Designer history

Who controls the past, controls the future. Who controls the present, controls the past.
George Orwell


History is the lie commonly agreed upon.

To know where you are and where you are going, it helps enormously to know where you have come from. Indeed it is essential. The fix we have today on who we are and the nature of "reality" has been based to a very large extent on our belief in what has happened in the past. So if you want to manipulate people's sense of self and reality today, it is vital to rewrite what we hilariously call "history."


For example, if official history tells you from cradle to grave that the Second World War was fought between the good guys and bad guys, the Allies fighting for freedom and the fascists seeking a global dictatorship, you do not open your eyes to see the endless provable evidence that both "sides" were funded and controlled by the same people operating through Wall Street and the City of London.

The story of "Jesus" is another outstanding case, probably the best. The Christian religion is based entirely on belief in the historical, literal, existence, of a Jewish man who was born to a virgin mother, performed countless "miracles", died on a cross to save us all, disappeared from his tomb after three days, and then ascended to heaven to be with his dad.


Over the best part of 2,000 years, billions of lives on this planet have been controlled, limited, manipulated and directed by a belief that the Jesus story actually happened. Still today, vast swathes of humanity are obsessed with, and their every action based upon, this fairy tale being historically accurate. Just one story about one "man" has had that staggering scale of human consequence, ancient and modern. And yet, as we shall see, the Gospels are nonsense if taken literally, with no historical foundation whatsoever.


They are merely the most exploited versions of a symbolic, not literal, story that you find all over the world in all its detail thousands of years before the name "Jesus" was first mentioned.

A little quiz. Who am I talking about here?

He was born on December 25th to a virgin mother; he was called a savior, the only begotten son, and died to save humanity; he was crucified on a Friday "Black Friday" - and his blood was spilled to redeem the Earth; he suffered death with nails and stakes; he was the Father and Son combined in an earthly body; he was put in a tomb, went down into the underworld, but three days later, on March 25th, his body was found to be gone from the tomb and he was resurrected as the "Most High God"; his body was symbolized as bread and eaten by those who worshipped him.'

Jesus, yes? No, no. All of this was said about the savior Son of God called Attis who was worshipped by the Phrygians, one of the oldest races in Asia Minor, now Turkey, well over a thousand years before the manufacture of "Jesus". It is just one of countless symbolic deities of whom the same story was told millennia before Christianity.


Others are accepted to have been myths and not to have literally existed. But not Jesus. While Christians laugh at those "Pagan" tales and condemn them as evil, they ask the rest of the world to believe, indeed have insisted on pain of torture and death, that their version of the same story is somehow literally true while all the others are not. Yeah, right.

To understand how the repeat of an ancient, endlessly recurring story could be transformed into the prison-religion called Christianity, and to see the source of global control today, we have to research our ancient origins. When we do that with an open mind and without preconceived dogma, a very different human history emerges. One that is not taught in the schools and universities of the world or revealed through the mainstream media.


It is a story that not only makes sense of the past, but opens your eyes to the staggering scale of manipulation today and the ancient background and ancestry of those involved. Contrary to conditioned belief, life on Earth has not evolved from a primitive past to the technological "cutting edge" of today. Many thousands of years ago, as detailed in streams of ancient accounts across the world, there was great technological knowledge on this planet and a global society controlled by races of beings, which humans came to know as "gods".


It is a minefield to decipher which of these gods were flesh and blood real, and which were symbolic of the Sun, Moon, planets, natural cycles, and so on. Most were the latter, but there is substantial evidence to confirm that some of them, particularly the further back you go, were walking, talking, entities, who had, by human standards at the time, amazing knowledge of the solar system, the stars, the universal cycles, the effect of the Sun, Moon and other planets and star systems on the Earth and its people, and technological understanding of such immensity that they were able to build the pyramids and other stunning structures all over the world that we would struggle to build even today.

Just consider the scale we are talking here with the Giza Pyramids alone. The Great Pyramid, which is nearly 500 feet high, consists of six and a half million tons of stone and around two and a half million individual blocks. Some weigh 70 tons and in the other pyramids and walls are stones of 200, even 468 tons, and they are so perfectly cut and fitted together you could not get a piece of paper between them. There is enough stone in the Great Pyramid alone to build 30 Empire State Buildings and enough stone on the Giza site to build a wall around the entire border of France some three meters high and one meter thick.2


Some of these gigantic stones at Giza and numerous temple sites were apparently taken from quarries hundreds of miles away. And we are told that "primitive" people did this? Oh do come on. At Baalbek in the Lebanon are structures thousands of years old, which include three enormous chunks of stone known as the Trilithon, each weighing more than 800 tons. These had to be moved at least a third of a mile and one of them placed 20 feet up in a wall.3 Another piece of stone nearby is a thousand tons, which, apparently, is the weight of three Jumbo Jets.4 We are asked to believe again that a "primitive" people did this.


In Peru, you have ancient temples and other sites built with stones weighing 440 tons and at Tiahuanaco in Bolivia blocks weighing 100 tons are connected by metal clamps.5 This site is dated at some 11,000 years ago.6 On the Nazca Plain in Peru there are the massive and astonishing Nazca Lines. These are fantastic depictions of birds, insects, and animals, created by scoring away the top surface to reveal the white rock underneath.


The images are made with one continuous line and some were only seen in their entirety after 1939 when people began to fly over the region because they can only be seen in full from one thousand to 2,000 feet! Rock carvings dating back more than 10,000 years were found during an expedition to the Marca Huasi plateau northeast of Lima, Peru, and these included sculptures representing people and animals, most of which are not native to Peru. They included a polar bear, walrus, African lion, penguin and the stegosaurus dinosaur. But dinosaurs were unknown to science until the 1880s, and the stegosauria was not identified until 1901. Talk us through that one.

As other books and television documentaries in recent years have shown, these amazing structures, temples, stone circles, and standing stones, were not only lined up precisely with certain star systems, they were aligned just as precisely in relationship to each other all over the planet, and the building techniques and designs were often the same on different sides of the world. Why? Because the official version of history is baloney.


There were not isolated, unconnected, societies, which developed alone, if you go back far enough. There was a global society controlled by the "gods" and representatives of the "gods" -beings that were extremely advanced technologically compared with the mass of humanity at the time and, in many ways, ahead of our society today. Or, at least, ahead of the technology we are allowed to see in the public arena, anyway. A precisely machined and shaped cube of metal was found in the centre of a block of coal in Austria in 1885 and, based on the age of that coal seam, it must have been made some 300,000 years ago! 7


A piece of gold thread was found embedded in eight feet of rock in Rutherford Mills, England, in 1844, and that rock was estimated to go back 60 million years!! 8 Electric batteries have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs and a massive slab of green glass weighing many tons was found in Israel.9 The prehistoric bones of animals have been discovered with bullets in them.10


As the brilliant author and researcher of far ancient history, Colonel James Churchward, wrote:

"Civilizations have been born and completed and then forgotten again and again. There is nothing new under the Sun. What is, has been. All that we learn and discover has existed before; our inventions and discoveries are but reinventions, re-discoveries."11

The ancients across the world described a high-tech "Golden Age" of human society, although some of it, especially towards the end, was anything, but "golden".


These stories say that this age was ended by high-tech war and a series of geological catastrophes that caused colossal Earth changes through earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, magnetic pole shifts, and tidal waves on a scale we could not begin to imagine today. The Biblical Great Flood is a symbolic story of one such event, but there appear from the biological and geological record to have been several from about 12,000BC up to around 5000BC, perhaps even later.


As you can see in The Biggest Secret, and the excellent book, The Day The Earth Nearly Died, by D.S. Allen and J.B. Delair (Gateway Books, Bath, 1995), the geological and biological evidence is supported by the ancient accounts with the most incredible synchronicity. Everywhere the ancients recorded the effects of these events.


Professor James DeMeo writes in his book, Saharasia (Hidden Mysteries, Texas, 2000) of vast changes in the Middle East in this same "window" of time:

"A massive climate change shook the ancient world, when approximately 6,000 years ago vast areas of lush grassland and forest in the Old World began to quickly dry out and convert into harsh desert. The vast Sahara Desert, Arabian Desert, and the giant deserts of the Middle East and Central Asia simply did not exist prior to (about) 4,000BC..".12

The upheavals of the ancient world destroyed the advanced global society or "Golden Age" that existed before and this is recorded in the stories of Atlantis and Lemuria, or "Mu". Humanity had to start all over again. If you believe that is farfetched, think about today's society. It may be advanced on one level with power grids and computer systems, and all the rest.


Such technology can perform apparently miraculous feats, like typing a letter on to this computer and having it read by someone on the other side of the world seconds later. But what would happen to this technological society if we were faced now with a global catastrophe that devastated the planet? Within seconds, we would be sitting in the technological Stone Age. It would be a primitive, everyone-for-themselves, find-your-own-food, shelter and warmth, free-for-all. And as time and generations passed, the memory of the technological world we have today would fade, ever more rapidly, and only be preserved in stories and myths which would, more and more, be seen as wild tales and figments of the imagination.


Most people would deny such a world ever existed because it would be so at odds with their daily experience. We would have the same we-can't-do-it-so-it-can't-be-done mentality that laughed at the very idea we could fly to the Moon. The history in that post-cataclysmic society would only begin with the records left by humanity once they had re-advanced to a certain level.


Only then would they write or symbolize accounts of their history and this would be based on stories passed verbally through the earlier generations. Such a point could take hundreds, even thousands, of years after the global geological destruction. So it was after the cataclysms of our ancient past. Conventional "history" says that the "cradle" of civilization was Sumer, in the land between the Rivers Tigris and Euphrates in what we now call Iraq and once known as Mesopotamia ("Between Two Rivers"). The Sumerian period is estimated to have spanned the millennia between 4000 and 2000BC.


Historians say that other, independent, civilizations of great advancement also suddenly appeared in the same period in Egypt and the Indus Valley in what is now the Indian continent. But they are wrong on both counts, I would suggest.


Sumer was not the start of what is called civilized society on this planet. It was the most significant one to emerge after the catastrophe that destroyed the global society of the "Golden Age" - Atlantis and Lemuria, or Mu. Sumer was not the beginning; it was the start-over-again which was to become the centre of another virtually global empire. Indeed Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, and the Indus Valley civilizations had actually begun tens of thousands of years before history records them.


After the cataclysms, these advanced cultures in Egypt and the Indus Valley, which "suddenly" and unexplainably manifested at a very high level of development, were not independent of Sumer, as the historians claim. They were part of the same Sumer Empire and ruled by the same leader. The structure of administration, the foundation of law, building techniques, and so many other features of what we call modern society, can be traced back to this ancient race that founded Sumer. Or more to the point, to those ruling bloodlines and "gods" that held the knowledge going back into pre-history.


These advanced ancient post-deluge societies appeared with tremendous speed. Professor W.B. Emery writes in Archaic Egypt (Penguin Books, England, 1961):

"At a period approximately 3400 years (BC), a great change took place in Egypt, and the country passed rapidly from a state of advanced Neolithic culture with a complex tribal character to two well-organized monarchies, one comprising the Delta area and the other the Nile Valley proper. At the same time the art of writing appears.


Monumental architecture and the arts and crafts developed to an astonishing degree, and all the evidence points to the existence of a well-organized, even luxurious civilization. All this was achieved within a comparatively short period of time, for there appears to be little or no background to these fundamental developments in writing and architecture."13

The question still to be answered is whether the incredible feats of building like the pyramids originate before the great cataclysms, which destroyed the legendary Golden Age (in other words, maybe upwards of 10,000 years ago and far longer), or were they built by the Sumer Empire which emerged when the world had again reached an advanced level of society after the upheavals. I have no doubt that it was a mixture of both.


In the light of the rapidly emerging evidence, and the fundamental re-assessment of timescales in the wake of that evidence, at least some of the world's greatest ancient wonders go back to the pre-cataclysmic global society known in legends and accounts as the Golden Age. They are far, far, older than previously imagined. Inca accounts, compiled by Fernando Montesinos, one of the earliest Spanish chroniclers in South America, say there were two Inca Empires.


The first established their headquarters at Cuzco in the Andes Mountains and, after they fled to a mountain-top sanctuary (Machu Picchu?) in the wake of devastating land upheavals, they returned to Cuzco to start a second culture. This would push back the original Inca Empire to the time of the Atlantean-Lemurian cataclysms and before, and lead us to the true builders of the fantastic structures that conventional history cannot explain.

All over the world in every native culture, you will find stories of a great flood and incredible geological upheavals. There is no doubt that an unimaginable catastrophe or, more likely, catastrophes were visited upon the Earth between approximately 11000 and 5000BC. The geological and biological evidence is overwhelming in support of the countless stories and traditions that describe such events.


They come from Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Africa, throughout the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, China, Japan, and the Middle East. Everywhere. Some speak of great heat that boiled the sea; of mountains breathing fire; the disappearance of the Sun and Moon and the darkness that followed; the raining down of blood, ice, and rock; the Earth flipping over; the sky falling; the rising and sinking of land; the loss of great continents; the coming of the ice; and virtually all of them describe a fantastic flood, a wall of water, which swept across the Earth.


The tidal wave caused by the comet in the movie, Deep Impact, gives you an idea of what it would have been like. Old Chinese texts describe how the pillars supporting the sky crumbled; of how the Sun, Moon, and stars poured down in the north-west, where the sky became low; rivers, seas, and oceans, rushed to the south-east where the Earth sank and a great conflagration was quenched by a raging flood. In America, the Pawnee Indians tell the same story of a time when the north and south polar stars changed places and "went to visit each other".


North American traditions refer to great clouds appearing and a heat so powerful that the waters boiled. The Greenland Eskimos told early missionaries that long ago the Earth turned over. Peruvian legends say that the Andes Mountains were ripped apart when the sky made war with the Earth. Brazilian myth describes how the heavens burst and fragments fell down killing everything and everyone as heaven and Earth changed places.


And the Hopi Indians of North America record that:

"The Earth was rent in great chasms, and water covered everything except one narrow ridge of mud."14

Atlantis and Lemuria All of this closely correlates with the legends of Atlantis and Lemuria, or Mu. These were two vast continents, one in the Atlantic and the other in the Pacific, which many people believe were ruled by highly advanced races that originated from other worlds. The continents are said to have disappeared under the sea in the circumstances described above, leaving only islands, like the Azores and Polynesia, as remnants of their former scale and glory. Atlantis is said by some to have emerged after the sinking of Lemuria.


Others say they were simultaneous and that's my view. The most thorough and outstanding researcher of Lemuria-Mu was Colonel James Churchward, who wrote a series of books in the first half of the 20th century. Churchward visited remote monasteries in Asia and saw the ancient records of the "Motherland" of Mu or Lemuria going back between 12,000 and 70,000 years. He saw how it was the centre of a global empire that included Atlantis. In his book, The Children Of Mu (BE Books, Albuquerque, New Mexico), first published in 1931, he shows how the various racial types on Mu, including blue-eyed blonds, peopled the world.15


These Lemurian races went east to become the Mayans of Central America and the other builders of the fantastic structures of the American continent. They went west to people Asia, China, India, and elsewhere, and created colonies in what became Egypt and Sumer. All genetic and cultural roads, he says, lead back to Lemuria-Mu, the "Motherland", and the very advanced civilization that existed tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of years before today's "modern" society. Churchward says that Lemuria was destroyed around 12,000 years ago.


W.T. Samsel in his study of these ancient societies, The Atlantis Connection (Starfire Publishing, Sedona, Arizona, 1998), dates the end of Lemuria much earlier, but many of their basic themes are similar.

Samsel's book is based on "channeled" information. Creation consists of an infinite number of wavelengths or frequencies and the world we perceive with our physical senses is merely one tiny fraction of the frequencies that exist. Just as we cannot see the radio and television frequencies sharing the same space as our bodies at this moment, so we cannot see with our limited physical senses the other frequencies and wavelengths of Creation that also occupy the same space that we do.


I will go into greater detail about this later because it is crucial to understanding how we are controlled and how we can break free. But to "channel" is to "tune" our consciousness to some of these other wavelengths and access the knowledge and information that exists there. Samsel claims to be in contact with an entity formerly incarnate in Atlantis that now communicates from one of these other frequencies.


Most channeled information, in my experience, is either nonsense or extremely limited, but many of Samsel's themes are supported by geological and biological record. He believes that it was about 100,000 years ago that the first examples of modern human forms appeared on the island of Lemuria in what is now the Pacific Ocean.16 These were intended to be "perfected vehicles", he says. As they began to explore the Earth, they seeded the land that is known as Atlantis, which is said to have been in the Atlantic on the geologically unstable mid-Atlantic Ridge.


Samsel says that early Atlanteans were a dark-skinned people, not unlike the Native Americans. He believes the Native American people are directly descended from Lemurians and Atlanteans who settled in the Americas before the first great cataclysm some 48,000 years ago and Native American legends support this theme.17


His view is that in those earlier days of Atlantis and Lemuria the people lived under the "Law of One", the understanding that everything is the same energy expressing itself in different forms. The Law of One is the knowledge that everything is connected to everything else and ultimately all is an expression of the same whole or energy. Scientists call this the unified field theory. This is a common theme of Atlantean myths and legends - a civilization that began with positive intent and in harmony with the natural laws, but was taken over by forces that transformed it into a very dark place indeed.


Samsel suggests that the "war between the gods" in ancient mythology, was a war between extraterrestrial races over the question of intervention or non-intervention in Earth affairs. He says that midway through the early Atlantian age, extraterrestrials with a human-like appearance -"very tall, light haired, light skinned, albino-like people" - made contact with the Atlanteans.18


They began to manipulate Atlantean society, he says, and interbreed with humans to change the DNA and create hybrid bloodlines that became the royal lineage of kings and queens. I would include Lemuria in this same story also. The technology and physical appearance of these extraterrestrials led the Atlanteans/Lemurians to see them as gods. Intermarrying with these beings to produce light-skinned offspring with "god-like features" became the goal of many Atlanteans, Samsel writes, and these crossbreeds became the dominant force. They took over the government, economics, education, religion, and communications. Sound familiar?


Samsel says that the kings of the white royal lineage ruled Atlantis and what he calls the "Sons of Belial" controlled the Temple of the Sun, their religious hierarchy and ritual network. Today this Atlantean Temple of the Sun is known as the Illuminati. During this period, many Atlanteans of the red race migrated west to the Americas, which were then geographically different to what we see today.


Samsel goes on:

"The age of the Atlantic Empire would prove to be a free-for-all for the Sons of Belial and the followers of the Temple of the Sun. The dominant white tribe came to rule all aspects of Atlantean society. They disregarded the Law of One, placed their faith in technology and were driven by greed and the lust for power. The arms of the Atlantic Empire came to stretch nearly worldwide.


The Americas and Africa, the European countries, the Middle East, India and Tibet came under the control of the Empire. The One Temple was divided and ineffective, the Sun Temple flourished and the Sons of Belial prospered. During that time, One Law priests were leading migrations of the red race west to the Americas and east to Africa. They sought to preserve the Law of One and so they built new circles in the far lands".19

Samsel says that the second great cataclysm brought an end to Atlantis. He believes that they used their "super weapons" against what we now call China and they tried to "utilize the Earth as a great conductor through which to direct at their adversaries" using the vast crystal, which is a common theme in Atlantean stories. But, he says, the "Earth hurled the force back upon them" and the final, disastrous, cataclysm was triggered.20


Samsel claims that the white race is the force behind global control:

"Throughout the history of the Earth and mankind, it has been the white tribe that has consistently exhibited the characteristics of their ancestral heritage. It is these who openly display many of the characteristics of other-worldly or 'alien beings'. They have embraced technology above spirituality and have manipulated spirituality to achieve their own ends. They traditionally display little regard for the Earth, nature or other species of living creatures.


Throughout recorded history they have sought domination over all others and over the Earth itself. They have been highly programmed and conditioned to be exclusive, aggressive and dominating. Presently, these lead humanity towards the New World Order, consciously or unconsciously carrying out the agenda of the Illuminati, hence, the extraterrestrial manipulators."21

The themes of Samsel's research are supported by my own, although we differ in detail. My own view is that what he calls the "Sons of Belial" are what I call the reptilian bloodlines, the result of interbreeding between the white or "Nordic" race and a reptilian people. In the end, however, it's the theme that really matters in understanding the basic background to the world today. The tussle between the Atlantean advocates of the Law of One and the opposing Temple of the Sun is highly significant.


The Temple of the Sun has been the religion of the Illuminati from Atlantis/Lemuria right through to the present time. In fact, today's world is the new Atlantis, a mirror of the obsession with technological dominance that led to the destruction of the first Atlantean civilization. Put simply, the Law of One sees everything as connected, part of the same unified whole, and the Temple of the Sun represents the desire to present everything as unconnected and isolated from everything else.


One seeks to unite, the other to divide and, therefore, rule. You will see this theme throughout the book as I tell the story of how the Illuminati, the Atlantean "Sons of Belial" or whatever you would like to call them, have sought to build the new Atlantis ever since the cataclysmic events that destroyed the original version.

Atlantis was described by Plato (427-347BC), the ancient Greek philosopher. He was also a high initiate of the secret society -Mystery school network. To this day this secret network has passed on advanced knowledge to the chosen few while denying that privilege to the mass of the people. Official history dismisses Plato's contention that such a continent existed, but there is vast geological support for such claims. The Azores, which some believe were part of Atlantis, lie on the mid-Atlantic ridge, a fracture line that encircles the planet. This line continues for a distance of 40,000 miles.22


The mid-Atlantic ridge is one of the foremost areas for earthquakes and volcanoes. Four vast tectonic plates, the Eurasian, African, North American, and Caribbean, all meet and collide in this region making it very unstable geologically. Both the Azores and the Canary Islands (named after dogs, "Canine", and not canaries!) were subject to widespread volcanic activity in the time period Plato suggested for the end of Atlantis. Tachylite lava disintegrates in seawater within 15,000 years and yet it is still found on the seabed around the Azores, confirming geologically recent upheavals.23 Other evidence, including beach sand gathered from depths of 10,500 -18,440 feet, reveals that the seabed in this region must have been, again geologically recently, above sea level.24


The oceanographer, Maurice Ewing, wrote in National Geographic Magazine, that:

"Either the land must have sunk two or three miles or the sea must once have been two or three miles lower than now. Either conclusion is startling."25

When European explorers first landed in the Canary Islands the people said they were descendants of the Atlanteans and were shocked to realize that other people had survived the cataclysm that destroyed their homeland.

The geological and biological evidence also suggests that the widespread volcanic activity that caused the sinking of the land in the region of the Azores happened at the same time as the break up and sinking of the land mass known as Appalachia, which connected what we now call Europe, North America, Iceland and Greenland.26


Even their degree of submergence appears to be closely related. The so-called Bermuda Triangle, between Bermuda, southern Florida, and a point near the Antilles, has long been associated with Atlantis. It is an area steeped in legends of disappearing ships and aircraft. Submerged buildings, walls, roads, and stone circles like Stonehenge, even what appear to be pyramids, have been located near Bimini under the waters of the Bahama Banks and within the "triangle".27


So have walls or roads creating intersecting lines. Some other facts that most people don't know: the Himalayas, Alps, Andes, and at least most other mountain ranges, were only formed or reached anything like their present height around 12,000 years ago.28 Lake Titicaca on the Peru-Bolivia border is today the highest navigable lake in the world at some 12,500 feet. Around 11,000 years ago, much of that region was at sea level.29 Why are so many fish and other ocean fossils found high up in mountain ranges?


Because those rocks were once at sea level and recently so in geological terms, too. How interesting then that Plato dated the cataclysm that destroyed the continent of Atlantis to around 9000BC and so do Allan and Delair in their superb work, When The Earth Nearly Died. They say it happened around 9500BC.

The American researcher Charles Hapgood claimed that the surface of the Earth had moved by some 3,000 miles around 10000BC.

"Rocks that contain iron act like a compass. As the molten rock cools, the molecules align with the North Pole and even if those rocks are moved they continue to hold that connection. This allowed Hapgood to establish that before about 10000BC the physical North Pole had been located on the land in the region occupied today by the Hudson Bay in Canada."

But something happened around that time that moved the whole surface of the Earth 3,000 miles to the south, thus relocating the land of the then North Pole to the Hudson Bay area. This is not as fantastic as it at first sounds. The land surface, or crust, of the planet, is only about 40 miles thick. It has been likened to the skin of an orange resting on a sea of molten lava. If a meteor or another major body impacted the Earth it could cause the crust to slide and, according to writer and researcher, Colin Wilson, there is geological evidence that this has happened three times in the last 100,000 years.'2


Measurements of the Earth's magnetic field have shown that the north and south magnetic poles have changed places at least 171 times in the past 76 million years and imagine the effect of a magnetic pole shift on the weather alone. The Canadian writer, Rand Flem-Ath, who has spent more than 20 years researching these subjects, is convinced that at least a large proportion of Atlantis is what we now call Antarctica because of this 3,000-mile shift to the south.34 Hapgood, following up the work of Captain Arlington H. Mallery, studied hundreds of maps found in the Library of Congress in Washington DC, which prove that the world was mapped thousands of years ago with great accuracy.


One, made by Oronteus Finnaeus in 1531, shows Antarctica with running rivers and ice-free mountains.3' The famous map, drawn by the Turkish sailor, Piri Reis, in 1513, and found at the palace of the Sultan of Constantinople in 1929, charts the South American coast with great accuracy and part of the coast of Antarctica before it was covered with ice two miles thick some 7,000 years ago!


Yet Antarctica was not "discovered" officially until Captain Cook arrived there in 1773 and it was not explored in detail until the 1950s. Some of the mountain ranges in the Piri Reis map were not even found until 1952. Reis said that he compiled his map from 20 older ones. Flem-Ath has also found astonishing evidence to support the existence of a highly advanced society thousands of years ago. He found that if you draw a line of longitude through the Great Pyramid at Giza it crosses more land than anywhere else on the planet and this supports the ancient Egyptian belief that the pyramid was the centre of the Earth.36


Flem-Ath then realized that if the Great Pyramid is taken to be the centre of the 0 degree meridian, the longitude and latitude locations of the world's sacred sites fit together in neat geometrical patterns. They appeared as a grid system, very much like the blocks in the street plans of US cities.37 He found he could predict where a sacred site would be purely from this system.38


This geometrical perfection is not the case if you take the present Greenwich Observatory in London to be the 0 degree central point. It throws the whole system out. Greenwich was chosen by a committee only in 1884 despite protests by one prominent member, the Astronomer Royal of Scotland, Charles Piazzi Smyth, that the 0 degree meridian should run through the Great Pyramid. Flem-Ath has further established that some 50 sacred sites in Mexico are aligned to a North Pole located in the Hudson Bay area, as it was before the cataclysm.39


Even those built since the upheavals have been placed on older sites that aligned with the old North Pole. The same is true of Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh in Scotland.40 This is an Illuminati "Holy Grail" full of their ancient symbolism and built by the St Clair-Sinclair family, one of the foremost of the Illuminati bloodlines and one of the founding forces behind the Knights Templar secret society. Charles Hapgood, incidentally, had a meeting arranged with President Kennedy to discuss a project to find Atlantis, but Kennedy died in Dallas a few days before their appointment.41


Hapgood also told Rand Flem-Ath that he was going to produce evidence in his next book of an advanced civilization on Earth 100,000 years ago. But Hapgood died soon afterwards and the book was never written. James Churchward however, produces such evidence in his books and he tells how he saw maps of South America and elsewhere in those remote Asian monasteries going back tens of thousands of years.

This evidence supports the view that the continent known as Mu or Lemuria now rests on the bed of the Pacific. The Polynesian tribes and other related peoples retain many legends of their sunken land of origin and Easter Island natives in the Pacific claim their land was once part of a continent destroyed by cataclysm.42


A Chinese text found in a Buddhist cave called Dunhuang in western China in 1900 included fragments of a map that featured an Island continent in the Pacific.43 South American legend tells the same story of their ancestors arriving from a lost continent, among them a guy called Aramu Muru, who carried the knowledge of the Lemurian Brotherhood or Mystery school.44


The Hopi tribe in Arizona remember Lemuria as a series of islands by which they traveled to the American continent.45


Why isn't the story of the Atlantis and Mu a key part of official history? Because the knowledge has been systematically suppressed and destroyed.


The astronomer, Carl Sagan, said that a text detailing Atlantis, called The True History of Mankind Over the Last 100,000 Years, was destroyed with thousands of others when the great library of Alexandria in Egypt was destroyed in AD391.46 Once we know of these advanced civilizations that lasted hundreds of thousands of years, and the extraterrestrial involvement in their creation and demise, our whole view of the world and ourselves will change.


So will our understanding of what is happening and who is controlling us today. The destruction of ancient knowledge all over the world in the name of Christianity was the Illuminati, or the Temple of the Sun, destroying the true accounts, not only of history, but also the Law of One.

So what happened to Mars?

There is increasing acceptance that the Earth has suffered some colossal geological upheavals. The debate (and often hostility) comes with the question of when and why. These upheavals have obviously involved the solar system as a whole because every planet shows evidence of some cataclysmic events, which have affected its surface, atmosphere, speed, and angle of orbit or rotation.


The destruction of Mars and its relationship with this devastation on Earth is a subject occupying the minds of many researchers. There has been a much greater focus on Mars since the various space probes have been directed there and, of course, their rather unfortunate record of being lost or suffering "technical problems", which prevent them sending pictures back to us. Mmmm.


These "failures" are the responsibility of the Illuminati-created and controlled NASA operation. The failures followed the photographs taken in an area of Mars called Cydonia that appeared to show non-natural rock formations. These included the famous "face" on Mars and various pyramids.


The best-known writer and researcher on this subject is the American, Richard Hoagland, a science journalist and a former adviser at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.47 One of his team claims to have compared the relationship of the "non-natural" phenomena at Cydonia on Mars, such as the face and the pyramids, with the layout at Avebury in Wiltshire, England, with its stone circle, standing stone rows, Silbury Hill (the biggest human-made mound in Europe), and other ancient earthworks. He says he found that they are virtual mirrors of each other. The Giza plateau in Egypt, home of the Great Pyramid, was formerly known as El-Kahira.48


This derived from the Arab noun, El-Kahir, their name for... Mars.49 Ancient texts reveal that the measurement of time was much related to Mars, and March 15th, the Ides of March (Mars), was a key date in their Mars-related calendar, as was October 26th. The first marked the start of spring and the second was the end of the year in the Celtic calendar. The name Camelot in the symbolic King Arthur stories apparently means Martian City or City of Mars.50

Of course, as we know, a connection between Mars and human society is impossible because Mars was destroyed millions of years ago. But was it? We only think it was because that's what the official version tells us and over and over when you look at the basis for such scientific "fact" you often find it is merely an assumption or an opinion and not a provable "fact" at all.


Just one example of this was confirmed by Dr Frank Drake, the former chairman of the Cornell University astronomy department, when he said:

"We used to think of the universe as nothing more than abundant fields of stars arranged in galaxies, but we underestimated the variety and quantity of matter in space by a factor of about one trillion. Which means that we were about as wrong as we could be."51

But until they accepted they were wrong in the face of the evidence, they taught their monumental error as scientific fact. This is happening every day and the media just repeat such nonsense because it must be true if a scientist says it is.


There is a fast emerging alternative scenario that is pretty much in agreement with the official story, except in one crucial area where they differ fundamentally. They both agree that Mars once had water, vegetation, and an atmosphere, which could have supported life as we know it. They both agree that this potentially human-friendly environment was destroyed by catastrophic geological events.


The only serious area of contention is when that disaster occurred. Was it really millions of years ago, as official "science" contends, or was it merely thousands of years ago, as the alternative researchers suggest, a timescale that would fit perfectly with the devastation of Atlantis and Lemuria-Mu. The gathering evidence is that Mars was destroyed in the same catastrophe, which, on Earth, brought an end to that "Golden Age".


In the 1950s, the Russian-born writer and researcher, Immanuel Velikovsky, suggested in a series of books that the planet we now call Venus (then a vast comet-like body) was the cause of both the demise of Mars and the near-demise of the Earth when it was hurled through the solar system. Velikovsky was ridiculed and bitterly attacked by the "scientific" establishment and so he must have been saying something worth hearing. But his theme is now enjoying more and more sympathy.


When the Mariner 9 mission took pictures of Venus, many of Velikovsky's earlier descriptions were proved correct, including what appeared to be a comet-like tail. Mariner's pictures of Mars also supported some of his theories. He pointed out that ancient peoples depicted Venus as a very bright object trailing smoke following a very different orbit and trajectory than we see today. The Chinese, Toltecs, and Mayans recorded this. The early Sumerian astronomical accounts did not include Venus, but the later Chaldeans in the same region did so.


They described it as a "bright torch in heaven" that "illuminates like the Sun" and "fills the entire heavens." One of the major problems that people have in encompassing ideas about the planet's past is that they judge possibility on their present experience, which is a tiny, tiny, fraction of the Earth's history.


As Velikovsky wrote:

"Traditions about upheavals and catastrophes, found among all peoples are generally discredited because of the short-sighted belief that no forces could have shaped the world in the past that are not at work also at the present time, a belief that is the very foundation of modern geology and of the theory of evolution."53

Brian Desborough, a friend of mine in California, has had a life experience that makes his opinion significant to anyone researching the material in this book. He is a scientist, an inventor of free-energy technology that could transform life on Earth, and has been researching the Illuminati, their history, origin, and agenda, for more than 30 years. This interest began when he set out to prove that Jesus really existed, but he soon found himself proving that he didn't.


The Christian scam led him into the bigger scam, just as my initial investigation into the suppression of spiritual (not religious) knowledge did for me. Brian is no New Age flyaway sitting in the clouds. He is a feet-on-the-ground, give-me-the-evidence, researcher and writer. In the 1960s, he worked at the aircraft giant, Boeing, and he says that a group of Boeing physicists got together to launch a private study aimed at explaining the many anomalies of the Earth and other planets of the solar system that could not be explained by normal physics.


What they concluded was to present staggering support for Velikovsky, although they differed on time scale by about 3,000 years. They said that around 5000BC a huge body, now called Jupiter, careered through the solar system. This threw the outer planets into disarray, so explaining their present anomalies of spin direction and speed. Jupiter crashed into a planet that once orbited between where Mars and Jupiter are today and the debris from this planet, they said, can be seen as the otherwise unexplained asteroid belt that occupies the space between... Mars and Jupiter.


I saw some interesting "channeled" information about Mars in relation to the end of Atlantis. It said that one of the three Atlantean cataclysms, which destroyed the continent in stages, happened around 10500BC, and was caused by a close pass of the Earth by Mars, which has been knocked out of its original orbit. The same theme keeps returning from many diverse sources and, somewhere within this, the detailed truth is waiting for us. James Churchward has a more earthly explanation for the cataclysms. He says there are enormous "gas belts" and chambers under the Earth and when these "blow" on a vast scale, the land above is destroyed. He says these gas belts ran under both Lemuria/Mu and Atlantis. What caused the cataclysms is open to debate, but that they did happen is a statement of fact.

A similar theme can be found in the tens of thousands of ancient clay tablets discovered in Mesopotamia in the mid-19th century. These tell the stories and myths of the Sumerian culture that emerged after one of these cataclysms that sank what was left of Atlantis. Sumer dates from around 4000BC, but civilizations existed in that region, as James Churchward documents, for tens of thousands of years before Sumer emerged. Central to these Sumerian accounts were the "gods" the Sumerians called the Anunna ("Sons of An").


Their later Semitic names were AN.UNNAK.KI ("Those who from Heaven to Earth Came") and DIN.GIR ("The Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets"). They are best known as the Anunnaki and so I shall use that term in the book. The Anunnaki, as we shall see, were a reptilian race from the stars. The Sumerian tablets describe, according to the author and translator, Zecharia Sitchin, a collision between the moons of a planet they called Nibiru and one orbiting between the present Jupiter and Mars.54


The debris from this stupendous collision, Sitchin's translations say, created what the Sumerians called "the Great Band Bracelet" - the asteroid belt. The Sumerian accounts differ in detail, but again the theme is the same.


In their version of these events, the Boeing physicists suggested that part of Jupiter broke away on impact with another planet. This is the body we now call Venus, they concluded. It was projected towards Mars, destroying the atmosphere and life on that planet (the Mars Pathfinder Mission established that Martian rocks lack sufficient erosion to have been on the surface for more than 10,000 years).55


After devastating Mars, the "Venus" comet was caught by the gravitational pull of the Earth, they said. It made several orbits of the Earth, causing the tidal wave and devastation that ended the Golden Age, and hurled vast quantities of ionized ice at the poles. Its momentum then hurled it into its present orbit as "Venus" the planet. Synchronistically, the most ancient Mesopotamian and Central American records don't include Venus in their planetary accounts, but the later ones do, and there was a focus on Venus with human sacrifices made to it.


The Biggest Secret goes into this whole story in greater detail and you will see that it explains so many "mysteries". These include the sudden freezing of mammoths standing up in the process of eating because the ice did not slowly develop, it arrived in an instant. The ancient legends and myths of how the Golden Age ended are confirmed in every way by the scientific explanation of the geological and environmental affects of this "walk-about" by Venus.

Most important in relation to our story, these conclusions by people like Velikovsky, the Boeing physicists, and increasing numbers of other researchers today, bring the time scale for the end of life on Mars to within the period that saw the end of Atlantis and Lemuria-Mu. Brian Desborough suggests, along with many others, including myself, that the Golden Age was the result of many extraterrestrial and other dimensional races visiting the Earth and operating openly among the human population in a long period of at least hundreds of thousands of years.


He believes, like those Boeing physicists he knew and worked with, that the Earth was much closer to the Sun before these events and that Mars orbited in the area the Earth now resides. Two independent scientists, Dr C.J. Hyman and C. William Kinsman, suggested that the Earth once followed the present orbit of Venus and that Mars was located in the present Earth orbit.56


Ancient legends say that Earth days and years were once shorter than now and humans lived for far longer.57 If, as is claimed, the deep canyons on the Mars surface were caused by massive torrents of water, there had to have been a warmer climate there at one time because today it is so cold that water would freeze immediately and the vacuum atmosphere would make the water vaporize instantly.58


The closer orbit to the Sun, Desborough says, would have demanded that the first Earth races would have been black, with the pigmentation necessary to cope with the fiercer rays of the Sun. Ancient skeletons found near Stonehenge and along the west coast of France have the nasal and spinal traits of many female Africans.59 Ancient artifacts, statues, and artistic depictions around the world also suggest there was an advanced black race of the Negro type.

The Sumerian tablets describe how the Anunnaki "gods" left the planet to escape the devastation, even indicating that they had caused it.60 The only ones to survive the catastrophe were the extraterrestrials with the technology and foresight, perhaps prior warning, who left before the stuff hit the fan, and the people who sheltered deep underground or in the mountain ranges above the flood water which, according to the Boeing study, could have reached heights of 10,000 feet. The Earth is riddled with tunnels and caverns, natural and created, which date back into far ancient times.


Many of these have been located, including an underground city that could house a population of thousands in Cappadocia, Turkey, one of the centers of the Phoenicians and the origin of George of Cappadocia, who later became St George of England. Thirty-six underground cities have been discovered in Cappadocia so far and some are huge complexes going down eight levels. The ventilation systems are so efficient that even eight floors down the air is still fresh. Thirty vast underground cities and tunnel complexes have also been found near Derinkuya in Turkey, also. It was the floodwaters and the need to survive them, which ensured that agriculture in the post-flood world began at altitudes above 10,000 feet and not, as you would expect, in the fertile plains.


A study by the botanist, Nikolai Ivanovitch Vavilov, revealed that the 50,000 wild plants he examined from around the world originated in only eight areas - all of them mountainous.61 In James Churchward's view this would have been because the mountains were formed during the cataclysms and therefore many lowland areas were raised to a great height. According to ancient accounts, supported by much other evidence, when the Earth had settled down after the cataclysm, or cataclysms, the survivors began to return from the high mountains north of Sumer in Turkey and Iran into the plains of Mesopotamia. It was in the Turkish mountains, on Mount Ararat, that the symbolic Noah's Ark came to rest when the waters receded, the Bible claims.62


The Sumerian tablets also relate how the Anunnaki "gods" returned to rebuild and restore their devastated heartlands, and the civilization that emerged from this is known to history as Sumer. I think, however, that many parts of the Sumerian Tablets are actually referring to events on Lemuria and Atlantis. Some researchers suggest that remains of the Anunnaki's pre-flood cities can be found today under the Persian Gulf, which became much wider and deeper after the upheavals.63


Depending on the location and the effects of the devastation, some of the great structures of the Golden Age survived and can be seen to this day. These could be anything from tens to hundreds of thousands of years old. Other famous sites and structures were built or rebuilt by the Sumerians from around 6,000 years ago. My feeling at the moment is that Stonehenge and Avebury were among the latter, but not necessarily the pyramids of the Giza plateau, and certainly not some of the breathtaking structures of South America. They definitely appear to be Golden Age.

You can read far more detailed evidence of these cataclysmic events in The Biggest Secret and When The Earth Nearly Died, together with a list of other books focusing on this subject. Velikovsky's books are listed in the bibliography. The reason this information has been so suppressed in the mainstream of "science", "education", and media, is because of the domino effect it would have on human perception. Have you seen those world record attempts for knocking down the most dominoes?


They line them up so that by pushing down the first one they fall on each other and all of them go down. The system of control, the Matrix as I call it, is like that. The Illuminati have to work furiously to keep every domino in their agenda from falling because when one goes they all start to go. The control of what we call "history" is one of their most crucial of these "dominoes".


If we knew that there had been a highly developed technological society thousands of years ago, which came to an end with fantastic geological upheavals, we would see the world in a very different light. The whole official version of human evolution would crumble. We would ask who those people were? Where did they come from? Where did they get their knowledge and technology?


Suddenly the mysteries of Egypt and Sumer and the staggering structures left us by the ancients would be far less mysterious. And if Egypt and Sumer were founded with this same advanced knowledge, it means that some of those pre-cataclysmic peoples must have survived.


So what has happened to their knowledge for thousands of years and what happened to their bloodlines?

Once you allow a hole in your dyke, the flood begins to pour through. This is why the Illuminati, through their vehicles of religion and, more latterly, "science", have made a prime focus the suppression of all knowledge and information that would reveal the true story of human history.


Once we see that, the mist begins to clear.


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