by David Icke

02 March 2012

from DavidIcke Website


We are locked into this frequency band (our point of attention is focused) by the mind-body biological computer which is a receiver-transmitter and decoder of information that constructs a perceived - perceived - reality.


The global cabal of families that answer to their non-human masters know all this and can therefore manipulate almost at will those who don’t know all this - the mass of humanity.

The idea is to ‘hack’ into the receiver-transmitter processes of the human body-mind so that we decode (perceive) a sense of reality about self and the world that suits their agenda for mass human control.


This is done through the reality-construct that I call the Saturn-Moon Matrix in the new book, Remember Who You Are.

This is mass human perception-control on a mega scale, but the same principle applies to the technology used on earth to implant fake perceptions individually and collectively. The common theme of all levels of technological mind manipulation is to use a form of ‘carrier-wave’ to deliver ‘information’ on the frequencies within which the human DNA, brain and genetic structure operate.

Radio transmitters broadcast information on carrier waves of particular frequencies and the radio decodes that information into the words that we hear when we tune to a station.


In the same way, it is possible to transmit information on the frequency range of human DNA and brainwave activity which the body then decodes into words, thoughts or emotional states...

...I contend in Remember Who You Are that this is how the Saturn-Moon Matrix operates and the same is the case for earth-based technology like the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) which bounces high-power radio waves off the ionosphere in the upper atmosphere and back to earth.


For ‘radio waves’, read information carried in the form of waves that can be decoded by the human body into words, thoughts and emotions that people believe to be their own.


This is happening, make no mistake, and HAARP is only one of many sources...