by David Icke

08 April 2011
from DavidIcke Website

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The fact that people like George Galloway, a Member of Parliament for 23 years, are so clueless about the potential of HAARP, shows just how far that mind-set has to go to sync with the cutting edge.

I am not saying for a moment that Galloway and his like have done no good at all. He has spoken out vigorously over the years to expose the plight of the Palestinians, and that’s a laudable contribution, along with his often memorable jousts with biased television interviewers and a US Senate Committee.

But what he and his mentality are doing is shooting at the dots while not connecting them to see the picture. Until that vision of the world is dramatically expanded, their efforts will be akin to trying to stop an elephant charge with a popgun.


Even worse, they won’t even recognize the elephants.

The Left vs. Right political ‘spectrum’ has been constructed to divide and rule the people while the same network controls and funds both ‘sides’ and so dictates the political agendas and their direction.

George Galloway is every bit a pawn as, say, Margaret Thatcher, John McCain or Sarah Palin. They are simply called Left and Right, red or blue, in the same way that pawns in a chess game are different colors, but the same pawns with the same worth.

The ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ have both spent so long fighting each other in meaningless battles for supremacy that the world has passed them by. It has moved on as others outside of politics have taken responsibility for looking far deeper into global events than the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ could begin to imagine.

Which brings me to HAARP.


It is no longer possible to get any kind of fix on what is happening with the world and human behavior without adding HAARP to the list of possibilities.



Different colors, different ’sides’,

same pawns, same game.