by notilluminati
October 30, 2010

from YouTube Website


  • Icke's former wife quotes Crowley on the home page of her blog (part 3)

  • Icke's former wife uses pictures of twelve singe-eyes on her blog (part 3)

  • Icke's good mate is a freemason (part 3)

  • Icke's artist uses suspicious symbols that have been included in Icke's latest book (part 3)

  • Icke himself writes that a lion is an illuminati symbol and yet he uses it on the cover of his latest book

  • a man who worked with Icke highlights his character flaws and also throws doubts on his research methodology (part 2)

I used to be an Icke supporter as well.


But then I came across the idea that our truth leaders could also be part of the conspiracy. The idea fascinated me and this led me to having an open mind to the possibility that it might be true. I began to piece together bits of information on Icke and what I have discovered is presented in these videos.

When we all first came across conspiracy information, we all thought, it's too incredible to be true. When some of us began to look into it, however, some of us realized the conspiracy was real.


Likewise, if someone tells you Icke and Jones are controlled, initially you think that can't be true. If you look at the information I have presented, however, with an open mind, you will see that there is at least a possibility that Icke is controlled.

Have an open mind at least and don't be caught up in an emotional attachment to one man.