Calling the demons

Nothing would be what it is,
Because everything would be what it isn't.
And contrary-wise -what it is, it wouldn 't be.
And what it wouldn't be, it would.
You see?
Lewis Carroll,

Alice in Wonderland

So what's going on here? Unless people wish to enclose their minds in concrete, clearly something very strange is occurring on Planet Earth and has been doing so for many thousands of years.

There are so many questions and the more you know the more there is to know. But at this point in the journey it can be firmly stated that there is a considerable reptilian connection to ancient and modern control and manipulation of the human race. That is not to say all reptilians in all existence, just some of them. But then we need to ask about the consciousness that incarnates into the reptilian stream because in the end the decisions of action and behavior are taken by consciousness.


At that level the reptilian genetics, or insectoid, Nordic, and grey genetics, are only an outer shell that consciousness inhabits. So while we talk about the world being manipulated by reptilians, that is only one level of this. There is a consciousness that inhabits some reptilian forms because that genetics most suits the state of being of this consciousness. In other words, it operates through primal survival instincts rather than feelings and emotion. This state is reflected in reptilian genetics on the animalistic level and so the consciousness and the genetics are compatible.


Then, through these reptilian bodies, this consciousness manipulates and possesses humanity. We are back to the Russian doll system again, one inside the other as we move down the frequencies. The manipulation of this world goes beyond the fourth density range and at least into the fifth. So who, or what, controls the reptilians?

Consciousness makes the decision, based on its state of being, of what form and bloodline to inhabit on the endless journey of evolution through experience. As with everything, our current state of being naturally attracts, or is attracted to, the physical form and experiences that are compatible with where we are coming from, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


There is a vibrational synchronization magnetism you might call it -between the frequency of the consciousness and the frequency represented by the DNA of the body. The base reptilian nature, as expressed through the reptilian genetics, includes the desire for top-down control, emotionless "cold-blooded" attitudes, an obsession with ritualistic behavior, and so on.


This reptilian DNA will naturally attract consciousness of like reality and desire. This consciousness is not "reptilian" in or of itself, it just takes a reptilian outer form. Consciousness is pure energy, an aspect of the infinite whole, the infinite "I". But it takes a reptilian genetic expression in the lower densities if this DNA is a match for its own vibrational state of being. As it evolves beyond those limitations of vision and perception, it begins to incarnate into other forms, or has no need for the lower densities at all. Some members of these Illuminati bloodlines, who are challenging the agenda from within, have confirmed these themes to me.


One member of the "royal" Plantagenet bloodline (connected to the de Veres and the Houses of Anjou and Lorraine), told me:

"We all begin as the smallest fragment of energy -barely a spark -and even before consciousness, we seek to unite with other sparks, like a moth seeking the light. At the point we realize we are separate, we attain consciousness, and continue to seek to unite with other consciousness. By this time, we are what I call light balls -our truest conscious nature. Just as in Darwin's evolution, we develop into more than just a light ball. But this does not happen over millions of years. Rather it happens in a single moment of clarity, a flash of consciousness. The vehicle for this transformative growth is reincarnation.

"So those that people call the reptiles got to the reptile level of development and stopped. Some go on [and evolve beyond that]. Those who continue to take the reptile form do so because of the limitations of what they believe their options are they're creating their own reality. Also, for those at that level, it isn't that they don't know. It is indeed their sheer pleasure in self-gratification and self-focused existence. For this reason, I do not like the term reptile because it implies they are something other than the rest of us (light balls), and that is, indeed, THEIR reality. So I prefer a term which reflects their state of consciousness, dino-brain."1

These points are soooo important in understanding the cosmic game and where the reptilian form fits in. The particular reptilian genetic stream I am highlighting in this book represents a lower level of development in the evolution of consciousness. It is the level at which fear dominates and there is no greater expression of fear than the need to control others and dictate their behavior in relation to you.


This reptilian stream also represents the need for consciousness to gratify the physical senses at the suppression of all else, including spiritual development and enlightenment. Consciousness in that state will be attracted to the reptilian genetics represented by the Illuminati bloodlines. If such consciousness gets stuck in this evolutionary groove and does not break this cycle of thought and behavior, it will be doomed to incarnating into the same bloodstreams over and over because like attracts like. This is what has been happening.


For this reason high consciousness has also been incarnating into these bloodlines through these thousands of years in an effort to rewire the DNA and resonate it to a higher vibrational state. Our attitudes and spiritual development change the DNA we are occupying with every thought and feeling, positive or negative. This could be the real meaning of the Biblical claim about the "sins" of the fathers being visited upon the children.


Perhaps Princess Diana, who incarnated into a reptilian-hybrid bloodline (although more Nordic dominated in her case), was one of these souls who came to break these prison frequencies in the Illuminati DNA. In the same way, there are reptilian bloodlines that have moved beyond the base state of the Illuminati genetic codes and this reptilian DNA has evolved to a higher level of knowledge, understanding, and, therefore, frequency.


Crucially, it has developed an emotional "warm blooded" nature, and the ability to feel and express love. Thus consciousness that mirrors this DNA frequency band is attracted to these bloodlines. These are the "good guy" Serpent People that are also described in the ancient texts, and there are many of them around today trying to help humanity -and the Illuminati reptilians -out of their mental, emotional, and spiritual prisons.


Please keep this in mind when I talk of the reptilian connection to the Illuminati and the Satanists.

Food for the demons

One of the great difficulties that people have in grasping the enormity of what is happening is that they find it so hard to lift their imagination beyond the technology and range of possibility they see around them. It is the "that-is-notpossible-because-I-haven't-seen-it mentality. Shape-shifting is one example, and I understand this from the conditioned version of reality.


Of course it sounds fantastic, but so many people have experienced this phenomenon all over the world over thousands of years to the present day that to dismiss it would be ludicrous. The idea of interdimensional travel is just some science fiction babble to most people and yet it is in understanding the interdimensional nature of Creation that so many of the answers lie. I do not dismiss for a moment the claims of physical reptilians and greys living within the planet in the underground bases and tunnel networks.


That is clearly true from the explosion of ancient and modern accounts, and at the point of interface with surface humanity that is a vital aspect of this story. However, it is the interdimensional rather than the purely extraterrestrial and inner-terrestrial, which holds the key to unlocking the mysteries. The reptilian hybrid bloodlines have been created, in my view, for occupation by fourth, maybe also fifth, dimensional reptilian and other entities and it is they who are controlling the Illuminati. Indeed at the peak of the pyramid, they are the Illuminati.


Satanic and secret society rituals are designed to create the means through which these mostly lower fourth-dimensional entities can possess the body of the initiate and also manifest directly in "physical" form. During the sacrifices the physical reptilians and hybrids consume the organs of the physical body, especially the heart, and drink the blood of the victim.


At the same time, the lower fourth-dimensional "demons" or psychic vampires absorb the deeply negative energy generated by such horrors. The vibrational frequency of negative emotion, like fear and terror, resonates to the lower fourth-dimensional range or density and so those emotions generate energy for the fourth-dimensional reptilians and demonic entities. Energy = creative power, positive or negative.


They are feeding off our emotions and they manipulate events in the world and our lives to trigger the desired emotional responses. Ancient Chinese philosophers claimed that humans were "Moon food" because their energy was being drained and absorbed by an extraterrestrial force that needed the energy to replenish itself.


Researcher Alan Walton puts it like this:

"...the 'serpent race' will merely continue to do what it has always done with the 'human cattle' on this planet, which is to continue to feed on us like emotional. psychic and bioplasmic vampires and work to destroy our spiritual life and thus individuality until we are assimilated into their hive via psionic implants just as they have done with many other humans beyond this world, many within the underground military-industrial networks, and with many of the 'abductees' of recent years. And not only psychic assimilation, but also supernatural possession (by rep-oltergiest parasites) and also genetic assimilation as well...

"What if these 'wer-dracs', 'repti-poltergiests', 'demon-aliens', or whatever one might wish to call these serpentine sorcerers, had became adept over time at superficial molecular shape shifting as the indwelling 'poltergiest' or 'astral parasite' literally absorbed, consumed, devoured, or assimilated the reptilian 'host' from the inside out? What if in addition to this they were able to project some type of hypnotic or possibly laser-type holographic field around themselves so as to be able to intermingle with humans, undetected for what they really were?"2

This is precisely what they have done. There are so many reptilian "hosts" (possessed people) in positions of political, financial, media, and military power. They may look human, but behind their outward appearance they are not. The reason the Illuminati are so obsessed with bloodline is that the hybrid genetics were created to make these bodies more easily possessed by the lower fourth-dimensional entities because of the vibrational compatibility.


It means that if you can put these bloodlines into positions of power, you are, in truth, putting these entities into power. This way they can control this physical world from their dimension while the human population think humans are governing them. The United States of America is not governed by Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, or any "president". Americans are governed by the reptilian entity that possesses the bodies we call Bill Clinton or George W. Bush.


The John Carpenter movie, They Live, says it all, really. This is why two of Cathy O'Brien's mind controllers, Bill and Bob Bennett, told her they were "alien to this dimension -two beings from another plane".


Remember that when Cathy saw people transform from physical humans to "lizard-like aliens", Bill Bennett said:

"Welcome to the second level of the underground. This is a mere mirror reflection of the first, an alien dimension. We are from a trans-dimensional plane that spans and encompasses all dimensions...I have taken you through my dimension as a means of establishing stronger holds on your mind than the Earth plane permits."3

The Illuminati, Satanism, and the serpent cult of the ancient texts are the same organization. The most important hierarchy within the Illuminati is not that of politics, banking, or whatever. Your position is decided by the "purity" of your bloodline and the level at which you operate within the global network we call Satanism.


In other words, the power of the "demons" that have taken possession of you during Satanic ritual. In this way, the other-dimensional hierarchy is reflected in the "human" hierarchy of the Illuminati. These demons fight among each other for power all the time and this is experienced within the Illuminati through their internal squabbles. The wars between these reptilian bloodlines over the years have been the wars between demonic entities for the right to be top dog, or demon, on Earth. This is also one origin of the ancient accounts of the great rivalry among the "gods".


In ten years of full-time research I have met many former Satanists and the victims of Satanism and I will summarize the themes that have been repeated to me over and over around the world. The Satanic network is vast and if you have a fair circle of friends and acquaintances, you will know people who are Satanists. That's how widespread it is. Satanists are also very organized and, of course, extremely ruthless. They have code names known only to other members and they have among their number all the people they need to operate in secret and cover up anything that may go wrong.


They are, therefore, very strong in the medical professions, police, the judiciary, coroners offices, politics, government administration, and so on. There is tremendous infighting within Satanism, as they battle for supremacy by seeking more and more powerful demonic entities. They hate each other as much as they hate humanity. In fact they just hate, period. Anyone weak is destroyed. Weakness is considered the ultimate "sin" in Satanism and so is defying the desires of the demons. The whole Satanic network is ruled by fear.


Cult members are disciplined by having to watch their children tortured, beaten to death, or brutally raped. Others are sacrificed. Satanists are deluded into thinking that they control the demons when actually the demons are just using them as pawns. Incredible atrocities are committed by Satanists so controlled by the demons within them that they lose all emotions of love and compassion. Phillip Eugene de Rothschild, who claims he is an offspring of a French Rothschilds, says he is a direct descendant of a very old culture, "as old as Mankind itself".


This culture, he says, worships "Satan as God" and is steeped in deep violence. He explains how he was exposed to every abuse, trauma, and "demonisation" imaginable. "This culture is unbelievably and ingeniously evil", he says. The trauma, both as a victim and perpetrator, was to sharpen his "dissociative potential" or Multiple Personality Disorder. He said that this dissociation was enforced by "victim and perpetrator, high-tech mind control programming in the US, often in government facilities and clinics, and at the Tavistock Institute in the UK". The Tavistock operation, as my previous books highlight, is a centre of the Illuminati's mind control network.

Human sacrifice is not confined to some barbaric period of ancient history. It is happening all around us and I don't care where you may live. Many sacrifices are babies produced by women called "breeders", who give birth in secret. Some are willing, but many are held captive. The babies are birthed by doctors and nurses who are part of the network. These children never appear on documentation and so they never officially exist and cannot officially go missing.


Other sacrifices are people the Satanists have kidnapped, a cult member being punished, and even volunteers from the cult. It is common for Satanists, especially the most powerful ones, to die in rituals designed to transfer their power and demons to another person. When they die, their consciousness becomes the property of the demons, as ritually agreed when they become Satanists.


The deal involves demonic power for the Satanists on Earth in return for their "soul" when they leave their body. This is where we get the term "selling your soul to the Devil". On other occasions the "soul" of the sacrifice will be transferred to a participant of the ritual. At the point of death, as many former Satanists have told me, the victim is fixed in an hypnotic stare -just like a snake -by the person who is going to absorb their life force and energy.


This makes a vibrational, magnetic link, which draws the consciousness of the victim into the Satanist as it is released by death from the body. These grotesque rituals are taking place all the time and there are hundreds of thousands, at least, worldwide on the main ritual days of the year. The dead bodies, or what is left of them, are disposed of via cult members who work in crematoria or are buried in secret mass graves. I have also heard of "devil dogs" that are trained to eat the remains. Horrible isn't it, but if we don't face reality it is going to continue and expand.


These guys are running our world for goodness sake.

Blood, the physical expression of the life force, is a key aspect of the rituals. Anyone who drinks blood and eats flesh absorbs the energy of that person and, in the case of drinking the blood of someone still alive, it makes a vibrational connection between the two people, which allows for psychic manipulation. Drinking human blood appears to be vital to reptilian entities to hold open DNA codes that maintain an outward "human" appearance.


The reptilians also feed off an adrenaline that enters the bloodstream at times of extreme terror. The ritual is performed to increase this terror to its maximum at the time of death. This way the blood they drink is full of this desired adrenaline. The consuming of the heart is also at the centre of these sacrifice rituals and they have been performed in the same way for thousands of years going back to Atlantis and beyond under the control of the other-dimensional entities and serpent "gods".


This ritual of cutting out and eating the human heart goes back as long as the bloodlines and can be found all over the world. The heart represents the very essence of who we are. The Scottish Sunday Post of January 2000 told the strange story of Alisdair Rosslyn Sinclair under the headline "Victim of Secret Holy Land Power Struggle?"


He was a Scottish "tourist" who was named after Rosslyn Chapel, near Edinburgh, which was built by the Sinclair family, formerly the French St Clair family, which was involved in the formation of the Knights Templar. Alistair Rosslyn Sinclair was a direct descendent of this bloodline. He was originally from Arran, but apparently had been working as a musician in Amsterdam. He had researched his bloodline connections and had visited Rosslyn Chapel, an Illuminati "holy place", a number of times.


In April 1998 he made an unexplained five-day trip to Israel and was arrested when he tried to leave the country The authorities say he was arrested for having 3,500 worth of German currency concealed in a hidden compartment of his suitcase, but that is not illegal. They say that he later confessed to buying and selling drugs, but again why would he do that when there was no evidence?


What happened next, however, has a very ominous ring. The police say Sinclair hanged himself with his shoelaces, a ludicrous claim for such a big man, and when his body arrived back in Scotland an autopsy revealed that...his heart was missing. The authorities say the heart was taken for closer examination, but they offer no credible reason why this was done or why the heart was "mislaid".


The Israeli investigative author, Barry Chamish, claims that Alistair Sinclair was murdered as part of a much bigger conspiracy involving battles between ancient bloodlines and secret societies for control of Jerusalem. Chamish says that Alisdair Sinclair was killed because he became caught up in this clandestine war, and he points out that the removal of the heart is part of the Knights Templar tradition. The dying wish of the Scottish Templar king, Robert the Bruce, was for his heart be cut out and taken from Scotland to be buried in Jerusalem. But it is also an ancient ritual to eat the heart of your victim in such Satanic conflicts and this may well have happened in this case.


The heart is so important to these sick people.

An old, old story

The Aztecs of Mexico were so obsessed with sacrificing to their serpent gods that they would kill thousands in a day. Wherever you find the worship of serpent gods, you find human sacrifice. The Mayan priesthood, the Nacoms and the Chacs, conducted ceremonies in which the victim was held down while his or her living heart was removed and offered to the gods. It was seen as the supreme offering and it still is by the Satanists today.


What happened to Princess Diana's heart after she was ritually murdered on that ancient Merovingian ritual site for the Goddess Diana (Dana, Artemis) in Paris? Phillip Eugene de Rothschild also confirms that the Illuminati Satanists today are the modern version of the secret sects of Sumer, Babylon, and other ancient cultures.


He says he was initiated into:

"... the oldest, most pristine form of Satanism, the old Sumero-Akkadian-Babylonian mystery religion ...Inherent in this culture is the presence and power of demonic spirits, and they became an integral part of my life and even my being. In a culture addicted to power, demonic spirits offered the ultimate power trip. If, in American culture, people are addicted to comfort, status, and prestige, in Satanic culture people are addicted to demonic power.

"Satanism has pervaded western civilization ...It has been growing for thousands of years, quietly weaving its way through the very fabric of the culture and the power structures of the nations in the West. It has adherents in all walks of life, in all incomes, and all social strata. It has exerted a profound influence on the intellectual life of the West for the past several hundred years ...Satanism has influenced politics, economics, art and music, through the spiritual-psychological process called dissociation, and dissociation is as old as human culture itself."4

Satanic rituals are also performed to connect with and often manifest other-dimensional demonic entities. Whenever these manifestations are described to me the pentagram or five-pointed star is a constant theme. Everything is energy and all symbols affect the vibrational frequency of energy.


The five-pointed star within an occult ritual creates an interdimensional gateway or portal, I am told, which allows other dimensional entities to manifest. It is usually surrounded by a circle, which, in theory, creates a magnetic field or wall that prevents the demon from leaving that spot. Satanists are obsessed with demonic entities, but they are also terrified of them.


The pentagram is a Satanic version of beam-me-up-Scotty, and is, therefore, the most important Satanic symbol because it allows their "masters of the universe" to appear to them. Now look at the pentagrams all around you, as on the US and other flags, and the logo of the European Union. Texaco is an Illuminati company and its logo is a pentagram within a circle with the T-square of Freemasonry in the middle. And the centre of a pentagram is a pentagon.


This is why the headquarters of the Illuminati's US military is in a building called, and shaped like, a pentagon. When you begin to understand their codes and symbols, you can read them so clearly. For example, the Satanic sign for the "Devil", or their controlling force, is a particular hand signal. The two middle fingers are held down, usually by the thumb, and the two outer fingers point straight up like horns.


I have seen many people in power make this sign after a speech or in acknowledgement. Go to the picture section and you will see three examples involving Bill Clinton during his first inauguration address in 1993 and George W. Bush during his year 2000 presidential election campaign. (See The Biggest Secret chapter, The Secret Language, and the Symbolism Archive on my website for more examples of Satanic symbolism all around us.)


Satanists, like their ancient predecessors in the Mystery schools, use combinations of colour and sound to resonate the energy in the ritual to connect with the demonic dimensions. The sound involves humming, mantras, incantations, and specific words and phrases. The Illuminati is obsessed with the sound of words rather than their spelling for the same reason. Belial/Balliol is an example. The spelling doesn't matter, it is the sound, the vibration.

Former Satanists have described to me how demonic entities manifest in the rituals amid fire, smoke, and a blinding light. This explosion of electromagnetic energy, X-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet rays associated with interdimensional manifestation could be another reason why it was said to be dangerous or fatal to look directly at a "god". The effects of such fields are often found among "UFO" witnesses and abductees, who develop conditions like inflammation of the eyes.

Indeed the "foul smell" of "burning sulphur" associated with the appearance of reptilian and other "extraterrestrials" to abductees, is reported in exactly the same way by those who have seen these demonic manifestations at Satanic rituals. There is a connection here for sure and many, at least many, of the "extraterrestrials" are in fact "inter-dimensionals" moving into our frequency range and then leaving again.


The descriptions of these "demons" often have a very familiar ring also -very tall, fiery red eyes, and reptilian in appearance with scales, fangs, and claws. Beings like that are commonly described, but demonic entities manifest in many forms. Some of the reptilians and blond-haired, blue-eyed "Nordics" could be the same entities in their other-dimensional forms.


John A. Keel wrote in Our Haunted Planet about the knowledge of this phenomenon held by the ancients:

"Early investigators and thinkers soon realised they were dealing with magical beings who could imitate man and his works. Instead of being solid, physically stable, assemblages of cells and matter, these entities were apparently temporary manipulations of energy. So the word 'transmogrification' was used to describe them. These transmogrifications, according to the lore, could assume any form...from a wolf to a cat to a house, ship, or iridescent god of awesome proportions. They could appear clothed in rags or in gold crowns and expensive velvet robes. Worst of all, they had a penchant for playing all kinds of games with us, manipulating our fears and beliefs and even conning us into going to war against each other."5

A lot of New Age channellers and psychics, who think they are connecting with the "light" or "Ashtar Command" or something, are in fact connecting with these fourth-dimensional "demon" entities, which play them like a violin.


The reports of demons appearing in a whoosh of fire, smoke, and light remind me of the stories of the genie in the bottle. The most famous, of course, is Aladdin and his lamp. The character of Aladdin, in fact, originated from the head of the goddess-worshipping terrorist group in Asia known as the Assassins, which interacted with the Knights Templar. He was also called the "Old Man of the Mountain".


Once again the Aladdin story with its genie appearing in a whoosh of smoke is awash with symbolism. Thanks to the rituals of the Illuminati Satanists, the interdimensional doorways are opened to allow the "genie", the reptilian or demon race in the lower fourth dimension, to be free to enter this one and cause utter mayhem. The most powerful entities can change frequencies at will, but most need the vibrational help provided by the rituals. This theme of demons manifesting in fire and smoke is common.


Ancient and modern accounts of Satanism say the "Devil" materialises in a bonfire and steps forward to have sex with the women participants. I have heard many accounts of entities manifesting through the flames. Maybe the very vibration of fire itself creates an interdimensional gateway. A French book, published in the 1790s, called La Secte Des Illumines, included a description of the rituals of the Illuminati.


They are a replica of Satanism and include once again the theme of fire:

"On the day of his initiation, the candidate was conducted through a long, dark passage into an immense hall draped with black ...Ghostly forms moved through the hall, leaving behind them a foul odor ...His clothes were removed and laid upon a funeral pyre. Then his pudena [genitals] were tied with string ...Now five horrid and frightening figures, bloodstained and mumbling, approached him and threw themselves down in prayer. After an hour sounds of weeping were heard, the funeral pyre started to burn, and his clothes were consumed. From the flames of this fire a huge and almost transparent form arose, while the five prostrate figures went into terrible convulsions. Now came the voice of an invisible hierophant [priest] booming from somewhere below."7

John A. Keel points out that historical records say the priests claimed to have the ability to communicate with other-dimensional beings, and that the kings and emperors, including people like Julius Caesar and Napoleon, met with strange beings who materialized and dematerialized. The same goes with today's leaders who consult their other-dimensional demonic masters. Keel details the literature on secret societies that describes many materializations of fearsome demons, which gave out orders and directed their followers to commit murder or political manipulation. Those who disobeyed would be killed by the entity or fellow members.

"Thus," he wrote, "the ultraterrestrials are able to guide and control human events through evil men lusting for power."8

Exactly. Keel goes on:

"...The startling truth, as carefully recorded by the ancient historians, is that ultraterrestrials have always been in direct contact with millions of individuals and that they actually ruled directly over mankind for many years. In recent centuries their influence has become more subtle, but it is always there."9

Only by understanding the nature of the infinite frequencies or densities of existence can we begin to see the plot. We are being controlled and manipulated on this planet from other dimensions or densities and have been for thousands of years, at least.


The well known writer and researcher on "UFO" topics, Dr Jacques Vallee, asked the right questions when he said:

"Are we dealing...with a parallel universe, where there are human races living, and where we may go at our expense, never to return to the present? Are these races only semi-human, so that in order to maintain contact with us, they need crossbreeding with men and women of our planet?


Is this the origin of the many tales and legends where genetics plays a great role: the symbolism of the Virgin in occultism and religion, the fairy tales involving human midwives and changelings, the sexual overtones of the flying saucer reports, the biblical stories of intermarriage between the Lord's angels and terrestrial women, whose offspring were giants?


From that mysterious universe, have objects that can materialize and 'dematerialize' at will been projected? Are the UFOs 'windows' rather than 'objects'? There is nothing to support these assumptions, and yet, in view of the historical continuity of the phenomenon, alternatives are hard to find, unless we deny the reality of ail the facts, as our peace of mind would indeed prefer."10

Well put, but I would contest the idea that there is nothing to support those assumptions. The evidence is overwhelming from where I am sitting. I have had so much confirmation from countless sources over the years of the involvement in human sacrifice ritual of some of the most famous names on the planet.


They attend the rituals at the demand of their other-dimensional controllers and receive their orders to be carried out to the letter. They allow the demonic entities to possess their bodies in return for fame and fortune, which, by manipulating three-dimensional events and people from their fourth-dimensional level, these "demons" can usually provide.


But such "riches" are only delivered if you serve their agenda. In the end you are just a body to them and you will be thrown to the wolves once you have served your purpose. These "contracts with Satan" are made by politicians, bankers, businessmen, and anyone who has a thirst for power so strong that they will literally hand over their destiny to demonic entities. Phillip Eugene de Rothschild told me how he attended these rituals from childhood with many people who are now world famous in politics, finance, and the media.


Among them were Bill Clinton and AI Gore. He says of the bloodlines:

"All people in the occult except for a very, very small group are fully human beings, with both X and Y chromosomes from human mothers and father. The facial changes you see come from their multiple personality disorder and the demonic spirits manifesting through them. The antichrist and the false prophet are not humans; they are true Nephilim with X chromosomes from human mothers but their Y chromosomes are from the 'angels'. ...These non-human humanoids are borne as a consequence of human idolatry with Satanic "angels", with a little help from the llluminist medical researchers."11

Serpent worship

Phillip also says that all the top names he mentions, including the Rothschilds, etc., etc., worship the snake in their rituals -"old Satan himself", as he puts it. When they celebrated the old Babylonian rites, he said, they worshipped, handled, and venerated the snake and the deadlier the better.


He said that all his "former brethren", including Clinton and Gore, have the worship of the snake in common. "It has always been so," he adds, "from the Babylonians, to the Egyptians, to the Mayans, the Incas, the Polynesians -the commonest thread of human idolatry is the snake and the dragon."


The Satanic and secret society rituals are designed for reptilian/demonic possession to take place and suddenly, hey presto, the body of the target is now occupied by one of these fourth-dimensional entities. The movie, The Devil's Advocate, starring Al Pacino, portrays this very well as the "Devil's" consciousness field moved from body to body and took them over.


People like Clinton, the Bushs, Kissinger, and the British royal family are just empty vessels occupied by these characters and that's why they act in such unspeakable ways.

Possession through sex During sex the two energy fields merge, especially at orgasm, and this is a common way that these entities take possession of people. When a possessed person has sex with someone, it opens up the energy connection for his or her sexual partner to be possessed also. This is one reason why the Illuminati encourage a sexual free-for-all. There is nothing wrong with sex as such. In fact it is wonderful and we would not be here without it. But knowing the hidden agenda is vital to avoid some serious consequences.


People have said that "extraterrestrials" that abduct them or appear in their bedrooms have forced them to have sex and I am sure that these "extraterrestrials" are at least mostly other-dimensional entities. It is also possible for fourth-dimensional "demonic" entities to possess a physical body and have sexual union with a human who may also be possessed by a similar entity.


This is what happens in the Satanic rituals at the heart of Illuminati operations. The Roman Catholic and other "Christian" churches are fronts for widespread Satanic activity and child abuse and I was told by a man who has trained for the priesthood of his sexual experience of the reptilian-Satanic connection. He said he would never have believed he would be contacting me because my work appears, at first, to be so far from reality. But he had now seen that conditioned "reality" was very different to what was really going on. He said that he was subjected to a "very terrifying traumatic experience of...unbelievable nature". And yet, until his mind compartments began to break down, he had no memory of it.


He said he was a seminarian studying to be a secular priest at a college in a monastery:

"On a break I went with two odd looking types (Hispanic/Oriental mix it seemed) to a town some distance away and, very briefly, I believe they were part of a Satanic group and they performed some ritual in which I was raped by a demon...[which seemed]...reptilian. (I have so much unconscious terror associated with this that I cannot recall at this time the details.) I actually suffered a wound to my anal area because this creature/demon had barbs or horns around the base of its penis. So when it raped me, it caused a wound that never healed. I was so embarrassed by it for years that I never had the nerve to have it looked at until the latter part of my military service, which determined that there was scar tissue around the wound. I later married and had an operation which removed the wound".12

The reptilians and other demonic entities are obsessed with sex because it allows them to possess the victim and to "vampire" their life force. Drugged and alcoholic states also open people to possession, as does fear and deep depression.


These connect the person vibrationally to the demonic dimensions and so the Illuminati and their reptilian masters want people to take drugs and drink too much booze. Having sex with a demonically possessed person after consuming drugs or too much alcohol is like opening the front door to these guys and inviting them in. A lot of illness and death is caused by these demonic attacks and when we talk of battling with our dark side, it is often a battle with demonic possession or influence of some kind affecting behaviour.


To survive if you are seeking to expose these horrors you need a very strong spirit and protection from spiritual forces that wish to set humanity free. To access that protection, you just need to ask. Forces of love do not impose themselves on people because that would be an invasion of free will.


They have to be asked.

The possessed pedophiles

Understanding the nature of such possession can explain so many of the horrific events that pollute this planet. At last people are beginning, very slowly, to appreciate something of the scale of pedophilia and child abuse, although the False Memory Syndrome Foundation is trying desperately to keep the lid on. The scale is far greater than anyone can imagine, but at least it is coming more to light.


Sex with children has been part of the Illuminati modus operandi from ancient times. Sexual and Satanic abuse of children are aspects of the same agenda. Sex creates an energy connection between the two parties, no matter who they are, and this allows the demonic entities in the perpetrator to take control of their victim. Trauma-based mind control involves demonic possession by other-dimensional entities, also.


These, often reptilian, beings of the lower fourth dimension want to absorb the energy of children before puberty and orgasm because the energy is still "pure" and so of more use to them. They therefore possess people and stimulate within them the sexual desire for children. When the possessed person is having physical sex with a child, the fourth-dimensional entity is sucking out their energy and making the vibrational connection that allows the child to be controlled by the entity. Anal sex with children is also designed to create a reaction in the child called vaso-vagal shock.


Pain and energy surges up the child's spinal chord and explodes in the brain, thus increasing the rate at which the mind "splits" into compartments or amnesic barriers. These energy vampires and mind controllers have been increasing their operations in the last few decades and so we have had a corresponding increase in pedophilia. This is also the reason why so many of the Illuminati bloodline like George Bush, Henry Kissinger, etc., etc., have sex with children.


All over the world the stories of pedophiles and pedophile rings are coming to public attention, but they represent a mere fraction of the abuse that actually goes on. In The Biggest Secret I wrote about the abuse at children's homes in North Wales and after publication and years of fighting for justice by a handful of decent people, a government "inquiry" was forced to reveal the massive and systematic abuse of children at the homes for more than 30 years.


However, as always, the big fish are protected by the system and the small fry are set up to take the consequences. This is why famous pedophiles and child abusers such as Bush, Ted Heath, and the UK businessman and politician, Lord McAlpine, are allowed to escape the law (see The Biggest Secret for the background to this and if you go to my website you will find a library of information exposing the pedophile activity of the elite).


The reptilians and other non-human species have been abducting children for thousands of years on a staggering scale. There are endless ancient legends and stories which describe or symbolize these events, not least that of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. And it is still going on. Every year more than 2,000 children disappear in America alone every day and many end up with Satanic cults or in the underground bases. No wonder they are never found.


The Satanist, Aleister Crowley, emphasized why human sacrifice is important to these sick minds and why children are so often the victims:

"It was a theory of the ancient magicians that any living being is a storehouse of energy varying in quantity according to the size and health of the animal, and in quality according to its mental and moral character. At the death of this animal this energy is liberated suddenly. For the highest spiritual [sic] working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim."13

The satanic mansions

Some of the most important centers for Satanic ritual are the often Gothic mansions and castles of the European royal families and aristocracy and their offshoots in the United States. I remember a visit to Hearst Castle in California, the vast mansion of the newspaper tycoon and high Illuminati initiate, Randolph Hearst, which is now open to the public during the day. It is one of the darkest places I have visited and still consumed by deeply unpleasant other dimensional entities. Goodness knows what must have gone on there during Hearst's tenure, and perhaps still does.


Hearst Castle is full of original ancient artifacts from Egypt and elsewhere and lies in a major stronghold of Satanism between Los Angeles and San Francisco. I have felt the same vibes in Britain at places like Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, the ancestral home of the Dukes of Devonshire, and at Clivedon House, the former mansion of the Satanic Astor family.


This theme was portrayed by the Stanley Kubric film, Eyes Wide Shut, which stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and explores the subject of Satanism among the elite. Kubric died immediately after the movie was finished. It features a Satanic cult involving the high and mighty of an American city who meet at a large Gothic mansion. Such places are located all over the world.


In Belgium, for example, there is the Mothers of Darkness Castle where the British royal family and the Illuminati elite of Europe perform many of their major rituals, and there is Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where the British royal family spend their summer holidays.

The isle of light -and darkness

I live on the Isle of Wight, a few miles off the south coast of England, and it is a perfect example of the connection between the major vortex points and Satanism (Figure 35). The Illuminati Satanic network performs its most important rituals at the key vortex points on the global grid because their sickening ceremonies suppress the frequency of the Earth's energy field and therefore keep humanity in the same vibrational prison.

It is also easier for an entity to manifest in these inter-dimensional vortexes. The Isle of Wight has always been a sacred place for those Who know of the Earth's energy grid. The Druids had three centers for their elite "Arch Druids" (hence Archbishop) in the British Isles. They were located on the "magical isles", the Isle of Man, the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales, and the Isle of Wight.


Researcher Brian Desborough says that he has established that the first Christian church in Britain was on the Isle of Wight and not at Glastonbury as widely claimed. The Christian churches, especially the early ones, were located on the major vortex points as they replaced the "pagan" religion with their own. Today the Isle of Wight is a sacred place for Satanists because of its importance to the global energy grid.


Author Mark Amaru Pinkham says that in ancient times it was called the Dragon Isle" and could be the "pivotal vortex" in the northern grid of the planet. Funnily enough, so many dinosaur bones have been found here that they have opened a dinosaur museum to exhibit them! Satanism is rampant on the island and involves famous names from the mainland British Isles as well as leading figures in island business, politics, police, the legal profession, and social services. There are two distinct faces to the Isle of Wight (also formerly known, apparently, as the Isle of "Light").


There is the one you see and the one you don't. The one you see is a stunning landscape and seascape, the beauty that attracted me here many years ago. But the one you don't see is very, very, dark indeed.

The island has a massive Freemasonic network, astonishingly so for a place with only 125,000 people, and I had many run-ins with them in the 1980s over environmental issues when the Masons were manipulating planning applications for building developments that were making some of them a fortune. But since my research into the manipulation of the world has advanced over a decade and more, I realized that the Isle of Wight's dark secrets went very much deeper than that.


It is one of the Satanic capitals of the UK and probably much further afield. At the same time, this beautiful island, which should be such a wonderful place to live, has, according to a local pressure group, the highest per capita rates of suicide and depression in the entire UK and that includes the neglected slum estates of the UK cities. Why? Because of the highly negative energy field the people live in. And this is caused by the rampant Satanic ritual at the vortex points, which resonate the island's energy field to the lower fourth-dimensional frequency.


This is what the Illuminati are doing to the planet as a whole, creating and maintaining a vibrational prison that disconnects incarnate humanity from its higher levels of being. There are many centers for this Satanist-pedophile network on the Island, including a large house in the countryside where children are brought to parties for guests to rape. Other ritual centers include at least one yacht club and a seafront hotel. The chalk seam that runs from one side of the "diamond isle" to the other appears to be very important to the Satanists.


Some years ago, a local community worker told the Nexus Of The World, the UK's biggest selling Sunday newspaper, about the horrific Satanic rituals and sacrifice on the island and the involvement of Freemasonry, local politicians, council administrators, hotel owners, and other business people.15 But nothing was done. It was just covered up. I have spoken to others who know what goes on and the story of the Isle of Wight is horrific, but the local media don't want to know.

Yet again, Ted Heath, the former Prime Minister who took the UK into the European Community, is among those named by victims who have suffered unbelievable abuse on the Island. Heath has been named to me by so many people who were abused and tortured by him as children. I have exposed him in The Biggest Secret and this book as a shape-shifting Satanist who tortures and sacrifices children.


I am told that Heath is a regular guest at the secluded Priory Bay Hotel on the east of the Island and that former government minister Peter Mandelson also stays there, although I have not been able to confirm this at the time of publication. Mandelson is known to fellow MPs as "The Prince of Darkness" and has been forced to resign twice from government office over financial and misuse of power allegations. He has played a leading role for the Illuminati within Tony Blair's Labour Party.


Both Heath and Mandelson are members of the Illuminati's Bilderberg Group, which I will highlight in a later chapter.

Co-incidentally, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, stars of Eyes Wide Shut, have apparently been guests at the Priory Bay Hotel, according to a former worker, and Ernest Bevin, the British Foreign Secretary, was staying there when he wrote the speech proposing the establishment of a military alliance called the Western-European Union, now known as NATO.


The British royal family also have great connections to the Isle of Wight. Queen Victoria and Albert, her high-level Freemasonic German husband, had a palace built on the island called Osborne House. The Satanist and Rothschild bloodline, Lord Mountbatten, was Governor of the Isle of Wight. Prince Charles is another visitor, as is Prince Philip, who comes publicly for Cowes Week, the elite's yachting bash. Many famous Satanists visit the island under the guise of coming to "sail". Interestingly, while writing this book, I received an invitation from the Rothschild Insurance group to attend a "financial conference" at... the Priory Bay Hotel.


I would have gone to have a look, but circumstances took me elsewhere that week.

Singing for satan

The Isle of Wight is just one example of an immense global network of Satanic centres and cults involved in human sacrifice, blood drinking, and the summoning of other-dimensional demons. Most are unknown, but some, like the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set in the United States, have received mainstream publicity. The Church of Satan was founded on April 30th 1966 by Anton Szandor LaVey.


April 30th through May 1st is one of the most important ritual dates in Satanism. LaVey's maternal grandmother came from Transylvania, legendary home of the blood-sucking vampire in what we call Romania. This is the region of Dracula, and many of the most important Illuminati bloodlines are connected with the area. LaVey, it is claimed, discovered Marilyn Monroe working in the strip clubs and used his contacts to make her a movie star.


More like she was a multiple personality mind-slave. Hollywood (Holly-wood or Helle-wood, the sacred wood of the Druids) is awash with Satanists, as is the entertainment industry in general. Among LaVey's connections in entertainment and politics were President John F. Kennedy, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Peter Lawford, and Jayne Mansfield. Sammy Davis Jr was an early member of the Church of Satan and the actress Jayne Mansfield, who died when she was beheaded in a "car crash" in 1967, was a high priestess (see picture section).


Frank Sinatra was a handler and abuser of mind-controlled slaves and, as you can appreciate, Satanism and trauma-based mind control go hand in hand. One example of this was Michael Aquino. He worked with LaVey in the Church of Satan, but later broke away and formed his own Temple of Set. Aquino was a notorious mind programmer, named by Cathy O'Brien and many others, and a top man in the US Defense Intelligence Agency's Psychological Warfare Division.


Aquino's wife, who worked with him, is called Lilith Sinclair. The name Lilith is a symbol of the reptilian bloodlines and one of the major strands of the Illuminati's genetic web is the Scottish Sinclair family, formerly the French St Clair bloodline. The St Clairs and the Black Madonna-worshipping, St Bernard, were fundamentally involved in the formation of the Knights Templar.


The Sinclair chapel at Roslyn, near Edinburgh, is a shrine to the Illuminati and includes the image of the Green Man -the representation of Balder in the King Arthur stories. Lilith comes from Lilim or "children of Lilith", which relates to the symbolism of Set. Lilith Aquino founded the Lilith Grotto in LaVey's Church of Satan and was a member of its Council of Nine.


The official Church of Satan website outlines its philosophy:

"...we are the first above-ground organization in history openly dedicated to the acceptance of Man's true nature -that of a carnal beast, living in a cosmos which is permeated and motivated by the Dark Force which we call Satan. Over the course of time, Man has called this Force by many names, and it has been reviled by those whose very nature causes them to be separate from this fountainhead of existence.


They live in obsessive envy of we who exist by flowing naturally with the dread Prince of Darkness. It is for this reason that individuals who resonate [vibrate] with Satan have always been an alien elite, often outsiders in cultures whose masses pursue solace in an external deity. We Satanists are our own Gods, and we are the explorers of the Left-Hand Path. We do not bow down before the myths and fictions of the desiccated spiritual followers of the Right-Hand Path."18

No, they bow before the myths and fictions of other-dimensional entities. Unbelievable. And it is not a choice between the right-hand path and the left-hand path. There is another that goes straight ahead. The Temple of Set also denies it is involved in anything horrific.


Its website assures us:

"Regretfully there still exist some individuals whose idea of 'Satanism' is largely a simple-minded synthesis of Christian propaganda and Hollywood horror movies [often made by Satanists!]. The Temple of Set enjoys the colorful legacy of the Black Arts, and we use many forms of historical Satanic imagery for our artistic stimulation and pleasure. But we have not found that any interest or activity which an enlightened, mature intellect would regard as undignified, sadistic, criminal, or depraved is desirable, much less essential to our work."17

Of course there is nothing undignified, sadistic, criminal, or depraved, about Michael Aquino, the inspiration of the Temple of Set, and his mind control and torture of men, women, and children; nor in being involved in the US military's Psychological Warfare Division. A former mind-controlled slave with an elite group called the San Diego Illuminati told me how she had worked closely with Aquino in the 1980s.

"He was a cold, arrogant, ugly person in heart and spirit, enjoyed using people, had a weakness for young boys, and was a confirmed pedophiliac", the source told me.

She said that Aquino had implemented "scientific experimentation" (mind control) at various military bases and at the estate of a Jonathan Meier, who, the source said, was the leading Illuminati "trainer" for new recruits in that part of America. Aquino also had an estate in Germany where he would take his leaders and the children he abused.


The source, who was mind controlled to mind control others, said she visited there on several occasions.18

Hitler the demonic "host"

There is no better example of all the points I am making in this chapter than the Nazis in Germany, and no more obvious example of how the Illuminati bloodlines are possessed by demonic entities than Adolf Hitler.


As you will see in Appendix II, Hitler was almost certainly a Rothschild bloodline. We talk of some people being magnetic and having a "magnetic personality", and that is exactly what they have. We are all generating magnetic energy. Some people transmit powerful magnetism and others less so. Negative energies are just as magnetic as positive.


Those connected to, and therefore generating, the extreme negative vibration of the demonic entities will be very magnetic. You often hear highly negative people described as having a "fatal attraction". This is where the magnetism and charisma of Adolf Hitler came from. When he was standing on a public platform with that contorted face and crazed delivery, he was channeling the "reptilian" demonic consciousness and transmitting this vibration to the vast crowds.


This affected the vibrational state of the people and turned them into equally crazed agents of hatred. It is the pied piper principle, using vibrational frequencies.


As writer Alan Bullock said of Hitler:

"His power to bewitch an audience has been likened to the occult art of the African medicine man or the Asiatic shaman; others have compared it to the sensitivity of a medium, and the magnetism of a hypnotist."19

And Hermann Rauschning, an aide to Hitler, said in his book Hitler Speaks:

"One cannot help thinking of him as a medium. For most of the time, mediums are ordinary, insignificant people. Suddenly they are endowed with what seems to be supernatural powers, which set them apart from the rest of humanity. The medium is possessed. Once the crisis is passed, they fall back into mediocrity.


It was in this way, beyond any doubt, that Hitler was possessed by forces outside of himself almost demoniacal forces of which the individual man, Hitler, was only the temporary vehicle. The mixture of the banal and the supernatural created that insupportable duality of which one was conscious in his was like looking at a bizarre face whose expression seemed to reflect an unbalanced state of mind coupled with a disquieting impression of hidden powers."20

Hitler appeared to live in perpetual fear of the "supermen". Rauschning told how Hitler suffered from terrible nightmares and would wake in terror screaming about entities, who were invisible to all but himself.


Hitler once said to his aide:

"What will the social order of the future be like? Comrade I will tell you. There will be a class of overlords, after them the rank and file of the party members in hierarchical order, and then the great mass of anonymous followers, servants and workers in perpetuity, and beneath them again all the conquered foreign races, the modern slaves.


And over and above all these will reign a new and exalted nobility of whom I cannot speak...but of all these plans the militant members will know nothing. The new man is living amongst us now! He is here. Isn't that enough for you? I will tell you a secret. I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him."21

This is the society planned by the reptilians and their reptile-Nordic (Aryan) "master race" if we allow their New World Order of global control to be introduced Hitler's "secret chiefs" were demonic reptilians and others. The obsession with hierarchy and ritual outlined there are character traits of the reptilian brain, as we shall see.


One of Hitler's heroes, the writer Houston Stewart Chamberlain, also fitted the description of demonic possession. He was an Englishman who married Eva, the daughter of another Hitler hero, the composer Richard Wagner. Chamberlain said that he felt himself to be taken over by demons and his anti-Jewish, pro-Aryan books were written in a trance or "fever".


In his autobiography he said he did not recognize much of his writing as his own. Chamberlain became principal adviser to Kaiser Wilhelm (bloodline) and urged the king to go to war in 1914. Little more than 20 years later the forces that possessed Chamberlain also possessed Adolf Hitler as he triggered the second world war of the 20th century.


Hitler's behavior was extremely indicative of demonic possession, including his strange epileptic-like fits. Others close to Hitler said that the Fuhrer woke up in the night screaming and having convulsions. He would call for help and appeared to be half paralyzed. He would gasp to the point of suffocation and often when fully conscious he would point to apparently empty space and scream:

"He is here. There! In the corner."

After Hitler moved to Germany, he spent a lot of time in Bavaria, from whence the Bavarian Illuminati had sprung and he returned there after the First World War. That's the official line, anyway. Bavaria is a massive centre for the Illuminati.


The following year he came across a tiny and rather pathetic political party called the German Workers Party. This was an offshoot of an esoteric secret society called the German Order, which was seriously nationalistic and anti-Jewish. Out of this Order came other similar societies, including the infamous Thule-Gesellschaft (Thule Society) and the Luminous Lodge or Vril Society. Hitler was a members of both.


Thule comes from the name given by the Greeks and Romans to the frozen northern region of the Earth. They called this land Thule or Ultima Thule. Vril was the name given by the English writer and high Illuminati initiate, Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton, to the force in the blood, which, he claimed, awakens people to their true power and potential to become supermen. For blood read DNA.


Bulwer-Lytton was a British colonial minister heavily involved in imposing opium addiction on the Chinese. He was a close friend of the British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli (an associate of the Rothschilds) and the writer, Charles Dickens. He was Grand Patron of the English Rosicrucian Society that included Illuminati agents Francis Bacon and John Dee among its earlier membership. He was also a Grand Master of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and the head of British Intelligence.


One of his operatives was Helena Blavatsky, a contact told me, and Bulwer-Lytton is often referred to in her book, Isis Unveiled. He is best known for his work, The Last Days Of Pompeii, but his passion was the world of esoteric magic. So what is this Vril force in the blood that Bulwer-Lytton wrote about? It was known by the Hindus as the "serpent force" and relates to the genetic make-up of the body that allows shape-shifting and conscious interdimensional travel. The Vril force is, yet again, related to the reptile-human bloodlines.

Another big influence on Hitler was the Bulwer-Lytton novel The Coming Race, in which he wrote of an enormous civilization inside the Earth, well ahead of our own. These underground supermen would, according to Bulwer-Lytton's novel, emerge on the surface one day and take control of the world. Many Nazis believed this.


The themes of underground supermen or "hidden masters" can be found in most of the secret societies and in legends across the world, as we have seen. Certainly this was true of the Order of the Golden Dawn founded by Dr Wynn Westcott, a Freemason, and S.L. Mathers. They called their masters the "secret chiefs" and devised rituals to contact them.


In the 1890s there were temples of the Order of the Golden Dawn in London, Edinburgh, Bradford, Weston-Super-Mare, and Paris, where Mathers made his home. One of their secret signs was the pointed arm salute that the Nazis would use when saying "Heil Hitler". Remnants of the Order of the Golden Dawn continue to this day, but the original version splintered after a row between the Mather faction and the Satanist, Aleister Crowley, which split the membership. Crowley then became involved with the Order of Oriental Templars or OTO


In 1933, the rocket expert, Willi Ley, fled from Germany and revealed the existence of the Vril Society and the Nazi's belief that they were to become the equals of the supermen in the bowels of the Earth by use of esoteric teachings and mind expansion. They believed this would re-awaken the Vril force sleeping in the blood. The initiates of the Vril Society included two men who would become famous Nazis, Heinrich Himmler and Hermann Goering.


Vril members were convinced they were in alliance with mysterious esoteric lodges in Tibet and one of the so-called unknown supermen, who was referred to as the "King of Fear". Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy fuhrer until he made his ill-fated flight to England in 1941, was a dedicated occultist and a member, with Goering, of the Edelweiss Society. This was a sect that believed in the Nordic master race -the Nordic-reptilian hybrids I call the Aryans.


Hess worshipped Hitler as the "Messiah", although how he could do this when the Fuhrer was hardly blond-haired and blue-eyed was not clear. The Nazis were manipulated by their demonic masters to instigate breeding programmes between the blond-haired, blue-eyed, Nordic bloodlines.

A founder of the Thule Society was Rudolf Glauer, an astrologer, who changed his name to the grand-sounding, Baron von Sebottendorff. His demands for a revolution against Jews and Marxists turned the Thule Society into a focus for the anti-Jew, anti-Marxist, German master-racers. Out of all this came the German Workers Party, which would become the Nazi Party. Another committed occultist and friend of Sebottendorff was highly significant.


This was Dietrict Eckart, a heavy drinking, drug-taking writer, who believed he was here to pave the way for a dictator of Germany. He met Hitler in 1919 and decided he was the one, the Messiah he was looking for. It is Eckart who is credited with Hitler's advanced esoteric knowledge and the black magic rituals that plugged him so completely into the demonic reptilians. From now on, Hitler's power to attract support grew rapidly.


Eckart wrote to a friend in 1923:

"Follow Hitler! He will dance, but it is I who have called the tune. We have given him the means of communication with Them. Do not mourn for me; I shall have influenced history more than any other German."22

Other significant thinkers and groups that influenced the gathering Nazi philosophy were two German esoteric magicians, Guido von List and Lanz von Liebenfels. At the summer solstice, List used wine bottles on the ground to form the symbol of the Hermetic Cross, also known as the Hammer of Thor.


It was the badge of power in the Order of the Golden Dawn and we know this symbol as the swastika, an ancient Sun symbol of the Atlanteans-Phoenicians. The original swastika was right-handed which, in esoteric terms, means light and creation, the positive. The Nazis reversed this to symbolise the left-hand path -black magic and destruction.


Lanz von Liebenfels (real name Adolf Lanz) used the swastika on a flag that flew over his temple overlooking the Danube and for these two black magicians it symbolised the end of Christianity and the dawning of the age of blond-haired, blue-eyed Aryan supermen. They believed in the racial inferiority of those they called the dark forces, such as the Jews, Slavs, and Negros. Liebenfels recommended castration for these people. The two vons, List and Liebenfels, were to have a massive influence on Adolf Hitler.


In 1932, with Hitler on the verge of power, von Liebenfels would write to a fellow believer:

"Hitler is one of our pupils ...You will one day experience that he, and through him we, will one day be victorious and develop a movement that will make the world tremble."23

Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS, was another dedicated occultist who was into all matters esoteric. He used this knowledge in the blackest of ways. Himmler was particularly interested in the rune stones. This is a system of divination in which stones, carrying symbols, are thrown or selected and the choice or combination read by an expert. It was Himmler who formed the notorious SS and, as with the swastika, he chose an esoteric symbol for his horrific organization.


This was the double S or "sig rune", which looks like two flashes of lightning. The SS was a virtually self-contained body and the epitome of all the esoteric knowledge in which the Nazis believed so passionately. Only those considered racially pure were allowed to join, and instruction in the esoteric arts, including the rune stones, was fundamental to their training. The SS was run and governed as a black magic secret society. Their rituals were taken from others, such as the Jesuits and the Knights Templar.


The highest-ranking initiates were the 12 members of the Grand Council of Knights led by the 13th, their Grand Master Heinrich Himmler. Their black rituals were performed at the ancient castle of Wewelsberg in Westphalia. They celebrated the rituals of the Nordic pagans and the summer solstice. Here they worshipped Satan/Lucifer/Set, whichever name you prefer. Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands, a reptilian Habsburg and Merovingian bloodline, was a member of the SS.


Bernhard was one of the founders of the Illuminati front, the Bilderberg Group, and is an extremely close friend of Prince Philip. The esoteric arts pervaded all that Hitler and the Nazis did, even down to the use of pendulums on maps to identify the positions of enemy troops. The mass rallies that Hitler used so effectively were designed with the knowledge of the human psyche and how it can be manipulated.

In the book, Satan And Swastika, Francis King says:

"Hitler's public appearances, particularly those associated with the Nazi Party's Nuremberg Rallies, were excellent examples of this sort of magical ceremony. The fanfares, military marches, and Wagnerian music, all emphasized the idea of German military glory. The mass swastika banners in black, white, and red, filled the consciousness of the participants in the rallies with national socialist ideology.


The ballet-like precision of the movement of the uniformed party members, all acting in unison, evoked from the unconscious the principles of war and violence, which the ancients symbolized as Mars. And the prime rituals of the rallies -Hitler clasping to other banners the 'blood banner' carried in the Munich Putsch of 1923 -was a quasi magical ceremony designed to link up minds of living Nazis with the archetypal images symbolized by the dead national socialist heroes of the past.

"The relio-magical aspects of the rallies were emphasized by the fact that their high points were reached after dusk and took place in a 'cathedral of light' -an open space surrounded by pillars of light coming from electric searchlights pointed upwards to the sky. If a modern ritual magician of the utmost expertise had designed the ritual intended to 'invoke Mars', he could not have come up with anything more effective than the ceremonies used at Nuremberg."24

And what applied then, applies now. The esoteric knowledge used by the Nazis for mass hypnosis on the German people is being used today to expand the global hypnosis within the human race.


Symbols, words, colors, sounds, and techniques of which the public are not even aware are being used in the media and in advertising to hypnotize us. The propaganda ministry of Joseph Goebbels was based on the esoteric knowledge of the human psyche. He knew that people would believe anything if you tell them often enough and if you can engineer events which create the "something must be done" mentality in the public mind.


He used colors, symbols and slogans to great effect. The slogans were used like mantras and were repeated over and over again, hypnotizing the mass psyche. All alternative views and information were censored and the people were programmed to respond as desired. What is the difference between that and the constant drip, drip of inaccurate and biased information that is fed to us and our children by the media day after day? It may not have a swastika on it, but it is still mass hypnotism.


It would seem to be a contradiction that Hitler sought to destroy secret societies like the Freemasons and to prevent the use of esoteric knowledge in German society, but it isn't. He knew as much as anyone of the power available to those with this knowledge and he wanted to keep that for himself. In truth, the Nazis were created and controlled by the secret society underground and ultimately by the demonic reptilians.


They believed the Sumerian gods were the extraterrestrial master race. They launched expeditions to North Africa, Rennes-le-Chateau and Montsegur in Cathar country, and to Tibet where they believed the underground supermen were based. The Nazi connection with Tibet was confirmed when the Russians arrived in Berlin at the end of the war to find many dead Buddhist monks who had been working with the Nazis.

The Nazis did not disappear in 1945, they just went underground or changed their name. The inner core of the Nazi secret society network was the Black Order, which continues today and is reported to be the innermost circle of the CIA. Allen Dulles, the first head of the CIA, was a Nazi supporter (see .. .And The Truth Shall Set You Free) and he was a key force behind Project Paperclip that protected Nazis like Josef Mengele after the war and took them to America.


At the same time, John Foster Dulles, Allen's brother, was the US Secretary of State. The Dulles family are cousins of the Rockefellers (bloodline in other words). Reinhard Gehlen, the man appointed by the Allen Dulles to set up the CIA network in Europe, was one of Hitler's SS chiefs. Gehlen said it was not so much "employment" as a "gentleman's agreement" with Dulles.


Meanwhile, the Nazis considered expendable were sent to the Nuremberg show trials, which were designed to cover up what really happened (see ...And The Truth Shall Set You Free for the detailed story.)

The two "sides" in Ireland

What I have just described in relation to Hitler and the Nazis is the basic method of choosing and bringing to power the major political, economic, military, and media figures throughout the world. The decades of violence and civil war in Northern Ireland are not all that they seem. A contact called Jim Cairns has spent many years uncovering the scale of Satanism and child abuse in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic (see his website at


More than that, he realized that the leaders of the two "opposing" terrorist groups, the Catholic IRA and the Protestant Paramilitary group, the UVF, were members of the same Satanic covens. This fits with the evidence I have found all over the world. Again and again opposing "sides" turn out to be the same side -the Illuminati -when you get near the top.


Cairns had an attempt on his life in 1994 and fled Northern Ireland. He has made statements about his findings, but, of course, nothing has been done. He established that the Satanic network in Ireland operates behind the cover of the "Born Again" Christian movement.

"I have no doubt that organization is nothing more than a Satanist organization involved in ritual murders," he said.25

Part of this story involves a Belfast boys' home called Kincora. This was the subject of a massive scandal in the 1980s when systematic abuse came to light going back at least 20 years. But, yet again, the big names involved were protected. The New Covenant Times said in its January/March issue of 1994 that the loyalist ("Protestant") paramilitaries supported an MI5 British Intelligence operation called "Tara", which had the intention of creating so much violence and tit-for-tat murder by both themselves and the IRA that the UK parliament would agree for Northern Ireland to be absorbed by the Irish Republic.


Colin Wallace was a part-time soldier and public relations officer at the army headquarters in Northern Ireland. Later he was moved to another department controlled by MI5. It was here that he became aware of the Tara operation and the 20 years of child abuse at Kincora involving very big names. When Wallace demanded to be removed from the project, he was sent back to England and charged with a security offence and later unjustly jailed for murder.


The journalist Paul Foot wrote a book called Who Framed Colin Wallace? (Macmillan, London, 1989). One victim of Satanism and mind control I have spoken with says she remembers vividly watching a very famous politician in Northern Ireland raping a little boy in a ritual in England and when it was over he produced a knife and cut the boy's throat. Is anyone still wondering how people can plant bombs in Northern Ireland that have killed and maimed thousands? These people do not feel the emotion we do in such circumstances.


They are reptilian hybrids on both "sides".

Jim Cairns said that a contact had told him that the children in the Kincora scandal were taken to Birr Castle in County Offally, Northern Ireland. This is the home of the bloodline Earls of Rosse. The 1st Earl of Rosse was a founder member of Ireland's Hellfire Club (El-fire), along with Colonel St Ledger of Grange Mellon, County Athy. At the same time that the Earl of Rosse was a Hellfire Club member in 1725, he was also the Grand Master of the Freemasons in Ireland.


The present Earl of Rosse is the stepbrother of Lord Snowdon, the former husband of the Queen's sister, Princess Margaret, and she has visited Birr on many occasions. The Hellfire Club was founded on the estate at Wycombe, north of London, owned by the British government minister Sir Francis Dashwood, together with Benjamin Franklin, an Illuminati "founding father" of the United States. Dr Franklin, a "devout Christian", was also involved in the manipulation of Ireland. The Hellfire Club is a Satanic network based on human sacrifice ritual (see The Biggest Secret).


Wherever you look in this story, Satanism appears every time because these rituals and sacrifices are vital to the continued reptilian control of the planet. Satanists operate in the pivotal positions to ensure the truth is covered up and, as Cairns says, the official number of Satanic ritual murders in Ireland, as with everywhere else, is a fraction of what is really happening:

"... the figures conceal the much greater and hidden spread of Satanism throughout Ireland. The reality is, the powerful Satanic network in Ireland has been able to disguise many Satanic related crimes simply because it has infiltrated many of the essential state bodies, police, the press, judiciary, political institutions, the churches etc. I have no doubt that this is the case from the information which I have on audio tape from my cult sources. My 'Born Again' source tells me that top police, clergy, and politicians are Satanists."26

This is what you find all over the world. It is not through paranoia that people see Satanists or their puppets in the main positions of power. The very system makes it so because those who are not Satanists or under their control are overwhelmingly sifted out before they make it to the top jobs in the institutions that direct society.


This is why the ratio of Satanists, blood drinkers, and human sacrifices, to people in power is so astonishingly high compared with the ratio in the rest of the population.


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