so how can I fall through the chair and the floor? I can't. Phew, that's all right then. Now, where was I? Everywhere, the only place I can ever be. OK, back there then. But I can't go back, 'cos I am already everywhere. (Dave, get on with it before you disappear up your own backside.) But I don't have a backside, it's an illusion, so how can I disappear up it?


See where YUU can go with this???

Alternative illusions (but more enlightened ones!)

The gathering distrust of the scalpel and drug medical system has led to an explosion in those seeking help from what is called 'alternative' or 'complementary' medicine. This includes an almost endless list of techniques and therapies. including aromatherapy, reflexology, acupuncture, cranial therapy, Reiki, oxygen therapy, color therapy, sound healing, homoeopathy, crystal therapy, on and on it goes.


These methods can by-pass the system in that they aim to rebalance the vibrational fields of the patient that have been imbalanced by their mental and emotional state and/or other vibrational influences. This can be extremely effective in healing dis-ease, but unless the patient's mind, emotions and/or environment changes, the imbalances will return.


I have been saying for years that alternate healing therapies, as with an understanding of astrology, psychic phenomena. etc. are stepping-stones to the realization that they are illusions, too. But they are a vitally important bridge that can lead us out of the physical illusion, the densest and most imprisoning of all, and help people to begin the reality shift. This 'alternative' area can, however, also be a trap if people believe they have found it and such is the case with thousands of people I have met around that world, is with astrology and much of the New Age, these alternative forms of healing work with the realm of vibration.


Almost all of them are based on balancing vibrations and energy by using other vibrations and energy.

  • acupuncture balances energy with its needles

  • aromatherapy with the vibration of smell

  • color therapy with the vibration of color

  • sound healing with the vibration of sound

  • Reiki with energy through the hands

  • crystal therapy with the vibration of the crystal

  • homoeopathy with the vibration of plants

This is why the homoeopaths dilute the substance of the plant or flower. It is the vibration they are working with not its 'physical' form.


The alternatives understand that everything is a vibrational field and that the physical body is vibrating energy. But if it vibrates it is still illusion, still trapped in the Matrix. While alternative therapies are a big advance on the primitive beliefs of the medical establishment, they are only a stepping-stone to the realization that all is created by thought and so all can be healed by thought.


The more people turn to these alternatives and believe themselves to health, the more strongly others will believe from this evidence that they can be healed and more will. Belief is self perpetuating because it creates an alternative consensus reality.


In an altered state, I was looking at the vibrant colors around me.

"Do you think those colors are real", said the voice. "They are vibrations and so they are illusions,"

Color, it said, is only what we think we see.

"How can the illusion of color affect the illusion of the body?"

Only if we, at some level, think it can. When I got home I recounted this story and a few seconds after I finished I walked into another room to be faced with the front cover of a magazine headlined "Color Therapy - rainbow remedies".


And what are rainbows? Illusions.


These alternatives are doing an important job in teasing people out of the densest illusion, but we need to keep moving to avoid this alternative trap. The mastery of our own reality is the revelation that will open the prison door. New Age thinking and alternative therapies can lead people towards the door, but they can't take them through.


Only we can do that.

Haunted by ourselves

There is the apparent mystery of ghosts, apparitions and poltergeists, but are they really so mysterious?


On the Isle of Wight where I live in England there are ghost stories galore of people who claim to have seen figures who come and go wearing the clothes of other centuries. There can be many reasons for this. It could be a formerly incarnate mind that is so attached to that experience - that illusion - that it continues to 'live it' even after it's body hologram has 'died'.


It manifests another illusory body through residual self-image, just as those who have had near-death.

Switching off the trees

There is nothing that cannot be explained once we realize that Infinite Love (Oneness) is the only truth and everything else is illusion; and that we are creating the illusion or having the illusion programmed into to us by believing it to be real. Lyall Watson, the biologist and author of Supernature, tells of watching an Indonesian woman called Tia, a shaman in training, talking to a small girl in a grove of trees.


He looked from a little distance away and she did not know he was there. She seemed to be explaining something to the girl and a sort of ritual of dance and gesture began. To Watson's amazement, the grove of kenari trees disappeared and a few seconds later came back again.

"One moment Tia danced in a grove of shady kenari; the next she was standing alone in the hard, bright light of the Sun", he said.11

She proceeded to 'switch' the grove on and of several times as Watson looked on incredulously.


This is impossible surely? No it's not.


The grove is a holographic illusion and those with an understanding of how the process works can disconnect from that reality, the consensus dream that agrees the grove exists. With Lyall Watson observing this scene intently it was easy for him to become part of Tia's reality field and also see the grove appear and disappear.


Someone else might have watched this from the illusion of consensus reality and the grove would not have disappeared to them. This is how some people can walk through walls - they believe they can and that becomes their experience. They disconnect their mind and body from the laws of consensus reality that insists this is impossible. When I say 'believe', it is a level of belief that is beyond any words that just say 'I believe'. It is not belief, it is a knowing, a being.


There is that age old saying that says we can 'move mountains'. They can't mean literally? Why not? If a tree grove can disappear, why not a mountain? The mountain is a holographic illusion and our minds control the illusion.


Why can't we move mountains? We can, but we don't, because we don't know we can. Consensus programmed reality says the very idea is ridiculous and if we buy that reality, it is and out-of-body experiences report doing.


These substitute 'bodies' are much less dense than the five-sense hologram and appear, disappear, and move around in a way that seems impossible to a five-sense observer. But the observer is seeing another level of reality and possibility. Other ghosts and the sights and sounds of ancient battles that people say they have seen and heard can also be the memory of the battle, the recording if you like, imprinted as a thought form in the energy field.


By unknowingly observing this, their minds bring it into holographic reality like a laser light shining on the holographic print. They 'see' soldiers fighting in the uniforms of history and hear the sounds of the carnage. Such a place is said to be 'haunted', but it is better described as the ultimate holographic drive-in movie. Battles and wars are especially effective in imprinting these vibrational memory fields because emotion is a major factor in the creation of reality and the power of the illusion.


You find many ghost stories and accounts of hauntings are connected to murders, violence and suffering of some kind, and other events of high emotion. These memory imprints -  'hauntings' -  are often observed at particular times in the year and this seems to be connected to other energy and vibrational cycles that activate them and allow them to be to be seen and heard more powerfully.


W.Y. Evans-Wentz spent two years early in the 20th century travelling through 'Celtic' Britain, Ireland and Brittany in France interviewing people who had experienced the 'supernatural'. In his book, The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries he includes, dozens of accounts from people who had seen ghostly conflicts and battles with soldiers in armor or uniforms from the 'past'. Some scenes were silent, some had the noise of battle and others were only heard.


Evans-Wentz concluded:

"Nature herself has a memory. There is some indefinable psychic element in the Earth's atmosphere upon which all human and physical actions or phenomena are photographed or impressed. Under certain inexplicable conditions, normal persons who are not seers may observe Nature's mental records like pictures cast upon a screen often like moving pictures." 12

This phenomenon is no longer inexplicable, however. They are memories recorded in the energy field that are observed into holographic reality. Poltergeist activity has been widely reported as families being terrified by some force that moves objects, turns on taps, switches electrical equipment on and off, and sometimes hurls things around the room.


But is this really, or always, an 'evil spirit' at work?


Many common themes have been identified in poltergeist activity that have led researchers to believe the 'culprit' is the mind or minds of those being 'haunted', Often the activity is connected to teenagers, especially girls, going through a period of emotional stress. The external phenomenon is a holographic mirror of what is going on with the person emotionally.


Everything is connected to everything else because everything is everything. This applies to apparently 'dead' objects like cups, lamps and ash trays. They are really vibrational fields and at that level they can be moved by other vibrational influences - the minds of people. In turn, these vibrational fields are turned into 3-D holographic 'reality' by being observed. The minds of people, say a teenage girl, unknowingly interact with the 'inanimate' objects on the level of the frequency fields as they express their emotional state at that subconscious level of reality.


But they consciously 'see' the result of this at their conscious level of reality - the five-senses - with the objects moving and flying about the room. Understandably they scream in terror, but they are doing it to themselves!!! When they calm themselves emotionally, their five-sense reality calms down and the 'poltergeist' moves on!


There is an important point to stress here. I have just described how the subconscious level of the girl imprints a vibrational field with her thoughts and emotions (reality) and her conscious five-sense level observes that field into holographic illusion. This is the process by which we all constantly create our own reality. Just as the teenage girl doesn't realize in her conscious awareness that she is creating the poltergeist activity with her subconscious mind, people in general don't realize that their observed reality -  their 'lives' are only a mirror of their subconscious reality.


Me and my car are overheating


The interaction of mind and machine is another mystery easily explained when we realize that both are One. The mind and its holographic illusion are the same because observed and observer is the same.


This being so, mind and machine must effect each other when they are each other.

  • When we are stressed and anxious to get somewhere fast and urgently, how many times does the car break down?

  • When we are desperate and stressed to finish something on the computer, how often does the computer go wrong?

The more stressed and emotional we get the more powerfully we are interacting with the vibrational field blueprint of the 'physical' object and the more likely it is that we will pass our imbalance - our sense of reality on to the 'object'. In the years after I bought my first car I was going through a time of enormous emotional stress. I was in emotional overload. I had a series of cars of different makes and states of mechanical competence over these years and yet everyone developed the same problem - overheating!


It got to the point where every time I went-on a journey of any distance I would worry about the car overheating.


Of course, this added to the power of the reality and ... the car overheated. Once I passed through this emotional phase my cars stopped overheating. I had a call from a friend once who said she wanted to come up the motorway to see me and others because she was so emotionally stressed.


Half an hour later she called again. She was delayed because her car had overheated on the way over. If we are emotionally and mentally stressed and imbalanced, so must be the 3-D illusion that our minds and emotions in that state are creating. That mental and emotional state will symbolize itself in the holographic illusion we manifest and the people and experiences involved. A calm and peaceful consciousness will create a calm and peaceful illusion.


This is why I say that you do not fight for peace, you peace for peace.

Got the time, mate?

Past, present and future are happening together? That's ridiculous, surely. But it's not. Unless, of course, you think it is, in which case it will not happen in your reality. We don't go back to the past or forward to the future. We don't go anywhere because we' are already everywhere. There is no time and there is no space. A subatomic particle too 'small' to be seen can hold all the information contained in the cosmos because it is not 'small'; it only appears to be. Size is an illusion - just as I tell my wife.


The particle is the cosmos, as a cell is the body and contains all the information to 'clone' a replica. Every cell is also everything. How can the Infinite One be travelling from 'past' to 'future' when it is already all that is and can ever be? Past, present and future are just different realities. You have a reality of the world right now and someone else will have another.


They are different realities, but we have no problem accepting that they are happening simultaneously. All I am saying is that it is the same with the past, present and future. They are different realities happening together. But don't we travel from past to future every day? No, you 'travel' from reality to reality. I hear many of those that recognize the 'past' can be accessed describing this process as attuning with the vibrational/holographic memory of the 'past' from our point in the 'present'.


I don't agree with that, a massive stretch of our perception as this may be. We don't go back to the 'past' because there is only NOW. Past, present and future 'are different realities happening together in the same NOW.' I would go further, fantastic as I know it will sound. There are not even sequences in which one action follows another. That, too, is illusion. I did not write the last chapter before this one.


I am writing both in the same NOW and you are reading it as I am writing it. It is my awareness of one and not the other that gives me the impression that one follows the other. My reality changes with my changing focus. When I thought I was writing the last chapter I was actually in the same now that I am in as I write this one. Only my awareness of the two realities has changed. There is no after and there is no before.


There is only NOW.


Wow, I know the feeling:

"Hello backside here I come."

This is something you have to just know. If you think about it, you disappear up the orifice. The concept of 'memory' is another illusion that accepts the existence of past time. How could past time not exist if we have a memory of it?


But memory is not recall from the 'past', it is accessing information stored in another reality experience in the eternal NOW. And what is this 'past' and 'future'? How many different realities of the 'present' exist on Earth 'today'? As many as there are minds. Yes, there is the consensus reality, but there are endless variations on this. It is the same with the 'past' and 'future' realities.


So what is real? Whatever you think it is.


'Reincarnation', then, is not a process of coming in and out of this 'world' over 'time'. It is moving in and out of different realities all happening at once. It is the same with the 'recording' of the ghostly battles I was talking about. Because there is no 'time', the 'recording' or 'memory' is actually the battle happening in another reality in the same NOW as the people observing it 'centuries' later.


One of the greatest mysteries is how it is possible to predict the 'future', which endless studies have 'shown to be the case. One example is the' chair test' devised by the Dutch psychic, Gerard Croiset. Investigators would identify public events in halls across the world that did not have pre-assigned seating. People sat wherever they chose when they arrived. The investigator would give Croiset a particular seat to focus on weeks in advance and he would have to describe the person who would sit there at the event.


For some 25 years Croiset described the occupants of the seats with incredible accuracy. Dr Jule Eisenbud, clinical professor at the University of Colorado, conducted one of these tests in 1969. More than two weeks before an event in Denver, Colorado, Eisenbud contacted Croiset in Holland and gave him a seat to 'read'. Croiset said the man who would sit in that chair was about five-feet-nine and worked in industry and science.


In his job, said Croiset, he wore a laboratory coat that was stained by a greenish chemical. He said the man had black hair, brushed back, a scar on his big toe and a gold tooth in his lower jaw. Seventeen days later this very man sat in the seat and Croiset was correct in every detail, including his height of five feet nine and three quarters.


How is this possible? The man in the chair and the man 'before' he even knew he was going to that theatre, were not happening weeks apart. They were happening together.


They were different realities of mind in the Infinite NOW.

Slaves to the clock

To hold us in the illusion, the Illuminati/Matrix condition us to believe in time. When we fall for this, we disconnect from 'no time' - our Infinite state. The movement of the planets, Sun and Moon, night and day and' aging bodies' are all designed to sell the illusion of moving from past to future. Look at the way the clock governs our lives and the whole of society.


Up at this time, out at that time, leave at this time, arrive at that time. Have you got the time? Do you know the time? What time does it start? What time does it finish? Thanks for your time. I could be some time. I might be a long time. There's not enough 'time'. I have too much time. We are slaves to time. But what is this 'time'. It is the creation and measurement of an illusion constructed to fool and control us.


The meridian system of 'time' based on the imaginary line through London known as 'Greenwich Mean Time' was introduced by the Illuminati in 1884 and it was from the Illuminati controlled Vatican that Pope Gregory XIII commissioned the Gregorian calendar in 1582 (see my other books). This was introduced by more and more countries who accepted the new measurement, of 'time' until it became the 'norm'.


To make it fit, the British Calendar Act of 1751 declared that 12 days of the following year would not exist and that the day after Wednesday, September 2nd 1752 would be Thursday, September 14th. See how silly the idea of 'time' really is? However you seek to measure 'time' it will always be an illusion because the concept of time is an illusion. Everyone has linked their sense of reality to the movement of the Sun and Moon, night and day, and almost everyone to 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day.


This is a reality prison that holds us in disconnected illusion. It is so ridiculous that you can go to two events and attend the second before the first by crossing the imaginary international dateline and going 'backwards' in 'time'. The movement of the Matrix-created planets and other spheres and objects have a powerful influence on our belief in time and also the frequency of our vibrational fields. It is well known that people are effected by the full Moon, but these effects go much deeper, as an experiment by Frank Brown of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois confirmed.


He shipped live oysters from Long Island Sound, California, a thousand miles to his laboratory in Illinois to study the effects on their biorhythm. The oysters were excellent subjects because they open and close with the tides. At first they maintained the rhythm of the Long Island tides, but in around two weeks they began to change and they opened and closed in sync with the passage of the Moon over Evanston, Illinois. We are being influenced in the same way by the Sun, Moon and the planets, and this, of course, is the foundation of astrology.


These vibrational fields serve the Matrix magnificently in imposing their frequencies on us and confirming that 'time' exists when it does not.

The no-time zone

I had an experience as a footballer that made me question the nature of time. I was playing in a game one night in London when a guy smashed a shot from quite close range. I can recall the experience clearly. I saw him strike the ball in normal speed and it was moving so fast I was sure it was going to beat me. But as I moved towards the ball everything went into slow motion and all sound disappeared.


I dived to my left and pushed my hand towards the ball, still in slow-movement. Then, as the ball struck my hand and deflected over the bar, everything surged back into 'real' time and the noise crashed back also as I returned to five-sense reality. I lay on the ground as my team mates congratulated me, but I was in a daze.


What the hell just happened?


I now know that I entered another reality that was not subject to the 'laws' of this one. Sports people often talk about entering the 'zone' when there seems to be no time and no noise. In this state, they say, they can perform at their peak. They access a subconscious state that is untroubled by the doubt and fear of failure that is such a trait of the five-sense self. We only have to observe our own experience to see how 'time' is relative and not measurable.


Sit in a dentist's waiting room and see how slow 'time' seems to pass. But do something you really enjoy and it seems to pass so quickly, as it does if you are chasing a deadline. When I worked at a radio station reading the news live on the hour, I would often still be in the newsroom two minutes before the start writing a story or waiting for one. I realized that if I got stressful and anxious those two minutes would pass very quickly, but if I stayed calm they passed much slower. In truth, they didn't 'pass' at all and the speed that they appeared to pass was only an illusion of my reality.


Albert Einstein put it like this:

"When you spend two hours with a nice girl, you think it's only a minute. But when you sit on a hot stove for a minute, you think its two hours."

How often have you had a 'long dream' in which a great deal happened, only to find that you have only been asleep for a few minutes? People who have experienced the near-death phenomenon recall how they had a 'life review' in which they saw everything that happened in their life in an instant.


How come?


There is no time; it is one of the major illusions that ensnares our reality. Those who have left their bodies speak of being in a place of 'no time', but others have described other realms with different time-tracks. The voice' in Brazil told me that the other levels of the Matrix have versions of time that are different to ours and can appear to be no-time when they are not.


When I went into the 'zone' in that football match, time slowed dramatically, but there was still the feeling of 'time'.

Oh yes, I see it now...

From the perspective I am outlining in this book, 'mysteries' of every kind become perfectly logical even for the conditioned mind. Here are a few more examples: Telepathy is one 'mind' attuning with another 'mind', which allows both to link, so think, together. Both minds are actually one and there is no space between them, only the Infinite that seamlessly connects everything to everything because it is everything.


Remote viewing, where people go in their minds to observe other locations, is possible because the viewer is both here and everywhere. Remote viewers don't 'go' anywhere, like A to B, with their minds. They attune their minds to the reality they wish to observe and that connects with them. Much of what we call mental illness is when people operate in a different reality to the 'norm' and appear strange in their behavior and unable to relate to the 'world' the rest of the population think they live in.


Schizophrenia is when people switch between holographic realities, the same as those with multiple personality disorder do. Aura reading is communication with the human energy field, the conscious and subconscious mind. It is the subconscious that instigates a course of action before the conscious mind 'decides' what to do. If you attune with the subconscious you can read its reality and predict what is likely to happen when this becomes five-sense reality. But once again, hard as it is for most people to grasp, it is all happening in the same NOW.


Tarot card reading is another form of this. Each of the cards represents a certain vibrational state and when we choose the cards apparently at random our vibrational state is attracted to its representation on the cards. This makes us choose one card rather than another. It's a sort of magnetism. 'Mind readers' are those who attune into the consciousness of people and astound their subjects by telling them facts about themselves they could not possibly know.


But, of course, they can know if they can read the vibrational fields that hold that information. I appeared heavily disguised on a television program once in which an aura reader and a tarot card reader had to guess who I was and give the audience background information about me. They did excellently and both said I was about to go on a long journey to the Far East.


The aura reader actually mentioned Japan. I was extremely impressed because I was due to go to Japan. This knowledge was in my mind, my energy field, and available to be 'read'. However, circumstances changed and I did not actually go. Had they accessed deeper levels of my subconscious mind they would have known that.


The information, have detailed in this section of the book holds the key to human freedom in that it exposes the illusion we think is 'real' and reveals how we can change it. More than that, this knowledge is the very foundation on which the control and manipulation of humanity (and all in the Matrix) is based. The bottom line of the Illuminati agenda is the manipulation of humanity's imagination of itself - its sense of reality.


Control that and, for reasons here explained, you control the 'physical' outcome.


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