Suffer little children

"It can't happen here" is number one on the list of famous last words.
David Crosby

In The Biggest Secret, I reveal in greater detail the scale of Satanic activity and its fundamental connection to the reptilians and the Illuminati. When you see what is happening in every community, especially to children, it defies belief.

Children are major targets because the reptilians prefer the "purity" of their blood and energy, and the most effective time to start trauma-based mind control is before the age of five or six. Changes take place in the blood at puberty and after the first sexual activity, which make it less useful from the reptilians' point of view.


Many schools and pre-schools for small children across the world are fronts for Satanism and its offshoot, trauma-based mind control. Most of the children are suffering every day without their parent's knowledge, but they are also handed over to the cults quite willingly by their Satanic parents. Occasionally, the odd story gets into a newspaper, but this bears no resemblance to the staggering scale of the ritual abuse of children. The UK Sunday Mirror revealed the abuse of a woman they called Kate, who was then aged 34.


She had been abused at a house on the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland, since she was three.

"I still remember the first time it happened," she said. "It was evening time because it was dark outside and my mother made me dress up in my best clothes. I was excited because I thought I was going on an adventure. I was picked up by my aunt and uncle and taken to another house somewhere in Dublin.

"I remember looking out at the city lights and feeling happy because I was out so late. But when I got to the house I became scared because everyone was dressed in dark gowns and hoods. I was stripped and made to lie down on a table in the living room. It was cold and I was absolutely terrified. So I started screaming and shouting for my mother."1

She was smeared with blood and assaulted again and again. She said the terror she felt was indescribable and she was in terrible pain. The table was surrounded by strangers in robes and hoods holding crucifixes, chalices and knives encrusted with jewels and they were "chanting in some strange language -it was just horrific". She was taken back home and she thought she was safe.


Her mother hugged her, she said, but didn't say anything. She cleaned up the blood and treated the painful areas of her body. But the ordeal wasn't over. It had only just begun. A few nights later it happened again. "When I saw my mother bringing out my blue coat and best shoes I started screaming because I knew what would happen next," she said.


Kate tried to speak to her parents about her abuse, but her father said she would be taken away if she said anything:

"My uncle would knock at the door and then return to the car to my aunt to wait for my father to bring me out. Most times I'd be kicking and screaming and pleading with my parents not to send me away. But they said nothing. They just pulled me out to the car. Most times my father had to prise my fingers from the garden gate."

Kate said there were other children in the house where she was abused. Sometimes she was forced to watch while they suffered. She said she was constantly afraid and could hardly sleep. She hated going to Mass because every time she saw a crucifix, she'd have a panic attack.


The enormous emotional debris of these experiences led her to a life of heavy drinking, drug taking, glue sniffing and a broken marriage because she could not bear anyone to touch her.

"I hated myself, particularly when my body started developing during puberty. I wanted to look like a boy so I ate just enough to stop me from collapsing. I was six-and-a-half stone at my lowest point."

Now this is not an isolated case. It is happening around you, in your neighbourhood now. That's the scale we are talking about. Rape Crisis Centres in Ireland were told so many "bizarre" tales of ritual abuse that a special helpline was created for them.


Fiona Neary, the National Co-ordinator of the Rape Crisis Centres, said:

"We could be talking about high levels of organised abuse which could almost be beyond the belief of many of the agencies tasked with dealing with this problem. Although it is unrecognised, ritual abuse does take place in Ireland and survivors of this type of abuse live here. Elaborate ritual, group activities, religious, magical or supernatural beliefs and practices may be used to terrify and silence children and to convince them of the absolute power of their abusers. The purpose of these rituals is to gain and maintain access to children in order to exploit them sexually. There is also evidence that some of the groups would exchange children to other groups abroad."2

It is a vast global network, fundamentally connected to the Illuminati and the reptilians and if you read the chapters, Satan's Children and Where Have All the Children Gone? in The Biggest Secret you'll see a stream of evidence to support this. The overwhelming majority of human sacrifice and other ritual abuse goes on unexposed and when it does come to light, the big names involved are protected, as with Kincora in Northern Ireland and the children's home scandal in North Wales.


One of the most famous cases was at the McMartin Day Care Centre in Los Angeles where 369 children said they had been sexually abused. The False Memory Syndrome Foundation has worked extremely hard to persuade people to dismiss the stories as fantasy. The children told of animals being slaughtered and other Satanic rituals.


They described how they were buried, locked in the dark, and taken to different locations to be abused. These included a grocery store, church, cemetery, and a crematorium. The children said they were forced to drink blood and urine and they saw the eyes of a baby ripped out and its body incinerated. Others said that a rabbit was killed in front of them to show what would happen if they told their parents.


The case was under investigation for four years, on trial for two and a half years, involved 124 witnesses, 50,000 pages of transcript, and cost almost $23,000 a day But in the end the case fell apart and those responsible escaped with their freedom. Crucial to the children's stories was their description of a network of secret tunnels under the building, through which they said they were taken to be abused. It was claimed at the trial that there was no evidence that these tunnels existed.


But five months after the files were closed on the McMartin case and the official cover-up completed, a team of trained investigators and excavators uncovered the tunnel system that connected to a vaulted room under the day care centre. They extended out to adjacent buildings where the children said they had been taken before they were driven to other locations. In 1991, an independent archaeologist also confirmed the existence of the tunnels and an alarm system inside the centre. In other words, the children had been telling the truth.

In Britain there have been, among many others, cases in Orkney, Nottingham, Rochdale, and Cleveland. Each time the social workers trying to expose Satanic abuse have been subjected to a blitz of condemnation by the mainstream media with the Mail On Sunday particularly vehement in its opposition. It went so far on one occasion as to describe the "spectre" of Satanism as "hysterical nonsense".


Such remarks are so at odds with the worldwide evidence that they can only be the work of an uninformed idiot (quite possible) or someone who wishes the truth to remain undiscovered. As a result of such imbalanced coverage and, of course, the stunning nature of the children's evidence, most cases do not even come to trial. Even when they do very few lead to conviction.


The public would rather accept the allegations are not true because they don't want to believe that such horrors are happening. Unfortunately they are, on a vast scale, and if you go into denial about it because you don't want to face the truth about your world, then you are helping to perpetuate this unspeakable treatment of children.


As Caroline Lekiar of the National Association of Young People in Care, said:

"I can understand people finding it difficult to believe, it's extraordinary, but yet, everything is showing that it is happening. Young kids are drawing the type of thing that doesn't come on TV. I have been dealing with this for the last two years, I have come across many cases of ritualistic abuse and a lot of it happens all over the place. People have really got to wake up."3


Coordinated cover-ups

As I've said, Satanic ritual abuse is a global network, another pyramid of interconnecting groups, with the high and mighty of society among their number: top politicians, government officials, bankers, business leaders, policemen, lawyers, judges, doctors, coroners, publishers, editors and journalists.


The Satanic network is structured with self-contained compartments, like the Freemasons, and remember what Jim Shaw, the former 33rd degree Mason, said:

"The Mason swears to keep the secrets of another Mason, protecting him even if it requires withholding evidence of a crime. In some degrees treason and murder are excepted. In other, higher degrees, there are no exceptions to this promise to cover up the truth. The obligations, if the Masonic teachings are to be believed, may require a Mason to give false testimony, perjure himself, or (in the case of a judge) render a false verdict in order to protect a Mason."4

For Satanists the severe consequences of revealing secrets or refusing to carry out an order, are not threats, they are promises. The Illuminati and their Satanic networks place their people in the major positions of power in all the areas they need to control to prevent proper investigation or to ensure that any high-profile case that does get to court always fails (see Figure 36). You don't need to control all the policemen to stop an investigation. You just need to control the person who controls the policemen.

The Child Abuse Pyramid

You don't need to control every social worker, just the people who control the social workers. In other words, you only need to control the very few people who have the power to call off an investigation when necessary. These placemen and women are controlled by the same force and so the cover-up can be carefully coordinated through people who appear, to the outsider, to be unconnected -teachers, social workers, policemen, lawyers, judges, and media.


The results of all this for the children involved are beyond the imagination of anyone who has not experienced the level of trauma they must suffer.

Zack's story

One unfolding story I have featured on my website is that of Zack. He is a little boy who attended a pre-school operated by a company called Kindercare at 100 Endeavor Way, Cary, North Carolina. Kindercare is the biggest pre-school organization in the United States. Zack's experience contains all the elements of the constantly recurring reports of child abuse, both in what he says happened to him and the shocking lack of investigation by the authorities that are supposed to be protecting children.


This story and all the quotes by his parents and grandmother are from direct correspondence and conversations with me.4 Zack said that he was taken from the centre in Cary to a house where he was tied up and made to watch people sacrifice a little boy. He said that he and other children were made to drink the blood and eat the flesh of the dead child. He also said that they took his own blood. He had a small circular puncture on his elbow, which looked like a mole was growing there. He said this is where they put the "needle-knife" into him.


He has also talked of large spiders he saw in movies on these occasions and of seeing "bad movies" all the time. The mother of another boy at the centre, a four year old called Tyler, said her son had asked her if it was all right for people "to eat each other". Zack talked about a "green" party at the school in which the children were given green food and juice. He said the children were given gifts at the party, but he was given 'poop'. When asked if anyone else got poop and he said:

"No, only me -the other kids got cars and things like that."

He said the sandwiches were all green with "yucky mustard" and "there was blood". Suzen, his grandmother, asked him what happened when he wouldn't eat it and he said:

"We all went to sleep." He also said: "They put blood in the oatmeal at the school."

Hearing his mother on the phone talking to someone about tunnels, he said he didn't like the tunnels at school. His grandmother, Suzen, asked him what was in the tunnels and he said: "There is blustering toys and I didn't want to play with them". She asked what the toys did and how he played with them. He said: "They blow everything around and make it cold. They like everything to be cold." Zack said that one of the people involved was called "Camelot" and he turned into a "dragon".

His parents told me that Zack, who was just five, began to talk about the Anunnaki and when he was asked what they were he said they were the "gods". He said that he learned about the Anunnaki at the "bad school". His grandmother, Suzen, asked him if he had ever heard the word "dingir" (she pronounced it ding-gear), a Mesopotamian name for the Anunnaki that translates as "The Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets". Pronouncing it ding-er, he said it was a bad word because the Dinger "eat people skin, people blood, and people bones".


He added:

"Their love goes away and they turn into vampires".

She asked about the name "Enki" and he said: "that's a bad word". Then Enlil -"that's a fish word". This five year old then said: "They're brothers, aliens, and they're from Mars." Zack said he saw movies about it at school and they were going to destroy the world. The lizards looked like Darth Maul (in Star Wars) and also the "masks" they had at school, he told his grandmother.


One day he saw a picture of France. He pointed to a place near the Alps called Gorda and Verona and said: "That's where the armies are saving people for the reptiles." Suzen asked him where he heard about reptiles and he said the people at the "mean school" told him they were reptiles. He said: "Aliens like to come here at Halloween and Easter. They like Easter." Suzen also realised that Zack pronounced words strangely as in fix-ed, try-ed, and spill-ed.

Zack first told his grandmother what had happened when she went to visit the family the week before Halloween in 1999. He later said that he did not tell his mum and dad because the "bad people" had said that his parents were involved in what was happening. This was untrue, but it is a technique often used to keep the children quiet. Another is to tell them that they will kill them and their parents if they talk.


Zack said his teacher threatened to kill his parents as she chased him with a knife that she kept in her pocket. He was screaming for his mum and dad and she said:

"They can't hear you. If you say anything to anyone I will cut your mom into pieces and burn your house down."

As the children have seen people being killed in front of them they naturally believe this would happen. Suzen said Zack was visibly shaken and afraid to go to sleep. She and his parents, Margo and Johnny, wrote this off as fear of Halloween. But on November 5th, Zack's fifth birthday, he said that someone had "pulled my pants down at school and put their hand in my body."


He said the hand had "icky stuff on it". Suzen, a court officer for child advocacy, felt there was much more to the situation than they had first thought. His father Johnny took him to a doctor and a pediatrician and both filed a report to social services. The mother of another child, Tyler, who had spoken of similar experiences, did the same.


But the social services and police "investigations" were a disgrace.

The investigation that never was

Detective Hoya, the head of the Cary police child crisis unit, said that Zack's behavior was "normal". One wonders what this guy would consider "abnormal". Suzen called every department of child services and every time was referred to another department. Finally the woman in children's mental health asked her what she wanted to happen. "I told her I wanted these activities to stop!" Suzen said.


The woman's response was that no one would take this case and they were better off trying to do it themselves. Finally, a chance meeting at the police station with the new mayor focused the attention of the authorities. A detective was sent to interview the children and with him was the woman in charge of the pre-school section of social services. The detective, Stephan Lambert, seemed sincere and had a tape recorder running during the entire visit.


When I spoke to him later he seemed to me to be a pawn in a game he didn't understand. Zack's father asked the woman from social services how she was going to help them and she said that she wasn't there to help them, Suzen recalled. She was just there to talk to the children. Suzen told her that she wanted to tape the interviews because they were not allowed to be in the same room. The woman refused.


Suzen said:

"She took Tyler into Zack's bedroom and started asking him questions about what happened. I listened outside the door and the detective taped the entire time. When Tyler said that...[a lady who still works at the Kindercare centre]...showed him her boobies and squirted him [she was post-natal], the social worker asked him if his mommy shows him her boobies. Being only five years old, his story got confused and the interview didn't last longer than a few minutes. When she asked for Zack, he refused to go near her or the policeman, even though the policeman seemed concerned and stated he thought 'something weird was going on'".

The police and social services appeared to have little interest in pursuing the case. During Zack's time at the Kindercare centre, he said they did something to him with his glasses. "Something so bad that he will only whisper when he mentions it," Suzen said. He has never told her what happened, except that they broke them by stomping on them in "poop".


Staff at the centre told Margo, Zack's mother, that he broke them. Zack was given new glasses, but refused to wear them. He said that the "eye doctor" was mean and put something in his eyes that burned so bad that he cried. The original glasses were turned over to Detective Lambert for analysis for fecal matter. Months later he said the SBI (State Bureau of Investigation) and the SBI labs did not have the ability to test for fecal matter.


The glasses were never tested to see if Zack's story was true and by the time they got the glasses back, his parents were told, the evidence would have been lost. Suzen also questioned a very nervous receptionist at Cary Police Department about why they had not received a complete copy of the police report.


He said they never give out the investigation notes.

"I told him that was ludicrous, I have seen many reports in my own experience! I said 'Shame on all of you! How can you sleep at night?!' Naturally he said he slept very well. I guess it's just the babies dreaming about depraved behavior that can't sleep. Is Caligula still alive or what?"

I contacted the local police department in Cary and the case officer Stephan Lambert confirmed to me that an investigation into Zack's claims was going on. In fact, he said he couldn't speak to me because there was an investigation.


Then when I said:

"So you can confirm you are investigating," he said "No, I can't confirm that."

Only when I pointed out the nonsensical contradiction in those two statements did he confirm that indeed he was investigating. He said I could fax him my questions and he would ask his "superiors" if he could answer them.


I faxed the following questions.

  1. Where is the tape recording of the first police visit to interview the children?

  2. Why did you tell the parents on the second visit that you would arrest the three women named, thinking that [a centre employee] would turn State's evidence, and then not do it?

  3. Why for six weeks did you tell the parents you had to keep Zack's glasses because it was a State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) case, and then say the SBI does not have technology to detect faecal matter?

  4. Why do you feel that hearing from two completely different children that they saw a preschool teacher take off her clothes does not constitute enough to go on?

  5. Why did the parents get an incomplete police report? Not even one word written by an investigator.

  6. Have you sought to question other parents at the centre about any strange remarks by their children?

The police to this day have refused to answer any of those questions, but staggeringly Detective Lambert told Zack's parents that he did not interview other parents at the centre!

Does Kinder-care?

I rang the Kindercare centre itself and was told by the new director that she had no idea that such allegations had been made. Given that there was a police investigation into them, albeit an excuse for one, that was an extraordinary statement. The director put the phone down on me when I asked other questions, but she did confirm that two employees (two of the three Zack had named in his story) had left the centre.


I also contacted the corporate headquarters of Kindercare in Portland and they issued a short statement to me through a very nervous PR person called Kathy Vandenzanden, saying that the claims were "unsubstantiated". Of course, sitting in a corporate office on the other side of America, she would have known.


I faxed them this list of questions:

  1. What is Kindercare doing to investigate the claims of these children?

  2. Why, after one boy mentioned two names at the centre as involved in his abuse, did those two people leave the centre's employment?

  3. Why did [an employee I name] leave this Kindercare Centre? Where did she go? Is she still employed by you elsewhere? If so, where?

  4. Why did the person the boy calls... [a name]... leave the centre after the boy told his story? What is this lady's full name? Where is she now? Is she still employed by Kindercare?

  5. Why has a new director been appointed at this centre and why did she tell me on the phone that she knew nothing of these allegations?

  6. Is it correct that Kindercare have refused to allow [an employee named by Zack who still works at the Cary centre] to take a polygraph lie detector test?

Kindercare would not answer any of those questions. I received a letter threatening legal action against me if I did not remove all the information about Zack from my website. Instead I began to add massively to that section by investigating the background to the owners of Kindercare with my Webmaster, Lauren Savage.


Well, well, well. What did we find?

Hiding in the Kravis

Kindercare began in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1969 and now has its corporate offices in Portland, Oregon. It employs 22,000 people at 1,149 centers in 39 states and has child care contracts with the Disney and Lego organizations. It turns out that Kindercare, the leading child-care organization in the United States, is owned by the empire of Henry Kravis, a very close friend of George Bush, the reptilian shape-shifter, who is one of the world's most famous pedophiles and child killers.

Figures 37 and 38: The ancient Egyptian symbol, the Eye of Ra, used by Kindercare in its publicity until this was pointed out

on the David Icke website. But the
Kindercare pyramid with the capstone
missing remains in use

Kravis is also closely connected with Henry Kissinger and the Rockefellers, both Illuminati to their core. Anyone this close to Bush must know of his pedophile activities, surely? Kravis was a member of the inner circle of the Republican Party around George Bush. Kravis' company, Kohlburg, Kravis, and Roberts, which owns Kindercare, made massive contributions to the Republican Party and the George Bush campaign for the Presidency.


Kravis and Roberts also gave personally. One fundraiser at the Vista Hotel in Lower Manhattan, co-chaired by Kravis, raised $550,000 alone for the Bush fund. In all, their combined contributions to Bush's election fund totaled millions. In January 1990, a year after Bush's inauguration as President, Kravis was chairman of his Inaugural Anniversary Dinner. Kravis has also given considerable donations to the cause of Zionism and to celebrate Bob Dole's birthday.


Kravis threw a $300,000 fundraising bash for Dole, the Republican Presidential candidate and lover of money for services rendered.

Illuminati everywhere

There is a network of Illuminati front organizations that have been increasingly exposed in recent years. Among them are the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations, and I will say more about this network in a later chapter. Henry Kravis, owner of Kindercare, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and has attended meetings of the Rothschild-Rockefeller-Kissinger-orchestrated Bilderberg Group.


He was on the guest list at the Bilderberg bash at Turnberry in Scotland between May 14th-17th, 1998. His second wife, Marie-Josee Kravis, a senior fellow at the Illuminati-funded Hudson Institute, is also a Bilderberger and member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Her other connections include being a columnist on the Canadian Financial Post, a director of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Ford Motor Company, Hasbro, Inc., Hollinger International, Inc. (headed by Bilderberger insider, Conrad Black), and The Seagram Company Ltd (a fiefdom of those major Illuminati operators, the Bronfmans).


She has a number of published works on economics, including Lessons of the Mexican Peso Crisis (January 1996), published by the Council on Foreign Relations Press. The peso crisis was actually manufactured by a ring of major banks, headed by the Rockefellers' Chase Manhattan. This lady is just as connected as her husband. Quite a duo. Chase, Salomon Bros, BT Securities, and Smith Barney, who also contribute to the Council on Foreign Relations, appear to be involved in the financing of Kindercare.


According to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing by Kindercare, Peat Marwick are the company's accountants. Peat Marwick are Council on Foreign Relations contributors, as are Kindercare's other auditors, Delloite and Touche. Kohlberg, Kravis, and Roberts, or "KKR", as they are known, donate to the CFR, also.


Why the interest by Bush's friend Ray Kravis in the education of pre-school children?


They can surely make far more money in so many other ways. Maybe he just wants to help children, eh? Yes, that's probably it. Kindercare also used the Eye of Ra, an ancient Egyptian and Illuminati symbol, in its publicity material before I started to investigate this (see Figure 37).

When I highlighted this on my website, Kindercare immediately removed the symbol! But they still have their version of the pyramid with the capstone missing (Figure 38). What on earth has the Eye of Ra got to do with pre-school education advertisements? And another question, what chance do a five-year-old boy like Zack and his family have of taking on a corporate giant like this and ensuring a just and open investigation of their case?


KKR -Koup, Kollapse it, and Run

KKR are based at 9 West 57th Street, Suite 4200, New York NY 10019. In 1997, they acquired approximately 85 per cent of Kindercare's stock. They moved its corporate headquarters to Portland, Oregon, after the takeover. David Johnson, the CEO of Red Lion Inns, a KKR company based in Portland, became the new CEO of Kindercare. They also replaced virtually the entire corporate staff.


Kohlburg, Kravis, and Roberts are a New York "investment firm" specializing in leveraged buyouts, which are often hostile, and they use massive amounts of borrowed money. They often result in the dismemberment and/or bankruptcy of once solvent companies. KKR is Jerome Kohlburg Jr, Henry Kravis, and his cousin George Roberts. Its deals have included RJR Nabisco ($25 billion), Beatrice Foods ($6 billion), Safeway ($5 billion), and Owens-Illinois ($4 billion).


Dealing continued in the 1990s with the Bank of New England, K-III Holdings (consumer magazines), and TW Holdings (Denny's and Hardee's restaurants). Other holdings include American Re-Insurance, Duracell, First Interstate, Fred Meyer, Stop & Shop, Union Texas Petroleum, and Walter Industries, according to Hoover's Handbook of American Business 1993.


KKR has also acquired the publishing and media operation, PRIMEDIA (which has included magazines like New Woman and Seventeen); online mortgage lender Nexstar; Regal Cinemas, which have more than 4,100 screens at about 430 theatres in more than 30 states; and the controversial "in-schools" TV network, Channel One. Foreign subsidiaries picked up in the takeovers have included Del Monte Malaysia; Del Monte International in Panama; and Bandegua (Guatemala); the Philippine Packing Corp; Associated Biscuits Malaysia; and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco in Malaysia.


Their financial backers included Metropolitan Life Insurance of New York, Prudential, Aetma, North West Mutual, Manufacturers Hanover Trust, Bankers Trust (a backer of Kindercare), and state pension funds in Oregon, Washington, Utah, Minnesota, Michigan, New York, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, and Montana.


I ask again. Why would a company like this want to run a pre-school operation? Put all this information together and there's a stench that defies fumigation.

Here's George again

John W. DeCamp, a former state senator for Nebraska, wrote a book called The Franklin Cover Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, And Murder In Nebraska (AWR Inc., Lincoln, Nebraska, 1992). In this, he details his knowledge of child abuse involving very famous names, including George Bush (father George).


He was investigating a massive savings and loans fraud at the Franklin Credit Union involving a prominent republican called Laurence King, who sang the national anthem at the Republican Conventions of 1984 and 88. During these investigations, DeCamp discovered that King was also running a pedophile ring in Omaha, Nebraska, involving the chief of police, the owner of the local newspaper, and many other prominent people.


In a video interview made in 1997, and now available through Hidden Mysteries at the David Icke website, he tells of a court case in which a young man was warned that if he told the truth about his abusers he would go to prison for 20 years. They had already done this with a young woman who was abused by the same prominent people. The man chose, hardly surprisingly, to keep quiet.


DeCamp describes what happened when he approached the judge:

"[I said] 'you know, I am so depressed. I love our system so much. I just...' The judge was well...he just kept saying over and over, 'I'm just a man, I'm not a god. I'm just a man, I'm not a god. I can only do with the things I'm given, the evidence.'

"He was right, I suppose. I said, 'Everybody knows the truth. Everybody knows the truth. Every official, every judge, including you.' He said 'yeah' ...then he said something else. He said 'I can't change it but I can help you understand it. If you want to understand Franklin, if you want to understand the Franklin cover-up, you want to understand what really happened, go read Billy Budd. If you want to understand what happened in Franklin -you won't agree, you won't like it -go read Billy Budd.'

"I said, 'Who the blazes is Billy Budd?'

"He said 'Just go read it, you'll understand.'"8

DeCamp said the story of Billy Budd did help him to understand why a young abused woman went to prison; why 20 people he identified in his books were killed; and why things are as they are in Washington DC. Billy Budd was written by Herman Melville, the author of Moby Dick, and it is set in the "great" days of the British Navy when "Britannia" ruled the waves.


Billy Budd is a teenage boy who finds himself in a squabble with a tough guy superior on a British ship. The superior dies in an accident, but Billy Budd is charged with his murder and faces a court martial. A series of witnesses testify that Billy is innocent and that the dead superior was probably one of the most vile people on Earth.


But despite this evidence, the officers on the court martial decide that they can't find him innocent because it would break down the system of absolute control they believed was necessary to prevent a mutiny. And there you have it. Innocent people go to jail, guilty people go free, and untold numbers of abused children go unheard to keep the system of control in place by protecting the famous political, economic, media, and military names, who abuse, torture, and sacrifice children. They know that if the truth came out the people would mutiny. I've got news for them... the truth is coming out.

The experience of Zack has been suffered by millions of other children all over the world and it continues today. The trauma compartmentalizes the minds of most them so they can't remember until much later in life or even not at all. Most of the rest are so terrified by the consequences of speaking about their experiences that they stay silent. That's why Zack is such a brave little boy. Those that do tell their story are faced with a system structured to suppress public exposure.


The next time people want to close their minds to a child's "fantastic story" of ritual abuse, they should remember that.


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