One question: one answer

Cowardice asks the question - is it safe? Expediency asks the question - is it politic? Vanity asks the question - is it popular? But conscience asks the question - is it right? 


And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic nor popular; but one must take it because it is right.
Dr Martin Luther King, Jr

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The global monarchy

"A lot of national leaders recognize that the security of their countries depends on a good relationship with the US, so they value the opportunity to be received at the White House - the place where all decisions are made. When America votes [or doesn't] for the person who rules here, it has a huge effect around the globe. If you're in a bazaar in Cairo or pushing a cart in Shanghai, that choice will have a large effect on your personal security and prosperity.

"It is therefore important for their leaders to be able to go into the Throne Room. If they're lucky when they get there, they'll be given a bigger quota for their apples or, perhaps, American backing for the dam they want to build because we'll vote for the loan in the World Bank. It sound arrogant, but it is... true.

"Our power is so great, and so unlikely to be challenged for many, many years, that you have to go back to Rome for any kind of parallel. It's a misnomer to speak of the United States as being merely a superpower. We're a super-duper power, and I don't know that the world has seen one of those before."
Admiral Stansfield Turner, former head of the CIA
Daily Telegraph, June 16th 2003

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Free your mind...


"If the possibility of the spiritual development of all individuals is to be secured, a second kind of outward freedom is necessary. The development of science and of the creative activities of the spirit in general requires still another kind of freedom, which may be characterized as inward freedom. It is this freedom of the spirit which consists in the interdependence of thought from the restrictions of authoritarian and social prejudices as well as from unphilosophical routinizing and habit in general. This inward freedom is an infrequent gift of nature and a worthy object for the individual."
Albert Einstein

"Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music."
Angela Monet

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We are The ONE

Can you imagine if we were all together

United in a common bond
Not disuniting on differences
because that is what makes us 'unique'

But seeing the force around us
Trying to persuade us to fight
While they sit quietly to the side
No blood shed, no bodies maimed
among them.
But for us,

we die, we bleed, we suffer

At the hands of the force around us,
we offer
Our minds, our souls, our bodies of gold

Only to be forgotten in the wars of
the world.
Open your eyes and take into account

That WE are the ONE
That can make this world right.

Wake up and stand tall
No matter who you are
This is the night
They will see their demise and fall

Not from a bullet fired
Nor from a fight among "us" or "them"

But from a place in your heart
That says ... this is now
And we will rise again .
Swimming in the delight
Of oceans dancing with the Moon light

In perfect harmony
Wave upon wave
In unison, never knowing

There is a difference

Between one or another
I am your sister and you are my brother.
Knowing there's a place of stillness

That we can go to
Without the pendulum swinging

No ebb and flow
No black and white, no left and right,

Just a place in my heart
That refuses to flyaway into the night

Without giving it my all?
There is no YOU
There is no ME
There is only the absolute sum

Of what WE are ".

We are the ONE.

Pamela Icke

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The how and why

I have written this book as always to be self-contained and it does not require the reader to have read my other books to follow the information and concepts of this one. That is especially important today with so many people urgently needing to understand where the world is being led, by whom, and to what end.


I have structured the book to explore the various levels of the global conspiracy and the manipulation of our reality in this illusion I call the Matrix. Exposure of the Illuminati agenda has mostly focused on the five-sense 'world', the names, dates, places, people level of the cosmic 'game'. You will find a lot of that in this book, especially with regard to the invasion of Iraq and the manufactured 'war on terrorism'.


This information is important to know; but what is happening is far bigger than that. To understand the plot and deal with its five-sense expression we need to appreciate from what and from where it all emanates. I have, therefore, written the book in four sections to describe the distinct levels of manipulation and control mind how they connect with each other. The main emphasis is on the nature of reality and how we create it because this is the knowledge that will set us free.


Once we know how the game works and how we are being manipulated to manifest our own prison, we can free ourselves from those chains of self-delusion. It has been essential to include information that readers of my other works will already be aware of.


They may wish to skip those sections and concentrate only on the wealth of new information, but given the way everything fits into everything else it might be worth them reminding themselves of what they have read before to allow the relevance of the new revelations to be seen in its sharpest focus.

David lcke

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