by David Icke

20 May 2011

from DavidIcke Website

Humanity as a whole is being programmed to read reality in the desired way - desired by the controllers - by having beliefs and perceptions implanted through ‘education’ (yeah, right), the media, doctors, scientists, politicians and so on.


The vast majority are not even doing it knowingly - they are programmed themselves to program others.

The mind-body decoding system is also systematically imbalanced and destabilized through chemical additives in food and drink, fluoride and other shite in the water supplies, and ever gathering forms of electrical, electromagnetic and radiation pollution. The mind-body is an electrochemical organism on one level and so, of course, it can be distorted electrochemically - and it is.

Vital for the Control System (the very few) to make slaves of the people (the enormous many) is to ensure that the people perceive and decode reality only through the lens of mind-body and maintain a life-time disconnection from the influence of their true and eternal self - Consciousness.


When you retain the connection between mind-body (the computer) and Consciousness (the one at the desk with the mouse and keyboard) you have everything you need. Mind-body ‘logs’ you on to the Cosmic Internet and allows you to interact with its frequency range, but Consciousness gives you the bigger picture, the wider perspective, that the five senses cannot see.

It is when mind-body becomes disconnected from Consciousness that the trouble starts.


I mean, look around you...


Mind-body without Consciousness.