by David Icke

22 June 2012
from DavidIcke Website

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A friend forwarded me an email this week and asked what I thought of the contents. I shook my head as I scanned the page because I had seen it all before many times.

It was summarizing, and providing links to, the claims of a ‘whistleblower’ who calls himself ‘Drake’, which is a form of duck.


There was also a game in Olde England called ‘ducks and drakes’ dating from the 16th century in which flat stones were thrown across the water in a way that made them bounce before sinking.


It is known today as ‘skimming’. Or is it ‘scamming’?

The term ‘playing ducks and drakes’ became a metaphor to describe behavior that was irresponsible, reckless, and involved ‘squandering wealth or throwing away something of value’.


There are other common phrases inspired by ducks, including sitting duck and lame duck.


I also see that the word ‘duck’ derives from the Old English dūce, or ‘diver’, a derivative of the verb dūcan, which means,

‘to duck, bend down low as if to get under something, or dive.’

Put the two together and you get the phrase to ‘duck and dive’.


It all seems rather appropriate to me when I read the claims and assertions of ‘Drake’ and his predominant promoter, D. Wilcock, along with those of B. Fulford.


Wilcock and Fulford operate in the field of conspiracy research with Wilcock in America and Fulford in Japan.




I am not suggesting that either of them, or even the anonymous Drake, know that what they are promoting is all a scam, but a scam it is from where I am looking.


They may know, but I am not saying that they do because I have no idea. My feeling, however, is that, amazingly, at least Wilcock and Fulford don’t know.


If ‘Drake’ doesn’t know that what he and the other two say is nonsensical then he is not in control of his own mind so ridiculous are his statements - and theirs...

...Fulford says that something called the 'Gnostic Illuminati' and the 'White Dragon Society' are going to arrest the leaders of the Global Cabal and release funds to end world poverty.


They have given the Cabal a deadline (actually deadline after deadline after deadline) to give themselves up or else. But they never do and there is never any 'or else'.


Fulford wrote in February, 2012:

‘The group that claims to have started the American, French and Russian revolutions state they have issued a March 31st deadline to the Committee of 300 [said to be part of the Rothschild control structure], according to their spokesman “Alexander Romanoff.”


In addition, Prince Harry has been in touch with the group and has agreed to take over control of the British Royal family from Queen Elizabeth.’

Would this be the same Queen and royal family which, having failed to report to the local constabulary to say ‘it’s a fair cop, guv’ within Fulford deadline after deadline, somehow managed to appear day after day this month amid orgiastic mass public worship during the Diamond Jubilee rituals in which they were protected by enough troops, silly uniforms notwithstanding, to invade a country?


I do believe it would...





‘Is that one of your white dragon thingies, young man?’

‘Yes sir, I am taking over from granny, sorry, Her Majesty.’

‘Don’t be silly - now go home to bed and you are having no tea,

you have been a very naughty boy.’